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Star Wars Rebels / Star Wars Rebels 2014-Present
« on: December 5, 2015, 07:53 AM »
I decided to create of list of characters from Star Wars Rebels movie & animated series that could be made into actions figures or just created the list for fun. I wanted to do it for all the star wars rebels fans on here. Enjoy checking out the list. Thank you for letting me post it.

Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends Toy Collection (2014-2015)

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens Toy Collection (2015-2016)

Star Wars: Rogue One Toy Collection (2016-2017)

Star Wars (Rebels)

Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion (Movie)

Agent Alexsandr Kallus (Removable Helmet)
Astromech Droid (Lothal Ugnaught Salesman or Shopkeeper‘s Droid)
Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko (Imperial Officer‘s Uniform)
Darth Vader (Sith Lord) (Hologram)
Imperial Officer (Freight 651)
Kitwarr (Wookiee Warrior)
Morad Summer (Lothal Farmer)
Sabine Wren (Removable Helmet)
Taskmaster Myles Grint (Imperial Officer‘s Uniform)
The Grand Inquisitor (Hologram)
Tsoklo (Supply Master Yogar Lyste’s Informant - Rodian Male - Lothal)
Ugnaught Salesman or Shopkeeper (Lothal)
Yoffar (Lothal Street Merchant - Gotal Male - Lothal)
Yogar Lyste (Supply Master - Imperial Officer’s Uniform)


Anti-Slaver or Wookiee Gunship (Rebel Alliance)
C-ROC (Carrier Ship or Freighter) (Galactic Empire)
The Ghost (Rebel Alliance)
Imperial TIE Starfighter (Galactic Empire)

Season 1

Droids in Distress

Amda Wabo (Aqualish Weapons Manufacturer)
Astromech Droid (RX-24) (Pilot Droid)
Bail Organa (Alderaanian Senator)
Lothal or RQ Protocol Droid (Star Communter 2000)
Maketh Tua (Hologram)
Maketh Tua (Minister - Imperial Officers Uniform)


Landspeeder (RGC-18 Series)
Star Commuter Shuttle 2000

Fighter Flight

Aqualish Farm Hand (Sumer‘s Farm)
Baron Valen Rudhor (TIE Fighter Pilot - LS-607)
Marida Sumer (Morad Sumer’s Wife)

Rise of the Old Masters

Imperial Stormtrooper (Hologram)
Luminara Unduli (Corpse) & Sarcophagus
Luminara Unduli (Imperial Captive) (Hologram)
Luminara Unduli (Jedi Spirit)


Loth-Cat (Tooka - Lothal)
Tibidees (Stygeon Prime)

Breaking Ranks

Chopper (C1-10P) (Imperial Droid Disguise)
Giles (Imperial Cadets Uniform)
Imperial Cadet (Imperial Cadet Squad - LRC077 - Generic)
Jai Kell (Imperial Cadets Uniform)
Nazhros Oleg (Imperial Cadets Uniform)
Pandak Symes (Imperial Cadets Uniform)
Uzall (Imperial Cadets Uniform)
Zare Leonis (Imperial Cadets Uniform) (Rebel Informant or Spy)

Out of Darkness



Empire Day

Agent Alexsandr Kallus (Hologram)
Old Jho (Ithorian Cantina Owner - Old Jho’s Pit Stop)
Tseebo (Imperial Deserter or Refugee - Rodian) (Rebel Informant)
The Grand Inquisitor (Removable Special Adjuant’s Helmet)

Gathering Forces

Admiral Kassius Konstatine (Commander of Relentless Star Destroyer)
Imperial Astromech Droid (Relentless Star Destroyer)
Imperial Stormtrooper (Sergeant) (White Pauldron)
Imperial Stormtrooper (Squad Leader) (Red Pauldron)


Imperial Landing Craft or Shuttle (Galatic Empire)

Path of a Jedi


Idiot’s Array

Azmorigan (Jablogain Crime Boss or Lord)
Azmorigan’s Guard or Henchman
Imperial Scanning Technician (Galactic Empire)
Lando Calrissian (Lothal Smuggler‘s Gear or Outfit)
Lothal or RQ Protocol Droid (Azmorigan’s Protocol Droid)


Puffer Pig


Kanan Jarrus’ Speeder Bike (Rebellion)
Virgin 1 (Azmorigan’s Spaceship)

Vision of Hope

Gall Trayvis (Imperial Double Agent and Senator)
Imperial Astromech Droid (R4-Series Agromech Droid - Lothal)
Lothal or RQ Protocol Droid (Gall Trayvis’s Personal Guard)

Call to Action

Alton Castle (Hologram)
Gall Trayvis (Hologram)
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin (Governor) (Combat Armor and Helmet)
Imperial Probe Droid (Galactic Empire)
Imperial Stormtrooper (Corporal) (Black Pauldron)
Kanan Jarrus (Imperial Captive)


Imperial Patrol Transport or Police Gunship (Galatic Empire)

Rebel Resolve

Ahsoka Tano (Hologram)
Imperial Astromech Droid (264-R4-Series - Imperial Press Corp Courier Droid)
Imperial Stormtrooper (BN-749)
Interrogation Droid (Doctor Ball - Galactic Empire)

Fire Across the Galaxy

Bail Organa (Hologram)
Imperial Stormtrooper (JJR-579)
Imperial Stormtrooper (JTN-303)
Imperial Stormtrooper (MB-223)
Imperial Stormtrooper (TK-626)
Rebel Alliance Crewman

Season 2

Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal (Movie)

Commander Jun Sato (Leader of the Phoenix Squadron)
Lando Calrissian (Hologram)
Phoenix 1 (Pilot of Phonenix Squadron)
Phoenix 2 (Pilot of Phonenix Squadron)
Phoenix 3 (Pilot of Phonenix Squadron)
Old Jho (Hologram)
Spy Droid (Galactic Empire)
W1-LE (Lando Calrissian’s Protocol Droid)


A-Wing Starfighter (Phonenix Squadron)
Darth Vader’ TIE Advanced x1 Prototype Starfighter (Galactic Empire)

The Lost Commanders

Captain Gregor (Armored)
Commander Jun Sato (Hologram)
Commander Wolffe (Armored)
Hera Syndulla (Hologram)


AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer)

Relics of the Old Republic

AT-AT Driver (Imperial Army Pilot)


All Terrain-Armored Transport (AT-AT)

Always Two There Are


Brothers of the Broken Horn

Hondo Ohnaka (Weequay Pirate or Smuggler’s Gear/Outfit)

Wings of the Master

BG-81 (Quarrie’s Astromech Droid)
Eesh Fahm (Hologram)
Hera Syndulla (B-Wing Pilot’s Gear)
Phoenix Leader (Ibaar) (Pilot of Phonenix Squadron)
Shipmaster Quarrie (Rebel Starfighter Mechanic - Mon Calamari)


Blade-Wing/B-Wing Starfighter (Red Deco)

Blood Sisters

EG-86 (Power Droid for the Rebel Alliance)
Ketsu Onyo (Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Gear)
Vaux (Rebel Network Member)

Stealth Strike

Admiral Brom Titus(Commander of the Immobilizer 418 Cruiser)
Captain Rex (Imperial Stormtrooper’s Disguise)
Imperial Weapons Technician (Death Star or Imperial Gunners) (Galactic Empire)

The Future of the Force

Darja (Human Female) & Alora (Human Infant) (Chandel)
Oora (Ithorian Female) & Pypey (Ithorian Infant) (Takobo)


Ryder Azadi (Armored) (Prisoner X10)

A Princess On Lothal


The Protector of Concord Dawn

Mandalorian Protector’s Fighter Pilot (Generic)
Phoenix 4 (Pilot of Phonenix Squadron)


Fang Fighter (Protectorate Fighter)

Legends of the Lasat

Gron (Lasat High Honor Guard)
Talla the Wise (Elder Female Lasat)

The Call

Boss Yushyn (Mining Guild Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery)
Kanan Jarrus (Removable Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet)
Mining Guild Guard


Purrgill King


Mining Guild’s TIE Starfighter (Yellow Deco)


Cham Syndulla (Rebel Freedom Fighter - Father of Hera)
Gobi Gile (Rebel Freedom Fighter - Male - Twi'lek)
Numa (Rebel Freedom Fighter - Female - Twi'lek)


Imperial TIE Bomber (Galactic Empire)

The Honorable Ones

Imperial Astromech Droid (Imperial Construction Module - Geonosis)

Shroud of Darkness

Anakin Skywalker (Hologram)
Anakin Skywalker (Apparation or Vision)
Jedi Temple Guard (Jedi Ceremonial Guard Armor) (Apparation or Vision)
The Grand Inquisitor (Jedi Ceremonial Guard Armor) (Apparation or Vision)
Yoda (Apparation or Vision)

The Forgotten Droid

AP-5 (Analyst Droid or RA-7 Protocol Droid on the Imperial Bulk Freighter)
Imperial Captain (Imperial Bulk Freighter)
Ugnaught Scrap Merchant (Horizon Base)

The Mystery of Chopper Base

Lieutenant Dicer (Phoenix Six - Pilot of Phonenix Squadron)


Kyrkna Spiders

Twilight of the Apprentice

Captain Rex (Hologram)
Darth Vader (Battle Damaged)
Eighth Brother (Imperial Inquisitor) (Empire’s Jedi Hunter)
Kanan Jarrus (Battle Damaged)

Season 3

Steps Into Shadow (Movie)

Arihnda Price (Governor of Lothal)
Ezra Bridger (New Haircut and Lightsaber)
Grand Admiral Thrawn (Hologram)
Kanan Jarrus (New Jedi Knight Outfit)
Melch (Slave Laborer 429 - Reklam Station) (Ugnaught - Male)
Tarba (Prisoner on Naraka) (Ugnaught - Male)
The Bendu (Atollon)


Y-Wing Starfighter

Holocrons of Fate

Darth Maul (Hologram)
Darth Maul (New Mandalorian Gear or Outfit)


Nightbrother (Darth Maul’s Gauntlet Fighter)

The Antilles Extraction

Captain Vult Skerris (Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot’s Uniform)
Commandant Argin Relik (Flight Instructor at Skystrike Academy)
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian (Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot’s Uniform)
Rake Gahree (Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot’s Uniform)
Sabine Wren (Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot‘s Disguise)
Wedge Antilles (Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot’s Uniform)


Imperial TIE Interceptor (Galactic Empire)

Hera’s Heroes

Captain Slavin (Imperial Officer)
Captain Slavin (Imperial Officer) (Hologram)
Ezra Bridger (Imperial Biker Scout Trooper’s Disguise)
Imperial Biker Scout Trooper (Speeder Bike Pilot) (Galactic Empire)

The Last Battle

Battle Droid (Trooper)
Battle Droid (Commander) (B1-268)
Destroyer Droid (Droidekas)
Kalani (Super Tactical Droid - General in the Separatist’s Droid Army)

Imperial Supercommandos

Commander Gar Saxxon (Imperial Viceroy - Mandalorian Super Commando Armor)
Fenn Rau (Mandalorain Body Glove Gear or Outfit)
Imperial or Mandalorian Super Commando (Galactic Empire)


Phantom II Attack Shuttle

Iron Squadron

Commander Woldar (Galactic Empire)
Gooti Terez (Armored) (Theelin - Iron Squadron Member)
Jonner Jinn (Armored) (Human - Iron Squadron Member)
Mart Mattin (Armored) (Human - Leader of the Iron Squadron)
R3-A3 (Iron Squadron’s Astromech Droid)


Sato’s Hammer (Iron Squadron’s YT-2400 Light Freighter)

The Wynkahthu Job

Sentry Droid (Galactic Empire)

An Inside Man

Ezra Bridger (Imperial Factory Worker’s Disguise or Outfit)
Kanan Jarrus (Imperial Factory Worker’s Disguise or Outfit)
Morad Sumar (Imperial Factory Worker’s Disguise or Outfit)

Visions and Voices

Darth Maul (Nightsister Ghost)
Ezra Bridger (Nightsister Ghost)
Kanan Jarrus (Nighsister Ghost)
Sabine Wren (Nighsister Ghost)

Ghosts of Geonosis Part I

Battle Droid (Commander) (Geonosis or Red Deco)
Battle Droid (Trooper) (Geonosis or Red Deco)
Klik Klak (Geonosian - Male) & Genosian’s Queen Egg (Female)
Saw Gerrera (Bald & Pressurized Armored Suit)

Ghosts of Geonosis Part II

Captain Brunson (Galactic Empire)
Imperial Jump Trooper or Rocket Trooper (Commander) (Galactic Empire)
Imperial Jump Trooper or Rocket Trooper (Galactic Empire)
Steela Gerrera (Hologram)


Derek "Hobbie" Klivian (A-Wing Pilot’s Gear)
EXD-9 (Imperial Infiltrator Droid - Galactic Empire)
Wedge Antilles (A-Wing Pilot’s Gear)


Tactical Infiltration Pod(s)

Trials of the Darksaber

Sabine Wren (Darksaber, Mandalorian Armor & Removable Helmet)
Tarre Vizsla (Jedi or Mandalorian Armored)

Legacy of Mandalore

Countess Ursa Wren (Mandalorian Armored)
Mandalorian Soldier or Warrior (Female - Clan Wren)
Mandalorian Soldier or Warrior (Male - Clan Wren)
Tristan Wren (Mandalorian Super Commando Armor)

Through Imperial Eyes

Colonel Wullf Yularen (Galactic Empire)
Grand Admiral Thrawn (Training Gear or Outfit)
Ezra Bridger (Bounty Hunter Gear)
Ezra Bridger (Imperial Officer‘s Disguise)

Secret Cargo

Captain John (Dutch) Vander (Gold Leader) (X-Wing Pilot’s Gear)
Erskin Semaj (Mon Mothma ‘s Senatorial Attache)
Ezra Bridger (Rebel or X-Wing Pilot’s Helmet)
General Jan Dodona (Rebel Alliance)
Gold Two (Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Gold Squadron) (Human Female)
Gold Four (Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Gold Squadron) (Human Male)
Gold Five (Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Gold Squadron) (Human Male)
Senator Mon Mothma (Chancellor or Leader of the Rebel Alliance) 
Senator Mon Mothma (Hologram)
Tyson (Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Gold Three - Gold Squadron)

Double Agent Droid

Imperial Technician (Female) (Galactic Empire)
PZ-7 (Analyst Droid or RA-7 Protocol Droid on the Killun Station)
3-9 (Imperial Technician) (Male) (Galactic Empire)
The Controller (LT-319 - Imperial Information Officer) (Galactic Empire)

Twin Suns

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Jedi Master)
Ezra Bridger (Pajamas)
Luke Skywalker (Lar’s Homestead)
Tusken Raider (Sand People)



Zero Hour Part I

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin (Hologram)
Green Leader (Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot‘s Gear) (Green Squadron) (Human - Male)
Imperial Death Trooper (Galactic Empire)
Rebel Trooper (Phoenix Nest)
Ryder Azadi (Hologram)

Zero Hour Part II

Ezra Bridger (Space Suit)
Grand Admiral Thrawn (Combat Armor and Helmet)
Tristan Wren (Mandalorian Armor - Clan Wren Deco)

Season 4

Heroes of Mandalore (Movie)

Alrich Wren (Artist & Sabine Wren’s Father)
Bo-Katan Kyrie (Armored)
Captain Hark (Imperial or Mandalorian Super Commando Armor)
Clan Eldar Leader or Warrior
Clan Kryze Leader or Warrior
Clan Rook Leader or Warrior
Ezra Bridger (With Jet Pack & Removable Imperial Biker Scout Helmet)
Kanan Jarrus (With Jet Pack)
Mandalorian Soldier or Warrior (Mandalorian Resistance or Night Owls)
Sabine Wren (Modified Nite Owl Helmet)
Tiber Saxon (Governor of Mandalore - Mandalorian Super Commando Armor)


All Terrain Defense Pod (AT-DP) Arc Cannon Prototype (Galactic Empire)

In The Name of the Rebellion Part I & II

Alexsandr Kallus (Rebel’s Fighter Gear or Yavin IV Outfit)
Captain Wells (Galactic Empire)
Chopper (C1-10P) (Faos Station’s Disguise)
Edrio Two-Tubes (Mercenary Pilot’s Gear)
Imperial Death Trooper (Commander - DT-F16)
Imperial Death Trooper (3-6)
Mich Matt (Technican’s Gear or Uniform - Ishi Tib Male)
R4-C2 (Rebel Alliance’s Astromech Droid on Yavin IV)
Rebel Technician (Yavin IV)
Saw Gerrera (Hair & Pressurize Armored Suit)
Saw Gerrera (Hair & Pressurize Armored Suit) (Hologram)


U-Wing Starfighter (Rebel Alliance)
X-Wing Starfighter (Rebel Alliance)

The Occupation

Baron Valen Rudor (New Cantina Owner - Old Jho’s Pit Stop)
Ezra Bridger (Lothal Civilian‘s Disguise)
Garazeb Orrelios (Lothal Civilian‘s Disguise)
Hera Syndulla (Lothal Civilian‘s Disguise)
Imperial Combat Assault Tank Driver (Commander - Imperial Army Pilot) (Galactic Empire)
Imperial Death Trooper (DT-L21) (Galactic Empire)
Jai Kell (Lothal Gear or Outfit)
Kanan Jarrus (Lothal Civilian‘s Disguise)
Sabine Wren (Lothal Civilian‘s Disguise)


Imperial Combat Assault Tank (Galactic Empire)

Flight of the Defender




Arihnda Price (Combat Armor and Helmet)
Rukh (Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Assassin or Bodyguard)
Jai Kell (Imperial Biker Scout Trooper’s Disguise)
Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot (LS-21 - Female) (Galactic Empire)

Crawler Commandeers

Captain Seevor (Mining Guild - Trandoshan)
Cikatro Vizago (Mining Guild Prisoner’s Gear or Outfit)
Proach (Ore Crawler’s Foreman - Mining Guild - Trandoshan)
Security Droid (Mining Guild)


Crawler 413-24 (Captain Seevo’s Ore Crawler - Mining Guild)

Rebel Assault

Cleat (Rebel Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Phoenix Five)
Duke (Rebel Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Phoenix Five)
General Hera Syndulla (Rebel Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Phoenix Squadron)
Imperial Stormtrooper (LS-757) (Galactic Empire)
Mart Mattin (Rebel Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Phoenix Two)
Rukh (Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Assassin or Bodyguard) (Hologram)
Secon Daree (Rebel Pilot’s Fatigues or X-Wing Pilot’s Gear) (Lutrillian - Male)

Jedi Night

Ezra Bridger (Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot‘s Disguise)
General Hera Syndulla (Prisoner Outfit)
Imperial Stormtrooper (LS-261)
Kanan Jarrus (Beardless and New Hair Cut)


Lothal-bat Glider



Dume (Loth-wolf - Male)

Wolves and a Door

Caleb Dume or Kanan Jarrus (Jedi Spirit)
Emperor Sheev Palpatine (Hologram)
Imperial Biker Scout Trooper (LS-412) (Galactic Empire)
Imperial Biker Scout Trooper (LS-515) (Galactic Empire)
Minister Veris Hyden (Galactic Empire)
Sabine Wren (Imperial Biker Scout Trooper’s Disguise)


Excavation Driller (Mining Guild) & Trandoshan Male Driver or Pilot

A World Between Worlds

Emperor Sheev Palpatine (Supreme Leader of the Galactic Empire)

A Fools Hope

Captain Rex (Rebel‘s Commando Fatigues or Gear)

Family Reunion & Farwell

Ahsoka Tano (Jedi Ceremonial Robe)
Alexsandr Kallus (Death Star Trooper’s or Imperial Navy Trooper’s Disguise)
Captain Gilad Pellaeon (Galactic Empire)
Cikatro Vizago (Lothal Outfit or Rebel’s Fighter Gear)
Death Star Trooper (Imperial Navy Trooper) (Galactic Empire)
Emperor Sheev Palpatine (Chancellor’s Unscarred Visage Disguise) (Hologram)
Emperor's or Imperial Royal Guard (Galactic Empire)
Ephraim Bridger (Father of Ezra) (Vision to Ezra Bridger)
Ezra Bridger (New Haircut and Lightsaber) (Hologram)
Imperial Navy Commander (Galactic Empire)
Jacen Syndulla (Hera Syndulla’s and Kanan Jarrus’ Son)
Mira Bridger (Mother of Ezra) (Vision to Ezra Bridger)
Sabine Wren (New Republic’s Mandalorian Armor)


Purrgil (Ultra)

6" Figures

Here's a list of Star Wars characters from the Star Wars saga that could be made in 6 inch figures:

Star Wars (Rebels)

Agent Alexsandr Kallus (Removable Helmet)
AT-DP Pilot (Imperial Combat Driver)
Bail Organa (Alderaanian Senator)
Baron Valen Rudhor (LS-607 or Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot‘s Gear or Uniform)
Captain Rex (Armored)
Commander Wolffe (Armored)
Emperor Sheev Palpatine (Chancellor’s Unscarred Visage Disguise) (Hologram)
Ezra Bridger (Imperial Biker Scout Trooper’s Disguise)
Fifth Brother (Imperial Inquisitor) (Empire’s Jedi Hunter)
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin (Governor) (Combat Armor and Helmet)
Lando Calrissian (Lothal Smuggler‘s Gear or Outfit)
The Grand Inquisitor (Removable Special Adjuant’s Helmet)
Seventh Sister (Imperial Inquisitor) (Empire’s Jedi Hunter)

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / The Clone Wars Action Figures Line 2008-2013
« on: February 27, 2013, 08:16 AM »
I decided to create of list of characters from the Clone Wars movie & animated series that were be made into actions figures or just created the list for fun. I wanted to do it for all the clone wars fans on here. Enjoy checking out the list. Thank you for letting me post it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Collection (2008-2013)

Bounty Hunters (15)

Aurra Sing
Boba Fett
Boba Fett (Clone Cadets Uniform)
Cad Bane
Cad Bane & TODO-360
Cade Bane (Clone Trooper Disguise)
Cato Parasitti
Sergeant Bric
Shahan Alama

Clones (91)

ARC Clone Commander Blitz
ARC Clone Commander Colt
ARC Trooper Hammer (Red Pauldron)
ARC Trooper Havoc (Blue Pauldron)
ARF Trooper (501st Legion)
ARF Trooper (Jungle or Teth Camouflage Deco)
ARF Trooper (Kamino)
ARF Trooper (Red Phase) 
ARF Trooper (Ryloth Camouflage Deco)
ARF Trooper Boil (Scout) (Geonosian Camouflage Deco)
ARF Trooper Trapper (Geonosian Camouflage Deco)
ARF Trooper Waxer (Geonosian Camouflage Deco)
ARF Trooper (White Phase)
Boss (Republic Commando)
Clone Captain Fordo (ARC Trooper Commander) (Red Pauldron)
Clone Captain Lock (Phase I Armor)
Clone Captain Rex (Battle Damaged or Shot)
Clone Captain Rex (Cold Assault Gear)
Clone Captain Rex (Jet Propulsion Pack)
Clone Captain Rex (Phase I Armor)
Clone Captain Rex (Phase II Armor)
Clone Captain Rex (Phase II Armor) (Rotary Blaster Cannon)
Clone Commander Blackout (Stealth Operations)
Clone Commander Bly (Phase I Armor)
Clone Commander Cody (Phase I Armor)
Clone Commander Cody (Phase II Armor & Jet Propulsion Pack)
Clone Commander Fox (Phase I Armor)
Clone Commander Fox (Phase II Armor)
Clone Commander Gree (Phase I Armor)
Clone Commander Jet (Geonosian Camouflage Deco)
Clone Commander Ponds (Phase I Armor)
Clone Commander Stone (Phase I Armor)
Clone Commander (Tank Gunner) (Bantha Squad)
Clone Commander Thire (Phase I Armor)
Clone Commander Wolffe (Phase I Armor)
Clone Commander Wolffe (Phase II Armor)
Clone Pilot (Phase I Armor)
Clone Pilot (Phase II Armor)
Clone Pilot Goji
Clone Pilot Matchstick
Clone Pilot Odd Ball
Clone Pilot Warthog
Clone Lieutenant Thire
Clone Sergeant Slick
Clone Shock Trooper (Coruscant Guard) (Phase I Armor)
Clone Tank Gunner
Clone Trooper (Aerial Recon) (Bantha Squad)
Clone Trooper (Bantha Squad)
Clone Trooper Boil
Clone Trooper (Bomb Squad)
Clone Trooper Boost (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Boost (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper Buzz
Clone Trooper Chopper
Clone Trooper (Cold Assault Gear)
Clone Trooper Cutup (Training Armor)
Clone Trooper Denal
Clone Trooper Draa
Clone Trooper Echo
Clone Trooper Echo (501st Legion Armor)
Clone Trooper (501st Legion)
Clone Trooper (501st Legion) (Phase II Armor) & Jet Pack
Clone Trooper Fives
Clone Trooper Fives (501st Legion Armor)
Clone Trooper (Flamethrower) (Geonosian Camouflage Deco)
Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps)
Clone Trooper Gearshift
Clone Trooper Gus
Clone Trooper Hardcase
Clone Trooper Hevy (Training Armor)
Clone Trooper Jek
Clone Trooper Jesse
Clone Trooper Kix
Clone Trooper Mixer
Clone Trooper (Newbie)
Clone Trooper (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper Redeye
Clone Trooper (Riot Control Gear)
Clone Trooper (Rocket-Firing Launcher)
Clone Trooper Rys
Clone Trooper (Scuba Gear)
Clone Trooper Scythe & Brain Worms
Clone Trooper (Senate Security)
Clone Trooper Sinker (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Sinker (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper (Space Gear)
Clone Trooper (Special Operations) (Geonosian Camouflage)
Clone Trooper (Stealth Operations)
Clone Trooper (327th Star Corps) (With or Without Jet Pack)
Clone Trooper (212th Battalion) (With or Without Jet Pack)
Clone Trooper Waxer

Droids (12)

C-3PO (Padmé Amidala’s Protocol Droid)
4A-7 (Separatists Espionage Droid)
IG-86 (Assassin Droid) (Downfall and Duel of the Droids)
IG-86 (Assassin Droid) (Hostage Crisis)
KRONOS-327 (Ziro's Assassin Droid)
R2-D2 (Anakin Skywalker's Astromech Droid)
R3-B7 (Mace Windu’s Astromech Droid)
R3-S6 ("Goldie") (Separatists Espionage Droid)
R4-P17 (Obi-Wan Kenobi's Astromech Droid)
R7-A7 (Ahsoka Tano's Astromech Droid)
R7-D4 (Plo Koon's Astromech Droid)
TC-70 (Jabba the Hutt’s Protocol Droid)

Jedi (40)

Aayla Secura
Ahsoka Tano & Brain Worms
Ahsoka Tano & Rotta the Huttlet (Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan)
Ahsoka Tano (New Jedi Outfit)
Ahsoka Tano (Poncho Disguise)
Ahsoka Tano (Space Suit)
Ahsoka Tano (Scuba Gear)
Anakin Skywalker (Cold Weather Gear)
Anakin Skywalker (Fire Force-Blast!) (Plastic or Soft Goods Skirt)
Anakin Skywalker (Firing Lightsaber Action)
Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Pilot Gear)
Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Tunic/New Outfit)
Anakin Skywalker (Naboo Pilot Disguise)
Anakin Skywalker (Poncho Disguise)
Anakin Skywalker (Space Suit)
Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine Poncho)
Barriss Offee (Luminara Unduli’s Padawan) & Brain Worms
Eeth Koth
Even Piell
Kit Fisto (Cold Weather Gear)
Kit Fisto (With Jet Pack)
Kit Fisto (With Two Lightsabers)
Luminara Unduli
Mace Windu (General’s Clone Armor)
Mace Windu (With 2-Piece Jango Fett Helmet)
Nahdar Vebb
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Climbing Action)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Cold Weather Gear)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Dirty)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (General’s Clone Armor)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Tunic/New Outfit)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Space Suit)
Plo Kloon
Plo Koon (Cold Weather Gear)
Quinlan Vos
Saesee Tiin
Shaak Ti
Yoda (Firing Force-Blast)

Others (9)

Gha Nachkt (Scavenger)
Jabba the Hutt (Gangster)
Hondo Ohnaka (Captain) (Pirate)
Jawas (Scavengers)
Mandalorian Police Officer
Mandalorian Warrior (Death Watch)
Nightsister (Witch)
Pre Vizsla (With Darksaber) (Death Watch)
Puko Naga (Nikto Skiff Guard) (Palace Guard)

The Galactic Republic (6)

Admiral Wullf Yularen
Captain Jayfon (Senate Commando)
Jar Jar Binks (Bombad Jedi Cloak)
Padmé Amidala (Adventurer Suit)
Padme Amidala (Diplomat)
Senate Commando

The Galactic Republic Allies (2)

Chewbacca (Kashyyyk Warrior)
Thi-Sen (Talz’s Chieftain)

The Separatist Alliance (Droid Army) (30)

Aqua Battle Droid
Assassin Droid Spawns
Battle Droid (AAT Driver)
Battle Droid (Blue Deco) (Pilot)
Battle Droid (Commander)
Battle Droid (Commander) (Red Deco) (Geonosis)
Battle Droid (Firefighter)
Battle Droid (Trooper) (Tan Deco)
Crab Droid (LM-432)
Commando Droid (Captain)
Commando Droid (Trooper) (Blue Deco)
Commando Droid (Trooper) (Grey Deco)
Destroyer Droid
General Grievous
General Grievous (Battle Damaged)
General Grievous (Holographic)
General Grievous (With Cape)
Magnaguard Droid
MagnaGuard Droid (With Cape)
Retail Droid (LR-57) (Separatist Combat Droid)
Rocket Battle Droid
Spider Assassin Droid
Super Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid (Aerial Combat)
Super Battle Droid (Heavy Assault)
Super Battle Droid (Training Armor)
Tactical Droid (Commander TA-175)
Tactical Droid (Commander TX-20)
Tactical Droid (Commander TX-21)
Whorm Loathsom

The Separatists Allies (5)

Captain Faro Argyus
Geonosian Drone
Geonosian Warrior
Kul Teska
Undead Geonosian Warrior

The Sith (7)

Asajj Ventress
Count Dooku
Count Dooku (Cloth Cape)
Darth Maul (Cybernetic Legs or Cyborg)
Darth Sidious
Savage Opress (Armored)
Savage Opress (Shirtless)

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Here's Who Hasbro Missed!
« on: January 10, 2013, 11:21 PM »
I decided to create of list of characters from the Clone Wars movie & animated series that could be made into actions figures or just created the list for fun. I wanted to do it for all the clone wars fans on here. Enjoy checking out the list. Thank you for letting me post it.

The Clone Wars Movie

Ahsoka Tano (Jedi Cloak)
Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Cloak)
Christophsian Trooper
Clone Sergeant Coric (501st Legion) (Phase I Armor)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Cloak)
Padmé Amidala (Blue-Gray Dress or Outfit)
Palpatine (Supreme Chancellor of the Republic)
R2-KT (Galactic Republic’s Astromech Droid)
Ziro the Hutt (Crime Lord)

Season 1


Captain Zack (Clone Naval Officer)
King Katuunko
Toydarian Royal Guard

Rising The Malevolence

Clone Commander Wolffe (Officer’s Uniform)
TB-2 (2-1B Surgical Droid)

Shadow of the Malevolence

Clone Chief Medic Officer
Clone Pilot Broadside (Phase I Armor)
Nala Se (Kaminoan)


Clone Trooper Heavy (Phase I Armor)

Bombad Jedi

Nute Gunray (Separatist Leader)
Onaconda Farr (Senator - Republic)
Silood (Onaconda Farr’s Aide)

Cloak of Darkness

Clone Naval Captain (Captain of the Tranquility)
327-T (Wed-15 Treadwell Droid)

Lair of Grievous

Clone Commander Fil (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Bel (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Niner (Phase I Armor)
Grievous' Doctor Droid (EV-A4-D)
R6-H5 (Kit Fisto’s Astromech Droid)

Dooku Captured

Count Dooku (Pirate Prison Cell Captive)
Count Dooku (Hooded Sith Cloak)
Dagu Flask (Weequay Pirate - Male)
FA-4 (Count Dooku’s Pilot Droid)
4A-2R (Hondo Ohnaka’s Protocol Droid)
Gundark (Creature on Vanquor)
Finn Tegotash (Weequay Pirate - Male)
Peg Leg Piit (Weequay Pirate - Female)
Turk Falso (Weequay Pirate - Male)

The Gungan General

Anakin Skywalker (Pirate Prison Cell Captive)
Barb Mentir (Weequay Pirate - Male)
Clone Pilot Mack (Phase I Armor)
Kharrus (Senator - Republic)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pirate Prison Cell Captive)
R5-P8 (Hondo Ohnaka’s Astromech Droid)

Jedi Crash

Anakin Skywalker (Battle Damaged or Medical Bay)
Tee Watt Kaa (Lurmen Leader)
Wag Too (Lurmen Healer)
Tub (Lurmen Colonists)

Defenders of Peace

Lok Durd (Separatist - General)
Pune Zignat (Chief Weapons Technician- Aqualish)


Chairman Chi Cho (Cold Weather Gear)
Medcha Wanto (Talz‘s Scribe)
Pantoran Guard
Senator Riyo Chuchi (Cold Weather Gear)
Talz Warrior

The Hidden Enemy

Clone Pilot Hawk (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Jester (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Punch (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Sketch (Phase I Armor)

Blue Shadow Virus

Captain Gregar Typho
Dr. Nuvo Vindi
Jar Jar Binks (Hazmat Gear/Suit)
LEP-86C8 (Dr. Nuvo Vindi’s Servant Droid)
Padmé Amidala (Blue Travel Dress or Outfit)
Padmé Amidala (Hazmat Gear/Suit)
Peppi Bow
Queen Neeyutnee (Naboo)

Mystery of a Thousand Moons

Amit Noloff (Quarren)
Angels (Diathim)
Jaybo Hood
Jaybo Hood's Battle Droid (Commander)
Jaybo Hood's Battle Droid (Trooper)

Storm Over Ryloth

Mar Tuuk (Separatist - Neimoidian Captain)

Innocents on Ryloth

Clone Trooper Wooley (Phase I Armor)
Nilim Bril (Twi'lek Male - Captive)
Numa (Twi'lek Girl)

Liberty on Ryloth

Cham Syndulla (Leader of the Twi'lek Freedom Fighters)
Gobi Glie (Twi'lek Minstrel)
Orn Free Taa (Rutian Senator)
Tae Boon (Twi'lek Freedom Fighter)
Wat Tambor (Separatist Leader)

Hostage Crisis

Bail Prestor Organa (Senator - Republic)
HELIOS-3D (IG-86 Sentinel Droid - Bounty Hunter)
Padmé Amidala (Loyalist Dress or Outfit)
Philo (Senator - Republic)
Zinn Paulness (Senator - Republic)

Season 2

Holocron Heist

Cade Bane (Jedi Cloak Disguise)
Jocast Nu (Jedi’s Chief Librarian)
Ord Enisence (Jedi Master)

Cargo of Doom

Bolla Ropal (Jedi Master)
Clone Trooper Koho (Phase I Armor)

Children of the Force

Lunker (Gungan Security Captain)
RO-Z67 (Darth Sidious’ Nanny Droid) & Wee Dunn (Rodian Child)

Senate Spy

Lott Dod (Senator - Republic)
Padmé Amidala (Cato Neimoidian Dinner Dress or Outfit)
Poggle the Lesser (Separatist Leader)
Rush Clovis (Senator - Republic)

Landing At Point Rain

Clone Tanker Gunner (Geonosian Camouflage Deco)

Weapons Factory

Geonosian Warrior (Separatist Spy)

Legacy of Terror

Karina the Great (Geonosian Queen)

Brain Invaders

Clone Lieutenant Trap (Tango Company)
Clone Sergeant Pulsar (Tango Company)
Clone Trooper Edge (Tango Company)
Clone Trooper Havoc (Tango Company)
Clone Trooper Ox (Tango Company)
TC-326 (Republic’s Protocol Droid)

Grievous Intrigue

Adi Gallia (Jedi Master)
Eekar Oki (Jedi Knight - Mon Calamari)
Halsey (Jedi Master)

The Deserter

Clone Trooper Crys (Phase I Armor)
Cut Lawquane (Clone Trooper Deserter)

Lightsaber Lost

Bannamu (Pickpocket - Coruscant)
Cassie Cryar (Jango Jumper) - Female)
Ione Marcy (Criminal - Female)
Police Droids (Coruscant Sentry Force)
Tera Sinube (Jedi Master)

The Mandalore Plot

Almec (Mandalorian Prime Minister)
Mandalorian Royal Guard
Pre Vizsla (Governor of Concordia)
Satine Kryze (Adventure Gear or Suit)
Satine Kryze (Duchess of Mandalore) (Duchess Dress or Outfit)
Tal Merrick (Mandalorian Aide, Prince, Senator)

Voyage of Temptation

Captain Gray (Captain of the Coronet Starship)

Duchess of Mandalore

Aramis (Mandalorian Speeder Pilot)
Davu Golec (Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence Officer)
Death Watch Assassin (Mandalorian Armor - Blue Deco)
Mas Amedda (Vice Chancellor of the Republic)
Mon Mothma (Senator - Republic)
Mot-Not Rab (Senator - Republic)
Satine Kryze (Red Hooded Cloak)

Senate Murders

C-069 (Mee Deechi’s Protocol Droid)
Halle Burtoni (Senator - Republic - Kamino)
Lolo Purs (Senator Onaconda Farr’s Aide)
Mee Decchi (Senator - Republic - Umbara)
Tan Divo (Lieutenant) (Police Inspector - Coruscant Sentry Force)

Cat and Mouse

Admiral Trench (Separatist)
Clone Stealth Pilot
Clone Trooper Spark (Stealth Operations)
Commander TI-99 (Tactical Droid - Separatist)

Bounty Hunters

Casiss (Leader of the Nysillin Farmers)
Dilanni (Nysillin Farmer)
Gwarm (Weequay Pirate - Male)
Rummi Paramita (Bounty Hunter - Female)
Sugi (Bounty Hunter - Female)

The Zillo Beast

Clone Pilot Rod (Goji’s Turret Gunner) (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Hawkeye (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Trapper (Phase I Armor)
Dr. Sionver Boll (Republic Scientist)
Doge Nakha Urus (Leader of the Malastarian Council)
Dug Soldier

Death Trap

Admiral Shoan Killian (Galactic Republic)
Clone Sergeant Crasher (Fatigues)
Clone Sergeant Fury (Phase I Armor)
Hotshot (Clone Cadet‘s Uniform)
Jax (Clone Cadet‘s Uniform)
Whiplash (Clone Cadet Uniform)

R2 Come Home

Boba Fett (Poncho) & Speeder Bike
Clone Captain Silver (Officer’s Uniform)
Clone Trooper Comet (Phase I Armor)

Lethal Trackdown

Fond Do (Bar Patron)
Tiggs Leo (Bartender)
Utonk Hid (Bar Patron)

Season 3

Clone Cadets

Battle Droid (Training Simulator)
Clone Trooper Droidbait (Training Armor)
Clone Trooper Echo (Training Armor)
Clone Trooper Fives (Training Armor)
Clone Trooper Ninety-Nine (Maintenance Division)
Commando Droid (Training Simulator)
Lama Su (Prime Minster of Kamino)

ARC Troopers

Commander TV-94B (Tactical Droid - Separatist)

Supply Lines

Admiral Dao (Galactic Republic)
Clone Captain Keeli (Phase I Armor)
Ima-Gun Di (Jedi Knight)

Sphere of Influence

Baron N. Papanoida (Chairman of Pantora)
Brainee (Bounty Hunter – Male)
Greedo (Bounty Hunter – Rodian)
Gotal (Bounty Hunter - Male)
Ion Papanoida (Chairman’s Son)
Neimodian Guard (Neimoidian Gunnery Battalion)
Riyo Chuchi (Senatorial Outfit)
Sib Canay (Trade Federation Officer - Separatist)


Mandalorian Police Captain
Moogan Smuggler (Tee Va’s Crew Member)
Siddiq (Shipping Importer)
Tee Va (Moogan Smuggler)
Zak Zaz (Mandalorian Doctor)

The Academy

Amis (Cadet in the Royal Academy of Mangalore - Male)
Korkie (Cadet in the Royal Academy of Mangalore - Male)
Lagos (Cadet in the Royal Academy of Mangalore - Female)
Soniee (Cadet in the Royal Academy of Mangalore - Female)


Aurra Sing (Sniper Gear/Outfit) (Bounty Hunter)
Padme Amidala (Alderaan Conference Dress or Outfit)

Evil Plans

Aang (Senator - Republic)
Baker Droid (2-1B Cooking Droid)
Droogan (Vendor on Coruscant)
J0-N0 (8D Smelter Droid)
LED Servant Droid (Rabbit Droid)
Padme Amidala (Green Dress or Outfit)

Hunt For Ziro

Arok the Hutt (Crime Lord)
Gamorrean Guard
Gardulla the Hutt (Crime Lord)
Gorga the Hutt (Crime Lord)
Marlo the Hutt (Crime Lord)
Oruba the Hutt (Crime Lord)
MF-80 (Gardulla the Hutt’s Protocol Droid)
Sy Snootles

Heroes on Both Sides

Demolition Droids (Infiltrators - Separatist)
Gume Saam (Senator - Republic)
Kerch Kushi (Senator - Separatist)
Lux Bonteri (Raxus Estate Outfit)
Mina Bonteri (Onderon Senator - Separatist)
Nix Card (Banking Clan Representative)
Power Generator Engineer (Coruscant)
Voe Atell (Senator - Separatist)

Pursuit of Peace

Alderaanian Guard (Alderaan)
Chata Hyoki (Bounty Hunter)
Hogan Tinmar (Naboo Royal Guard)
Padme Amidala (Red Senate Dress)
Teckla Minnau (Senator Padme Amidala’s Handmaiden)


Asajj Ventress (Nightsister’s Outfit)
Count Dooku (Pajamas)
Karis (Nighsister)
Mother Talizin (Leader of the Nightsister’s Clan of Witches)
Naa'leth (Nighsister)
Ratch (Scavenger - Twi'lek)
Tailia (Nighsister)


ARF Clone Commander Trauma
Feral (Zabrak Nightbrother)
Knox (Jedi Padawan)
Savage Opress (Crucible Combat Arena)
Viscus (Leader of Zabrak Nightbrothers)

Witches of the Mist

Fixer (Republic Commando)
Scorch (Republic Commando)
Sev (Republic Commando)


Ahsoka Tano (Adult Apparition)
Daughter (Griffin)
Daughter (Winged Goddess)
Father (Mortis)
Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Spirit)
Shmi Skywalker-Lars (Mortis Monastery Apparition)
Son (Fanged God)
Son (Flying Gargoyle)

Altar of Mortis

Ahsoka Tano (Dark Side)
Son (Gargoyle)

Ghost of Mortis

Ahsoka Tano (Mechanic)
Anakin Skywalker (Dark Side)

The Citadel

ARC Trooper Echo
ARC Trooper Fives
Ahsoka Tano (Carbonite Chamber)
Anakin Skywalker (Carbonite Chamber)
Captain Wilhuff Tarkin (Galactic Republic)
Clone Captain Rex (Carbonite Chamber)
Clone Commando Cody (Carbonite Chamber)
Clone Trooper Charger (501st Legion) (Phase I Armor)
Clone Trooper Longshot (212th Attack Battalion) (Phase I Armor)
Commando Droid (Captain - The Citadel Deco)
Commando Droid (Trooper - The Citadel Deco)
Erk Zallis (Ugnaught Engineer)
K2-B4 (The Citadel’s Tactical Droid - Separatist)
OOM-10 (Battle Droid - Republic)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Carbonite Chamber)
Osi Sobeck (The Citadel Commander)

Citadel Rescue

Admiral Coburn (Galactic Republic)

Padawan Lost

Dar (Trandoshan Hunter) (Son of Garnac)
Garnac (Leader of Trandoshan Hunters)
Gilas (Trandoshan Hunter) (Orange Vest)
Jinx (Captured Jedi Padawan - Twi'lek - Male)
Kalifa (Captured Jedi Padawan - Human -Female)
Krix (Trandoshan Hunter) (Black Shirt with Lightning Bolts across)
Lagon (Trandoshan Hunter) (Brown Vest)
Lo-Taren (Trandoshan Hunter) (Blue Shirt)
O-Mer (Captured Jedi Padawan - Cerean - Male)
Ramy (Trandoshan Hunter) (Dark Brown Shirt)
Ratter (Trandoshan Hunter) (Hover Pod Pilot)
Sochek (Trandoshan Hunter) (Gray Vest)

Wookiee Hunt

Clutch (Trandoshan Hunter) (Slave Ship Pilot)
Goron (Trandoshan Hunter) (Slave Ship Pilot)
Smug (Trandoshan Hunter) (Scout)
Tarfful (General) (Wookiee Chieftain)
Wookiee Soldier

Season 4

Water War

Anakin Skywalker (Scuba Gear)
Brother Lemcke
Captain Gial Ackbar
Clone Commander Monnk (Scuba Gear)
Kit Fist (Scuba Gear)
Menna Tills (Senator - Republic)
Mon Calamari Guard
Mon Calamari Trooper
Nossor Ri (Quarren Chieftain)
Padme Amidala (Scuba Gear)
Prince Lee-Char
Quarren Trooper
Riff Tamson (Commander - Separatist)

Gungan Attack

Boss Lyonie (Gungan‘s Leader)
Jar Jar Binks (Scuba Gear)
Rish Loo (Gungan Minister)
Roos Tarpals (General of the Gungan Grand Army)


Karkarodon Enforcer
Quarren Guard

Shadow Warrior

Padme Amidala (Naboo Battle Gear)

Mercy Mission

ARF Trooper (104th Battalion) & AT-RT
Kindalo (Tree-Like Species of the Aleen’s Underworld)
Manchucho (King of Aleen)
Orphne (Resident of the Aleen’s Underworld)

Nomad Droids

Big Hay-Zu (Overlord of Patitite)
CS-321 (RA-7 Protocol Droid)
Clone Trooper (91st Reconnaissance Corp) (Phase II Armor)
Jimba (Patitite Scout - Female)
K0-5D  (Maximo) (Labor Droid - ASP-Series Droid)
R5-L26 (Republic’s Astromech Droid)
Tagoo (Patitite Scout - Male)

Darkness on Umbara

Clone Pilot Hawk (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper Dogma (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper Hardcase (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper Jesse (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper Kix (Phase II Arnor)
Clone Trooper Oz (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper Ringo (Phase II Arnmor)
Clone Trooper Tup (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper (212th Attack Battalion) (Phase II Armor)
Pong Krell (Jedi Master - General)
Umbaran Militia Trooper


Clone Z-95 Headhunter Starfighter

The General

Clone Sergeant Appo (Phase II Armor)

Carnage of Krell

Clone Trooper Waxer (Phase II Armor)


Clone Trooper Boil (Phase II Armor)
Darts D'Nar (Zygerrian Commander – Separatist)
Destroyer Droid (Droideka Sniper)
Roshti (Togruta Governor of Kiros)

Slaves of the Republic

Ahsoka Tano (Slave Outfit)
Anakin Skywalker (Zygerrian Armor/Gear Disguise)
Atai Molec (Queen Miraj Scintel’s Advisor)
Clone Captain Rex (Zygerrian Armor/Gear Disguise)
Keeper Agruss (Head of Zygerrian Slave Labor Processing Hub)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Zygerrian Armor/Gear Disguise)
Omus Krill (Zygerrian Armor) (Slaveholder)
Queen Miraj Scintel (Zygerrian Ruler)
Zygerrian Guard

Escape from Kadavo

Clone Captain Rex (Zygerrian Prisoner)
Clone Pilot Warthog (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper Comet (Phase II Armor)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Zygerrian Prisoner)
Tuktee (Togruta Slave - Female)
Zygerrian Gunner
Zygerrian Technician

A Friend In Need

Ahsoka Tano (Cold Weather Gear)
Bo-Katan (Lieutenant of the Death Watch - Night Owls Squad)
Captain Taggart (Senate Commando)
Death Watch Soldier (Mandalorian Armor)
Lux Bonteri (Cold Weather Gear)
Pre Vizsla (New Mandalorian Armor)


Boba Fett (Prisoner Outfit)
Bossk (Prisoner Outfit)
Clone Shock Trooper (Coruscant Guard) (Phase II Armor)
Cad Bane (Prisoner Outfit)
Moralo Eval (Prisoner Outfit)
Rako Hardeen (Bounty Hunter)
Rako Hardeen (Prisoner Outfit)

Friends and Enemies

Cad Bane (New Bounty Hunter Gear/Outfit)
Moralo Eval (Armored) (Criminal Mastermind)
Pablo (Rodian Arms Dealer)
Rako Hardeen (New Bounty Hunter Gear/Outfit)

The Box

Bulduga (Bounty Hunter)(Ithorian - Male)
Derrown (Parwan Bounty Hunter - Male)
Jakoli (Bounty Hunter) (Rodian - Male)
Kiera Swan (Bounty Hunter) (Weequay - Female)
Onca (Bounty Hunter)(Ithorian - Male)
Sinrich (Snivvian Bounty Hunter - Male)
Sixtat (Bounty Hunter) (Sakiyan - Male)
Twazzi (Frenk Bounty Hunter - Female)

Crisis on Naboo

Naboo Security Guard
SG-194 (Senate Commando or Guard)
Sio Bibble (Governor of Naboo)


Count Dooku (Tortured)
Luce (Nightsister)
Nightsister Warrior
Old Daka (Elder Nightsister)
Undead Nightsister (Zombie)


Asajj Ventress (Bounty Hunter Gear)
Boba Fett (Combat Armor or Gear)
Bossk (Bounty Hunter)
C-21 Highsinger (Bounty Hunter - Droid)
Dengar (Bounty Hunter)
Kage Warrior
Krismo Sodi (Leader of the Kage Warriors - Male)
Latts Razzi (Theelin Bounty Hunter - Female)
Lord Outa Blank (Ruler of Quartzite - Belugan)
Major Rigosso (Belugan Henchman)
Pluma Sodi (Member of the Kage Warriors - Female)


Darth Maul (Cybernetic Spider Legs)
Junkers (Scavengers)
Morley (Scavenger - Anacondan)

Season 5


Jiro (Weequay Pirate - Lieutenant)
LD-112 (Republic Spaceport Police Droid)
Palpatine (Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic) (Black & Grey Outfit)
SD-357 (Republic Spaceport Police Droid)
Sabo (Weequay Pirate)
Zutton (Snaggletooth) (Blue Bounty Gear)

A War on Two Fronts

Clone Captain Rex (Rebel Commando Gear or Outfit)
Hutch (Rebel (Male - Armor, Gear or Outfit)
Lux Bonteri (Rebel Armor, Gear or Outfit)
Orderon Rebel Trooper
Sanjay Rash (King 0f Orderon - Separatists)
Saw Gerrera (Rebel Armor, Gear or Outfit)
Steela Gerrera (Rebel Leader on Onderon)

Front Runners

Dono (Female in Rebel Armor, Gear or Outfit)
Kalani(General in Separatist’s Army) (Hologram)
Okalin (Assistant to King Sanjay Rash - Separatists)
Onderonian Royal Guard
Ramsis Dendup (King of Orderon - Neutral)

The Soft War

Kalani (Super Tactical Droid - General in Separatist’s Droid Army)
R9-D9 (King Sanjay Rash’s Astromech Droid)
Royal Onderon Militia Trooper
Tandin (General of the Royal Onderon Militia)

Tipping Point

Commando Droid (BX-Series) (Orderon)

The Gathering

Byph (Ithorian - Male) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Cold Weather Gear)
Ganodi (Rodian - Female) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Cold Weather Gear)
Gungi (Wookiee - Male) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling)
Katooni (Tholothian - Female) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Cold Weather Gear)
Petro (Human - Male) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Cold Weather Gear)
Zatt (Nautolan - Male) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Cold Weather Gear)

A Test of Strength

Byph (Ithorian - Male) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Jedi Outfit)
Ganodi (Rodian - Female) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Jedi Outfit)
Goru (Weequay Pirate)
Ishi Tib Pirate (Hondo Ohnaka’s Pirate Gang)
Katooni (Tholothian - Female) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Jedi Outfit)
Parsel (Hondo Ohnaka’s Pirate Gang)
Petro (Human - Male) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Jedi Outfit)
Professor Huyang (Jedi Lightsaber Construction or Programmed Droid)
Weequay Pirate (Space Suit)
Zatt (Nautolan - Male) (Jedi Initiate or Youngling) (Jedi Outfit)

Bound for Rescue

Carshotta (Performer) (Togruta - Female)
Clone Pilot Engle (Phase II Armor)
Clone Pilot Killer (Phase II Armor)
Gamorrean Clown
Preigo (Dug - Male)

A Necessary Bond

General Grievous & Combat Speeder
Labour Droid (ASP-Series Droid)

Secret Weapons

Aut-O (Super Tactical Droid) (Separatist)
Clone Commander Neyo (Phase II Armor)
Colonel Meebur Gascon (Galactic Republic)
Dr. Gubacher (Galactic Republic)
M5-BZ (Tera Sinube’s Astromech Droid)
QT-KT (Aayla Secura’s Astromech Droid)
Thongla Fur (Jedi Knight)
UP-C4 (Thongla Fur’s Astromech Droid)
WAC-47 (Clone Commander Neyo’s DUM-Series Pit Droid)

Missing in Action

Gregor (Abafar Gear or Outfit)
Gregor (Republic Commando) (Captain)
Walrus Man

Point of No Return

Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin (Galactic Republic)
BNI-393 (Bunny - LEP Servant Droid)
Buzz Droid (Pistoeka Sabotage Droid)
R4-Z9 (Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin’s Astromech Droid)


Black Sun Guard or Trooper (Mustafar)
Darth Maul (Mandalorian Armor or Gear)
Death Watch Guard (Mandalorian Armor - Blue Deco)
Lom Pyke (Crime Lord)
Pyke Guard or Trooper (Pyke Syndicate)
Savage Oppress (Cybernetic Arm)
Translation Droid (Jabba’s Palace)
Xomit Grunseit (Leader of the Black Sun)
Ziton Moj (Captain of the Guards for the Black Sun)

Shades of Reason

Armatan (New Prime Mister of Mandalore)
RIC-Series Droid (Labor Droid)
Satine Kryze (Prisoner)
Tour Guide Droid

The Lawless

Darth Sidious (Red Sith Cloak or Robe) & Two Red Lightsabers
Mandalorian Super Commando Captain (Shadow Collective)
Mandalorian Super Commando Warrior (Shadow Collective)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Mandalorian Armor/Gear Disguise - Red Deco)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Rako Hardeen’s New Bounty Hunter Gear/Outfit Disguise)
Red Guard (Galactic Republic)


Cin Drallig (Jedi Master)
Clone Trooper (Riot Control Gear) (Phase II Armor)
Letta Turmond 
Russo ISC (Crime Scene Analysis Droid - Republic)
Temple Guard (Jedi Temple Security Force)


Ahsoka Tano Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor
Anakin Skywalker's Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much

Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin (Hologram)
Clone Sergeant Hound (ARF Trooper - Coruscant)
Grizzer (Massiff)
MR-T3 (Galactic Republic’s Astromech Droid - Coruscant)

To Catch a Jedi

Coruscant Underworld Police Officer (Armored - Security Force)
Spots Podal (Gotal - Male)


Republic Police Gunship

The Wrong Jedi

Coleman Kcaj (Jedi Master)
Padmé Amidala (High Court Outfit)

Season 6

The Unknown

Admiral Trench (Cybernetic Implants or Cyborg)
Anakin Skywalker (New Space Suit)
Clone Commander Doom (Phase II Armor)
Clone Trooper (Phase II Armor) (501st Legion)
Clone Trooper (Phase II Armor) (Green Deco)
Super Battle Droid (Rocket Combat)
Super Tactical Droid (Kraken)
Tiplee (Red Skinned Female - Jedi Knight)
Tiplar (Green Skinned Female - Jedi Knight)


ARC Trooper Fives (Training Fatigues)
AZI-3 (Medical Droid)
Clone Trooper (Phase II Armor) (Grey Deco) (Kamino Security)


ARC Trooper Fives (Clone Trooper’s Phase II Armor Disguise)
Clone Commander (Phase II Armor) (Grey Deco) (Kamino Security)
Clone Pilot (Phase II Armor) (Grey Outfit)


Jay Igno (Air Taxi Driver - Coruscant)

An Old Friend

Clu Lesser (Muun Banker)
Muun Guard
Rush Clovis (Scipio Senator)

Rise of Clovis

Clone Commander Thorn (Phase II Armor) (Red Deco)

The Disappeared Part I

Dagoyan Clan Member
Dagoyan Guard
Dagoyan Master
Frangawl Leader
Frangawl Guard
Frangawl Warrior
Joseph (Dagoyan Master)
Queen Julia (Dagoyan Leader)

The Disappeared Part II

Cultist Aide
Cultist Gunner

The Lost One

Clone Commander Wolffe (Desert or Sandstorm Armor - 104th Battalion)
Clone Tank Gunner (Desert or Sandstorm Armor - 104th Battalion)
Clone Trooper (Desert or Sandstorm Armor - 104th Battalion)
Clone Trooper Comet (Desert or Sandstorm Armor - 104th Battalion)
Plo Koon (Breath Mask, Desert or Sandstorm Poncho, & Scarf)


Rig Nema (Jedi Medical Doctor)


The Five Priestesses (Anger, Confusion, Joy, Sadness, Serenity)


Count Dooku (Training Armor)
Darth Bane (Apparition)
Sifo-Dyas (Apparition)
Sith Snakes
Sith Warriors (Apparition)

Expanded Universe

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Pilot Gear)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Scuba Gear)

Here's a list of Star Wars Actions Figures from the six films that are in need of repainting, rescuplting, or retooling.

(Please let me know if anyone wants me to add any particular figures that has not been included on this lists!)

Star Wars Actions Figures in need of repainting, rescuplting, or retooling:

Prequel Trilogy

Star Wars I (The Phantom Menace)

Anakin Skywalker (Mos Espa Slave Outfit)
Beed & Fode (Boonta Eve Classic Podrace Announcers)
Boss Nass (Leader of the Gungans)
Captain Panaka (Head of the Royal Naboo Security Forces)
Chancellor Finis Valorum (Leader of the Galactic Republic)
Depa Billaba (Jedi Master)
Ki-Adi Mundi (Jedi Master)
Mace Windu (Jedi Master)
Nute Gunray (Viceroy of the Trade Federation)
Senator Paplatine (Coruscant)
Sio Bibble (Governor of Naboo)
Shmi Skywalker (Mos Espa Slave Quarters)
Yoda (Digital Version)
Yoda (Puppet Version)

Star Wars II (Attack of the Clones)

Anakin Skywalker (Secret Ceremony)
Boba Fett (Kamino Escape)
Count Dooku (Dark Lord of the Sith/Separatist Leader)
Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape)
Jar Jar Binks (Gungan Representative in the Galactic Senate)
Padmé Amidala (Secret Ceremony)
San Hill (Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan/Separatist Leader)
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Wat Tambor (Geonosis War Room)

Star Wars III (Revenge of the Sith)

Anakin Skywalker (Battle Damaged)
Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Pilot Gear)
Captain Antilles (Senate Security)
Chancellor Palpatine (Invisible Hand Capture or Prisoner)
Clone Pilot (Firing Cannon) (Shadow Pilot) (Black Outfit)
Clone Pilot (Phase II Armor) (Generic)
Count Dooku (Darth Tyranus)
Emperor Palpatine (Firing Force Lightning)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Pilot Gear)
Wilhuff Tarkin (Governor)

Original Trilogy

Star Wars IV (A New Hope)

Admiral Conan Motti (Death Star I)
Aunt Beru (Lar’s Homestead)
Chewbacca (Imperial Captive)
GONK Droid (EG-6) (Blue Deco)
Lak Sivrak (Cantina Patron)
Princess Leia Organa (Ceremonial Dress)
Princess Leia Organa (Imperial Captive)
Uncle Owen (Lar’s Homestead)

Star Wars V (The Empire Strikes Back)

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Jedi Spirit) (Dagobah)
Bespin Security Guard (Bearded)
Darth Vader (Dagobah Apparition)
Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Fatigues)
Princess Leia Organa (Mynock Hunt)
Yoda (Jedi Master)

Star Wars Vi (Return of the Jedi)

Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Spirit) (Interchangeable Heads: Hayden Christensen/Sebastian Shaw)
Bib Fortuna (Jabba the Hutt’s Majordomo)
Emperor Palpatine (Death Star II)
Imperial Dignitary (Generic) (Empire)
Imperial Dignitary Janus Greejatus (Death Star II Procession)
Imperial Dignitary Kren Blista-Vinee (Death Star II Procession)
Mon Mothma (Rebellion)
Princess Leia Organa (General Gear or Outfit) (Rebellion)
Saelt-Marae (Yak Face)
Tessek (Squid Head)
Yoda (Jedi Spirit)

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