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Watto's Junk Yard / The United States- 231 years
« on: July 4, 2007, 02:45 AM »
Whereas the most recent Independence Day thread is buried on page 20, and whereas the topic of this thread isn't wholly germane to the other, a new topic has thus been created!

And so, it has been 231 years since the Thirteen Colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. Whilst the current state of our Republic is such that enthusiasm for tired nationalistic appeals is a rare commodity amongst even the most hardy of patriots, I am nevertheless glad to say that our nation continues to endure.

Happy July 4th, folks! Do be safe, also. Loosing fingers to fireworks, I'd imagine, is no fun.

(Canadians, our North American brethren! Feel free to join us in posting flag.gifs to celebrate our greatness!  :P)

Photonovels and Movies / STAR WARS: Ad Hoc Imperium
« on: May 28, 2007, 05:22 AM »
STAR WARS: Ad Hoc Imperium


Following the defeat of the Galactic Empire at Endor, and various struggles of succession which occurred after that, the remaining factions of the Galactic Empire, collectively referred to as "The Imperial Remnant", devolved into splintered totalitarian fiefdoms spread across the vast reaches of the known Galaxy. The three main Remnant factions- the Imperial Moffdom of Na'zareki, the United Governorates of Kuat-Teilweiss, and the so-called Republic of Khiva- have for several years dictated a loosely coordinated imperial policy, and on several occasions have managed to effectively combat the expansionist policies of the New Republic. However, the sustainability of this new, contentious system of inter-empire alliances has recently been called into question. 

On the planet Herat, inside the United Governorates of Kuat-Teilweiss, the redoubtable revolutionary General Ostorbanyenchi has led an assault on the Governorates' garrison in the city of Phumal. There, the situation is becoming increasingly desperate for Remnant forces. Ostorbanyenchi, supported by Clergy of Alrud, has managed to rouse the population into a state of religious fervor through denouncing the economic ruin that Governorate raw-ore policies have brought to Herat as signs from The Creator the "heresy of impure Herati women, who engage in miscegenation with off-world men, is redeemable" only through armed revolution and the re-establishment of pre-Republic Sha'rehka Law. It is suspected that the General has been supplied by the Amertage of Herat- a Pan-Imperialist terrorist organization which seeks to unite the Imperial Remanent and conquer the New Republic. Amertage of Herat, it has been established, is based interchangeably within the borders of the New Republic and the Imperial Moffdom of Na'zareki. The reluctance of Grand Moff Na'zareki II to persecute a war against the Amertage of Herat compounds has long been a source of Governorate ire. Now the United Governorates of Kuat-Teilweiss is seeking help from an unlikely source- the New Republic Expeditionary Forces- to launch an independent offensive against Amertage of Herat.


Ext. Mödlier-Kavenshk Sector 989- Neutral Zone. For several days, the caravans of the Governorate ambassadors have streamed through space towards the point where AMBASSADOR JANEK HOVEMST of the New Republic has arranged to meet them. In the distance, a small archipelago of space stations orbit a dimming ice moon. Surplus TIE-Fighters stream ahead of the caravan and circle the landzone.

Alright, that's far enough. FTK149- I repeat, FTK149. Station Master, do you read me?

MKS989 Station Master acknowledges. You party may proceed.

The TIE-Fighters break pattern and begin to attach themselves to the hulls of the various ships of the Caravan. Soon, the ships land and the representatives disembark from the crafts. Approaching in the near distance comes the Republican Ambassador and his secret envoy. TOMMAROFF USSANE, the head of the Governorate party, steps forward to greet the Republican Ambassador.

I trust all is well, esteemed Ambassador.

We haven't the time nor the need for such nonsense. Our government has explicitly mandated that our services here run for no more than two standard hours. To breach those confines would be to seriously endanger our positions in the Department.

Ah, of course. I trust that you received our communiqué regarding the situation on Herat?

Indeed. The city of Phumal has just fallen, we are told.

Which only makes the matters discussed here all the more pressing! You are well aware that nearly 65% of all of Herati raw-ore passes through the Phumal spaceport. Governorate auxiliary forces have managed to secure the spaceport, but it is only a matter of time. Should we loose the spaceport, your government would stand to loose it's entire source of Herati raw-ore. I suppose, then, that I needn't make mention of what that would do to the Department of Reparations and Reconstruction, or to the investment firms upon which the Outer Rim economies seem so damned dependent on.

Were we not aware of this, do you actually suppose that we would be meeting here now? Obviously not. Coruscant is willing to make you a deal, exclusive to the other Remnant powers, involving direct economic integration and investment. Your coffers, we've been made to understand, are running somewhat low at the moment?

That's a well know fact, Republic Ambassador. The Kuat-Teilweiss administrators are unable to manage this confederation within it's constitutional constraints. There are too many opportunistic military personnel, left-overs from the Palpatine age, who seek to carve up their own pieces. It's a disincentive for commerce, internal or external!

Which is what has enabled folks like Obstorbanyenchi to rise to the occasion.

Which is why we need your assitance in ransacking the Amertage of Herat compound in Na'zarkei's realm. We lack the projective capabilities to effectively strike there ourselves, and Na'zarkei has been unhelpful to say the least. And your government claims sovereignty over the space anyway!

Economic aide, but not military. Haven't you any idea what cost such a strike would have on relations between our spheres? Huge, that's what! The populace is weary, at least now that Thrawn is taken care of. They tire of perpetual conflict, and are willing to cease the expansion of the Republic if that's what it takes. Pod Racing, holodramas! That's what they care about, not Amertage of Herat.

What good is investment when we've nothing to stop our confederation from being torn asunder? This is the flaw in your thinking, Republic Ambassador. If you are unwilling to assist us, then we have absolutely no other option than to immediately cease shipment of Herati raw-ore.

You'll bring ruin to us all! Esteemed ambassador, I implore you to make clear to your masters the paramount need for them to reconsider. The Republic will not allow Herati raw-ore shipments to be ended. We are prepared to secure them ourselves.

Madmen! Madmen, all of you! Na'zarkei is unwilling to attack Amertage of Herat, but you? And Khiva? You've no choice but to acquiesce to our requests, for you alone cannot withstand the fury of the Imperial nations!

We shall see, then, good Governorate Ambassador. I bid you safe passage. May the Force be with you.

The New Republic ambassador then departs, boards his shuttle, and leaves for Coruscant. Enraged, the Governorate delegation raises a line of communication with the Supreme Leaders and informs them of the immediate need for the mobilization of the strategic defense corps.

City of Phumal. Night, Governorate Citadel. General Ostorbanyenchi stands in the corner of a hallway, watching the light of the fires still burning in the yard dance upwards into the heavens. Approaching from the right, his lieutenant and chief of staff, HEIDROHL YUVOK.

The Governorate Strategic Defense Corps have been raised. How do you find? Do you suppose the entire confederation is attempting to stop us?

By no means. Gran Ghroffka has assured me of this. The New Republic is preparing an offensive to capture the city.

The New Republic?! I cannot believe it. Our actions here today have set off such a war?

Aye. It is just as I have discussed with Gran Ghroffka. Once the Republic forces have attacked, the whole of the Remnant will be forced to come to repell them. Meanwhile, we will agree to support Republic forces once they arrive. Amertage of Herat will then force Na'zareki II to abdicate the thrown in favor of his nephew, Kehmal. Kehmal is a pragmatist, a man we can trust. He will ensure that our goals are carried out.

And the Clergy? Surely they won't be supportive of any of this.

Bah! What matters it to us what they make of it? The populace is fickle, Yukov. Once they're distracted by their appearant prosperity, they'll forget all about the Clergy and their inane laws of adherence to Sha'rehka!

But even supposing that to be so, General-

Haven't you any faith in Gran Ghroffka? They are able to make things happen. You shall see.

Right, then. The emissary from the Pogromzmynal Brigade is here. He'd like to know when he can expect his payment...

Is the captured hardware not enough for him? Bah! These mercenaries, all alike. Send for him, Heidrohl. I want to speak with him personally, but first- raise Gran Ghroffka via the holographic communicator. I want them to see the fools whom they've hired in place of professionals.

HEIDROHL makes off to perform the assigned tasks while the general paces about nervously. Soon, the emissary of the Pogromzymnal Brigade- REINENGALD LORRE- enters. He is flanked by four troopers, each in Phase II Clonetrooper Armor adorned in the regimental colors of the famed 212th Battalion. REINENGALD is the son of CT-989, an NCO of Cody's regiment whom was separated from his unit not long after the battle of Utapau.

General, we grow tired of being made to wait for a reply. Do tell us, where to go we for our payment?

Charming. Did you enjoy the fight, Mighty Emissary?

A fight is a fight, Mighty Herati General Osterbanyenchi. Yet, this isn't why we've come to see you this fine eve. We request our payment.

Just a moment. Good sirs, might I introduce you to your true employer? Here we are, good sirs- yes, look deep into the display. Ah, I present to you Gran Ghroffka!


Photonovels and Movies / New, non-SW 'Photonovella'
« on: June 23, 2006, 09:07 PM »

Greetings, everyone! Over the past few weeks, I've been quietly producing a new, non-Star Wars photonovel that, I think, could more accurately be described as a photonovella, since the series, in and of itself, is comprised of 3 different installments.

*As you can see, "The Great Atomic Power" takes place in Berlin after the Russians drop an Atomic Bomb on the city, after relations between the west and the USSR devolve over the conflict in Korea. The PN is careful to avoid becoming 'preachy' inregards to nuclear weapons and politics (as many peices of historical fiction often do when dealing with similar subject matter), although there are occasional quips between the soldiers which serve as comic relief in a story that is, for lack of a better word, apocalyptic.

My question to the esteemed members of the board is this: Would you be interested in seeing a non-SW photonovel?, and if so, what do you think of this project?

Contents of PN are subject to change before final release.

Photonovels and Movies / The United: Special Editions
« on: November 26, 2005, 06:26 PM »
This thread is for both special editions of the existing stories in The United. Hope you enjoy.

The mid morning is a bright one on the sterile, white streets of Imperial Center Monument. The Monument, an offering to the brave warriors of the Clone Wars, is as gargantuan as the war it was created to honor. Devoid of permantent residents within the 10 miles of its confines, the Monument lacks the intimacy of the surrounding early Republic Archechture.

But not today, today is a day of celebration. It is, afterall, the second Empire Day. Coruscanti and off-worlder alike join in the merriment of the occasion...many opting to take in the festivities at the Monument.

Near the boxes of the Military High Command and Imperial elite, a crowd of nearly two million flock to see the heroic zenith of the age, Emperor Palpatine.

The Emperor stands tall, hiding his digusting and distorted scares from the public under his robes. Similarly, The Empire has activley tried to supress any resistance left over from the Clone Wars.

As The Emperor gazes upon the crowd, he cannot help but feel a certain twinge of hate. They're inferior, he'd often say to himself, and hence do not have a right to exist. This justification could not, however, supress Palpatines inherit logic. Where would he be without the inferior rabble? he would often realize. That realization enraged him. Rage that was turned into into motivation. Motivation that would, of course, go towards the implimentation of his ultimate become the Force persona.

The Senatorial procession makes its way down the street, turning sharply into the Executive boxes. A young human male of dark pigment carries the banner of the former Galactic Republic ahead of two Imperial Security officers in smart blue uniforms.

Behind them, a small cockade of blue robed Senate guards march proudly.

The crowds quiet as the standard bearer approaches the executive arena. He passes a column of Clone Troopers, who are unsuprisingly at the ready. The column of soldiers is flanked by Imperial Veterans of war, who wear antiquanted Phase I armor.

Behind these troops, several Clone Troopers stand arranged in an eerie living statue like pose…each precise to a fault.

And in front of all of this stands the commander, arms crossed proudly at his back, his smug expression atypical of a “fit and willing Imperial son”.

Under the Emperors box severial Imperial Senators stand, notebly Mon Mothma and Bail Organa. Beside them stand many of the Emperors closest advisors, wearing simple and dark colored robes.

It was once said by the now deceased poet Jahkaus Amoul that the “Greatness and pomp that was once the regal Galactic Republic is now gone, replaced only by cold unfeeling utility. In essence, the Galaxy has been made sterile, and callous,”.
Despite being a rose colored image of the late Republic, it is true. Society had lost an ornate elegance since the rise of The Emperor. This is represented in the attire of the Emperors advisors and friend’s, who feel that there is no longer a need or a want for unnecessary pleasures. Only for what is now.

As the Senatorial procession advances, a human male wearing common clothes jumps forward with a blaster and fires it into the heart of the young standard bearer.

Shouting “Long Remember the Death of the Republic!”, the man is quickly taken down by the Clonetroops. Inadvertantly, the commander of the the soldiers is brought down by friendly fire.

The crowds panic and begin to flee. Soon The Emperor could take no more: “STOP! This is a time for celebration! We shall celebrate the sacrifice of this brave matyr just as we shall celebrate the self-elimination of this barbarian!
And so the people did return, trusting in the judgment of their beloved leader.

After all, he did survive the Jedi Rebellion.
And like the Jedi Rebellion, the assaignation of the Standard Bearer was nothing more than  yet another insidious manuever by the great manipulator. The Galaxy was once again about to be plunged into night.

Revenge of the Sith / Wal-Mart DVD 'Island'
« on: October 14, 2005, 06:56 AM »
Is anyone else finding "islands" dedicated to SW for the release of the DVD? I came across one last night and it was packed with figures, the DVDs (Ep1, Ep2), Kudos and Vader Masks. One side seemed to be almost exclusivley clones and clone repaints too.

So now that I've finished the script on the second part of The Politic of Conquest and Rebellion, I figured I'd go ahead and start a thread for it's development. Previews and Preview shots, of course, will be included.

I've decided that, in light of all the chances made to the script since the preview first went up, I'll post a new blurb...

As determined as Reigen was to speak to Uparte, he could not help but to be distracted when his eye spotted the approaching soldier. A large red and black peice of fabric embroidered with a two-headed Eagle hung on the soldiers arm. Reigen was not disturbed, of course, by the fabric itself. Rather, by the organization it stood for, the Kobarra Homeworld Defense League.
Created by the Republic to help route out remaining DUKP operatives across the planet, the Homeworld Defense League was regarded as one of the best "homespun units" of the day. When the Republic left Kobarra, Uparte called the HDL under his power...

Well, I found a few more old pictures yesterday that didn't really have a I proposed to Travis that we make this a joint, stand alone, story. After a little confusion, we got the brainstorming process underway and made a bridge to both of our photonovels (The Sith Revelations and The United) that also hypes up some future happenings in both of them. We hope you enjoy!

In a stunning move, the heros of the New Republic have been captured by the forces of the Imperial Remanent. Across the Galaxy, the forces of the new Dark Lord seek to capture or kill key leaders of the New Republic in order to bring the new government to its knees.
On Nal Salio, the venerable General Fahadin is besieged by a horde of white-clad drones. Can he defend against these would be conquerors?

Imperial troops land just outfront of a New Republic compound during the midnight hour. Snipers begin their work from atop the building.

Ever dutiful, the Imperials continue to set up their equipment, despite great peril.

Soon, New Republic regulars rush out to meet the invaders...only to be supressed by superior numbers.

And yet such is the nature of war; the defenders gain an advantage threw exploiting a weakness in the Imperial lines just in time for General Fahadin to escape.
*Note: General Fahadin and the fate of the Galaxy...
After fighting along side General Windu during the liberation of Nal Salio, Fahadin would lead an insurgency against the Imperial occupation of his planet. When war broke out on Kobarra, Fahadin found himself compelled to help his former enemies in light of recent perils.
After joining the Rebel Alliance, Fahadin would return to Nal Salio to topple the Imperial Garrison once and for all. Nal Salio was one of the first planets to join the New Republic and Fahadin became a celebrity among the denizens of the New Republic.

It seems the CW line has become a very expensive line on the secondary market. Even those (see: shelf-warming) Anakin's Star Fighters are going for about $50-60.

So what gives? Do new collectors want to get caught up on what they missed? Have people forgotten the abundance of that line (other than the Tail End Charlie's of course)?

Revenge of the Sith / TRU Attack on Hoth Battle Pack
« on: July 12, 2005, 04:38 PM » posted pics of the other 2 packs...why does the back of the Hoth Pack have a vintage AT-AT Commander?

Saga '02-'04 / The Return of Saga?
« on: July 11, 2005, 05:29 PM »
According to the latest headline from RS, the upcoming unified line will once again be called The Saga Collection. If this is indeed the case, why can't Hasbro think of a more original name?

JD Sports Forum! / College Football 2005-2006
« on: July 9, 2005, 03:01 AM »
Two months from now, we'll be in the thick of the College Football I'm pretty stocked for the new season.

With Lou Holtz beining replaced by Steve Spurrier, it looks as though USC will have a pretty strong season. We started out pretty strong last year, but fizzeled out in the end...losing to our rival Clemson yet again. Even had a fancy brawl in the game too that prevented us from going to a bowl game  ::).

Goooooooo Cocks!

Watto's Junk Yard / Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season 2005
« on: July 5, 2005, 02:35 AM »
With Tropical Storm Arlene long gone, and Tropical Depression III poised to become Tropical Storm Bret befour hitting the Louisiana Coast this week, I figured it'd be a good time to make a 2005 Hurricane Season thread...since I don't think we have one yet.

Forecasts point to an increased amount of activity this year. Lets see how it plays out. My guess is that Tropical Depression IV will become Hurricane Cindy within the next 120 hours and pose a threat to the Florida Gulf coast, actually pretty close to Charleys path last year.

Edit: Way to make an ass of myself. Did I miss something? What happened to Bret?

Watto's Junk Yard / What happend to the forums?
« on: June 11, 2005, 04:58 PM »
Given the lack of new posts since around 10 o'clock yesterday evening...and the fact that myself and others could not get into JD last night I have to ask the eternal question: What was that all about?

I want you guys to know this caused a serious disruption in my 2 AM web surfing.  >:(


Feedback / -Vator-'s feedback
« on: June 1, 2005, 10:41 PM »
Come here happy customers, tell everyone about how great trading/buying/selling with me was!

*NOTE: I really didn't like how this one turned out...maybe its the camera or something else, but to me atleast this installment feels a little off. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


(In the Senate the Emperor speaks as a victim)
“Dear senators of the Galactic Empire, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that our recent actions to quell the barbarian risings in the Outer Rim has failed.”

(Yet across the Galaxy...)
“As seen yesterday, the enemies of freedom will stop at nothing to overthrow this August Body and its elected head. Our Intelligence has shown us evidence that the star systems of Kobarra, Temmoragenn, Palto, and Utanian Prime have allied themselves with Confederate fugitives,"

(The Emperor leads insurgencies)
"who have hijacked the sovereign governments…” Bail Organa had heard enough from the bastard king.

More scheming? Bail mused with marked distaste.“Mon, do you hear me?” Bail whispered into his communicator.

“I read you loud and clear Bail, what is it?” His wrist replied, faltering slightly at first, then shooting back up to a normal stately octave.
“We can’t let The Emperor get away with this, we must motion for an investigation.”
“Careful Bail, the air is always audible with the sounds of love birds in spring.”

(Tortures opposition...)
 Bail of course understood what she had meant. Communications taps  had been a very public secret since the outbreak of the Clone Wars.
“In this case, I don’t think it matters.” He said as he cut off the communicator.

(Sells the captured into slavery...)
As the pod representative of Alderaan pulled out into the center of the great chamber, The Emperor stopped his speech. “Is there something you’d like to add to this, Senator Organa? Were you not front and center for carnage yesterday at the memorial?”

(and leads campaigns to Unite the Galaxy)
“I was.” Bail replied his face resolute and his voice dutiful. “However, I do not agree with your call to launch this campaign based on unsubstantiated charges. There must be a team of investigators sent to Kobarra to investigate!” The Senate Chamber filled with chatter.
“Senator Organa, you are a cherished friend and supporter. Sadly we do not have the resources available to launch such an investigation at this time…”

“But we have enough to wage war?” The Senate Chamber filled with the shouts of pundits and the screams of silent senators.
“Order, we shall have order!” Mas Amedda said, banging his staff to the podium floor.
“Take a seat, Senator Organa.” The Emperor spit, and were it not for a slight spray, the description would have remained metaphorical.

“This issue is not up for any further debate; effective immediately I am authorizing the use of force by the Gubernatorial Authority in the region. Should the need arise, I will authorize force against the aggressors care of the Imperial Navy, Congress adjourned.”

(But he has not won yet...)
Bails steps fell hard on the floor of the Atrium of the Senate Building. He was obviously frustrated at the result of the special congressional session today.
The Atrium was typically smattered with Senators. However, one of them down at the end of the hall caught his eye. Ugh. Not today…He thought, ignoring the senators attempt to wave him down.

“I take it you have not read the report then, Senator Organa?” Toyed the man.
“Not now Reigen, if you can’t tell, I’m slightly busy…”
“Oh don’t worry; I think even Ol’Palpys Clone lackeys can even see that!” Reigen continued to taunt Bail. It was typical of him to do so with friends.
“Anyway, about your proposed investigation…I have some family Kobarra,” He continued. “Why not let me see what I can do, try to get some idea for all this nonsense?”

“Thanks Tommond that would be a great help to us.”

“Us?” Reigen asked, a smirk on his face. He wouldn’t get an answer though; Organa had already hurried along towards the hangar bays. Riegen knew where Organa was going to too. Hangar Bay 113, Concourse AB, Deck 02. He really wasn’t one to forget much of anything, so its not surprising he’d remember the location of Bail’s ship…despite the sustained lapping of the waves of time against the sands of life.

With the release of The United: The Sacrifice the Bearer Beared, and the completion of the script for the second installment I've decided to go ahead and announce that the second installment is almost ready to be photographed...I just need to find/make a Galactic Senate enviorment.

This next installment takes place one day after the events of SBB, and sets up some major players in the story. So stay tuned!

Sneak Preview...

This man is insane, he thought once again. Will he stop at nothing until the entire Galaxy is destroyed? It was then that Bail realized that he was forgetting of who he spoke. Despite the course of destiny over the past year, Bail still occasionally thought of Palpatine as the kindly and warm chancellor whom he had befriended years ago.
“Mon, do you hear me?” Bail whispered into his communicator.

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