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Toy Reviews / Saga Collection #14 Power Droid
« on: March 8, 2006, 07:49 PM »
Heres my review of the Saga Collection #14 Power Droid:

Sculpt:The Power Droid uses the sculpt of the Power of the Force 2 GONK droid except this time with holes on top of its head to put the accesories on and a cable put around him.This sculpt is pretty good for a POTF2 sculpt.They only real problem is because of the figures's Action Feature.The Power droid Action Feature is when you push the button on the side of the Droid,the legs move.Because of this the legs won't stay stiff together.But besides that,its still ok.

Paint:One thing I didnt like about the POTF2 GONK was that it had a very dull paint job.This time with the Power Droid it is much better.Its Looks good and even has good snow like weathering.

Articulation:The little box with legs only has moveable legs which Is enough for this kind of figure.But that Action Feature almost makes it pointless because it always will stay in that "Walking" position.

Accessories:The Power Droid comes with a Power Coupling,a Sensor Attachment,a Treadwell Droid,base,and random Good Guy hologram(I got the Obi-Wan Kenobi holo).The Power Coupling and Sensor Attachment fit right on the figures head and makes the figure more appealing.The Treadwell Droid is like another figure.Its a repaint of the Treadwell Droid that came with the POTF2 Aunt Beru figure.The base is for collectors who display loose,it says GNK & Treadwell Droid on the front of the base and the ESB logo on the front of the base..The holo figure isnt really anything to go crazy over.If your a loose collector, you probably wouldnt be too fond of these holo figures.

You get 2 good droids figures in one.Thats a deal.But real problem with the Power Droid,In My Opinion,that its kind of a boring figure.But this is a huge improvement over the old Power Droid and If you like getting you're money's worth,I would recommend this to you.


Modern Trading / Have:AT-AT Driver,Tarkin,Holo Plo Koon
« on: February 26, 2006, 01:33 PM »
My trades are now for everyone.If I dont reply to you that means Im not interested

Anyone who trades with me will recive a free Mini-Holo


Saga Collection:
AT-AT driver*
Barada(with Darth Vader Holo and Base)

Target Exclusive Lava Obi-Wan and Anakin
Wookie Flyer
#27 Obi-Wan Kenobi
Crab Droid
Neimodian Commander
Plo Koon Hologram*

TIE Fighter*
Bib Fortuna

Saga :
Geonosian War Room Poggle the Lesser
Reek Creature
Surpreme Chacellor Palpatine
Darth Vader(bespin duel)
Count Dooku(Dark Lord;without Sidious hologam and green saber)
Geonoisian War Room Count Dooku(with Death Star Plans)

Boss Nass
Jar-Jar Binks
Queen Amidala(Corusant)

Star Wars Miniatures Promo 2 Elite Stormtrooper x3

Want:(can be loose)

Saga Collection:(All must be carded)
Power Droid
Darth Vader

Republic Gunship
Droid Tri Fighter
Anakin's Jedi Starfighter(Yellow)
Star Destroyer
Slave 1(Boba Fett)

AT-TE Gunner
Republic Gunship

Clone Wars:
Hailfire Droid
Non-Animated ARC Trooper(Red)

Admiral Ozzel
Rebel troopers(Tantive IV Defender)

Security Battle Droid
Aurra Sing

STAP(with Battle Droid)

EU Dark trooper
EU Grand Admiral Thawn
EU Spacetrooper
EU Mara Jade

You can pm or email me at if you want anything

Toy Reviews / Saga Collection Geonosis Wave Sun Fac
« on: February 26, 2006, 01:13 AM »
AT-AT Driver,move over,the new Sun Fac figure has come to town.Heres my review:

Sculpt:The sculpt on this figure is definitely top-notch.Sun Fac is more detailed than the previous Geonosian figures.Details like a scar over his missing right eye,all of his armor and the teeth comming out of its mouth.This figure can stand on its own,which some of the prievous Geonosians had trouble doing.The figure is movie accurate and overall has one great sculpt. 5/5

Paint:The paint job on Sun Fac is also well done.Unlike other Geonosian figures that were all green,Sun Fac combines a darker green with some red with parts golden.The only problem relly is that the color of the head doesn't really match the rest of the body. 4/5

Articulation:Sun Fac has a ball-jointed head,ball-jointed shoulders,ball-jointed elbows,swivel wrists,a swivel waist,ball-jointed ankles and swivel wings.The articulation is great considering all that Sun Fac did in AOTC was standing around,though that maybe why this figure has no knee articulation. 4.5/5

Accessories:Sun Fac comes with one Geonosian Sonic blaster,one staff,one base and one random hologram figure(I got the Boba Fett holo)The sonic blaster is one awesome weapon,its very detailed and Sun Fac doesnt fall over when he carries it.You can even give it to the Saga 2002 Geonsian Warrior and it holds the sonic blaster perfectly.The staff is good,the figure looks cool holding it.The base is for collectors who display loose,it has Sun Fac on the front of the base and the AOTC logo on the top of the base.The holo figure isnt really anything to go crazy over.If your a loose collector, you probably wouldnt be too fond of these holo figures. 5/5

I was very surprised to how great this figure is,.Everything about this figure,sculpt,paint,articulation and accessories are great.Though same may be irratated by the lack of knee articulation.This is the best Geonosian figure made.Hasbro has done a fine job on on this figure even though Sun Fac had a small amount of screen time


Newbies / MasterGrievous here.....
« on: February 26, 2006, 01:04 AM »
Hello everybody,MasterGrievous here.You may know me from RS or some other collecting forum.I heard a lot of good stuff about this place,so I decided to join.

Anyway,I look forward to being here and Ill see you around. ;)

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