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Modern Classifieds / Fs--carded lot
« on: September 25, 2011, 11:12 PM »
I'm sure you people have a better idea of how to post this --with numbers, condition etc If you have any questions please ask here or PM me. Sorry only shipping in USA. Please send payment as gift or add 3% to cover paypal fees.
Star Wars carded figures-
Orange card--The Power of the Force
Jedi Knight Luke
Princess Leia
Green Card--The Power of the Force
Ewoks-Wicket and Logray Freeze Frame
Slave Leia
Red Card
Yoda with chair
BONUS--Princess Leia bend-ems
$20.00 shipped
Thanks for looking

Feedback / stonetrooper's feedback
« on: March 13, 2011, 02:42 PM »
I just had a wonderful transaction with stonetrooper for a series 4 Emperor
Hope this is how you leave feedback here---+1 for stonetrooper

New to the world of Kubricks but these are the figures I am looking for
Tusken Raider--------GOT
Gammorean Guard-----GOT
Luke with Yoda-------GOT
Darth Maul -----------GOT
Darth Vader----------GOT
Han in Carb-----------GOT
Jar Jar---------GOT
Nien Numb
Ponda Baba
Bespin Lando
Series 1--------------Got
Please Pm me ---
I am always on SSF and have an excellent Buying/Selling rep there.
Also looking for a Galatic Hero---Rancor with bone--GOT

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