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Collect All 92! / Re: Bespin Security Guard
« on: December 31, 2010, 05:59 PM »
While Hasbro did do an obvious cheapout on the first guard, I'm not too hung up on the skintone because the figure does somewhat resemble a person of Indian descent, since many Indians have caucasian features along with darker skin.  I seriously doubt that is what Hasbro intended, but that's how it strikes me so I'm alright with it.  Not movie accurate in any sense, but plausible in an EUish sense I guess. Somehow I wouldn't be surprised if we see an Albino guard with black features, since Hasbro is capable of screwing up that much.  If that happens, they can initially claim that the figure is as intended, then fall back on blaming the factory for both screwups.

While I don't doubt that they are telling the truth about this wave being produced in less numbers, I don't think that makes it especially limited.  If you think of the tons and tons of previous waves we've seen out there, I think the reality is that this one was made in large numbers but just not as much as past waves.

Hopefully having two headsculpts to choose from means that we will see other versions down the road, particularly a Snowspeeder flightsuit and a Civvies version as was seen in many Rogue Squadron comics.

Not bad at all...I'm surprised that we will have gotten 2 unique Wedge headsculpts within a year (this and the comic pack version).

Nobody has pics of the new Wedge figure?

I'm really glad to see loose and boxed pics of this set, but I was disappointed that the boxed pics obscured the new headsculpt on Wedge.  Does anyone have pics of the figure in the box or loose?

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