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Update: January 6, 2008
This is RC-0808, also known as "Rebel".  He's a Clone Commando fighting for the Republic.  He's not happy.

This is the reason why Rebel isn't happy.  This is a Chameleon droid - one of several that have been killing off his brothers in the city.  The Commandos call this Chameleon droid team the "Scalpers".

This is why you don't **** with the Republic.

Yep.. He shot that Chameleon droid and jumped on one of its legs as it fell.  Now he's using that kinetic energy to fling himself towards the next Chameleon droid.  A little improbable but I wanted to capture the kinetic energy of the Clone Wars animated and 3D series which can be difficult to do with static figures.

Details on the victim:

I do have other projects in the works but I wanted to start this year off with something for you guys (and I know how much people love their Clones). 

This is a tribute I made over at RebelScum for the customizing community and the upcoming Clone Wars series. 

Working on this Commando was a lot of fun.  It's nice to put a lot of time and work into a single figure as opposed to doing armies from time to time.

The Commando was originally an extra Scortch I had.  The knees were replaced with ball joints and the backpack modified.  I started with a black undercoat, then painted the parts that I wanted red an undercoat of dark gray.  Then I painted the red, weathered the whole figure and gave the red a wash of chestnut colored ink.  The weathered black areas were given a wash of black to unify the figure.

The Chameleon droid is a repaint.  I gave it a black undercoat, then drybrushed silver, then drybrushed the tin color onto it.  I weathered it with silver, black ink, then gave the mechanical parts and vents a wash of flesh colored organic ink.

I liked how the dark red color on the Commando came out so much that I've decided to do a whole set of all red Commandos.  Each one will be featured on an action packed base like this one.

Oh, and no, the figure isn't super glued to the leg.  He's completely removeable and playable.

Thank you again, everyone!  Here's to another year of customizing!

Questions & comments always appreciated. :]

Follow Up

The actual red is a bit darker than that but I'm having a little trouble atm.  I'll post better pictures when I get more Commandos.

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