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Customizing Tips and Tricks / soft kamas now available
« on: September 14, 2006, 04:34 PM »
HI everyone,

I have a limited number of soft kamas available that I made with my wife's sewing machine.  At the bottom of this post you'll find pics of the 2 currently available styles. 

I have:
11 grey and red trim
8 beige with black trim

more colors to come in the next week.  PM me if interested price is $2.00 per kama

Star Wars Action Figures / Rise of the Empire carries on!
« on: May 6, 2006, 06:26 PM »
I'm NOT through with my Rise of the Empire series by a long shot but I thought I'd mixthings up a little bit with some WIP clone commandos that I'm working on.  NONE of these dudes are finished yet but they're getting close.  They all need decals, and finish detail painting and weathering.  I hope that you enjoy this update of commandos.  I'm having lots of fun making htem.   

This first series of pics details the weapon and pack of commando #2.  This figure is named Domi (after my middle name Dominic)  He's really into rockets and he carries a barrage of interchangeable rockets for his modified weapon.  These rockets are all tot ally interchangeale between the rifle and the pack storage area.  I hope that you like this but let me know what you think. 

The second set of pics details a grappling hook fitting for Clone #3's rifle.  His name is Tambo...those of you who know me may understand this reference.  This grappling hook attatchment was very difficult.  I wa able to make it so that the line actually rolls off of the spool and throught the hollowed out barrell.  It can wind back up onto the spool by simply rolling the spool in reverse.  Please let me know your thoughts and feedback about this as well. 

Here is the #4 commando of the group.  Obviously he's not painted yet but he's at least under way.  His name's LLEO.  I'm not sure what his specialty gear will be just yet but I'll come up with something.  Anyway here's the very early WIP pic of him

O.K. here's the special ops commando within the special ops team.  This dude has a plasma torch to cut through any obstacles in their way.  Also I armed him with a Fett style rocket pack.  What the heck right?  Tell me what you think about the crew so far.  Thanks...

O.K. here's the second member ofthe Republic team nearly complete.  They will all get custom unit decals at the end and so forth but you'll get overall idea of what this crew will look like.  This is #2 of 4.  Please not that the stripes while similar are not exactly the same.  I figure that this is a way that others can identify them.  Let me know what you think

Here's a proposed Republic Commando design basically finished except for detailing the clone head and some more weathering.  This is sort of a break away from many other commando's that I've seen so hopefully it will be a hit with DA.  By the way Steve, if you don't like it I'm totally cool with it.  Let me know and we'll do something else nor prob...Let me know what y'all think of it. 


Here's 'n update with a sort of radical paint scheme I was thinking about.  Tell me what you guys think.  Obviously there's a whole load of strap, holsters, gear etc to add but this is the base paint figure minus gear.  Accessories will be either black or grey-to be determined

Here's a few pics of a Republic Commando side project that I'm working on.  These are NOT part of the ROTE line but I'm sure that they were busy at the time of order 66.  I'd like to do some customized gear and here's some pics of the early weapons and gear.

Hello all,
I'm new to this customs forum but I've been around customizing for a while.  I'd like to thank all of you from various other sites for inviting me here to share my custom figures with all of you.   I'm known as slave1jango at rebelscum, legolas77 at, and outrider at my home site

Here's a figure that I recently made for a series of figures that I've been working on for a few months.  The figure series is known as Rise of the Empire and its set a between ROTS and ANH.

First up is Imperial trooper. 

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