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Hi guys. I thought I would make a collection thread since I finally got around to displaying my Kubricks in a reasonably attractive manner. Before, they were just sort of lined up on shelves and it looked kind of makeshift. I'll add some pictures of the other parts of my collection later.

The picture you see here is of a corner in my home office, where I have my computer. I have one wall with VCDs and Mighty Muggs (although this will eventually be all VCDs) and another wall for Kubricks.

The shelves are from Michael's hobby shop. I got them because they were on sale 40% off and they also claimed to be easy to install (and in fact they were). All of my Kubricks are on risers made of rectangles of black foam board that I cut out and glued together. I used four layers of foam board per "step" and made three steps, so there are four levels all together (including the shelf itself). I had a few frustrating accidents where one of the figures on the top step would fall and take down all of the ones in front, so I eventually got some Glue Dots (small dots of medium-sticky adhesive that they sell on rolls of tape) and put them on the bottoms of my Kubricks' feet. They're still moveable, but they don't fall over anymore.

I tried a lot of different arrangements for the Star Wars Kubricks and when organizing by movie or series didn't seem to work out very well, I went with "bad guys" and "good guys." The other Kubricks are just sort of haphazardly arranged. I'm sure I will be rearranging them in the future.

Hi guys. Thought I would throw this out there. I need all of series 3 except for Han Solo in Carbonite, and I also need Dengar, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss. I don't really need the chases. If you have some of these to sell, please PM me. Thanks. This would complete my collection of regular Star Wars kubricks.

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