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Hello everyone! I am newly registered on this site, though I have been reading the Dark Illusions and Rykrof Enloe stories on here for some time. I am trying to learn how to make good custom figures, but I have been having a little trouble making my paint jobs come out well. So far I have mainly worked with clones.

I was wondering what types of things people are making with VTSC Greedo figures. I recently bought five of them on clearance, and I have only been able to think up one good use for them. I took the vest and holster off one, stuck an AOTC pilot Obi-Wan's cloak on him, gave him a lightsaber, and called him a jedi. It actually worked quite well.

If anyone has any suggestions about what I should make out of the other Greedos, please share them. Thanks!

Also, what is a good brand of acrylic paint sealer? I painted a Jedi Starfighter and would like to make sure that the paint doesn't chip.

I have added pictures. They are in a later post.

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