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Modern Trading / vupa0101 TRADING HERE!
« on: November 8, 2008, 03:33 PM »
Hello, feel free to make offers on buying as well, heres a link to my FB



Alley Viper
Range viper

Flak w/ outback BP l/c
Arctic HISS BP l/c
Stinger jeep BP l/c

ROC Kamakura loose is fine****************

VvV defense mech loose is fine
VvV Ninja Battles platform

loose Modern Era Ninjas with or w/o accessories
Modern Era Ninja or masked heads

Scramble on Yavin Battlepack or just pilot and droid
Build a droid HK-47***** l/c or parts
Corann Horn/whistler l/c
Target Exclusive X-wing with Wedge l/c or just wedge and droid
WM AT-ST l/c
EE Elite Squad Sets or loose Mandolorians from the set
WM Sandtrooper w/ Dewback l/c

HK-47/50 parts

Exo-Squad toys from the 90's lmk what you have

BBi ELITE FORCE 1:18 Modern military figures and vehicles

F-18 Hornet
little Bird helicopter nightstalkers
Pavehawk Helicopter
Sherman Tank *****
1:18 modern figs loose or carded

21st Century XD 1:18 Vietnam era and MODERN military figures and vehicles can be loose and does not have to be complete, lmk

Huey Helicopter hog/slick/CIA
SHerman Tank ******
P-40 warhawk
M2 Bradley Infantry fighting vehicle
1:18 vietnam era figures loose or carded

Gunships loose is fine

Haves: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Star Wars:

CW Anakins modified jedi Starfighter misb
AAT (armored assault tank) TAC tan version misb
TAC TRU exclusive Large tie fighter misb
TFU Rancor misb

R5-A2 Head and 3rd leg x4
HK-50 torso
R4-D6 torso x2, R-leg x2
R4-J1 Head and 3rd leg x3, R-leg x2
5D6-RA7 torso
MB-RA7 torso x3
R3-O1 L-leg
R5-C7 torso

Lucas Family battlepack misb
galactic heroes:battle on mustafar target exclusive set misb

Comic 2packs:
lt. jundland cp
Fenn Shysha/dengar
Tobi Daala/leia
Han/ Chewbacca (blue variant)
Quinlin Vos/Vilmar Grahk
Crimson empire comic pack
Koffi Aran/bultar swan
Anakin/assasin droid
inifinities leia/vader

TLC/CW/SL MOC unless specified
CW commander cody
TLC Slave leia no bad
TLC rotj luke no bad
TAC Utupau Shadow trooper
TLC Hoth Rebel trooper w/ tripod cannon
TLC Yaddle & Even Piell
TLC Holo dooku w/o droid piece
SL Plo Koon
SL Battle droid 2pack tan
also have the weapons locker for trade

WM exclusive B.A.D.: MIB
Kit Fisto/ astromech


Super battle droids
wookies x6
Qui Gon ep1 with shawl
Leia from ROTJ tin
rebel commando(caucasian) from rotj tin

Target Excl. ORDER 66 2008 complete set of 6, willing to split or split figs as well

sev/yellow arc trooper
obi/ red arc trooper
anakin/blue arc trooper
luminara/ kashyyk at-rt driver
tsui/ BARC trooper
Palpatine/ Commander Vill

movie masters joker

GI JOE: ------------------------------------------------------

ROC helix
ROC kmart mars trooper l/c
ROC kmart neo viper l/c
ROC Hummer
ROC jungle assualt ripcord moc
ROC elite viper l/c
ROC Pit Commando(s) MOC
ROC Crimson viper moc
ROC viper Target excl. 4pack
25th SRO torpedo l/c
25th SRO deep six l/c
25th cobra diver moc
25th BAT (s) moc
25th wraith moc
25th Bazooka trooper moc
25th Mutt & Junkyard moc
25th Tiger force duke moc
25th airborne
25th flash

Kmart ROC 4pack mib

Wild bill/scrap iron

25th Rattler
25th conquest


Marvel Legends 2pks:MISB
Elektra / Ronin

21st Century XD 1:18 WWII figures MOC
German Wermacht Officer w/ closed coat Lt. Ludwick Odheim x2

Indiana Jones moc
KOTCS Mutt with jacket
KOTCS Indy rpg
KOTCS Jungle Cutter MISB

21st XD Ultimate Soldier:
1:18 Tiger (gray) MIB
1:18 TBF Avenger MIB
1:18 Hanomag pak 40 MIB S2 camo

EXO-SQUAD toys from the 90's, lmk what you have

BBI Elite force, 21st Century XD, and Forces Of Valor:Bravo Team 1:18 modern military armor, birds, and figures

Lego exo-force, lmk what you have

also looking for the Star Wars: Clone Wars TPB graphic novel (comic) volumes 2-9, i have the first one already.

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