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Feedback / The_Tin_Man's feedback
« on: June 28, 2006, 05:13 PM »
Here is my feedback thread. I also have a Rebelscum feedback thread for witch I will post a link.

Her are a couple of my customs so far. There are a few others but I am having trouble with my camera >:(. Sorry about how blurry the picks are.  :-\

Here is my fan-fic Jedi Character Darmikkaro

Here is Jedi Master Tyvokka
Edit: Removed Image. It was too blury

Here is a Duros Jedi Knight I made yesterday

Here is my fan-fic Clone Commander, Commander Khan
EDIT: Removed Image. It was too blury

Here is Darmikkaro and a Clone Cammander Fighting a Destroyer Droid

Hopefully if I get my camera working again I can get better pictures up and Get pics of my other customs (Trandoshan Slaver, Clone Commander Verd) up by tommorrow
Please leave comments.

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