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More pics

And final pics of my M-Wing Airspeeder

Final pics from the Thrawn Collection I worked on...  WIP pics and recipies should be back a few pages in my thread.

 :o You chopped up a Concept Stormie!!???!!  :P

Looks great Chewie -- I wonder if you'll get any hate mail over this one :).  I love the helmet markings -- adds a sinister look to him.  Did you have to do any major re-working to get the Clone legs to fit?

Here's three more customs... first up is Cade Skywalker from Legacy:

Head is a SAGA2 Han in Carbonite (with mods)
Torso is a SAGA Lando Skiff Guard (with mods),
Arms: ROTS Agen Kolar (with mods)
Trenchcoat: Cheepie Dollar Store figure
Legs: SAGA 2 Hoth Vader
Gunbelt: VOTC Han Solo

Next up is Joruus C'Baoth

Head: ROTS Obi-Wan Pilot (heavily modded)
Hands: SAGA Emperor
Softgoods: Jedi COuncil Screen Scene Agen Kolar
Bling: Pince John Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Rest: ROTS Sasee Tiin

Finally Ralrracheen:

This is a repaint of a ROTS Wookiee COmmando with a few braids removed and a hand braided sash for him.


I actually chose this scene because the Wayland Throne Room where the final duel occurred was very similar to the DS2 Throne Room.  The other option would have been either a Star Destroyer or somewhere brown/tan (which with his clothes wouldn't really work too well).  It's not perfect, but the bext I can do with my still growing photoshop skills.

Things didn't go as planned this weekend, so I have a smaller update than I planned but it's all new to you:

First up is Wolf Sazen from Darkhorse Legacy:

Head is a Jedi Council Screen Scene Eeth Koth with sculpted hair.  The Torso and arms are from the Evolutions E3 Anakin Skywalker .  The upper legs are from the Evolutions Darth Vader and the lower legs are from ROTS Agen Kolar.

Next up is the leader of the Imperial Knights, Antares Draco:

His head is from an E1 Ric Olie, the Torso is a ROTS Royal Guard, Arms are from the Evolutions Darth Vader, Legs from a ROTS Black Clone Pilot.  Green stuff was used for the sculpted armor and the shoulder pads are sheet styrene.

Finally a Legacy Era Stormtrooper:

The head is a gentle giant Bust-up Stormtrooper resculpted to match the Legacy helmets (slit-like eye holes, building up of the cheeks). Torso and arms are from a Saga2 Sandtrooper.  The torso sculpt was modified as well to match the new look.  Legs are from a ROTS Clone Commander (modified).

Here's a sneak preview of what I plan to post this weekend...

It's a cast of his original sculpt -- my guess is he's trying to recoup the costs of making the mold.  My Jabba throne is only a bit larger and the cost of that mold was around $80.  I'll be suprised if it sells for that price.

If he really wanted to sell it for that price he needed to make a custom ROTS window box for it.  Then it might have sold in that range.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: What would you do???
« on: July 6, 2006, 10:15 AM »
I have a different take than others -- when you did enjoy the piece, did you enjoy making it or enjoy having it?  If you enjoyed having it, keep it for at least another year to make sure you don't want it.  But if the joy came from the act of creation, then I say sell it.  You can always make another and experience a similar thrill.

That's Bantha 5's sculpt I think.

I'm almost done with the next phase of the Thrawn Trilogy set, but since they aren't done yet, here's pics of my latest project.
I'm still cleaning up the paint job, but here's the WIP for my latest fan fic ship -- the T-Wing Interceptor.  Originally designed as a Police patrol craft, the design was modified by the manufacturer to meet the needs of the newly formed clone army.  The dual wing-tip laser cannons were upgraded as was the shield generator system.  Due to their speed and stealth systems, T-Wings are often used as a first strike vehicle.  This particular T-Wing was assigned to the 501st.

The base is a vintage GI JOE HISS Tank with Star Terk Runabout parts and lots of polystyrene.  It features opening cockpit and removable droid socket.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Casting Pigments
« on: June 13, 2006, 05:33 PM »
Its pretty expensive after looking through the different sites!  The cheapest I found was castin craft pigment at micromark for $33, plus like $9 for shipping.

Wow... that's expensive -- I think I paid $2-3 per bottle at Pearl.  Bad thing is you can only get it at the stores.

Brent -- PM coming your way


I may have one I'll need to check tonight.

Looking for JP3 Paul Kirby Torso and Arms -- If you only have 1 or the other that's ok too.  I'm looking for at least 5 of these.  I know the heads were popular and I rarely see the bodies used so there must be some floating out there.

That would be me I started a torrent but never finished I did a cardboard mock up but I just don't work well with styrene. Then someone else took up the mantle with getting a Sharc from gi joe and he started making it but never finished, i may go back and revisit it.

Yep -- I'm the other one working on the project -- still sitting in this unfinished state -- I need to buy PVC tubing for the wing pivots and I've been too lazy to go shopping for it... so here it sits...

I was just looking at this a few days ago saying I needed to get back to it.

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