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Modern Trading / Seeking Episode 1 figs Please read!!
« on: January 23, 2006, 07:29 PM »
 I am despertly seeking some Episode 1 figures to finally complete my collection. Of course they are the harder ones to come by. Below are my lists of items I am offering to trade with and below that are the Episode 1 figures I need, Please help a fellow JDer!!

Figures I have to offer

1. Princess Leia Holo Comic Con Exclusive x1
2. Super Articulated Clone (White) Target x1
3. Utapau Shadow Trooper Target x1
4. Yoda Holographic TRU x1
5. Seperation of the Twins Obi Wan x1
6. Seperation of the Twins Bail Organa x1
7. Tactical Ops Clone Trooper x4
8. Shocktrooper (#6 Repaint) x3
9. Commander Bly x2
10. Clone Commander (Green repaint) x2
11. Clone Pilot (Black repaint) x1

Episode 1 Figures I need!!

1. Sio Bibble
2. Pit Droid 2-Pack
3. Darth Sidious Holograph
4. Queen Amidala Acension Gun
5. TC-14
6. R2-B1
7. Naboo Royal Guard
8. Jar Jar Binks Naboo Swamp (Swimming)

 I am a very honest collector and I will be quick with shipping. PM me with your offers and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank You!!

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