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Hi Everybody!! :)

I'm totally new to this forum, but some of you guys might know me from the Rebelscum forums, where I have the same username.

My main focus in the vintage star wars world is the many variations of the 3 3/4 inch figures - primarily the European variations, which often are identified by the lack of a country of origin mark on the back legs of the figures.

I have a fairly big collection of European variations, and many of them are pictured at my webshots site:

I thought, that I had registred as well as all European no coo variations by now, but I have heard rumours about 2 more; a no coo Power Droid and a no coo Death Star Droid. If any of you guys have information about/pics of those 2 "possible" produced variations, I will be VERY happy if you will make a reply to this topic! Do they exist??


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