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Modern Classifieds / For SALE!!
« on: June 18, 2010, 12:16 PM »
HEY EVERYBODY!! Well its been awhile since I've been online :p and now i have decided to give up star wars and only collect joes so here is my starting list!

Clone Wars: All figures 4 shipped loose 7 carded
IG-86-blue guns MOC
Magnaguard-2008 MOC
Recon trooper x3-loose
At-te clone x1-loose
AT-AP-loose from the UBP-17 shipped
Walmart exclusive gunship with 1 commander oddball-loose complete-50 shipped

Star wars force unleshed sets:
Juno 7 shipped

TLC At-ST 29 shipped!

Star wars ROTS vulture droid MOC 10 shipped

The saga collection....
Loose endor At-At with two drivers 55 shipped-pm with offers
Droid tri-fighter MOC 20 includes shipping
Battle above the sarlacc battle back MIB 15 shipped
Sith lord attack battle pack MIB 15 shipped
Figures: all are 7 shipped carded or 4 loose
Sun Fac MOC
Rep Been MOC
Naboo soldier MOC
Barada MOC 6 shipped or 3 loose
Poggle the lesser MOC
Combat engineer clone trooper MOC
Shock trooper MOC
Clone trooper 442nd siege battalion MOC

Star Wars unleashed battle packs moc tusken raiders 7.

MOC sio bibble 10

"Resurgence of the Jedi" Battle Pack
C-3PO from the "Resurgence of the Jedi" Battle Pack 5 shipped

Order 66 sets
Obi wan and AT RT mib 12 shipped
shock trooper and vader mib 10 shipped

clone wars 2002
arc trooper two pack 10 carded or 7 loose

Invisible Hand 5$ MIB
Tantive lV 5$ MIB
Dewback with snadtrooper 5$ MIB

Indiana Jones:
Rene Belloq MOC 5 shipped

Batman the dark Knight scarecrow with crime evidence 8.

MOC from the comic series scarlet single card 5
MOC from the comic series roadblock single card 5

Marvel legends: all prices include shipping for loose if want carded itll be a little more all include BAFs....
MOC marvel legends Sentry 9
MOC marvel legends Loki 7
MIB marvel legends 2 pack cable & marvel girl 15
MOC marvel legends lady deathstrike 8
MOC marvel legends Banshee 8
MOC marvel legends Hercules 8
MOC marvel legends emma frost 6

MIB Target exclusive spiderman 3 battle pack spider-man vs sandman 9

Marvel legend showdown Human torch 6 shipped


Newbies / new sith on the block
« on: January 4, 2007, 10:21 AM »
Hi I'm darthmaul94 I'm a prequel fan clones,kit fisto,and of course darth maul.I have about 410 figures, 106 clones and around 22 ships.I also like G.I.Joe alotand I'm really excited to be here. ;D

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