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Collector's Tips / Re: Online Retailer Opinions and Experiences
« on: February 13, 2005, 03:32 PM »
Kebco:  Pretty much the same boat as you, Brian.  I'm a member of their "one of every figure" club and have gotten everything I've ordered from them.  I'll agree that they are slow, but it saves me the trouble of treking from store to store to find things.  I had a missed figure once and they credited my account no problems.  I recently requested that vehicles be taken off my account (because I don't want the rehashed OTC ones coming) and it was done in a timely matter.  They don't always answer their emails, but my requests have been filled.  The big test is going to be when the newer rehashes are added.  I don't want those and already told them so, so hopefully just new figures are added.

KEBco being slow is an understatement. I've been waiting ages to receive numerous OTC Basic and OTC Vintage figures from KEBco. I have complaints regarding my latest KEBco parcel too. First of all, it doesn't include OTC Vintage 2004 Han Solo which was supposed to be shipped along with OTC Vintage 2004 Ben Kenobi, OTC Vintage 2004 Princess Leia, OTC Vintage 2004 Darth Vader, and OTC Vintage 2004 C-3PO according to Invoice # 6541. The other major problem is KEBco sent me 2 of the wrong OTC Basic 2004 action figures.

I was supposed to get OTC Basic #02 2004 Dagobah Yoda and OTC Basic #16 2004 Stormtrooper according to Invoice # 9913. Instead, KEBco sent me OTC Basic #16 2005 Dagobah Yoda and OTC Basic #11 2005 Stormtrooper. These are not the toys I wanted and I already clarified this point to them.

Back on December 31st, I sent an e-mail to KEBco which stated "My Invoice # 9913 states that OTC Basic 2004 Dagobah Yoda and OTC Basic 2004 Stormtrooper are both pending. I'd like to confirm that I'll receive the 1st Pre Order listings. Is OTC Basic 2004 Yoda identified as #02? Likewise, is OTC Basic 2004 Stormtrooper identified as #16?" The reply said "Hi Keith,

Yes, your Dagobah Yoda and Stormtrooper are the first versions.

They shipped a couple days ago along with other figures."

Obviously, that's not the case since the numbers are incorrect and the packages identify these figures as the '05 versions. I pre-ordered these figures back on 7/13/04 so I shouldn't have been given the post OTC wave toys. Unless KEBco sends me the proper Yoda & Stormtrooper toys for free and adjusts my invoices to reflect the fact that I haven't received an OTC Vintage 2004 Han Solo despite paying for it already, I'll be forced to cancel my Star Wars and G.I. Joe One of Every Figure Club membership. It's absurd that KEBco has kept customers waiting this long for pre-order items and they neglect answering e-mails.


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