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In one of their post Toy Fair Q&A replies Hasbro said how if they carry a character forward over several waves( eg- Vader) they will change up the movie logo to add collector intrest.

Is that enough? Would collectors rather have a repro STAR WARS card of that shadowy death star duel shot... Or say-a new shot of Vader striding through the still smoking Blokade Runner with the classic silver logo and border.  More exciting?

Another example would be the Tie -fighter pilot. Would collectors be happy with an Empire designation and ship shot-or would we all prefer an inaccurate but awesome star wars designation and" pilot inside the cockpit with all that fierce red light" shot?

I was thinking of putting this forward as a question to Hasbro -but was interested to find out what other people think.

Please feel free to give your thoughts on this one.

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