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Now I don't feel so bad about the ridiculous emo sculpt that came with my VTAC Bespin Luke.  The Saga X-Wing pack-in Luke head is not half bad on this figure.  It took a tiny bit of padding (tiny piece of superglued Flexible Fabric Band-Aid) on the neck ball to get a nice tight fit, and I squished the neck and dremeled the jawline a little bit to bring down his gaze. 

Star Wars Action Figures / VTAC Snowtrooper WITHOUT JANGO HEAD
« on: September 11, 2007, 05:30 PM »
Battle of Hoth Snowtrooper head on VTAC Snowtrooper body. It looks simple enough, but it is actually a very difficult bash. It requires some fairly precise measurements and recessed drilling. The head swivels and nods just as it did on the old body. The head is unaltered, only the torso has been drilled. Before everyone asks "why bother" let me explain. In my opinion this head is a much better sculpt than the VTAC removable helmet. I am also not a fan of the prequels and Jango heads in my collection make me fussy.

Sorry for the crappy pics, but I thought you guys might like to see this one. Man it's really nice up close once the smile has been wiped of his face!

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