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The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Captain Hevy?
« on: August 2, 2008, 04:48 PM »
post all your commander hevy theories here

i think i found a picture of COMMANDER HEVY!!! 8)


anyone, anyone?

Photonovels and Movies / Clone 5X chapter 1: PART TWO!!!
« on: July 8, 2008, 04:18 PM »

The squadron lands in a small new docking bay on Kashyyyk.

Clone: "I don't know 5X but i used to think Kashyyyk was a forest."


Clone 5X: "These wires lead to a factory. A droid factory. I can see the electric markings in this."

A vehicle being driven by a clone officer approaches the group of clones.

Clone Officer: "I was beginning to wonder where you were."

The officer motions for the squad to come into the vehicle.

5X: "Sorry we took so long captain, I had to drop off some troopers at Nal Hutta."

5X: "I discovered some wires that must lead to a machine. I have a feeling its a droid factory. Follow that wire."

A moment later the squadron approaches a generator.
Clone in back: "Let's blow it!"

5X: "No, not yet Alpha. We need to make sure it's a droid base first."

Alpha 23: "I wonder why they would make a base inside a docking bay."

"Well, it’s a droid base." Remarked Clone 5X, "It looks abandoned."


The squad comes out of the vehicle. "Wait..., take cover. I think I heard something!" 5X whispers.
Captain: "You see anything?"

"Yep." The clone says grabbing a sniper from the vehicle.

Clone 5X zooms in trying to get a clear picture of the droid....



...and shoots.


Meanwhile on Coruscant, a holograph transmition of Count Dooku appears.

Dooku: "Sora, I have reason to believe there is a clone on Kashyyyk

that isn't even a clone. I need you to go there, capture him, and bring

him to me. I will upload the area on your datapad."

Sora Bulq: "It will be done, Master."

Later, the squad investigates the area checking for more battle droids.

Suddenly they hear footsteps approach.

"Blast!" 5X says, realizing he has misplaced his weapon.

Officer: "Get back behind the corner! We'll cover you."

The rest of the squad gets ready to fire upon the oncoming droids.

The droids prepare to turn and attack the enemy.

The battle begins.

Suddenly an Assassin droid opens fire on the clone officer.

The Officer is hit!

5X realizes the officer is still in danger.

He pulls him back away from the battle and tells R4 to take him back to Coruscant for Bacta treatment.

The clone picks up the officer's blaster and starts firing at the droids.


The clones begin to gain the upper hand.

Alpha 23: "Now we're even!"

Unexpectedly a large Tri-Droid comes on to the scene.

"I guess I spoke to soon." remarked Alpha 23.

The clones begin to be outnumbered with several wounded.


Suddenly, all droids cease fire.

All of the sudden a Sith appears.

The squad hears the hum of a lightsaber and turns around.

Sora Bulq: "Take off your helmet!"

The clone takes off his helmet revealing a face of no resemblance to Jango Fett.

"What on Dagobah?!" Alpha 23 says in amazement.

Unexpectedly a Clone V-Wing fighter flies in blasting at the remaining droids.

5X puts his helmet on quickly fearing his secret will be noticed by the V-Wing's pilot.

Captain Fordo comes out of the vehicle carrying 5X's blaster.

"Drop your weapon!" says a squad member to the Dark Jedi.

Sora escapes the clones.

"Not so fast" A Jedi says confronting the escaping sith.

Sora: "You should not have come here, Master Sev."

The clones get ready to help out the Jedi.

"Your lucky I'm here. You forgot your blaster at Kamino, 5X."Fordo says as he pushes the blaster towards him.

5X: "Thanks, but you can keep it, you deserve it. Besides I'll need something to remember the Officer by if he doesnt make it to Coruscant.

The squadron makes their way over watching the duel.

Master Sev "What are you doing clones!? Run!"

Photonovels and Movies / The Clone 5X Legacy Preview Pics
« on: June 14, 2008, 05:47 PM »

Photonovels and Movies / 5X legacy
« on: May 26, 2008, 10:40 AM »

CHAPTER 1: PART 1: Arrival on Kashyyyk

On a training station on Kamino a clone is fighting a crab droid.

The clone blasts the machine in several places, trying to destroy it.

The clone throws his thermal detonator destroying the droid

(Sound in background): “Training sequence over."

The clone makes his way over to a table where Taun We greets him.

Taun We: "Your skills in battle are skyrocketing!"

Clone 5x: "Thankyou Taun We."

Taun We: "We have been monitoring your skills and are impressed how fast you are learning."

Taun: "Jedi Master Yoda has requested a battalion of clones for a mission to Kashyyyk to investigate some matters."

Taun: "I am sure he would need someone like you on the battle field. It would also help you experience a real battle. Are you in ?"

Clone 5X: “I’m in.”

5X walks into a docking bay where he gets ready to depart to Kashyyyk.


Fordo : "5X, can you fix my landing gear up?"

5X: "Right away sir." 5X says, putting down his blaster.

Fordo: "Thank you trooper."

Pilot: "R4, we need to be at Kashyyyk as soon as possible."

Quickly, the vehicle takes off from the docking bay.

Fordo: "Hmm..." Fordo wonders, spotting the blaster that 5X left.

On Kashyyyk, several distressed Wookiees hide from a Separatist invasion force while planning a counterstrike...

While others bravely fight...


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