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Modern Trading / Black Series Zuckuss for something else?
« on: September 21, 2018, 05:56 PM »
Hey there, Black Series Zuckuss has shown up at ToysRUS Canada, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading for something for him. I'm looking for a Black series Gamorrean mostly, but interested in other things as well, figures from the Raddus wave of Rogue One, Disney BADS, EE Exclusives that are just too pricey to ship here. I've missed a decent amount of stuff over the last little while, so i'm open to offers.


Fan of the figures or not, I think it's something any adult fan of action figures ought to see and consider supporting.

Modern Classifieds / Looking for the KMart Ewoks.
« on: October 5, 2012, 02:31 PM »
Sadly we no longer have K-Marts up in Canada so I'm out of luck on these guys,  I'm just looking for the two loose, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Modern Classifieds / Sgt Bric
« on: September 2, 2011, 11:31 PM »
Anyone happen to order an extra that they don't want? I wasn't able to get the one I'd sent for due to some complications with moving. I'll pay the 10$ or whatever it was plus whatever it is to ship to Canada.

Modern Classifieds / Various things for sale - Star Wars and others.
« on: December 8, 2010, 05:31 PM »

Space required, so I must clear space. Feel free to ask me any questions, paypal preferred but I will do local meetups if you're in the moncton nb area. Shipping to be determined based on items, pm me for a quote, I'm in Canada, so I'd prefer to ship tracked but if you've got good feedback I'll probably let that slide. Most of these guys have their gear even if it's not pictured. Prices aren't set in stone, I'm willing to negotiate.

Beast Wars Transmetals Waspinator 10$
Beast Wars Rhinox 7$
Movie 1 Exclusive Mudflap  18$ NOW 12$
ROTF Dirge  8$ NOW 5$
Human Alliance Sideswipe w/ Epps 20$
FE Prime Starscream  10$ now 7$
Universe Blaster (includes guns and birdformer) 5$
Animated Freeway Jazz  12$ now 7$
Elite Guard Bumblebee  12$ now 7$
ROTF Gears WAS 10$ now 6$
HFTD Rescue Ratchet w/Blaster 10$
Classics Ultra Magnus (includes both guns) 50$
Human Alliance Mudflap w/ Simmons (no bike) 65$
Transformers Prime Ultra Magnus WAS 15$ now 12$
FE Prime Cliffjumper WAS 12$ now 7$
Prime Dreadwing WAS 18$ now 15$
Movie 1 Jungle Bonecrusher WAS 18$ now 15$
Prime Wheeljack WAS 10$ now 6$
ROTF Thrust WAS 8$ now 6$
ROTF Ramjet 13$
ROTF The Fallen WAS 30$ now 20$
Universe Dropshot WAS 10$ now 7$
Animated Sunstorm WAS 20$ now 15$
Scout Dunerunner 3$
Animated Activators Dirge WAS 14$ now 10$
Animated Activators Thundercracker WAS 14$ now 10$
Cyberverse Hatchet  10$
ROTF Insecticon 10$
Movie Dropkick WAS 14$ now 10$
HFTD Tomahawk WAS 17$ now 14$
ROTF Blazemaster 3$
Dark of Moon Crankcase WAS 10$ now 7$
Human Alliance Skids w/ driver (no bike) 35$
Generations G2 Prime (insignia sticker has been peeled off, otherwise in good condition) WAS 18$ now 15$
Marvel Legends

Morbius 15$ SOLD
First Appearance Cap 15$ SOLD[/color]
Bucky 12$
Hydra Soldier 15$ SOLD[/color]
Planet Hulk WAS 25$ now 20$
Iron Spider WAS 15$ now 12$
Silver Savage WAS 25$ now 20$
Angel 15$
Doc Samson WAS 15$ now 12$
Dark Wolverine WAS 18$ now 14$
King Thor (custom paint) WAS 15$ now 12$
Silver Centurion (w/rocket) WAS 12$ now 10$
Black Suit Spider Man (Spiderman origins) 12$
Ultimates Iron Man was 15$ now 12$
Doctor Strange 12$ SOLD
ROML Ghost Rider 15$
Havok 20$SOLD
The End Hulk WAS 25$ now 20$
Cable (walmart 2 pack) was 22$ now 20$
Sasquatch x 1 12$
X-23 (purple) 5$
Modern Armor Iron Man WAS 20$ now 18$
Stealth Iron Man (Hasbro 2 pack, no extra parts) WAS 22$ now 18$
Falcon (w/bird) WAS 15$ now 12$
Captain Marvel 15$
Luke Cage 15$
Beta Ray Bill WAS 17$ now 15$
Thorbuster WAS 15$ now 12$
Banshee 10$
Taskmaster WAS 25$ now 20$
Iceman WAS 25$ now 18$
Lady Deathsrike 7$
Miss Marvel/Warbird WAS 30$ now 25$
Sue Storm WAS 15$ now 12$
Johnny Storm (series 2) WAS 12$ now 10$
Mr Fantastic (Includes alternate hands) WAS 15$ now 12$
Bullseye 10$
Guardian 40$ SOLD
Union Jack WAS 20$ now 18$
Shadowcat w Dragon WAS 30$ now 25$
Moleman 20$ SOLD
Kang 30$ SOLD

Absorbing Man 20$
Storm WAS 20$ now 15$
Blackheart 15$
Quicksilver 15$
Madame Hydra 20$SOLD
Psylock WAS 15$ now 12$
Jack O Lantern (w/pumpkin bombs) WAS 22$ now 18$
Baron Zemo 5$
Mystique 15$
Apocalypse (missing arm tube things and base) WAS 35$ now 20$
Omega Red 20$ SOLD
Vision WAS 25$ now 22$
Hercules 15$
Yellowjacket WAS 20$ now 15$
Spider-Woman WAS 18$ now 15$
Hulkling 18$
Leader30$ SOLD
Hope Summers 15$
Asguardian 18$ SOLD
Ironlad 15$
Protector 15$
Baron Strucker 40$ SOLD
Scarlet Witch 7$
Black Knight WAS 20$ now 17$
Captain britain WAS 20$ now 18$
Vengenace 10$
Patriot 15$
Iron Patriot 10$
Mr Sinister 20$
Red Hulk w base WAS 25$ now 20$
Namor 15$
Sabertooth (series 5) 15$
Stryker (LCBH) WAS 15$ now 12$
Ripclaw(LCBH) WAS 15$ now 12$
Judge Death(LCBH) 10$
Super Patriot(LCBH) WAS 15$ now 12$
Madman(LCBH) 15$
Sandman BAF WAS 35$ now 25$
Anne o Brien (LCBH) 10$
Monkeyman (LCBH) WAS 100$ now 80$
Witchblade (LCBH) WAS 15$ NOW 12$
Catwoman (HUSH) WAS15$ now 10$
Subterranian Iron Man WAS 45$ now 30$
Black Spiderman (sM3 Legends)WAS 10$ now 5$
Torpedo Armor Iron Man WAS 20$ now 15$
Starr (LCBH) WAS 30$ now 25$
Sinister Six Spider-Man WAS 50$ now 40$
Patriot Armor IM 15$
X3 Beast 5$

Watto's Junk Yard / Fleas, Chemicals and Figures
« on: September 30, 2010, 01:23 PM »
So I recently moved into a new apartment and it turns out it's got a rather serious flea infestation. We've got an exterminator coming in the next few days to gas the little buggers, but I'm just a bit concerned about the ol collection, not sure if the gas will have any effect on them or not (kind of worried it might yellow the white guys or something) Does anyone have any experience with this? Just wondering if I should put some stuff away or if it's no big deal. Any help would be much appreciated.

TV-9D9 / The death or disappearance of Ahsoka?
« on: August 6, 2010, 09:22 PM »
So since she's never seen or mentioned, and the trailer for season 3 heavily implies that something is going to happen to her, what do you all think will be the case? Who do you suppose will do her in? Or maybe she survives and goes on to knighthood and is just away fighting in another galaxy when the events of ROTS happen and may become a victim of order 66? Thoughts/theories?

Collections / Greedo, the Green Menace's Collection WIP
« on: June 1, 2010, 01:07 AM »
So here's mine. I wasn't sure if this is supposed to be Star Wars only, so I'll just show off the whole thing. I have quite a jack of all trades thing going here. It's fairly image heavy.

The Legacy Collection / Definitive character list?
« on: May 12, 2009, 10:45 PM »
Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of what individual characters (including different outfits) have been made over the years? I've been trying to fill in the gaps of my A New Hope collection of late but it's gotten quite large so I'm not 100% sure on what I'm still missing. Any help would be great, thanks!

The Legacy Collection / Yknow what I find kinda shocking?
« on: May 4, 2009, 10:22 AM »
That between the time we got our last Ben Kenobi between our current one, that Hasbro never repainted the spirit Obi Wan from the OTC into an alive version. I think everyone predicted they would at some point. Heh.

Hall of Justice / DC Universe Classics Wave 8
« on: November 3, 2008, 09:56 PM »
Wave 8 revealed!

My god this line is going to break me. I have to have that Giganta. Can't wait to add these to the shelf.

In other somewhat related news for any of you Canadian collectors out there, the Dark Knight Movie Masters figures have been popping up in Zellers and Toys R US over the past week. Might be a good sign that the Universe line might be making a come back to Canada. I can only hope.

...based on the old toy line from the late 80's/early 90's? Having grown up with these, I would love to see them put out new modern sculpts of characters like Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady, General Traag and the like. I'd be on board if it was done well. Anyone else?

30th Anniversary Collection / So whos liking all the EU stuff?
« on: August 1, 2007, 04:28 AM »
I know theres a bit of animosity towards a lot of EU, but how many people are liking the amount of EU stuff we've seen? I'm really enjoying a lot of the figures that are coming, the new Mara Jade, Quinlan Vos, and the KOTOR Sith Lords, just to name a few. I find a lot of the characters to be quite visually interesting, and hope that the trend keeps up. I'd love to see more of the guys from KOTOR myself, at the very least an HK-47 and T3-M9 would be awesome. Anyone else happy with the EU stuff being released, or do you think they should stick to just the movies?

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