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I am an officer in the DC Star Wars Collector Club (anyone local that wants to join We are organizing our yearly summer social (over 125 people normally) and I am in charge or organizing the games this year.
A new twist is we are trying to allow the familys to be a geek as well. So I am trying to construct a family feud style game, but in order to do this I need your help, I need to get my "100 people surveyed" totals so if you could answer these questions (mostly with whatever the first thing that pops into your head) I would greatly appreciate it.

Here you go.

1) Name something you would find on the Death Star.
2)Name an alien that appeared in the original cantina sequence.
3)Name a member of the Jedi council
4)Who is your favorite Star Wars licensee?
5)Name a planet that appeared in the movies
6)Name your favorite actor from any of the 6 movies.
7) Name your favorite Star Wars alien race.
8) Name something you would find in Jabbas Palace
9) Name your favorite vehicle/starship from the movies.
10) Name a Star Wars based video game (any system).
11) Name your favorite lightsaber battle.
12)Name a type of imperial trooper
13)Name a Rebel Starfighter
14)Name a color of a lightsaber
15)Name a Bounty hunter

Thanks again.

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