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Droid Factory 2013 / 2013 Droid Factory = NOT Dead in 2015?
« on: May 12, 2015, 06:23 PM »
2013 Droid Factory = Dead

Not anymore, it's not...

Since I canít edit the damned Birthday Thread title anymore, and since thereís only one thing that annually trumps New Yearís in the Star Wars collecting community, especially this year, itís time we start a thread honoring the momentous occasion of the 40th anniversary of the birth of the creator of ICMG, the architect of Hoth Hanís blue jacket (or is it brown?), the discoverer of Greg(g); and celebrating our love affair with one Olí Cocky Bastard, JDís heart and soul, 4 decades of OCB, and the official welcoming of Scott to the OLD fartís club (pka ďThe CanadiansĒ)...

Happy 40th Birthday, Scott!  Without getting too sappy, thanks for the friendship, memories, laughter, knowledge, generosity and fun for the pastÖ oh hell, however long itís been now.  But most of all, thanks for two of my all-time favorite Star Wars figures.  My collection would be forever incomplete without you being the beacon of light guiding Hasbro through their oft gloomy tunnel of darkness.

Now hopefully Dale or Nathan can dig up the dancing monkets, llamas, bananas, etc for the special occasion...

Anyone know what scale these Disney Store exclusive die-cast ships are in, or if they're actual rehashes of the Titanium or Galoob ships...?  $80 for 9 ships makes me think they're sized somewhere in between the Titanium ships and the old Action Fleet ships.  Just curious, after catching Jayson's news post over at Yak about it.

JD Uber Troll is having yet another challenging dilemma, so Iíve decided to help him out here and start a thread on his behalf, to hopefully help alleviate some of his continuously "unusual" anxiety regarding others peopleís collecting habits.  Force Guy brings up an interesting conundrum though, as he is currently confounded as to why people (like me) who dislike the Prequels would still collect prequel figures and toys.  Similary, we should probably nip it in the bud and also address why folks would buy any of the EU figures if they didn't like the book or game from which the characters came, or havenít even read or played it for that matter.

Any takers?  As for me, as I've previously posted, I do it for the sake of maintaining a complete 4Ē collection, on top of the fact that I just like most of the figures regardless of movie or source of origin.  In all of the other Star Wars lines I collect (GG, etc), Iíve always gone OT-only though.  But since I've dug the 4Ē line since 1978, and it's relatively cheap (current distribution issues aside), Iíve decided to grab the prequel stuff along the way too, even if their inspiration comes from 2.5 movies that I donít particularly care for.  As for EU, other than the Thrawn trilogy and SOTE, Iíve never read any Star Wars EU, and Iíve only played a handful of the SW video games, but I really dig the vast majority of EU figures.  I guess I look at the Hasbro line as part of the overall SW "toy saga" which I enjoy in it's entirety, but a somewhat separate entity from the movie saga (which I only enjoy 58.3% of the time), so I collect the prequel (and EU) stuff almost as happily as the OT swag.

[Tangent]Regarding collecting in general, on a broader level, Iíll occasionally purchase stuff I donít necessarily love for my movie and music collections, just to make them more well-rounded.  Iíve taken to trying to ďcollectĒ each Blu-ray from BOMís Top 200 adjusted list, though thereís actually a small handful that Iím struggling with that I may wind up passing on.  I'll grab random Jazz and Classical CDs from time to time too, even though I don't love those genres, and have to be in exactly the right mood to listen to them.  I also collect U.S. and Int'l coins, including some from countries that I didn't particularly enjoy, and many that have some ridiculously lame designs on them.  I guess my point is that to me, well-rounded and interesting collections should contain a wide array of items within them: Bizarre, cool, ugly, unusual, popular, random, despised, etc.[tangent/]

So, who else is in the boat of disliking the Prequels (or EU), but collecting their respective figures/toys, and how come?  Also, folks who have ditched the PT figures somewhere along the way should feel free to chime in too since you were obviously at one point in this club as well, before ďseeing the lightĒ (or just running out of space, as the more frequent case may be).

Watto's Junk Yard / Cars: Lease or buy?
« on: September 9, 2012, 03:21 AM »
My wife and I have been looking into getting a new car (probably Acura TL), but have been contemplating whether it'd be a better idea to start leasing.  We've always bought our cars in the past, but after 5 or 6 years it's usually a pain in the ass to sell the thing, and you don't get squat for a trade-in, so we were exploring the option of doing a lease this time.  I like the idea of getting something new every few years, with the far cheaper maintenance that goes along with that plan as well.  Does anyone else here lease, or have any thoughts on the matter, good or bad?  I'm aware of the limited miles issue, but that shouldn't be a problem, as we could just do our various longer road trips in the other car, if need be.

When a lease runs out, and you pick something new, is the timing at all flexible while you look around, or do you have to jump into something new on day 1,096?  Do they re-finance everything again, or do loyal (continuously leasing) customers get to keep their original (presumably) good deals each additional time (other than the down payment)?  I suppose we could just drag our butts into the Acura dealership to find out, but I thought I'd gather what insight I could before we eventually wandered over there, lest we become prey to those wonderful auto dealership types.

Forgive me if I missed a thread/post on this somewhere (and for my lack of interest in doing the research myself), but does anyone have a list of the remaining carded updates still needed in the TVC collection to complete the entire vintage "92" figure run?  I'm not talking every vintage carded variant, just the debut cards for each respective figure.  I've completely lost track, and am interested in how close Hasbro is to finishing them all up, and whether it's plausible to do so during TVCs next run in a year or two.


Here's what we know so far:
  • Jango Fett (Pilot)
  • Sandtrooper
  • Battle Droid (red)
  • Anakin Skywalker (ROTS)
  • Yoda
  • Darth Maul
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (AOTC)
  • R2-D2
  • Darth Vader
As for these three, I'm absolutely speechless:

I know Hasbro's officially gone on the record umpteen times at C6 saying the MH line is now a kid's line, but c'mon, even those decade old sculpts are insulting to the children!  I guess this is a good reminder of where the old figures go when the Hasbro reps (used to) clear the pegs at B&M stores.  Epic fail.  Wow.

Here's thumbs of the rest of the lineup:

No way in hell that Sandtrooper's going to stand up if he's not leaning on his vacuum as a crutch.  I guess it's a smart move to get that Pilot Jango out there with the upcoming Slave-1 (mini) re-release, so kudos to Hasbro for finally putting 1 + 1 together.  And now that I think of it, I guess that's the FX R2 there, which probably makes more sense for the kids, as opposed to any other R2s with an articulated dome.

So is there anything new in that mix, other than the light-up saber Anakin and the Sandtrooper's vacuum accessory (or is it a blower)?  I'll be picking up those two, at least, but hopefully that's it.

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