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Newbies / Hi...I'm Jedi Assassin.
« on: August 14, 2006, 01:23 AM »
I know that I've been registered for nearly a year, but since I never know this thread was here until two weeks ago...later is better than never.

I'm Jedi_Assassin, I do custom figures...I'm still not that good...but it's a hobby. Well, that's out of the way now, It's nice to meet all of you.

I have had a really bad year, with my Aunt, losing my camera, my computer crashing, my dog. I'm sticking to a regular film camera with my scanner, for now. My new photonovel will hopfully be up by mid-July. Here's the background:

The force is the ultimate power. Unknown to the Jedi or the Sith, one being exists. One who posseses the ultimate power. The power to destroy all. This being is the force. He is life. He is power. He is The Phoenix. He controlls all. Omri Vaono is the Phoenix. He has sat and watched all evil come to power, all that is right be destroyed. He has had enough. After spending eternity fearing his power, he has come to embrace them. In one swift strike, the Phoenix returns. He has one mission, and one only, stop the pain. Stop the death. Stop the Empire.

The name says it all. Just curious, I dont want 2 sculpt, I'm really bad at it.

While Im making the props for my photonovel, Im gonna post a prologue once a week to help setthe story up. Here is Prologue, Chapter I

                                     4000 Years Before the Battle of Yavin IV
  Darth Viserous sat on the banks of the endless lava flow, behind him was his master, Darth Revan. The Jedi-Sirh battle has begun. On the firey planet of Mustafar, Darth Viserous was assigned to protect the Sith Heirlooms safe from the Jedi.
"Viserous, I sense much fear in you," Revan said.
"It's nothing, my master, I'll be fine." Viserous replied. "I will destroy the Jedi."
                                    20 Years Before the Battle of Yavin IV
   I woke to a dark room, the whole thing had been a dream. I walked out to the balcony and looked out on the most beautiful thing in the world, Aldera City.
    I am Milisc Ronew, and this is my story.

Star Wars Action Figures / I Need a Good Sith body.
« on: March 8, 2006, 04:43 PM »
I'm trying to do a sith fig and I have no idea what body to use. It needs to fit a Dutch Vander head and can't be evolutions. I was thinking maybe a maul, but I dont know

I decided to scrap what i was doing before. I need to know which of the bodies is more Alderaanian. The choices are Plo Koon w/ a dremeled out neck hole to fit in a Dutch Vander head, or a #14 Palpatine, repainted grey and silver.

call me crazy, but i think figures are getting taller. i don't think they would've made Bail Organa so tall if hasbro wasn't trying to raise the scale on their figs. i just strikes me odd that when you compare an Episode 1 fig to a ROTS fig there seems to be a difference, a big difference, in height. Even for female figs. call me crazy, nuts. i think hasbro i making their figs taller. (except for the ROTS Padme, the made her really small. but if they are making the figures taller, she might be the right scale!)


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