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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by Fritzkrieg Update 9-02-2007
« on: September 10, 2007, 12:34 PM »
Just Flawless. Where are the parts from?

The legs are definitely from the Marvel Legends Mojo build a figure. Haven't yet placed the body...

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Re: UGP T-shirts
« on: July 12, 2007, 05:46 PM »
There's been no further activity with the UGP shirts since May therefore I'm going to close up the shop at the end of the month. So if you're interested in anything, get your orders in  before then.

oooh, limited edition.... 8)

I've got 4 and I think I'm stopping there. It's a nice figure, but the helmets on mine look kind of warped.
I've got at least 20 VOTC and a bunch of Tantive ones, so I don't have a burning need for more.



I love these guys. Didn't realize I was up to 24 (plus one carded) until I saw this thread and took a tally (as well as a pic for my desktop.)
They've been pretty plentiful in my area; I've even been able to help out a few other locals with them. But I think this is a good number to stop at.  :o   :D


I wouldn't think they'd accept it for shipment like that. All four of the buildings are crushed. That's the way it goes.  :(

Everybody polka!

A box was sent but I recieved an accordian.

I still have five boxes that I have not shipped yet. I believe they are for Ryan, Fritz, Chewie and Brent.

I still haven't heard from you on shipping mine.


The remaining boxes are even bigger than these so I might have to find an alternate shipper.
Also, I really don't have the resources to go running around getting price quotes.

No need to run around. Every major shipping co. has a rate quote engine on their website. DHL's says they are the cheapest.

Elemeaux - power station buildings

I said I wanted EVERYTHING back when I PMd you before I even sent these. I don't know where you got that; I never said my stuff could be raffled.

If anyone has a way of contacting Paul, please let him know not to raffle mine. Thanks.


They let us in at 9am when they originally said 8am. That gave us three hours to setup. They let everyone in at noon and we didn't finish setting up figures until 2pm.

Wow, that had to be frustrating on top of the other delays you experienced.
Still, you guys did a great job setting up!


Ahhh man I soooo wish I could go. :( But at least G4 tv is doing coverage of it, maybe i'll even get a glimpse of the endor and group projects on camera :)

That's cool. Maybe that segment will end up on their website!  :)



Yah, I need some of that museum putty but its a little too late to order.  :-[

I think I have seen that stuff at Michaels before. Worth the look in any case if you want to go that route.
roron corobb

I've never used their Putty, but the Wax is super. I got it for my Mattel JLU figures (some of the worst standing figures around) and it works great. A teensy bit goes a long way and it's practically invisible. I also had heard Micheals carried but I didn't see it at the one near me.


You guys need some Museum Wax. I picked some up last year at an art supply store.

I certainly don't want to put you out, but maybe there is a middle ground? Would it be too much trouble to offer just 1 other option besides usps? A place like Office Max has a shipping center where you could drop off everything in one shot for both shipping companies.


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