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hey everyone!!! its finished... i finally finished my commander gree.... i did a little white wash on the legs to lighten em up a bit... the straps are finally finished... and i finally got the helmet to fit to where it doesnt rip off the paint on his nose.... anyways hope you enjoy... the pics dont do this looks much better in person.... this is the first time i have used drybrushing on a figure....and im surprised how easy and effective it is... anyways...let me know what you think...for the most part its just a modded #41 with a head cast.....

Star Wars Action Figures / MY Commander FOX WIP
« on: July 5, 2005, 08:42 PM »
hey everyone...thought i would share my first crack at a helmet sculpt..... i just wanted to get some advice on the overall sculpt...i know i have some line straightening, smoothing, and a little more work on the breather...but i just wanted to see how you guys think this is comin along..... (also the orange needs to be a little more yellow)

hope you enjoy...also i have a gree in progress

hey everyone.... here is a custom vehicle i came up with using the matrix APU figure... the legs are fully poseable in 4 places.... and the chair moves forward and back......the control panel also moves in accordance with the chair....

Star Wars Action Figures / Custom KOTOR SiTH TRooPER
« on: April 26, 2005, 12:58 AM »
hey everyone! its my very first post here!  i am however no newbie when it comes to customizing.... you probably have seen me over the last several years at the scum boards but Darth Delicious told me i should try over here for some more feedback.... well here it is... its about 95% done...all i have to do is add the thigh gaurds.... the paint is folkart silver and apple barrell black

HEAD   - ROTS royal gaurd (dremmeled and sculpied)
ARMS   - Upper arms ROTS royal gaurd (cut and dremmeled) and forearms are
              a #6  ROTS clone trooper
CHEST  -ROTS royal gaurd
CROTCH-clone wars ARC trooper
THIGHS -ROTS agen kolar
BOOTS  -ROTS #6 clonetrooper
GUN      -Combo of both clonetrooper #6 blaster/rifle

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