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Guys I have the complete Star Wars and BSG collection, I skipped the others that came out (Indy, Spiderman, Transformers, etc) 

Ever since i was a kid and watched stars wars for the first time i was facinated by all the cool ship designs and wanted to get them. Then we this line first started out I bought the ones i really liked and skipped others. But after a few months i said "Screw it I am going to collect them all !!" and then again when the BSG titaniums came out. I bought some in every store in my area, order new sets whole cases, amazon, ebay, trying to google a different seller with a lower price selling them. I put it in so much work collecting them all, I was glad when they where ending the line last year.

I wouldn't mind them restarting the line in the future, but they need to stick to the 4.99 price point. Other than that i am very happy with my entire collection, repaints and all. All that work was worth it for me, others maybe not. But i was always interested in the ships of star wars more than the actual people.

I'm sure the people who check this thread are all set with these, but over the weekend I was at AJ Wright (its the same company as Marshalls just a different brand name..) and they had Titaniums for $1.99.  I got the Turbo Tank (not sure if there is a variation), they also had Mace Windu's Eps 3 fighter.  This was in addition to the 30AC figures they've been getting in the last few months.

Hey could post some pics of these ?? thanks.

go to and pre-order the 3 new titaniums coming out in the 3rd quater/october 2009. I already ordered mine.

The new tites look very impressive!  Frankly I'm shocked that Hasbro bothered showing them, but I'm not complaining.  Just hoping that WM's and TRU's are able to stock these.  Not sure if I want to start buying cases of these final waves online.   :-\

ifett where did you get this info ??

Glad Hasbro showed the new vehicles at the Con, and they have some nice details on them.  The Nebulon B frigate and the Malevolence looks great.  The closed door gunship looks cool too.  Hopefully, I'll be able to catch these at TRU or WM.

Does that mean Comic Con ? or something else....

ifett what are you talking about in your last post your confusing me.....

I emailed support about the line, and the person who messaged me back gave me this:

"I apologize but we don't have any information regarding if it has been cancelled or not.  My co-worker seems to think that this line has been put on the backburner for the rest of the year."

Well if you think about it, this last wave was suppose to be for july. So maybe habro said screw it, and pulled the plug 5 months early >:(

Hey I am wondering if this line is over ?? Because i have not seen any new pre-order info on any new waves from Entertainment Earth or Bigbadtoystore, i know the line is ending after this year. But just wondering about any info, thanks.

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