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Modern Trading / DarthMac Trade List
« on: October 17, 2006, 05:59 PM »

Elite Clone Trooper (CARDED SAGA 2006)
Death Star Gunner (CARDED SAGA 2006)
Sandtrooper (CARDED SAGA 2006)

Rebel Troopers (Fleet - POTJ 2x varients)
Darth Vader Final Duel Cinema Scene (POTF)
Han Solo (POTF)
Leia (POTF)
Luke (POTF)
Clone Trooper Red (SAGA)
Sand Storm Trooper (POTF)
Garindan (Spy - POTF)
Biker Scout (POTF w/o bike)


C3PO (VOTC - Carded)
R2-D2 (VOTC - Carded)
Chewbacca (VOTC - Carded)

Anakin (Evolutions EP III)

Feedback Thread

So I thought I might just start my own dioramas/customs thread.  I had mainly been posting in the RS Diorama's section, but there is just not that much activity in that forum.  Since JD's did not really have Dioramas and customs sectioned out I thought I might give it a try here.

Here are the threads I started for my last two project here at JD:
Hoth Invasion
Tantive IV

I also built a rotating display that I do not recall posting here, so I will post some of my favorite shots of it here soon.

Also here are some shots of some of my recent aquisitions/customs:

Desert Snitch

Moff Jerjerrod Escort

Cody's Crew

This is one of my few attempts at customizing.  I had seen someone else do a orange repaint of Commander Bacarra and I liked it a lot.  Also I was getting tired to the crayon box collection of clones that I have and wanted to have a more coherent collection.  With the Airborne Trooper arriving next year, I decided to repaint some of my troops in line with Cody's crew.   Right now I have just repainteded the Battle Pack Bararra (the real bararra is waiting for his marines next year!), a SA Clone and a standard QD Clone.  I have tried doing minor repaints using crafting paint but was not really happy with the result.  So here it tried using modelers paint and I like the look much better.

My new Rebel Troopers

Thanks for taking a look.

Feedback / darthmac's feedback
« on: August 20, 2006, 11:32 PM »
DarthMac's Trading Feedback

Modern Trading / Trade: TSC DS Gunner for TSC Sandtrooper
« on: August 16, 2006, 12:01 AM »
I ended up with an extra DS Gunner, and want a sandtrooper (don't want to drive around hunting for one).  Straight up trade anyone interested?


Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Darth Mac's Hoth Invasion
« on: June 8, 2006, 04:01 PM »
Fresh on the heels of my Tantive IV ( @ Jedidefender ) display and Rotating Display ( @ Rebel Scum ), here is my latest creation, Hoth Invasion.   This is my second display completed using my standardized display sizing (8" x 16" x 8").  Hope you all enjoy.

Again the construction process was more or less the same as what I did for my large rotating display.  I again am using minimagstands for this display, the metal floor is buried below several layers of laytex paint and spray snow.

To create the cave I took large chunks of styrofoam and glued them to the walls & ceiling (I added a ceiling to this display).  Then I had some fun with the dremel - note when doing this have a vacume running to catch the huge mess it will make.  Once I had the 'ice' cut how I wanted it, I used wall joint compound to coat the walls (smooth).  Then a few layers of layex paint to get the color right.  Finally I sprayed the whole thing down with spray snow (I put down a thin layer of elmers white glue down on the floor before spraying to keep the snow in place - I should have done this everywhere).

The 'cabling' running down the hallway is screen window tubing.  I drilled three holes in the wall then  ran twist ties through them to secure the 'cabling'.  The twist ties were tightend from the back side.

I have posted some construction pictures as well as finished shots below.  Enjoy.

You can also see more pictures of this diorama and my others on my diorama website

And here are the finished pictures.

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / DarthMac Tantive IV
« on: June 2, 2006, 02:01 PM »
Here is my latest creation, a corridor from the Tantive IV.   This is my first display completed using my new standardized display sizing (multiples of 8", this one is 8" x 16" x 8").  Hope you all enjoy.

The construction process was more or less the same as what I did for my large rotating display (Rebel Scum Forum).  I am also using minimagstands for my display stands.  With the metal floors the figures really stay in place, even when I move them around.

You can also see more pictures of this diorama and my others on my diorama website


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