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Hola and Happy New Year! For my next custom, first for 2009, I present my second Vos in my "Evolutions" set - Qunlan Vos as part of Dooku's Acolytes.

I created two new head sculpts for this guy...the first is  before order 66 when he dwelled in the shadows of Coruscant's underworld..the second, post 66 when he held his son for the first time..this one has a much more gentle, humbled look about him.





Hope you enjoy the pics! Next up for Vos will be an order 66 battle damaged version...then finally a Jedi version in his robes. Also hope to work on his teacher - Jedi Master Tholme and a couple additional versions of Aayla Secura.

Comments and suggestions are of course welcome always - thanks for your interst! I definately appreciate it!

Next up, this hand gets no respect...but that's all about to change I suspect....



Next up is my finished Mandalorian Neo Crusader, Dr. Demagol from Knights Of The Old Republic. For those that are unfamiliar with this EU character you can check out this link for  Dr. Demagol .

I am currenytly working on a small diorama of his lab as featured in the Flashpoint part 3 series #10 - which includes a restraining table, machinery and two Mandalorian Guards.

He is completely articulated in the upper body but static below the waist - why would he need to be articulated...he's a scientist, not a warrior. I'm starting to understand why articulation just isn't always the best thing is some instances. Enjoy the pics...

Next up - Another visit from a familiar friend - this time sporting a new outfit and a new look...



Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! Sorry for taking so long after the teaser post to get a final piece up -

Thought I would start out with Mara Jade - This custom depicts Mara as she appears in The Emperor's Hand series as well as Heir to the Empire.

She's in scale to all Hasbro series least very close to most. She's articulated in all the basic spots - it's a bit tricky to super articulate a female character...and now understand McFarlane's meaning when speaking about sacrificing the sculpt for the action...I stayed true to the sculpt this time around. Still she has plenty of motion to make her a valid action figure - not that it makes that much of a huge deal to me..remember the toy biz articulated females...eeeeekkkk.

Now the light sabre in the hilt may not be accurate - I had to find one for placement. The hood was taken directly from the Hasbro Comic version and repainted - may go back and make one of my own but thought this was effective.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Dr. Demagol will be making a house call next :)


Hello all!
Many months ago I began work on what I knew would be a very difficult custom to create - the Legacy Sith Lord, Darth Krayt. It's my most detailed sculpt to date, and one that has taken me many months to bring to fruition. I began with a sanded down skeleton of what used to be Garindan, then little by little emerged to what you are seeing now - I'm very proud of completeing this piece - where I could have given up in frustration, I came up with a couple new techniques to achieve what I wanted from this figure..and he's HEAVY! About 99% of this figure has been sculpted using AVES FIXIT SCULPT - and if this custom doesn't show you what FIXIT can do, I don't know what else can :)

First check out some pics of the WIP before I bagan painting the finished sculpt.

Some things to point out...

1. The head is interchangeable - With or without helmet.
2. A second version of the helmet was created to sit upon the custom stand I sculpted. You see this stand only briefly in the Legacy comic when at his thrown.
3. The A'Sharad Hett sculpt (without helmet) does have a long ponytail not seen in the pics -but rest assured, it is there ;)
4. The shoulder armor is it's own seperate piece - floating on a connector behind the neck of the figure which allows the shoulders more free movement.
5. There will be a place to fit 2 sculpted lightsaber hilts to his upper back. I haven't finished the sabers yet.
6. Each plate of armor going across his crotch and waist/upper legs are seperate and moveable, attached to a plastic tab that wraps around the waist joint  - enabiling him to move his upper legs more freely.

And now my finished, painted image of Darth Krayt...

Scale Shot with penny..

Without Helmet and Stand

Finally some pics of Krayt (and a couple wip in the background) within his Sith Temple (under construction).

Hope you guys enjoy the pics! Please let me know if you have any questions or critiques - Thanks!




Hey guys! Another quick update with some wip images of customs that are nearing completion...

Jarael from the Dark Horse comic series Knights of the Old Republic...


Her sculpt is complete but I am still working on her numerous accessories (battle staff and bag). I have also completed a "brian Ching" variant head sculpt. More to come soon!

One of the notorious (or they would like to think) Moomo brothers from the same comic is Del Moomo...the pics say Dob..which is his brother...I got confused...LOL!.


Sculpt is still in process, and I'm thinking of painting the figure first before I attach the fur collar Del wears which I was able to obtain from a stuffed animal toy I won at the state fair LOL!

Finally, a pic of Mara Jade (painting in progress) - More pics soon of her I promise!

She has an alternate head sculpt which is complete, and looks a bit like Angelina Jolie in the right light LOL! guess I had her on my mind when I sculpted Mara! More red will be added to her hair for sure but not overkill...I like the interpretations that show Mara sporting a more Auburn hair style...I think I will go with that. 

Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or critiques.

Have a great Memorial day weekend and remember all those brave men and women who have given their lives so that we can enjoy what we do here and all of our freedoms!



Quick update - thanks for all the questions and comments!

Another character that I am a big fan of is Jedi Master K'Krunk - Talk about a guy that's seen it all! Impressive as he is in his faith and patience through several wars and governemntal changes over many, many years, it's his warrior strength and spirit that's equally impressive. And his ability to focus his rage upon his enemies without falling to the dark side...a veteran of the clone wars only to be scarred with the post war fury within him...but knows how to reclaim his "cool". Once you arrive at the Legacy era, K'Kruhk has become just that - a Legacy...and the total personification of a true jedi next to Obiwan and Yoda.   

Below is my second custom of K'Kruhk - based on his appearance in the Dark Horse comics series, Dark Times.

I have created a head scupt of the calm, focused Jedi we all love...but am know creating a version I have always wanted of K'Kruhk - the last look an enemy sees before everything goes black...Hope you enjoy! :)


Much more to come!



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