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I'm looking at trying to get either old used bubbles from vintage or modern cards with similar style bubbles to the vintage line. Or a source for repro bubbles.
Can anyone point me in the right direction or do any card collectors have aload of bubbles there looking to get rid of?
I need them to be relatively cheap which is why I think repro may not be the way as I may be wrong but I'm guessing the prices are quite high?

I'm looking at trying to get either old used bubbles from vintage or modern cards with similar style bubbles to the vintage line. Or a soruce for repro bubbles.
Can anyone point me in the right direction or do any card collectors have aload of bubbles there looking to get rid of?

Vintage Kenner / Green lightsaber Vader????
« on: August 9, 2006, 03:17 PM »
I was just watching "That 70's show" and Eric had a "Darth Vader with rare and deadlier green lightsaber" :-\. Does this actually exist as its not something I've ever heard of until then.

Hi, as some of you may know from when I post in other ares of the forum I own a comic book stlye shop in the U.K (only we don't sell comic lol).

Within the next couple of weeks I will be starting to stock the Saga figures but I'm unsure of which waves to stock. I'm probably going to be stocking 3-4 waves to start with so if you can please help me and let me know which Waves are the most popular/the best I'd be very greatful.

Vintage Kenner / My Vintage collection pics.
« on: August 5, 2006, 08:07 AM »
Right I've finally got pictures taken of my figures unfortunately its because I've got to sell them :'( but I thought I'd share pics of my collection with you all while its still in my possesion.
Theres 17 pics so will take a while to load.

Ok so i've just completed my loose vintage collection (no blue Snaggletooth though) I bough the majority in job lots etc I'd say there all around C8+ and all have weapons (around 50% repro).
I now only a couple of weeks after completing it find myself in a position where I may have to sell, the prices on a lot of figures seem to have increased since i started buying them so heres my questions if i do decide to sell:

Should I sell individually or as a whole set?
What price should i expect roughly for a complete set?

So.... today I was bored so I grabbed my custom Rocket Fett I bought from Ebay and examined it for awhile.... then I decided to give i ago myself so I grabbed one of my spare vintage fetts and popped it in some hot water and popped the arms and legs out. I didnt get the head out because it didn't want to pop out and i was worried about breaking it.
Anyway I couldnt work out how to spilt the blood Torso so I grabbed an xacto and tried cutting the seal.... slip big gash in my thumb lol so before I injure myself again how do i spilt it please?

Ok I can't afford one of these but its the last figure I need to complete my Vintage collection. I havent gone into variations but this fiugre is too different to be classed as a varitation imo.
What I'm looking for really is someone who customizes the figure (doesnt even have to be articulated) otherwsie I'm going to have to resort to attaching a regular snaggletooth to Greedos legs which isnt really what I was looking for.
Any other suggestions for a formula for this would be appreciated also.


 :o I just wish I could afford it, never seen anything like it before truely is amazing!

I've decided to create a thread for my lifesize projects as I've now decided I'm going to be taking on a few.

Those of you who have seen some of my previous projects will know I recently opened a Movie Collectibles and Model kits shop.
All of my 1:1 Scale items are being made for display pieces for the shop although I am hoping to make some of the R2D2/R5D4 to sell on Ebay also.

Heres how my display looks so far:

This diplay no longer exists, my figures have took over that spot now.
Han solos been mounted on the door to the store room and yodas moved too. Bobas in the store room as theres no room for him anywhere.

My current projects
Boba Fett * Complete
R2D2 *Planning/Parts buying stage

My future Projects
Power Droid

Just totally revamped the website and we've got a few new sabers on there now:

(website deleted)

I just had to get one of these to go with my Life size Boba Fett, not really allot to say about it really as the pictures are pretty self explanatory:

A bit of a strange custom but its still a custom lol.

I started with a mannequin and bought a set of Fett Armour form a guy in the U.S who makes it out of very thin steel. I then bought two sets of Grey overalls/boilersuits and found patterns for how fetts suit should look I then modified the suit using the material from the second suit to make the additions with. I then bought a vest to mount the armour onto and a neck seal. I bought a very poor helmet from Ebay which is very badly damaged, the guy sold me this as a new replica it cost me around $70!!!!
He's been reported and hopefully I'll be given a refund, I've bought a replacement helmet and once this arrives I will replace the damaged warped helmet but it will have to do for now.
Gauntlets are being delivered shortly as are the boots.
The Jetpack is almost complete I scratch built this from card and bottles and then covered it in paper and pva glue to give it strength it just needs a coat of paint now.

I'm still looking for a belt however......

Other Collectibles / 34"/3 Foot Bobble Buddies
« on: April 11, 2006, 02:09 PM »
I just got a new wholesale catalogue and in them are the usual bobble buddies except this time they have a new height 3 Foot!
The Wholesale price on them is 25 so I'd imagine you'd be looking at around 40-50 for retail price.

I''ve ordered one of the R2d2's to see what there like.
I can't find any pics of these I'll post one when mine arrives but I did find a pic of a 3ft tall buffy one to give you an idea what there going to be like:

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