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After reading a lot of the threads that speculate as to what figures would be in each themed wave, it dawned on me, a lot of these waves have repeating figures, or at least according to some speculations. For example, the Battle Droid COULD show up in the E1, E2 and E3 waves. But I think it is safe to assume it won't. Many characters, even main, need only show up once in the entire line.

I have just now taken the time to look at The Saga Collection as a whole, as well as, seven themed waves from six films. The list below is based off the Battle of Carkoon wave and it's six figures (known figures are shown in caps). Of the six Carkoon figures none are real surprises, except MAYBE Barada, while four are almost totally expected. So, in theory, the rest of the list should be almost as unremarkable (not meaning that in a bad way mind you). With that simple formula in mind as well as the fact that all waves seem to be titled after a popular battle from a specific planet that included only certain characters, here are some of the figures I expect to see:

1.   Jar Jar,   Battle of Naboo from Episode I
2.   Qui-Gon, Battle of Naboo from Episode I
3.   Obi-Wan, Battle of Naboo from Episode I
4.   Amidala, Battle of Naboo from Episode I
5.   Gungan, Battle of Naboo from Episode I
6.   Darth Maul, Battle of Naboo from Episode I
7.   Nute Gunray, Battle of Naboo from Episode I
8.   Naboo Guard, Battle of Naboo from Episode I
9.   Battle Droid, Battle of Geonosis from Episode II
10.   Clone Trooper, Battle of Geonosis from Episode II
11.   Anakin, Battle of Geonosis from Episode II
12.   Padme, Battle of Geonosis from Episode II
13.   Dooku, Battle of Geonosis from Episode II
14.   Jango, Battle of Geonosis from Episode II
15.   Mace, Battle of Geonosis from Episode II
16.   Palpy, Battle of Coruscant from Episode III
17.   Yoda, Battle of Coruscant from Episode III
18.   Anakin w/ name Vader, Battle of Coruscant from Episode III
19.   501st Clone, Battle of Coruscant from Episode III
20.   Shock Trooper, Battle of Coruscant from Episode III
21.   Kit, Battle of Coruscant from Episode III
22.   R5, Battle of Tatooine from Episode IV
23.   3PO, Battle of Tatooine from Episode IV
24.   Luke, Battle of Tatooine from Episode IV
25.   Ben, Battle of Tatooine from Episode IV
26.   Tusken, Battle of Tatooine from Episode IV
27.   SANDTROOPER, Battle of Tatooine from Episode IV
28.   Jawa, Battle of Tatooine from Episode IV
29.   Leia, Battle of Death Star from Episode IV
30.   Han Stormy, Battle of Death Star from Episode IV
31.   Luke Stormy, Battle of Death Star from Episode IV
32.   Stormy, Battle of Death Star from Episode IV
33.   Tarkin, Battle of Death Star from Episode IV
34.   Imp Officer, Battle of Death Star from Episode IV
35.   Rebel Officer, Battle of Hoth from Episode V
36.   Luke, Battle of Hoth from Episode V
37.   Han, Battle of Hoth from Episode V
38.   2-1B, Battle of Hoth from Episode V
39.   Rebel Pilot, Battle of Hoth from Episode V
40.   Vader, Battle of Hoth from Episode V
41.   R2, Battle of Hoth from Episode V
42.   Snowtrooper, Battle of Hoth from Episode V
43.   BARADA, Battle of Carkoon from Episode VI
44.   BIB FORTUNA, Battle of Carkoon from Episode VI
45.   BOBA FETT   , Battle of Carkoon from Episode VI
46.   BOUSHH, Battle of Carkoon from Episode VI
47.   CHEWBACCA, Battle of Carkoon from Episode VI
48.   HAN SOLO,    Battle of Carkoon from Episode VI
49.   TIE Pilot   , Battle of Endor from Episode VI
50.   Spirit Anakin, Battle of Endor from Episode VI
51.   Lando, Battle of Endor from Episode VI
52.   Emperor,   Battle of Endor from Episode VI
53.   Leia/Ewok, Battle of Endor from Episode VI
54.   Luke, Battle of Endor from Episode VI
55.   Rebel Commando, Battle of Endor from Episode VI
56.   Scout, Battle of Endor from Episode VI

Oh yeah, after seeing how Hasbro chose to do things over the past decade, and knowing that this line will be mostly long-term fan sustained, it may be safe to assume that figures like Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, Scouts, Clones, Battle Droids, Generic Soldiers, etc. will come in several vaying colors, schemes, and/or decos. For example; the E1 clone would be available in a white, yellow, blue, red etc. whereas the Battle Droid may be offered in tan and red as well as clean and dirty or battle damaged. You get the idea.

Whadya think, am I pretty close to the mark here?

Feedback / drizzit's feedback
« on: January 30, 2004, 11:01 AM »
It has been a pleasure doing a trade with John. He sent fast and everything was well packed. He took pride and precautions to ensure I would get what we agreed upon in the condition we had agreed on. This experiance has been, in a word, AWESOME!

Thanks again John,

Modern Trading / Todd's Trade List
« on: January 24, 2004, 07:15 PM »
This is what I have:

-Die Hard 2 & 3
-Mad Max
-Sleepy Hallow (Burton)
-League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
-Deep Blue Sea
-Zombie (Lucio Fulci)
-X Men 1.5
-Judge Dredd

Star Wars:
-AOTC Deluxe Obi-Wan Kenobi: Kamino Showdown (MOC)-Unleashed Slave Leia (loose)
-Unleashed Vader: Meditation Chamber (loose)
-Epic Force: Stormy (MIB)
-Epic Force: Bespin Leia (MIB)
-Epic Force: Bespin Luke (MIB)
-Epic Force: Vader (MIB)
-Epic Force: 3PO (MIB)
-Epic Force: Fett (MIB)
-Epic Force: Maul (MIB)
-Epic Force: Qui Gon (MIB)
-Epic Force: Obi Wan (MIB)
-300th Figure: Boba Fett w/ White Panel (MIMB)
-POTF2: AT-ST (loose)
-Mega Action: Destroyer Droid (MIMB)-Saga Boba Fett: Pit of Carkoon (blue version)
-Saga: Ashla/Jempa ('03 Blue Card MOMC)
-Saga: Yoda/Chian ('03 Blue Card MOMC)
-Saga: Aayla Secura ('03 Blue Card MOMC)
-Saga: Barris Offee ('03 Blue Card MOMC)
-Saga: Tanus Spijek
-TRU Exclusive Silver Clone Trooper
-POTJ: TIE Bomber (loose)
-Acklay Beast & Nexu (loose)
-12" TC-14 (loose w/o accesories)
-12" Biker Scout on Speederbike (loose, mint, complete, dusty)

This is what I want:

(basic figures momc please)
-Silver Boba Fett
-Silver Vader
-Saga Coleman Trebor
-Saga A-Wing, New Version (loose/complete is fine)
-Saga Hoth Han: BLUE Coat (Repack 2004 Card)
-Saga Hoth Han: Brown Coat
-Saga Boba Fett: Pit of Carkoon (Repack 2004 Card)
-HOF Anakin
-HOF Obi-Wan
-HOF Yoda
-HOF Stormtrooper
-HOF Chewbacca
Saga: Dengar
Saga: Bossk
Saga: Ozzel
Saga: Madine
Saga: General Lando
Saga: AT-ST DIsguise Han
Unleashed: Clone

To aquire anything from my "want list" I will consider some pretty crazy trades. I'll trade 1 DVD for 2 basic carded figures. Please don't hesitate to offer some crazy sh*t if you see something you want. Please feel free to PM, Email or respond here.

As always, thanks for taking the time to look,

Jocasta's Reading Room / NJO "Unifying Force" cameo (SPOILER)
« on: January 7, 2004, 03:25 PM »
Was it just me or did any one alse get a little misty when Boba Fett and the Solos fought side by side(kinda), albeit briefly? It was so cool learning Fett was still alive and this time running with a group of Manolorian armor clad fighters. It was awesome when Fett and Han saved one another then Fett, in Slave 1, helped the Falcon escape (looks like Han owes Fett one). Definitely one of the coolest parts in the twenty two books.

What did you all think of this? Was it to your liking or would you have prefered Fett stayed dead?

Modern Trading / Todd's haves,wants and sales...
« on: November 16, 2003, 02:10 PM »
Hello. I am thinning out my collection (again) and wanted to post some of it here in hopes of acquiring some new stuff. Will sell if buying. Here is a list of what I have to offer:
-Teebo $4
-Tusken Sniper$4
-2x Shmi$4
-Emperor’s Wrath Vader$4
-Leia Organa (General) $4
-Malakili w/ foil sticker$3
-Bespin Han no sticker$3
-Endor Han w/ blue pants no sticker$3
-Vader w/ sticker Coll. 3 $3
-Boushh w/ sticker $3
-Slave Leia (THE original) w/ sticker $3
-Garindan w/ sticker $3
-Garindan no sticker $3
-4LOM no sticker $3
-4LOM w/ sticker $3
-Tarkin no sticker $3
-Hoth Luke no sticker $3
-21B w/ sticker $3
-Bib Fortuna no sticker- $3
-Ponda Baba w/ sticker $3
-Ponda Baba no sticker $3
-Bossk no sticker $3
-ASP7 w/ sticker$3
-Nien Nunb w/ sticker $3
-Weequay no sticker $3
Jedi Luke normal $5
-R2 Saber on left, arrows on both sides of tab $4
-Ben Kenobi arrows on both sides of tab $4
-Tat. Luke arrows on both sides of tab $4
-Emperor $4
-Hoth Chewie $4
-Tat. 3PO $4
-Vader $7
-Luke $3
-Han $3
-Greedo $3
-Han w/ brown pants $3
-Clonetrooper $3
-Zam $3
Cinema Scenes
-Skiff Guards $10
-Cantina Aliens $10
-Jedi Spirits $10
-300TH Boba Fett w/ white panel $10
-Mega Action Destroyer Droid $10

-Bespin Leia
-Bespin Luke
-Qui Gon
-Obi Wan
-Set for $50
I prefer not to break up the set. All are in original window boxes and in very good condition. The later figures, Bespin Leia, Stormy, Vader and the E1 figures, including Qui-Gon are in very close to mint condition.

Here’s what I am looking for and will trade many figures for a few. I will also buy if selling:
-Super Articulated Clone
-Hoth Trooper
-Hoth Luke
-Acnk Med
-Imp Dig 2
-Anakin repack
-Boba repack
-Aayla repack
-Barriss repack
-Yoda/Chian repack
-Ashla/Jempa repack
-Hoth Han brown coat
-Jedi Starfighter
-Anakin’s Starfighter

This offer also applies to those that have ordered new cases and have yet to get them. This stuff must go!!! I ship First Class Priority Mail so shipping charges should be minimal.  

Thanks for checking out my list.

Other Toy Lines / Hellraiser Figures.
« on: July 19, 2003, 05:30 PM »
Is anyone collecting these? I've found them all except Pinhead, which I heard has to be redone due to some problem with the plastic used for his pins. He will ship again in a month or two. I don't plan on collecting all of them but I do want a set of the original Cenobites and maybe one of "The Doctor" from part 2 if they make him.

For those who haven't seen them yet and dare to take a look (they're really not bad at all), here's a link:

Modern Classifieds / Selling my carded collection
« on: June 5, 2003, 01:39 AM »
Alright, here it is. For various reasons, one of which being that my collecting habits are strongly changing focus, I have decided to part with most of my MOMC or near-MOMC  modern SW collection. And for a darn cheap price I might add. This includes some rare, htf, and autographed items. So please, serious inquiries only! I am asking $500 plus S&H. please email me at

If I get no offers here it will ultimately go to ebay(never,ever though i'd say that :-X)


Orange Card

1.   BEN (OBI-WAN) KENOBI      .01   
2.   BOBA FETT*****Autographed*****    .01   
3.   C-3PO   With Realistic Metalized Body   .00   
4.   CHEWBACCA   With Bowcaster   .00   
5.   DARTH VADER   Lightsaber & Cape   .00   
6.   LANDO CALRISSIAN   Heavy Rifle and...   .00   
7.   HAN SOLO                      .00   
8.   HAN SOLOIn Hoth Gear (Open Hand)    .00   
9.   HAN SOLO“Carbonite Freezing Chamber”.00   
10.   LUKE SKYWALKER   With Grappling Hook Blaster   .01
11.   LUKE SKYWALKER   In X-Wing Fighter Pilot Gear   .00
12.   LUKE SKYWALKER   In Dagobah Fatigues   .00
13.   LUKE SKYWALKERJedi Knight (Tan Vest)                   .00
14.   PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA   Two Bands on Belt   .00
15.   R2-D2   With Retractable Leg   .00   
16.   STORMTROOPER   With Blaster Rifle   .00   
17.   TIE FIGHTER PILOT   Printed Warning   .02   
18.   YODA   With Jedi Trainer Backpack   .01   
19.   DEATH STAR GUNNERRadiation Suit and Blaster   .00
20.   GREEDO   With Rodian Blaster Rifle   .00   
21.   JAWAS   With Ionization Blasters   .00   
22.   LUKE SKYWALKER   In Stormtrooper Disguise    .03
23.   MOMAW NADON   Hammerhead    .00   
24.   R5-D4   “Photon Missile Launcher”     .00   
25.   TATOOINE STORMTROOPER“Concussion Grenade Cannon”   .00      
26.   TUSKEN RAIDER   With Gaderffi Stick   .00      
Green Card w/ Freeze Frames
Collection 1

27.   BEN (OBI-WAN) KENOBI      .03   
28.   C-3PO   Removable Limbs   .00      
29.   CHEWBACCA   As Boushh’s Bounty   .00   
30.   ENDOR REBEL SOLDIER“Marie” Misspelling    .00
31.   HAN SOLO      .02      
32.   HAN SOLO   Bespin   .01      
33.   HAN SOLO   Carbonite Block   .05   
34.   HAN SOLOEndor (Brown Pants Version)   .02   
35.   HOTH REBEL SOLDIER      .02   
36.   LANDO CALRISSIAN   Skiff Guard Disguise   .02   
37.   LANDO CALRISSIAN   General’s Gear   .01   
38.   LOBOT      .00      
39.   LUKE SKYWALKER   Blast Shield Helmet   .00   
40.   LUKE SKYWALKER   Stormtrooper Disguise   .03
41.   LUKE SKYWALKER   Ceremonial   .01   
42.   LUKE SKYWALKER   Bespin   .01      
43.   MON MOTHMA      .00      
44.   ORRIMAARKO   Prune Face   .00   
45.   PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA   All New Likeness   .00
46.   PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA   As Jabba’s Prisoner   .02
47.   PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA   Ewok Celebration   .01
48.   R2-D2      .00      
49.   REBEL FLEET TROOPER      .01   
Collection 2
50.   8D8      .00      
51.   ADMIRAL ACKBAR      .01      
52.   BIGGS DARKLIGHTER      .00   
53.   EV-9D9      .01      
54.   EWOK’S   Wicket And Logray   .00      
55.   GAMORREAN GUARD      .01      
56.   LAK SIVRAK      .00      
57.   MALAKILLI      .01      
58.   SAELT-MARAE      .01      
59.   UGNAUGHT’S      .00      
Collection 3
60.   AT-AT DRIVER   Fan Club Exclusive   .00   
61.   AT-ST DRIVER                            .03      
62.   BOBA FETT                                 .04      
63.   CAPTAIN PIETT      .00      
64.   DARTH VADER                         .03      
65.   DARTH VADER   Removable Helm   .00   
66.   DEATH STAR DROIDFan Club      .00   
67.   DEATH STAR TROOPER                .00   
68.   EMPEROR PALPATINE      .02   
70.   GRAND MOFF TARKIN      .02   
71.   ISHI TIBB      .00      
72.   POTE SNITKIN   Fan Club    .00   
74.   REE YEES                                          .00
75.   STORMTROOPER      .02      
76.   ZUCKUSS      .00      

Collection 1

77.   ANAKIN SKYWALKER   Tatooine   .00      
78.   BATTLE DROID   Clean Version     .0100   
79.   BATTLE DROID   Dirty Version   .0100   
80.   BATTLE DROID   Shot Version   .0100   
81.   BATTLE DROID   Sliced Version   .0100   
82.   DARTH MAUL   Jedi Duel   .0000      
83.   JAR JAR BINKS      .0100      
84.   OBI-WAN KENOBI   Jedi Duel   .00      
85.   PADME NABERRIE      .00      
86.   QUEEN AMIDALA   Naboo   .00      
87.   QUI-GON JINN   Jedi Duel   .00      
88.   DARTH MAUL   Tatooine   .0100      
89.   OBI-WAN KENOBI   Naboo   .0100      
90.   QUEEN AMIDALA   Coruscant   .0100   
91.   QUI-GON JINN   Naboo   .0100      
92.   ANAKIN SKYWALKER   Naboo   .0100      
93.   ANAKIN SKYWALKER   Naboo Pilot   .0000   
94.   DARTH MAUL   Sith Lord   .0000      
95.   OBI-WAN KENOBI   Jedi Knight   .0000   
96.   QUI-GON JINN   Jedi Master   .0000   
97.   DESTROYER DROID   Battle Damaged   .0000   
98.   JAR JAR BINKS   Naboo Swamp    .0000   

Collection 2
99.   C-3PO      .00      
100.   DARTH SIDIOUS      .00      
101.   RIC OLIE      .00      
102.   SENATOR PALPATINE      .00   
103.   WATTO      .00      
104.   DESTROYER DROID      .0000      
105.   NUTE GUNRAY   *****Autographed*****    .0000
106.   RUNE HAAKO   *****Autographed*****   .0000
107.   YODA   Without Episode 1 Logo      .0000   
108.   YODA    With Episode 1 Logo    .0100   
109.   CAPTAIN PANAKA       .0000      
110.   NABOO ROYAL SECURITY      .0000   
111.   DARTH SIDIOUS   Holograph    .0000   
112.   NABOO ROYAL GUARD      .0000   
113.   R2-D2    (Small Blister Version)                .0000
114.   PIT DROIDS                                                .0000   
115.   QUEEN AMIDALA   Battle                        .0100   
116.   SIO BIBBLE                                                 .0000      
Collection 3
117.   BOSS NASS      .0000      
118.   CHANCELLOR VALORUM      .0000   
119.   GASGANO   With Pit Droid DUM-4   .0100   
120.   KI-ADI MUNDI      .0000      
121.   MACE WINDU      .0000      
122.   CAPTAIN TARPALS      .0000      
123.   ODY MANDRELL   With Pit Droid Otoga 222   .0100
124.   OOM-9      .0000      
125.   ADI GALLIA      .0000      
126.   R2-B1   Astromech Droid                            .0100
127.   TC-14   Protocol Droid                               .0100      
w/ Jedi Force Files
Collection 1

128.   ANAKIN SKYWALKER   Mechanic   .0000      
129.   DARTH MAUL   Final Duel   .0000      
130.   R2-D2   Naboo Escape   .0000      
131.   OBI-WAN KENOBI   Jedi    .0000      
132.   LEIA ORGANA   General   .0000      
133.   QUI-GON JINN   Mos Espa Disguise   .0000   
134.   BEN KENOBI    Jedi Knight   .0100   
135.   DARTH VADER   Dagobah   .0100      
136.   BATTLE DROID   Boomer Damage   .0100   
137.   HAN SOLO   Bespin Escape   .0100   
138.   SCOUT TROOPER   (Clean Version)         .0400   
139.   SCOUT TROOPER   (Dirty Version)   .0400   
140.   AURRA SING   Bounty Hunter   .0300   
141.   CHEWBACCA   Mechanic   .0300      
142.   LEIA ORGANA   Bespin Escape   .0300   
143.   DARTH MAUL   Sith Apprentice    .0300   
144.   OBI-WAN KENOBI   Cold Weather Gear    .0400   
145.   QUI-GON JINN   Jedi Training Gear   .0400   
146.   SANDTROOPER   Tatooine Patrol   .0300   
147.   DARTH VADER   Emperor’s Wrath   .0400   
148.   HAN SOLO   Death Star Escape   .0400   
149.   LUKE SKYWALKER   X-Wing Pilot   .0400      
Collection 2
150.   BATTLE DROID   Security   .0000      
151.   CHEWBACCA   Dejarik Champion   .0000   
152.   CORUSCANT GUARD      .0000      
153.   MAS AMEDDA      .0000      
154.   TUSKEN RAIDER   Desert Sniper   .0000   
155.   BOSS NASS   Naboo Sacred Place   .0000   
156.   GUNGAN ARRIOR  .0000                                                    
157.   JEK PORKINS   X-Wing Pilot   .0000   
158.   FODE & BEED   Podracer Announcer   .0100   
159.   SEBULBA   Boonta Eve Challenge   .0100   
160.   IG-88   Bounty Hunter   .0100      
161.   K-3PO   Echo Base Protocol Droid   .0100   
162.   MON CALAMARI   Officer   .0100      
163.   PLO KOON   Jedi Master   .0100   
164.   QUEEN AMIDALA   Theed Invasion   .0100   
165.   SAESEE TIIN   Jedi Master   .0100   
166.   JAR JAR BINKS   Mechanic   .0300      
167.   LANDO CALRISSIAN   Bespin   .0400      
168.   R2-Q5   Imperial Astromech Droid   .0400   
169.   TESSEK   Squid Head   .0300      
170.   BESPIN GUARD   Cloud City Security   .0400   
171.   ELLORRS MADAK      .0400      
172.   KETWOL   With Hidden Legs   .0400      
173.   SABE   Queen’s Decoy   .0400      
174.   OBI-WAN KENOBI   Jedi Training Gear   .0400   
175.   SHMI SKYWALKER      .0400      

w/o Jedi Force Files
176.   EETH KOTH   Jedi Master   0500   
177.   FX-7   Medical Droid   0000      
178.   IMPERIAL OFFICER      0300      
179.   QUEEN AMIDALA   Royal Decoy   0100   
180.   REBEL TROOPER   Tantive IV Defender   0200   
181.   ZUTTON   Snaggletooth   0400      
182.   BOSHEK      0700      
183.   R4-M9   With Warning Sticker   0800   
184.   TEEBO      0600      

185.   Theatre Edition Luke

Again, serious inquiries only! $500 plus S&H.

Modern Classifieds / WTB Dark Haired Imp. Officer
« on: May 12, 2003, 09:19 AM »
Can't find him for the life of me. Always see the Blonde one instead. I don't have much, if anything, to trade but feel free to drop my your "wants" and I'd be happy to see what I can do. I do have a Bloody stump Luke that would be great for openers though.

Newbies / Drifter looking for place to hang his hat
« on: May 8, 2003, 01:23 AM »
First off let me say thanks to those who felt I would be of some of value to this comunity for inviting me (boy will you regret that). ;D Secondly here's a little tidbit about myself.

I started off at waaay back when and migrated later to the BHC which as you know became RS forums. Since that last transition I have been very unhappy. I think more so because I don't own a flack jacket, bulletproof vest or flame-retardand pajamas, so the only thing really keeping me there has been some of the great folks in the "Michigan" thread.

How and what I collect:
-1995 to current 3-3/4" Star Wars action figures. I buy one of each and display them in protective cases MOMC.

-Ships & Vehicles. Thsi is simple really, if I like it I buy it. Unlike the figures I do collect these loose and display them hung from my ceiling, that is when my son, daughter and myself aren't having dogfights.

-Unleashed. I collect these loose as well because I think they make awesome little statues and I'm to poor to afford cold cast jobs. So far I have all of them up to and including the Vader and Leia wave.

-Other stuff, Anything Sci-fi and/or horror that catches my eye I guess. I have some of the Movie Maniacs stuff, notably The Thing Creatures, Ash, Snake Plisken and most recently nearly all of the new Alien/Predator items (damn those are sweet).  

That's about it for now,

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