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Incom: Yeah, I made that K'kruhk quite a while back, but it was only recently I came across the hat and added it to him. It's from a Ninja Turtle figure I found in a dollar bin. I still need to add his braids, but I've been lazy about it so far. Incidentally, I modelled mine off of the Dark Horse Comic version, so he has sculpted hair...I didn't like the bald look he sported in CLONE WARS.

Roronn- The recipe for K'Kruhk is as follows:

Head/Hands- J'Quille
Body: Coleman Trebor with added knee articulation on one leg.
Skirt: Eeth Koth
Robe: AOTC Pilot Obi-Wan

And now, Roronn, here's one you might enjoy: Your forum namesake.

Roronn Corobb-Second Version

My previous version was based off of the CW pre-production art, so the tabbards on Roronn's robes were gray. It looked good, but when he appeared in the cartoon they had changed them to tan, and I try to be accurate whenever possible, so he got an update. I also gave him more detail on his skin.

If you want to see the old version, he's on page 11 in this thread.

Dorn Laarik

I actually made this guy long before the Wolfman Jedi was showin in CLONE WARS...although I fully intend to make him too.  ;)

Oh, and CHEWIE...if you get bored, feel free to update any of these Jedi pics with your awesome lightsaber effects. For some reason I haven't mastered them yet.  :P


Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback!

I'm using this new ID temporarily because I'ver been locked out of my regular one, and until it gets reset, I had to make a new one.  :-[

The Shistavanen Wolfman is probably my personal favorite; both because poor Lak rarely gets used in customs lately, and because he was fun to put together. The Ithorian didn't come out as well as I would have liked, but overall I'm happy with him. The ARC mini dio was fun, but I've made so many ARCs at this point, I can pretty much make them in my sleep! So, the Wolfman wins.  ;)

I've been compiling pics of my customs to submit to the alliance, so I have new pics of some old customs. Since I can't update the subject line from this ID, I think I'll wait to post anything new...but here's a fresh look at some old faves.


Mandolorian Mercs

Alpha Phase II



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