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Modern Classifieds / Maquettes and Busts for sale
« on: December 20, 2007, 08:04 PM »
Decided to thin out more of my collection. Here's what's for sale so far:

Plo Koon $30
Quigon Jinn $25

Princess Liea & R2-D2 $45 (displayed but mint)
Yoda & R2-D2 $70 (never opened)

I'm really only looking for payments through paypal at the moment (buyer pays fee). Please only contact me if you're serious about buying. Prices do not include shipping but buyer will only pay actually shipping cost. Photos available upon request. Feel free to shoot me a pm with any interest or questions. More to come! Thanks for looking.

Modern Classifieds / Thinning collection! Maquettes, Busts & Koto +++
« on: October 10, 2007, 11:34 AM »
Space is beginning to become an issue so I've decided to start thinning some of my collection. Here's what's for sale so far:

Luke Stormtrooper $75
Mara Jade $120
Darth Malak $100
Plo Koon $35
Quigon Jinn $30
Chrome Stormtrooper $70
Chrome Jango Fett $40

Darth Vader $45
Stormtrooper $45
Princess Liea & R2-D2 $55
Boba Fett $65

Shock Trooper $75

Thanks to quite a few flakes with the money order payments I'm only accepting immediate payments through paypal (buyer pays fee). Prices do not include shipping but buyer will only pay actually shipping cost. All busts have been displayed for a short time but are in great condition and come complete w/ box and COA (if applicable). Photos available upon request. Feel free to shoot me a pm with any interest or questions. Thanks for looking.

Modern Classifieds / Looking to buy Kubricks!!! list inside
« on: January 23, 2006, 12:17 PM »
I'm looking for a few figures to bring my collection up to speed. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Here's what I'm looking for:

Series 1:

Regular Figures
Boba Fett - 2 green gauntlets (ESB)

Chase Figures
Boba Fett - 2 red gauntlets (ROTJ)
Boba Fett - 1 yellow & 1 red (vintage)

Series 2:

Cantina Band Member - instr. A - 2:12 (Japan)
Cantina Band Member - instr. B - 2:12 (Hong Kong)

Chase Figures
Sandtrooper - white pauldron -
Indiana Jones ***

Series 3:

Chase Figures:
Hibernation Sickness Han Solo
Vinyl Cape Jawa

Series 5: (prefer to buy regular figures as set)

Admiral Ackbar
Death Star Gunner
Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight -
Princess Leia - Slave -
Snaggletooth - Red -

Chase Figures:
Han Solo - Endor -
Snaggletooth - Blue -
Walrus Man

Series 6: (prefer to buy regular figures as set)

Death Star Trooper
Luke Skywalker - X-Wing Pilot
Rebel Trooper
TIE Fighter Pilot

Chase Figures:
Death Star Commander (General Veers)
Grand Moff Tarkin
Wedge Antilles

Series 7:

Chase Figures:
Yak Face
Emperor's Blue Guard

Carded Kubricks:

"Bape" Boba Fett - Series 1 Vintage version - 150 pcs
"Parco" Sandtrooper - black pauldron -
Boba Fett - "Droids" version - 2004 pcs
"Parco" Jorg Sacul 
Blackhole Stormtrooper

Kubrick Boxsets:

Speeder Bike Boxset 1:
Endor Luke
Endor Leia
Speeder Bike

Max Rebo Band Boxset:
Doda Bodonawieedo
Droopy McCool
Max Rebo
Sy Snootles

Speeder Bike Boxset 2:
Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike

Please PM me with prices on anything you might have available. Thanks for the read.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Painting Reference/Help Thread
« on: September 13, 2005, 10:59 AM »
Hey guys/gals,

I'm really just starting to get into the idea of customizing and wanted to find out how you guys match the color of your paints. Of all things this is probably where the highest degree of difficulty lies for me. Is there a paint chart or something that can be referenced to?

Modern Classifieds / Loose Clones/Sandtroopers from Evolutions set f/s
« on: September 5, 2005, 08:47 PM »
I have a couple of the EPII and Sandtroopers from the yellow set I'm looking to get rid of. They are all loose and complete. This is what I have:

EPII Clone/Pilot x 2  $7.50 ea both pending
Sandtrooper x 2 $7.50 ea SOLD
ROTS Commander Bly $5
Holo Yoda $10 

If you're interested in any of these feel free to send me a PM. More to come...

Hey all,

I'm looking for basically the whole set of Clone Wars figures and ships loose or package (condition doesn't matter). Here's the break down of what I need:

___ 03-42. Anakin Skywalker
___ 03-43. ARC Trooper (grey and red)
___ 03-44. Yoda
___ 03-45. Obi-Wan Kenobi
___ 03-46. Durge
___ 03-47. Asajj Ventress
___ 03-48. Mace Windu
___ 03-49. Kit Fisto
___ 03-50. Clone Trooper
___ 03-51. Saesee Tiin

Any Clone Trooper 3-pks (or just one of each of the colored ones)

___ Anakin Skywalker's Starfighter
___ Command Gunship - Black
___ Jedi Starfighter - Green

If anyone has these and needs some extra cash drop me a PM or e-mail. Not expecting to get any of this for retail so contact me and we can discuss money ;)

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