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Awesome work all around as usual but dude how did you make the braid for the wookie warrior?

did sideshow say they wont make a 12'' General Greivous???

wat up dd,

Lovin alpha its crazy how real simple customs can look that geat, But I've heard from pretty good sorces that you have some customs coming out that are just f'n out of this world with premium imported italian leather so u need to post um also I stoped at BlueDots base and that cody was sick I mean perfect I love that lil obi wan holo lookin like sidious but whos gonna now? lol any let me know if you got  my pm ? if not Ill drop you an email.

dd, only think is the green helmet and bright blue visor is a wierd color sceme had the blue been a lil darker it would have been perfect but then again what do I know.

sqaure pegs, man U guys are old, ahahah \jk but what up dd I havent seen ya at the wherehouse but I know u got stuff goin on, I just got there yesterday with my family still sick so I hope to catch ya next week, as usualy untouchable customs. I really need you to touch up my cody and scorch.

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Death Star custom project
« on: January 19, 2006, 01:29 AM »
hey dd,

how many would it take to make a complete deathstar?


Great to see your back on your custom sith thrown, really diggin the Durge, I would have liked see more damage on ur clones but some clones put in 2 much work to lay down in the dirt, its wierd after scrubs was over today I poped in season 1 and saw the quick lil sw spot they did on like the 6th episode and was like can dd make a zack skywalker or donold solo? oyea Got ur EDDIE G 2day its in perfect condition Ill have that for ya 2marrow...


Revenge of the Sith / target mark down?
« on: December 2, 2005, 01:48 AM »
I was at my local target tonight tring to find a shadow trooper when I came across two coruscant battlepacks they were on clearence for $13.00 is this now regular price on battlepacks?

sorry dd my bad, I was in a hurry and gonna post later and later is now !! The obi-wan looks great except for the belt, what cape is that dooku? and the mandolorians are  the stuff!! but again  to me being so full of noob-sauce, what body is the brass one? for some reason I like that one better maybe because It looks different. One more thing about the palpatine, are the heads on the bust ups capable of being pulled out that head looks so good Im tempted to get one from the so I can put it on like 35.

Dude DD,

that gree is sick!!! cant wait to get my hands on it

Is there any way we can change our forum display name on these boards??

dude sick palpatine but what lightsaber is that? is it from the bust up? and call me retarted but what exactly is a Mandalorian and why does it look like boba/jango?

Star Wars Action Figures / any1 done darth maul half droid custom?
« on: November 6, 2005, 02:47 PM »
I dont know if it was on this board but I have seen a few customs of darth maul when he became half droid, I think it was from a comic but has anyone ever made this version of him or anyone have pics of it when hes half driod?

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