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1.) ROTS Nute Gunray
2.) ROTS Rune Haako
3.) Rute Gunnay
4.) Cin Drallig
5.) SA Magnaguard
6.) Office Duel Palpatine
7.) Senator Tikkes
8.) Senator Giddeon Danu
9.) Fang Zar
10.) Senate Duel Palpatine

I like your attitude Knuckleheads the Squirrel.  I have been waiting forever for this figure, I worry I will wait literally, FOREVER.  He has lines! He is referenced by name! HE IS THE WHOLE REASON ANAKIN WENT TO MUSTAFAR IN THE FIRST PLACE! Nute is actually plot significant.  I hope everyone gets "that one figure" they want made.  This guy is mine. 

Thnx Nute Gunray 4 Ever! We are in serious need of the main villains of the prequels, besides Palpatine! I think the last Gunray toy we've had was LEGO Gunray! The only Gunray figures we need are ROTS Gunray and TCW Gunray! I don't care how the figures turns out, I just want him made at least once so that we can all shut up! Seriously, who needs a Dead Padme figure when we could have Gunray!!

1. Coleman Kcaj
2. Nute Gunray TCW
3. Ann and Tann Gella
4. Tikkes
5. EV-A4-D
6. Cin Drallig
7. Palpatine (Office Duel)
8. Mawhonic
9. Tey How
10. Eeth Koth TCW
11. Ben Quadinaros
12. Guri
13. Vintage Nikto
14. Captain Fordo
15. Satine

Mine are from the video games.

1.Kazdan Paratus
2.Ozzik Sturn
3.Lord Starkiller (Tatooine)
4.Lord Starkiller (Hoth)
5.Drexl Roosh
6.Galen Marek (Force Unleashed II)
7.Serra Keto
8.Cin Drallig
9.Neimoidian Brute
10.Clone Assassin

1.Nute Gunray (ROTS)*
2.Coleman Kcaj
3.Rute Gunnay
4.Cin Drallig
5.Palpatine (Office Duel)
6.Darth Vader (Medical Capsule)
7.Holographic Anakin
8.Swiett Concorkill
9.Rune Haako (ROTS)
10.Poggle the Lesser (ROTS)

*Seriously, I'm sick of having to wait for a Nute Gunray figure. The reason why we don't get one is that you guys decide that a clone with a better left thumb is more important than Gunray. Seriously, get real and make the right choices.*

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