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I was thinking about how when Hasbro does a release of a ship in the Vintage style deco that the item usually sells through.  I know I buy them But I'm biased towards that deco. Granted, the Target ships may have hit clearance; I don't really know, but I know they can be quick to clearance anything. That said what are the odds Hasbro could be tempted to release redesigned playsets in Vintage Deco boxes? I think the Jabba Throne set was a missed oppurtunity. I don't think the Lars set was executed properly. With the amount of Cantina Aliens out there now doesn't it make sense to release a new Cantina? Not a rehash of that cardboard thing either. A land of the Jawas set? A freakin' death star? Do you think they plan to re--release any previously released items in that deco? Do you wish they would re-release items in that deco?

Conventions / Toy Show in Columbus,OH this Sunday
« on: April 5, 2011, 09:29 PM »
If you are in the central Ohio area there is going to be a Toy show this weekend At Vet's Memorial in Downtown Columbus. It's a 1 day show this Sunday with 170 Dealer tables and I know they've all been sold. Should be a large variety of offerrings. He puts on a few shows a year and this one tends to be the biggest. More details can be found at ColumbusToyShow

Conventions / Columbus, OH CTS Toy Show at Vet's Sunday 4/19/09
« on: April 14, 2009, 01:11 PM »
Hey all,

Just wanted to see if anyone was going out this Sunday in Columbus to the Vet's Memorial Toy Show. I know I see some of the 501st there usually in costume but I thought I'd bring it up since I didn't already see a thread for it and I know there's usually a lot of Star Wars at the show.


Modern Trading / Toynami Futurama figure accessories needed
« on: October 25, 2008, 08:59 PM »
Has anyone else been collecting these figures? I know it's an older line but I need some pieces from some of these figures and if anyone here has them and want's to trade for Star Wars figures let me know. I need the following items: Robot Devil Hat and Cane that came with Bender, the Robot Devil Arms and the Nixon head in a jar that came with Zap. Send me a PM with your wants and expectations for trade if you have these items.

Hi everyone, I'm looking for pretty much anything right now and have various SW figs from various lines to trade. I have figs from POTF2, TAC 07-08, legacy and TVC with a handful of various other figures from different years carded and loose. What I'm looking for are vintage weapons/accessories, playset/ship parts and pieces, G1 transformer weapons-pieces-parts, just about any 80's toys loose-boxed-pieces, Starriors, 80's Gi Joe, Voltron, thundercats, etc. I think you get the idea. Most of the hot SW stuff I've had is gone, sorry no malek's, revan's or pre-cyborg grievous, no SDCC (except Mcquarries but I hate to break the set) exclusives but I do have some mailaway items like the coin set, rocket firing fett and lucas trooper and a handful of store exclusive figs but items are available locally for sale so I'm not exactly making any lists as they could change too quickly. I'm also interested in Simpson's figures/playsets and Futurama figures. I'm always interested in lego's by the set or just a bunch of loose bricks or mini figs. If you have items like this for trade and have a list of what you are looking for just PM your want list, I'll see what I've got and let you know what I have before you make any offers. Feel free to include ships, playsets and any other toyline you might be looking for as I have a bunch of stuff and I'm looking for pieces/parts to complete figures/ships/playsets/transformers so I'm sure we can work something out. If you are looking for stuff not out yet but coming let me know as I can order cases and just trade you the figures you want for any of the above items. Please note that I can't guarantee mint condition in that instance because most of the time the cases I get are usually dinged pretty good and if not the TVC figures sometimes bounce in transit causing that slight curve at the top of the cards so I if you are interested in me doing that do so only if you intend to open the figures.

My personal focus is OT vintage and includes ewoks/ewok village/plush ewok items, death star playset, cantina and ships with a secondary focus on the star destroyer bridge. Non star wars is G1 Transformers and lego's.

Other Toy Lines / Starriors
« on: August 14, 2007, 08:59 AM »
Anybody collect these? I was going through some stuff recently and came across an old mini comic from these and got to thinking about collecting them. Of course all the ones I had as a kid are long gone. I haven't really seen any at shows and the line seems cheap enough for a line from 84. I just picked up a boxed base for $10 and was thinking of working on picking up the figures now. Just curious if anyone knew which items may be near impossible to get before I get too far into this line. I didn't really think these were all that great when they originally came out but for something different, vintage and affordable I thought I might start on these.

Newbies / Hi everyone, I'm another newbie!
« on: November 2, 2005, 02:57 PM »
Just thought I'd drop a line and let anyone curious know who I am and what not. My name is Charlie, I'm 34 and I live in Columbus, OH right smack between Hilliard, OH and Dublin, OH. For those of you local I'm basically in the back yard of the Tuttle Mall area. I still have some of my original vintage star wars, all loose and well played with along with many various other comics, statues, original comic art and what not. My most prized star wars items are my original complete 12" Darth Vader figure and my Sega Star Wars Trilogy special edition pinball machine purchased back in 1997 through the insider fan club. Star Wars is by no means new to me although I did get burned out from the POTF2 line so I haven't collected since until the ROTS came out. Now, like so many others, my paycheck is heavily rationed to cover bills and compulsive toy shopping ;D Any questions just ask!

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