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Other Collectibles / 30AC "Spring Action" Lightsabers
« on: July 16, 2006, 07:45 PM »
Available now on and shipping in September, 2006, the new Darth Vader, Luke & Obi-Wan lightsabers in 30th Anniv packaging.

Order them here at

Looks like we'll be seeing the new 30th Anniv packaging in stores before TSC even ends.

Newbies / Another noob joins the fold!
« on: July 16, 2006, 07:00 PM »
Greetings JDers!

I have lurked long enough here that I thought I might as well join.
JesseVader kinda brought me here (in a circuitous way), so I have him to thank for pointing me to the forums.

I had always heard of JD and visited the main page, but never dipped in to the forums.

I'm a Darth Vader-focused collector (that's how I met JesseVader).
My interests include, but are not limited to, figure variations, bootlegs and prototypes.

I'm a member of a couple of other SW forums.
A couple are so big, they become impersonal (even with the forums) very quickly unless you are part of the "in" crowd.
A couple are so small, nobody posts anything relevant in days and you kind of lose touch.

I see a balance here of those above-listed factors, and hope to be able to contribute to this community.

I also enjoy death metal, adult beverages and romantic walks on the beach at night.

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