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Hey Hasbro! / STOP with Convention Exclusives!
« on: April 22, 2005, 12:18 AM »

C3 is now one day old and from what I have read your C3 Exclusive Vader is a nightmare to obtain. I know you wanted to "create a special piece for C3 goers" but go check eBay...some sellers have double digits of these IN HAND! Way to create something special  >:(

I, like many others, have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on Star Wars product over the years (my collection is rapidly approching 2,000). Why oh why can't you offer these exclusives to members of Hyperspace at the very least? I had the chance to go to C3 but I passed...I had no intention of flying a 1,000 miles to stand in line ALL day to get 1 figure.

Put a special C3 or SDCC or whatever sticker on the package of the conventions and offer up "non stickered" versions to the masses who can't make it.

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