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Modern Trading / Hi-I'm Blitzie
« on: March 13, 2006, 11:41 PM »
Hey Dere Y'all,
My Nom De Computer is Blitzkriegtrench(wolf) and I come from the land of Rebelscum, looking for more Star Wars fig news and bartering.
So I ahve decided to import my Halves Und Wantz lizt to here.
You can C my feedback here:[]URLName[/url]
And here be da lizt:
Here is my Wants and Haves Lists
L/C JTA 501 (w/rifle)
L/C 501 (no base)
Xclusive Havez:
Tar-J Mustafar Dual Pear (would like 2 traid/sell as a pear)-$20.00 fer both

High Priority Wantz:
Internet Covert OPS Clone Trooper
Early Bird set

Star Wars Wants
Loose compleat unless indicated

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Pit Droids from Asian Multipacks:
Rust Body arms down/arms up
White Body w/green accents-arms down/arms up
White Body w/orange accents-arms down/arms up

Power of the Jedi (Collection 2)
Bo Shek

Star Tours (Collection 3)

Star Wars “Saga” (No Collection)

Cantina Sets
All six bar sections only (inc. bar glasses)


Clone Wars
ARC TROOPER (Advanced Recon Commando) Blue

Star Wars:Original Trilogy Collection
R2-D2 (Daqobah Training)

E.E. Clonetroopers-clean (Blue/Green/Red)

Revenge of the Sith (Collection 1)

Revenge of the Sith (Exclusives)
Star Covert OPS Trooper

The Saga Collection
Wave 2 - Battle of Hoth
SAGA-011: Snowtrooper ( both versions)
Wave 4 - Battle of Coruscant
SAGA-022: Firespeeder Pilot
SAGA-024: Clone Commander Cody
Wave 5 - Battle of Tatooine
SAGA-032: R5-D4
SAGA-034: Garindan
SAGA-037: Sandtrooper
SAGA-038: Darth Vader (Bespin Confession)

Some custom repaint work (Astromechs, Mandaloreans, Clonetroopers-oh my)

(All loose figures R $2.50 each + shipping of your choice)
Figz R loose incompleat:
Star Wars:A New Hope-
Princess Leia Organa (glued on head/discoloured cape and legs)
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)-good colouring and tight limbs

Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back-
AT-AT Commander
AT-AT Driver (paint on TUCHAS chipping/imperial symbols compleat)
Bespin Guard (Black)
Bespin Guard (White)
Han Solo (Hoth Gear)
Hoth Rebel Soldier (x5)
Princess Leia Organa (Bespin-low collar)
Rebel Comander
Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot (x2)
Yoda (cane/orange snake/robe)

Star Wars:Return of the Jedi-
Biker Scout
B-Wing Pilot
Emperor's royal Guard
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)no accessories
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)-snap cape
Luke Skywalker (Endor) w/belt)
Princess Leia Organa (Boushh) w/staff
Princess Leia Organa (Endor)

Weapons (Original)
Princess Leia Organa (Endor) helmet x2
Jedi Luke/Jabba Blaster gray
Leia blaster x2
Death Star gunner gun

Weapons (reproduction)
rebel commander
Hoth Rifle x2
bounty hunter rifle
Jedi Luke/jabba gun (gray)
Imperial blaster (black)
Han Blaster (black)

The Deriguer (sp?) Darth Vader Carry Case

Modern (95-up Stuph)
Anakin Sywlaker (Darth Vader) (Jedi Temple Assualt)-no sabre
Anakin Skywalker (Outland Peasant disguise)-no box/gun but w/poncho
Anakin Skywalker (Secret Ceremony)-compleat
Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader (snap on vader stuph-not the operation Vader) compleat
Anakin Skywalker (shell o'Anakin) w/sabre
Aunt Beru (Beru Only)
Battledroid (From STAP)-no backpack)
Chewbacca (Cloud City Capture)-w/blaster only+Chewie Flacon Mechanic stuph
Cloud Car Pilot
Clone trooper (ATOC-red)x7-w/blasters only
Clone Pilot (AOTC)x8-w/thier blasters
Clone Trooper (from 3-pack standing-all white)-compleat
Clone Trooper (from Attack on Curoscant x3)-compleat
Count Dooku (Dark Lord)-both sabres and Sidious Holo
Darth Vader (Bespin Duel)compleat w/cutaway scaffolding
Darth Vader (Escape The Death Star Game) x3-compleat
Darth Vader (Imperial Forces 4 Pack)-compleat
Darth Vader (Rem. Helmet)-compleat
Dengar (POTF2)-compleat
Djas Phur-compleat
Dutch Vander (From Y-Wing)-w/rebel blaster
EV-8D8 x6 (compleat)
Jek Porkins (w/helmet and a Han Solo blaster)
Lando Calrissian (In General's Gear)-fig only
Luke Skywalker (Bespin Duel)-compleat
Luke Skywalker (Blasteshield Helmet)-also with Gilligan Luke stuph
Luke Skywalker (Desert Sport Skiff)-sabre only
Luke Skywalker (Speeder Bike)-compleat
Luke Skywalker (Trash Compactor) x2-compleat
Obi-Wan Kenobi (from Toys R Us Exclusive)-compleat
Snow trooper (From Deluxe Set)-fig only
Stormtrooper (Crowd Control)-no jet pack but w/a blaster and rifle
12" Emperor's Royal Guard (fig only-but I will throw in a 12" Imperial blaster if U want.)
Customising Bitz Und Piecez
Light Sabres
27 assorted (plastique hiltz, metal hiltz, sold hiltz, 1 long sabre, plus a carefully removed blade)
16 assorted (plastique hiltz, metal hiltz, sold hiltz, plus two hiltless bladez)
2 (plus 1 loose hiltless blade)
7 (1 Metal hilt,1 custom chopped Maul, plus 1 carefuly chopped off blade)
13 (5 blaque/4 chopped/3 w/belt peg/1 unlit Maul)
POTF2 Emperor's royal Guard Staph x2
-I would gladly traid 10 compleat accessories/sabrez for one of my loose needz/or 15 for a custom paint job on a fig.

Non-Star Wars Stuph
(All sold in lots/sets)
12" Hasbro Signature Series
Cylinders (ok condition)/figs. minty
Commander George Taylor
Dr. Zira
Gorilla Sergeant
Boxed (okieday to crappy)/figz minty
Beneath The Planet Of The Apes General Ursus
Planet of the Apes Corneluis
Planet Of The Apes Dr. Zaius
Almost compleat collection of the Regular issue Playmates Star Trek 12" figures
with the expectption of The Mugato. But as a plus I have the Star Trek Communicator Excluse Kirk (as Romulan)and one xtra Lt. Uhura-A total of 22 figures. I have pix of all(except Sisko) All are M.I.S.B. some with minor shelf wear.

The collection breakdown is as follows:

Aliens and Advisaries collection:
Andorean Ambassador Shras
Gorn Captian

Classic Edition collection:
Captian Christopher Pike
Captian James Kirk as a Romulan (Star Trek Communicator Exclusive)
Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
Doctor McCoy
Ensign Pavel Chekov
Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
Lieutenant Uhura (x2)
Mr. Spock

Special Collector’s Edition collection:
Captian Jean-Luc Picard (Insurrection)
Commander William Riker (Insurrection)
Lt. Commander Data (Insurrection)
Lt. Commander Geordie LaForge (Insurrection)
Lt.Commander Worf (Insurrection)

Women of Star Trek collection:
Captian Katherine Janeway
Counselor Deanna Troi
Seven of Nine

Wormhole Edition collection:
Captian Benjamin Sisko

Here is a list of the compleat regular issue 12" Line by Playmates
Star Trek 12” figures By Playmates Regular Issues

ASSORTMENT No. 65070 Star Trek: Insurrection (5)
Stock No. 65071 Captain Jean-Luc Picard as seen in the film Star Trek: Insurrection ©1998
Stock No. 65072 Cmdr. William Riker as seen in the film Star Trek: Insurrection ©1998
Stock No. 65073 Lt. Commander Worf as seen in the film Star Trek: Insurrection ©1998
Stock No. 65074 Lt. Commander Data as seen in the film Star Trek: Insurrection ©1998

Assortment No. 6550-All Star Trek (4)
Stock No. 65051 Andorian Ambassador Shras as seen in TOS ©1999
Stock No. 65501 Mr. Spock ©1999
Stock No. 65503 Captain Kathryn Janeway ©1999
Stock No. 65504 Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge as seen in the film Star Trek: Insurrection ©1999

Assortment No. 65510-All Star Trek (4)
Stock No. 65061 The Mugato as seen in TOS ©1999
Stock No. 65512 Seven of Nine as seen in Voyager ©1999
Stock No. 65521 Doctor McCoy as seen in TOS ©1999
Stock No. 65531 Ensign Pavel Chekov ©1999

Assortment No. 65520-All Star Trek (4)
Stock No. 65052 Gorn Captain as seen in TOS ©1999
Stock No. 65511 Counselor Deanna Troi ©1999
Stock No. 65522 Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott ©1999
Stock No. 65523 Lt. Hikaru Sulu ©1999

Assortment No. 65530-All Star Trek (4)
Stock No. 65513 Q in Judges Robes ©1999
Stock No. 65532 Lieutenant Uhura ©1999
Stock No. 65535 Captain Benjamin Sisko as seen in Deep Space Nine ©1999
Stock No. 65536 Captain Christopher Pike as seen in The Cage ©1999

Some previews of upcoming Traid Fodder
Babylon 5 Figs-moc-most exclusives
-more info to come-
"That is all"
Ciao Fer Now,
Spencer Dean Welch II?:>}

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