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Modern Trading / New Member
« on: May 13, 2010, 08:46 PM »
I am new to Jedi Defender.
I was on a similar site exclusive to western pennsylvania a couple years ago.
I am also a member of the PSWCS which I almost hate anymore because it has gotten too clique-y and unfriendly.

Can any help me aquire the following:

R4-P44s Right Leg (Ki-Adi Mundi Concept) green  astromech droid

Star Wars Legacy Collection Dark Trooper Phase I Battle Droid
Star Wars Legacy Collection Snowtrooper Concept
Star Wars Legacy Collection R2-X2

Clone Wars
TX-20 Tactical Droid
Darth Sidious
Star Wars The Clone Wars #24 Jar Jar Binks

Transfrormers Animated Wreck-Gar (mint, in package)
Star Wars The Legacy Collection -- Episode III: Concept Art Anakin Skywalker (mint, in package)
1989 Mr. Potato Head with Pipe
Secret Wars Dr. Doom (in package)
The Batman EXP Target Exclusive Triple pack: Mr.Freeze, Poison Ivy, Criminal Capture Batman (mint, in package)
Batman The Brave and the Bold The Joker

I also have a buncha stuff I'm getting rid of too.

Thanks in advance!

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