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Hey guys, here's another chapter. 

     This will be it till mid-February. I go back to my insane work rotation for 8 weeks which leaves me with just enough time to spend with my fam and not much else.  What little leasure time I do have, I'll spend working on my PN diorama sets for the upcoming chapters and of course checking out the sweet new PNs posted from others  :D
Also, I'm going to check out the free G.I.M.P. photo editing program!
(Man, that just sounds bad when ya read it  :o)
It looks somewhat promising.
As always, feedback is welcome!


Hopefully I can post the next chapter within a couple weeks. 
This chapter and the next one, won't be big on character development, but it should be fun anyway.


Photonovels and Movies / Star Wars: Old Friends ... Part 5
« on: October 31, 2006, 05:02 PM »
Hey guys!

If you liked this story, here's another chapter ... sorry it's taken so long.

Photonovels and Movies / BSG meets SW
« on: August 26, 2006, 12:07 PM »
Just a quick short, for fun ;)

Heres another chapter, once again ... not big on action, but it helps move the story along and I promise the upcoming chapters will have a bit more blaster fire and stormie body counts, and a rescue reminiscent of epIV  ;)

It will be quite a while (like over a month) before I can work on these again, so if these pns disappear into old post oblivion, I'll be sure to bump them when I post chapter 5.

If you enjoy the pn .... or not ... feel free to let me know on both accounts.
Thanks for looking :D

Here is my third chapter of the Old Friends series.  Out of all of the PNs I've done thus far, I've been the most pleased with this one.  I just really enjoyed taking elements of EU and coming up with the pre-OT story, and enjoyed the "What If?" element with Zimmus, I think my camera shots are starting to improve a bit also with this one. 
Unfortunately, this is also the PN where I only had 3 different people comment on it, over at RS, out of like 130 views.   Sort of a kick in the nuts ... but I guess you can't force somebody to like something they just don't. :-\

If you get a chance, please drop some critique ... I'd love to discuss some of the elements of this PN with JDs

Here is the second chapter of my Old Friends series, and thank you for all of the great feedback for the first one, it's been really great. :D

Photonovels and Movies / Rebel Fleet Troopers DO NOT Suck!
« on: July 22, 2006, 03:58 PM »
Just a short, and in no way is this associated with my Old Friends Series.

Fleet Troopers DO NOT Suck!

OK ... well, maybe they do  ;)

Hi everyone ...

I just joined JD about a week ago, I really like the site alot.  I've been working on a PN and have completed a few chapters.  I've posted them at RS in the past.  I was really suprised to recognize so many names when I came over here, and was really impressed at the custom work and PNs I've seen!  I understand that some people prefer keeping the chapters in one thread while others want to split them up into seperate topics, if I could get some feedback on what you prefer ...  that'd be great, as far as I can tell it doesn't seem like people mind seperate posted chapters too much. If you've already read these on the other site, I apologize for cloggin' up the boards with old stuff.  But if you haven't, please feel free to let me know what you think.  If you think it sucks, I can dig it ... just try to tear it apart contructively if possible  ;)

Hey Lance, when am I going to get an update on your story ... I reread them over a week ago and now I'm hangin'  ;D

Oh yeah ... total noob question, how do you get that highlighted "NEW" Icon in your PNs title?

Newbies / Just your average noob ...
« on: July 12, 2006, 10:11 PM »
Hi all,

Just joined this site.  Seems like a really great setup.  I normally posted over at RebScum, but heard there was a lot of fun stuff also going on over here. I've been collecting since 96 and have  primarily an ANH focus.  I've also been dabbling in photonovels as of late and would love to post some if people are interested in that sort of thing over here.  Look forward to meeting some new people, although I deffinately recognize some names from other sites.  :)


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