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Modern Trading / W: Walmart Dark Trooper III's Head & JetPack
« on: April 30, 2010, 03:55 PM »
I'm having trouble collecting the parts for the Walmart Exclusive Dark Trooper III.

I need the Jetpack and Head & Gun.

If you've got either of these, I'll trade you some other BAD parts or figures, or maybe even buy them for a reasonable price.


Modern Trading / Want 2 Trade 4: BMF
« on: February 10, 2010, 11:01 AM »
My daughter turns 7 in a couple months and wants a few Star Wars things.  Do any of you have this stuff that you'd be willing to do a trade?  

Big Millenium Falcon: I dont care if it's loose or still in package.

I've got some vintage stuff and some newer figures and BAD things to trade.

Vintage Trading and Classifieds / Cantina Adventure Playset
« on: October 7, 2009, 04:31 PM »
I'm getting married soon and need to raise some money.

I've got the 1978 Cantina Adventure Playset.
I'm hoping to get $100 for the cardboard environment.
It's been played with but in good condition...

if someone wants blue snaggletooth, I will consider deals too. What is fair for him?

If you'd like to make a partial trade or have some deal in mind, email me. I will provide pictures of these things upon request.

P.S.  I do NOT have the packaging from this set, just the display itself.

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