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Yeah, stick around then, if that's the case PML33.  We still probably don't want you advertising your friend's eBay auctions (by including a link), but we'd love to still discuss their excellent custom work!

So what ship will your friend be making next?

I talked with them and besides they are angry with me for the froum troubles  :P probably at 2 weeks more they want place the tantive IV 7 feets lenght hopfully they can, I passed today at their garage kit and it look great

PML33 - that's fine.  Stay aboard here.  It just looked a little suspicious.  It is by far one of of the best customs I've ever seen.


Well, thanks man I start to beleive that I committed some crime or something... :P

No people, don`t flame and don`t get all wrong. altough I have one of my best friends of Life into the group of persons that built those amazing custom ships I actually nothing to do with their auction. Now that I`m in vacation I just wanted notify in all forums that I can the big new , I just proud of them and considering that they don`t like enter to any star wars forums I took the liberty to advertise it and inform, apparently was not the best way indeed so sorry for that...I always looking the star wars forums and I forget the main topic for  begin to post "introduce myself". Again Sorry if I offended in someway your comunity so if you want and feel more better delete the topic and problem solved and of course no hard feelings, just remember that we`re here for  fun besides enough problems all we have in the real life

Hi wondering on ebay I found this  :o

I´m still in shock  :P

(Link removed.  Go search eBay, or find the other link Jay posted here earlier if you folks want to check it out some more.  Feel free to post the pix in here if you'd like though.) - Matt

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