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Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Re: Docking bay 94
« on: November 12, 2009, 03:35 PM »
Beautifully constructed.  I like the number of figures you are using.  Just enough to make it feel lived in while still allowing us to see the background pieces in all their glory!


BRAVO!  The gotal is perfection.  That figure looks like it walked right out of the movie.  I really like how you used the myoom torso.  I thought it looked good but you have put that to great use.  Just like the Sala and Cairo henchman figures.

Perhaps my favorite thing you did was the paint job on Enloe's wife.  I prefer the painted look over a glossy plastic skin color. 

You are an inspiration to us all!

PS--Definitely read the Brian Daley stories.  Behind the late, great Daley and Timothy Zahn, I like your stories the best.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Medical Droid
« on: July 16, 2007, 01:35 PM »

On the medical droid bat, how did you remove the cobra insignia? 


When I first saw this version of the Crobra BAT, I thought it looked alot like one of the concept Medical Droids. LMK what you think.

Medical Droid

I will try although I am not very experienced with digital photography.

Gary Oldman's outfit reminds me of Sleazo guy selling deathsticks at the night club. 

I should also say of these figures that the torsos pop off from the waist.  The girl's legs rotate allowing for her feet to be pointed in different directions.  The legs don't bend or move.  Her skirt is plastic and is glude in place.  It is possible to remove it but like the Pirates of the Caribbean figures, the plastic material may rip.

And Chewie:  Can not wait for the next installment of the Enloe series.  I really enjoy all aspects of it. 

And the pictures of your child are great too.

Via ebay I picked up the first four:  Harry, Hermione, the red headed kid, and Gary Oldman.

Great facial sculpts.  Top knotch. 

The head pop off ala Captain Antilles and General Dodonna. 

Figures are sturdy but NO leg articulation and come with black stands with small peg.  Arms, waist and head moves. 

Magic wand accessory tiny and easily confused with a splinter of wood.  Does fit into their hands nicely though.

Looks like Entertainment earth is selling cases at a pricey point.

Would like to have the playsets possibly, the witch teacher and the wizard (great robes) are definite if gettable, the villains, and a few more of the classmates for heads. 

With legs unable to move, limited playability for kids so I can see why there is a limited US market. 

If you have have a chance to check out the latest tomart action figure magazine, you will see excellent imagest of upcoming Harry Potter 3 3/4 actionf figures and playsets.

I didn't have a chance to take photographs but I encourage others to check it out.

30 figures compatable with Star Wars.  I don't know the characters but an older female witch/teacher and an old wizard/head master of the school certainly would make excellent Star wars customs.

A lot of younger male and female characters (Tenel Ka?) of various races for jedi, background humans whatever you want.  A really cool flying dragon/demon creature was there as well.

My personal favorite however was a building playset that could either be an enclosed building or be spread out to reveal the insides of a great hallway.  With its many windows it looked very much like the Theed Palace hall way.

The female figures included a soft goods skirt.  Impressive articulation and excellent sculpts.

The question is, will these items be sold in the States?  I sure hope so or at least be available on-line.

A Theed palace playset would be great for episode I figures.


Do you have a StoreHouse furniture place near you?  I ask because they are going out of business and are giving away large swatches of cloth that you might find useful.

Stripes, solids, suede, many materials with many uses. 

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Questions for Hasbro?
« on: August 26, 2006, 11:35 AM »
Dear Hasbro,

My question is in understanding the role of Battlestar Galactica toys being offered in the Star Wars assortments.  You are including Battlestar Galactica vehicles from the new tv series in the Titantium line.  Are you considering offering any titanium Battlestar Galactica action figures in the titanium line or the regular action figure line or battle packs. 

I especially like the idea of having the new cylon being metal just like IG-88 and C-3PO.

Lastly on this same line of questioning does your Battlestar Galactica license allow you to make 1/18 vehicles that would be compatable with the Star Wars figures.  Might these vehicles be a little more cost effective to make?  The Viper?  The Raptor, etc.

Thanks for the great work and your willingness to communicate with fans.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: First crack at a ship ..
« on: August 11, 2006, 10:50 AM »
I like it.  It certainly appears to be the same size as the EU air speeders that were released and the mini rigs of the true vintage line.   So while some may say it is small for a star wars fighter, it fits in nicely with the overall

Color choice is excellent and goes with the star wars theme as well.  Great design.  I am not sure of its sturdiness for any type of play or movement but for display it looks very nice.

Best wishes and keep customizing!

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Supportive Spouses...
« on: July 31, 2006, 12:57 PM »
My wife tries to be supportive and has moments where she is but she also goes to the polar extreme and gets quite angry.  I would say she really hates or has hated my Star Wars collecting/customizing and my other hobby following UK basketball. 

We had a horrible flooding incident in the Star Wars room just before the 4th of July where she went off the deepend.  It was fixed in a week but for that week, it was stressful getting around.  Even I have come to the conclusion that one can have enough stormtroopers.  If you have a legion, you don't need, or rather I don't need 5 legions to be create my dioramas.

The artistic part is something she does respect but the volume of figures or having them out on display is a bit much too her based on our space.  Of course it is wild kingdom on the porch with her plants. 

I do think or expect that when we move from our apartment to a home with a basement it should be better.  With a home that has a basement dedicated to my collection, she will have an upstairs living area Star Wars free.  And I will have space to create my own galawy located far, far away.

Totally aside from this conversation...I love the site and appreciate the great artistic talent I have seen here.  I will be shortly sharing some of my custom figures.

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