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1. Chancellor Palpatine (red robes)
2. Nute Gunray (almost a decade and no Ep III Gunray?!)
3. Rune Haako
4. Plo Koon (accurate Jedi robes/skin color. Accurate hands/head proportions no removable mask!)
5. Ki Adi Mindi
6. Saesee Tiin
7. Luminara Unduli (all Jedi super articulated)
8. Tarfull (or Merumeru- does it really matter?)
9. Tikkies
10. Padme (I guess?)

Im AMAZED that midwife droid is even in the same category as somebody like Nute Gunray, that has tons of play value compared to a "birthing droid". I feel the same about the Funeral Padme and Crispy Anakin. Hasbro cant afford to peg warm items and I have a strong feeling that midwive droid/etc. will peg warm because theres not enough serious collectors to buy them and little kids certainly dont want them. So what if theres half a dozen new super articulated Jedi to a wave, THAT WOULD SELL! 

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