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Kubricks / Want Kubricks
« on: November 10, 2016, 11:44 PM »

Looking to adding to my kubrick collection so if anyone has any common figures, chase figures, box sets, etc. from any series, please let me know.  Or if someone can point me in the right direction to obtain these besides ebay, it would be most appreciated.  Thanks.

Modern Classifieds / WTB Kubricks
« on: November 8, 2016, 10:57 PM »

Haven't posted in a while but I'm looking to buy or trade for any star wars kubricks.  If you have any common figures, chase figures. box sets, etc., let me know.  Thanks.

Hi, looking for a couple of figures. First is my wants and after that is my haves. Also if you wanted something not on my haves list then you could always ask me as I might have it.  You can look up my feed back at the following link.


- McQuarrie Snowtrooper (x many)
- EVO trooper (x many)
- Jump trooper (x many)
- Juno Eclipse (x many)


- #2 Galactic Marine x10 MOC
- #7 Airborne Trooper x10 MOC
- #8 Super Battle Droid x2 MOC
- #9 McQuarrie Stormtrooper x3 (loose and complete but no coin)
- #12 Luke Yavin x2 MOC
- #20 Stormtrooper x1 (loose and complete with coin)
- #21 McQuarrie Chewbacca x1 MOC
- #24 Animated Boba Fett x1 (loose and complete but no coin)
- #27 Umpass Stay x2 MOC
- #31 Roron Corobb x2 (loose and complete with coin)
- #37 McQuarrie Starkiller x1 (loose and complete but no coin)

- TAC 2008
- Commander Gree x 1(loose and complete)
- Kashyyyk Trooper x2 MOC

- Maris Brood x2 MOC
- Darth Vader battle damage x1 MOC

- Clone trooper white x10 MOC
- Clone trooper blue x10 MOC
- Clone trooper red x2 MOC
- Clone trooper yellow x5 MOC
- Darth Maul x1 MOC
- Biker Scout x3 MOC
- TC-14 x1 (loose and complete with coin)

- EE clones colored/clean x1 MIB
- EE clones colored/damaged x1 MIB
- EE clones white/clean x1 MIB
- EE clones white/damaged x1 MIB
- EE Mandalorian clone with emblem on chest x1 (loose and complete)

- Capture of Tantive IV - Stormtrooper x2 (loose and complete)
- Jedi Temple Assault - 501st Clone trooper x9 (loose and complete)
- Betrayal on Felucia - Clone non removeable helmet x2 (loose and complete)
- Betrayal on Felucia - Clone with removeable helmet x1 (loose and complete)
- Betrayal on Felucia Commander bly x1 (loose and complete)
- Mace Windu Battalion - Purple clone x4 (loose and complete)
- Treachery on Salecami - Commander Neyo with bike x1 (loose and complete)
- STAP Attack STAP with battle droid x1 (loose and complete)
- ARC 170 Elite Squad Clone pilot x1 (loose and complete)
- ARC 170 Elite Squad Clone trooper x1 (loose and complete)
- Clone Attack Coruscant Grey clone x3 (loose and complete)
- Skirmish in the Senate Red Shocktrooper x6 (loose and complete)

- Comander Bly x1 (loose and complete)
- Commander Gree x2 (loose and complete)
- Grey Clone pilot x2 (loose and complete)
- Quick Draw clone x10 MOC
- General Grievous 4 arms x2 MOC
- Mace Windu x1 MOC
- Darth Vader x4 MOC
- Red Senate guard x1 MOC
- Blue Senate guard x1 MOC
- Red clone commander x5 (loose and compete)
- Green clone commander x4 MOC
- Chopper droid (loose but no stand)
- Wookie warrior x3 (loose and complete)
- Destroyer droid x4 (loose and complete)
- Tarkin x1 (loose and complete)
- Commander Bacara x5 MOC
- Battle Damaged Anakin x2 MOC
- Utapaun warrior x2 (loose and complete)
- Commander Gree x4 (loose and complete)

- Sandtrooper x10 MOC
- General veers x3 MOC
- AT-AT driver x5 (loose but no stands)
- Scorch x2 MOC
- Commander Cody x5 MOC
- Utapau Clone x10 (loose and complete with stands)
- Death Star guner x5 MOC
- 442nd x5 MOC
- 5th Fleet Security x5 MOC
- Clone Sergeant x5 (loose and complete but no stands)
- Elite Corp Trooper x10 (loose and complete but no stands)
- Clone Engineer x5 MOC
- Firespeeder Pilot x1 (loose and complete)

- too many to list so just let me know if you need any particular figures

- too many to list but let me know which figure you need

- Episode I
- too many to list but let me know which figure you need

- GI JOE 25th
- Cobra solider with scar from comic pack x1 (loose and complete)
- Crimson guard from comic pack x1 (loose and complete)

Modern Trading / Want Order 66 clones
« on: August 1, 2007, 04:09 AM »

Looking to trade for some order 66 clones.  I list them in order of priority below.  All can be loose.  If you have multiples please let me know. 

1) Kashyyyk Trooper
2) AT RT Driver
3) Airborne Trooper
4) Commander Bow
5) Galactic marine

Here is my "haves" list.  Most are MOC unless otherwise noted.  I also can ship them loose if that's what you prefer.  These are just some of my figures.  If you have anything specific, feel free to let me know and I'll see what I have. 

- TAC Death Star Trooper x5 MOC
- TAC Super Battle Droid x5 MOC
- TAC Luke Ceremonial x2 MOC
- TAC Rebel Honor Guard x2 MOC
- TAC Stromtrooper x1 MOC & x3 loose

- Saga 2 General Veers x10 MOC
- Saga 2 Scorch x5 MOC
- Saga 2 Combat Engineer x 10 MOC

- ROTS Commander Baccara x5 MOC
- ROTS Clone Trooper Quick Draw Action x10 MOC
- ROTS AT TE Tank Driver x5 loose
- ROTS Clone Pilot Grey x5 MOC

Thanks for looking.

Modern Classifieds / VOTC Snowtroopers for sale
« on: July 9, 2007, 02:11 PM »

I'm selling some VOTC Snowtroopers (MIB) for $12 each.  I got these at Target for $11.99. 

The price does not include shipping but I will try to get the lowest shipping cost available.  I will ship priority with DC# and if you want insurance please let me know.

If you want to buy any please let me know how many you want and then I will send an estimate on the shipping costs.  I usually take paypal.  Thanks for looking.

Here is my feedback thread.

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