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Star Wars Action Figures / custom snowtrooper
« on: March 28, 2006, 11:50 AM »
My reason for making this is that while hasbro's snowtroopers have excellent sculpt, they have horrid articulation. When I saw the upcoming at at driver, I knew that i was going to use its arms and legs to make a well articulated snowtrooper. I first tried boiling and popping the arms from the at at driver to the saga 03 snowtrooper. It didnt really work, since there was a huge gap between the armpits. Then I searched on the net for ideas when I found Spawn7's snowtrooper on rs. I took his idea to the next level and painted an extra chestplate from veers.  the paint on the chestplate isnt exactly good, but my paint came out really gloppy, so I need to get some new white paint.

thanks for looking and sorry for the bad pics. i am getting better w/ a digi cam but im still not good with it!

Toy Reviews / General Veers
« on: January 16, 2006, 09:22 PM »
Well, I just got home from my local wal mart with a figure that has been begging to be in my home for a long time, General Veers. It was one of those rare times when you go hunting with a concrete goal in mind and actually achieve it. (thanks dirty d and ggpike!)
Well, on to the review.

The first thing I noticed when I took this fig out of the package was the fantastic sculpt on Veers. The wrinkles are present in appropriate form, looking like Veers was commanding from his At At or ImpStar and not like he just came out of a hurricane with 100 mile and hour winds. His frame is perfect, stading out when compared to his grunt snowtroopers. The coolest thing about his sculpt in my opinion, are the little rivets where his dress uniform pops up. Not only is it accurate, it is the anchor for his chest armour as well. Now thats fuction! My only complaint about the sculpt is the fact that Veers is very stiff looking. I realize that this is due to his articulation, but he still doesnt look like he has relaxed his back in weeks...
YESSSS! No action feature! It truly is a collector's year.
This is the only major dissapointment about Veers. To tell you the truth, I dont mind a figure having hardly any ball joints. But Veers!? I consider 9 points to be the bare minimum for articulation on SW figs, espiacally after what hasbro cranked out for Rots. If Veers had ball jointed knees, he would get a perfect score in this department. As it stands, he has a ball jointed head, swivel shoulders, elbows wrists hips and ankles. Not terrible, but should have been better.
This is truly the shining star of this figure. Veers comes with the standard rifle, cuirass and helmet. They absolutley look awesome with him!
The paint scheme is pretty good on Veers, not very complicated but effective nontheless. The worst spot is his head. The paint isnt sloppy, but it looks, well, plastic.

Even with its shortcomings, Veers is a really really cool figure. He is awesome to play around with and looks every bit like a commander in the Imperial Military. I am so happy I found him because I never found Ozzel or Tarkin, so I was pretty officer deprived until now.

Star Wars Action Figures / The Generals Customs
« on: January 7, 2006, 12:19 PM »
Well, These are my customs so far. Dont go too hard on me, I only just figured out how to paint with the right paint and all.

this guy is a covert ops clone similar to the utapau shadow trooper. He is on par with an arc trooper, except that there is an entire legion of them. He is meant to hunt down and assasin separitist leaders and vips. after the clone wars, palpatine sends him to kill jedi along with a dark jedi, meldor

this is the dark jedi meldor, who commands the 13th legion of covert clones.
i made him a while ago with inferior paints, so i intend to go back and fix him later.

this is a simple rebel trooper. all it is is a black hawk bbi pilot with a captain anitlles helm.

thanks for looking at my super long post! Please tell me any pointers because i really want to get better. Critism does not offend me! Trust me im used to it...


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