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I have the 2 Celebration Exclusive figures.  One Jorg with starcase and a CIII talking vader.  The price for both is 55.00.   Shipping is free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please get them to a nice home.....


Hi, I am new to the forums but created a shirt.  I hope everyone can help out.

If you can host pics I can send them to you so everyone can see a mock up of the shirt.


*******Sizes go from L-XXXL******* (XXXL add 2.00)

Hello to all.  I am a fellow poster in the forums.  I thought it would be a great idea for the people who post in the forums to have a way to recognize each other at Celebration III.  I have designed T-shirts especially for us.  Now, these are no regular shirts!!  The shirt artwork is a cartoon in homage to the original trilogy, designed by Bill Cable of Creature Cantina.  Each shirt will come to you with two preprinted labels of your screen name that you use in either or or in any other forums.   For example, when you see a label with “damon5973”, you may recognize it and be able to come up to me and say, “Hey thanks for the deal on those figures.”  The labels will be able to be attached on the front of your shirt and then removed.  The back of the shirt will have the cartoon and a list of several sponsors, such as:  Rebelscum, PSWCS,, Garrison Carida,, Hollywood Heroes, Kisses for Katie and possibly a few others.  As part of this way of getting to know each other, I also decided it would be a great opportunity to help a Star Wars “family member” by making this a charity drive for the Kisses for Katie Foundation. For each shirt purchased I will donate $2.00 to the Kisses for Katie fund!!!!  The cost per shirt will be $15.00, which will include priority shipping, the labels, and the $2.00 donation.

The T-shirts will be white with blue and black ink. 

I will need the following info:

Mailing Address:
Forum Screen Name(s):
Shirt Size and Quantity:  _____ Large   ______ X-Large

Payment can be made by paypal to; or money order- email me for mailing address.

Thank you for your support.  See you at CIII.

Brad Portnoy

Newbies / just getting into new forums
« on: March 22, 2005, 07:57 PM »
Hi, I have been posting over at RS forums.  Just heard of a few others and decided to try them out.  I collect chewbacca, as well as many others I see and love vintage japanese pieces, especially the diecast zetca(sp?). 

I hope to do some buying and selling with everyone and catch up on the gossip!!! ;)


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