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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Depressis's customs and weapons
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The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker

more to come?......

Collections / Re: Darth Depressis Collection
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Collections / Re: Darth Depressis Collection
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here's some new stuff i felt like photographing while doin my pn..


custom fodder:

Photonovels and Movies / MOAWP S1/E10: "Defenders of the Dark Empire"
« on: February 11, 2012, 01:00 AM »

Smuggler’s Canyon-Gall-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

New Republic troopers attempt to play relief effort with a horde of Imperial citizens abandoned after the Defeat at Endor six years earlier; the group is personally led by General Wedge Antilles.

Wedge: (passing a crate) please except our charity! Without these provisions you’re all likely…

One of the Storm troopers shoves the crate away from himself; a New Republic vanguard draws his pistol. Causing a uproar from the native imperials. 

Stormtrooper: take yur stinkin ill gotten gains and depart this world! Our emperor will provide for us once he’s rid the galaxy of you rebel scum!

Wedge: I wouldn’t count on that! Since you people won’t let us take you off this rock, I assumed you’d at least accept our aid!

Stormtrooper: take yur hospitality and shove it! Only charity you do us would be round up and haul the old garrison commanders’ runt off of dis rock! You can find him down in the canyon.

Wedge: (speaking into comlink) these savages outcast a child!? Get me any and all available boots on the ground, were saving at least one person from this planet boys.

The new republic vanguard cheers as they sprint away from the native looking Imperial village.

-Hours Later-

Comm-board operator Gigin-Taue Soear stumbles down a treacherous goat path, nearly plummeting to his death at every misstep.

Gigin-Taue Soear: (whining into comlink) I’m a technician not a trooper for kriffs sake! Why are we risking the frigate for some little imp kid!

Wedge: (via comlink) Soear could you bolt that attitude down! I know your dad’s a valuable asset to Red Squadron, but I’m your C.O and I need you to put your chin up! That’s an order. Now cut the chatter.

Soear traverses the rocky terrain with continued foppishness and comes upon the blasted out remains of the Imperial Enclave; the heavily damaged ruins are a deserted wasteland.

Whilst marching down the main avenue Gigin-Taue regards a half melted statue of the Emperor, as Soear turns his back upon the decaying edifice a ravenous Cliff Wampa pounces from its obscured perch.

The technician is easily subdued by the hulking creature and snatched up into the air for consumption within range of the carnivorous beast’s teeth.

A spear pierces its stomach wide open spilling its intestines upon the cracked permacrete.

The beast falls upon its back dead revealing a young man attired in rags; Soear gasps at this sight while regaining his footing.

Gigin-Taue Soear: (flabbergasted) dear me my boy that was all quite dashing and…outright heroic.

Cas-Lo Vont: (hacking off horns) spare me….they don’t taste that great with a load of human tissue in their gut.

Gigin-Taue Soear: oh…you wouldn’t happen to be the outcast boy now would you?

Cas-Lo Vont: (taken aback) haven’t noticed any others…..

The boy quickly rends the edible flesh from the Wampa carcass and scurries towards a caved in structure; Soear follows him inside. Within the demolished structure, the young boy sits across from an Eviscerated skeleton rolling bloody meat down a skewer allowing spatter to rain down upon himself unabated.

Cas-Lo Vont: (blithely staring) so dinner for three huh?

Gigin-Taue Soear: (aghast) I don’t believe your…companion will require sustenance my young friend, you and I however should get back to the landing party?

Cas-Lo Vont: (chewing raw meat)..ummm. So yur like what galactic charity? What’s taken so long in getting out here anyways? Been rougher than this for the last six years pal!

Gigin-Taue Soear: ‘tis about to get a whole lot rougher my young friend…what with the Clone Emperor and his Dark Empire rampaging about the space ways.

Upon the mention of the Emperor, the young boy stops chewing and stares at the skeleton.

Cas-Lo Vont: (vehemently) lead me from here….now Samaritan.

Gigin-Taue Soear: why I thought we’d partake in some of the local delicacy here first.

As if to hasten their retreat, Cas-Lo kicks over his fire pit setting ablaze to the hovel and causing Soear to bolt from the entrance. The young boy stands with his back to Soear regarding the blaze; the technician rises to his full height and places a hand upon the boys shoulder.

Gigin-Taue Soear: whose remains where those boy?

Cas-Lo Vont: (bulldozing past Soear) ….the garrison commanders wife, how far is your ship Samaritan?

Gigin-Taue Soear: (rushing to keep up) just a few paces back up that way, names Gigin-Taue by the way; Soear…huh

Cas-Lo Vont: (bounding up the path) they ever round up the garrison commander?

Gigin-Taue Soear: (winded) oh no, way I hear it most of the lesser imperial garbage was lost years ago…

The young man extends his hand to the older man and pulls him up to his level, revealing they’d already scaled the cliff in unnatural time. The shuttle awaits them with Wedge and his Vanguard ascending its ramp. They quickly sprint to it.

Wedge: (slapping Vont on the shoulder) young Vont eh? Swear I’d heard that name recently, best you get aboard. Need you at the comm-station Soear; sounds like our hero squad just went missing in the deep core.

Gigin-Taue Soear: but what would take them all that wa…

Wedge: (ushering them up the ramp) stow the curiosity! I helped vape two Death Stars Even I don’t know any details, its top level headliner headache stuff; not for guys like us to worry about.

The ship blasts off and speeds into the atmosphere of Gall.

Emperor’s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

A horde of S’kytri warriors bow before the Clone Emperor swearing allegiance, as a hologram flares into existence.

T’iaz: (via hologram) my lord emperor…

Clone Emperor: as you can see disciples continue to flood my ranks! What news do you bring to my ears?

T’iaz: (via hologram) our collaborator Zann has done his part and left our employ. Your enemies are on Tython; Vont is their captive.

Clone Emperor: (enraged) unacceptable! The gungan was to be their demise! And they captured our man Vont! Unacceptable!

S’kytri Warrior: I pledge my life and that of my warriors’ Mein emperor! Your nemesis will plead for mercy and we will offer none!

Clone Emperor: excellent, prepare yourselves…

The clone sprints from his throne and extends his arms expelling massive amounts of dark force lightening.

From his conjured energy spurts a massive storm that rips a hole through the atmosphere of Byss and devours whole star fleets in orbit as it cuts an unnatural passage across the Deep Core.

The mighty Force Storm causes ground quakes and rumbles the emperor’s citadel.

The winged warriors begin stretching their wings and almost leap into the wormhole.

Clone Emperor: (shouting) halt! I will not send another set of warriors against the Jedi without adequate leadership….bring in the Sarcophagi!

As the holographic form of T’iaz flickers out of existence Vile servants of the emperor emerge atop hover pods each hauling a stone Sarcophagi. the clone shatters the stones whilst infusing the bodies with raw power.

Clone Emperor: rise my friends! You shall partake in my vengeance upon the Jedi; Darth Miseria your darkness still engulfs the deepest forests of your native Kashyyk!

Clone Emperor: Darth Amok, ravenous slayer of all that crossed your ambitions!

Clone Emperor: Darth Rile, the fallen angel renowned for precipitating false hope in entire civilizations!

Clone Emperor: Darth Ceratis, the miser whom seduced the very fortune that funded the Revenge of the Sith!

The undead sith lords are sucked into the Force storm as followed by the S’kytri warriors, the storm vanishes from Byss.

Clone Emperor: (shrinking back into his throne) everything is going exactly as planned…

Ramp of the Millennium Falcon-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Falcon skims the tree line as it makes an unorthodox landing in a densely overgrown tinderbox forest.

Artoo-Deeto emerges on the hull of the ship as a groggy Han Solo rushes down the ramp of his vessel and quickly does an inspection sprint around it.

Han Solo: (drawing blaster) you check every bolt up there! Or so help me…

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

The Jedi corral Vont and Binks down the ramp and deposit them on their knees with unlit Lightsaber hilts at their backs.

Luke Skywalker: han ease down, we brought it down smoother than I’ve ever seen you handle anything.

Chewbacca: (growls)

Jar Jar Binks: (whining) mesa..mesa…

Dilbun Vont: (grunting) stow it ya kriffin…

The Ganathan king floats down the ramp following Ken whom stares off in the distance.

Ken: what a strange new world?

Empatajayos Brand: there’s nothing new about this planet young one…according to the navi-computer were in the deep core, gonna be hard to plot a trajectory outta here for one thing.

Luke Skywalker: ok, since we’ve got no holonet feed out here and were in enemy territory. We need to at least inspect the temple I saw on the way down, before we high tail it outta here. So who’s coming and whose stayin?

In a blur of motion a lower hatch on the hull of the Falcon drops to reveal a flatbed airspeeder.

Han Solo: whoevers coming; pile in.

Solo and Chewbacca climb into the cockpit, while Brand levitates Vont into the bed of the craft. Bey,Skywalker,Solusar, Ysanna and Ken sit down as the craft speeds from the Falcon.

Galley of the Millennium Falcon-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The captive Gungan sits sulking across from the cylindrical form of Artoo.

Jar Jar Binks: (whining) yousa knowsa mesa! Why don’t yousa tells dhem!

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

Jar Jar Binks: (whining) it’s not mysa faultesa! What are yousa sayin?

The cylindrical droid extends its buzz saw and approaches the Gungan.

Whill Temple-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Han’s speeder comes to a halt outside a diminutive temple in severe disarray.

Ken: gee goly, a lil temple…

Luke Skywalker: rayf, ken come with me.

Luke and the young recruits crawl into the temple doorway.

Dilbun Vont: oh, so iz need dis many babysitters…

Han Solo: (loading an energy pack into an blaster rifle) wanna see how I earned my bloodstripe?

Whill Shaman Hall-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Luke and his recruits crawl into a vast chamber where a dozen green gnome-like creatures sit Indian style meditating. Skywalker assumes a bowing position and enters a meditative state, Rayf and Ken follow suit.

Luke Skywalker: don’t bother boys, there eons into the nether realm of the force. We cannot catch up with them; our only hope is to find a younger one.

Ken: correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they the same race as yoda?

Luke Skywalker: your eyes can deceive you; I’m more inclined to believe they’ve assumed this form to prey upon my feelings.

Rayf Ysanna: (grabbing saber hilt) shifters?

Luke Skywalker: no our literal eyes Rayf! Force illusions aren’t very advanc…

A statuesque shaman awakes.

Yopple: (gravely) suspicious you are? Our true forms these are..yes. Help you we can… not.

Ken: but why!

Yopple: (gravely) elude us concept of choice does, infinite is the nature of the force…rooted in fate we are…accepting of physical actions the whill shaman are not. Knights of the Jedi….disrupt the flow…they do…clash with naturalness …Lords of the Sith…incite chaos…devour lives unnaturally.…

Luke Skywalker: I accept your admonishment; but implore you to reconsider. I am the student of a member of your species..surely your teachings must have bein…

Yopple: (gravely) sought solitude amongst the stars many of our kind have …sought our knowledge many have…understood it….few have…pollute the nether realm of the force!…some now do…natural is our communion within the nether realm….unnatural is it to imprint oneself…upon the nether realm. ..Twisted have our teachings been…

Luke Skywalker: twisted! the ability to forget how to die? I owe my life to interactions with force apparitions…..if only you shamans would dedicate yourselves to preserving life!

Yopple: (gravely) the guardians of peace and justice the Jedi are supposed to be…changed has this?

Luke Skywalker: while I respect your commitment to peace, I can assure you that the clone emperor only offers obliteration!…how do the whill shamans intend to sit upon their hands when all you’re left with are cauterized stumps?

Yopple: preservation of one’s self, bellies a lapse of faith in the natural currents of the force.

Ken: but…

Yopple: choice, we do not accept! The will of the force cannot be broken…

Luke Skywalker: may the force be with you.

Yopple: with all it is…despite greater concentrations.

Whill Temple-Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (staring down blaster rifle) so ya gots any phoods?

At the mention of sustenance; the mighty Chewbacca starts foraging through the brush.

Han Solo: (looking away from vont) god damn it chewie, quit thinking with yur stomach!

Solusar and Solo break their boundary protection and focus on Vont. During their distraction, the masters of Teräs Käsi spring from the trees and overtake the Wookiee and New Republic agent.

After wounding Bey, Hoar lunges towards Solusar who attempts a force push. The crazed Tusken’s advance goes unchecked as solusar continues to stand his ground; unaffected via the Force Hoar hammers the Jedi with his Gaderffii stick, Solusar takes every blow.

The cybernetic Jedi descends upon the scene only to be picked off midair by the chaotic style of Arden Lyn. Amidst the chaos, Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha speeds over to the airspeeder, Vont jumps behind Ren, the swoop speeds away.

Dilbun Vont: (clinging to Swoop) betta not’ve used all mai kriffin Ysalamiri!

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: we’s only toasted a couple bags! You knows dare grease also keeps ya blocked from da kriffin jeti!

Dilbun Vont: (chugging a flask of Ysalamiri grease) if it haz to taste like dhis; don’t care if da bastages can sense me!

The swoop speeds into the dense forest, while at the entrance to the temple Captain Solo is the recipient of a severe thrashing from Arden Lyn.

Han Solo: (attempting to regain footing) ….dirty karkin steel hands!

Arden Lyn: (knocking solo out with a kick to the face) may a rancor pick his teeth with your bones!

Hoar: (Tusken battle cry while waving Gaderffii)

As Solo hits the dirt, Skywalker and his New Jedi Order recruits emerge from the entrance of the Whill Temple; at the sight of many defeated comrades young Ken sprints from the squat position required to navigate the diminutive structure.

Ken: (engaging lightsaber) I’ll save everyone!

Luke Skywalker: (bangs head attempting to jump to his feet) Ken! Noooo!

Rayf Ysanna: (attempting to catch ken) master! I cannot feel?

Luke Skywalker: it’s a Ysalamiri force void! Stop him!

The young Jedi hopeful is charged with brute force by the obese Thok whom wastes no time in effectively disabling the young human.

Skywalker can only watch as Arden Lyn abducts his young recruit and escapes aboard a rapidly departing landing craft which lifts into the skies as quickly as it appeared. Skywalker falls to his knees in disgrace.

Docking bay of the Ravager XIII-Orbit of Tython-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Mere seconds after the shoddy landing craft settles upon its creaking landing gears, the ramp comes down and Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha speeds from the craft atop his swoop.

He is forced to abruptly veer away from the forms of Hayt and T’iaz whom stand at foot of the ramp. The burly biker crashes into a pile of rubbish as Vont leads the Masters of Teräs Käsi down the ramp with their captive.

Dilbun Vont: watch where yur goin dare, chubbs dats be valuable cargos…well if it ain’t the strum with a bite.

Hayt: (taking vont by the arm) at your service.

Vont chokes at the response to his underhanded advance, as the Dark Acolyte produces a hologram projector; wherein flares to life a representation of the Clone Emperor.

T’iaz: (holding Holo-projector and engaging lightsaber) his supreme majesty has concerns…

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) why does the Son of Vader still live!

Dilbun Vont: we gots da kriffin kid! Once you git yur keester in emm you can rain hell down upon da jeedai!

T’iaz: such insolence will not be….!

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) quit your speaking! Hayt; I believe it is time for you to convince Dilbun of his duties.

Hayt: (taking vont by the arm) as you wish.

Vont is led by Hayt from the docking bay, as the Dark Acolyte turns the Hologram projector towards the captive Jedi Recruit.

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) aww, such a young boy.

Ken: (exclaiming) leave me alone!

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) nice and stupid looking too.

Photonovels and Movies / MOAWP S1/E9: "The Reluctant Factor"
« on: August 23, 2011, 03:19 AM »

Dilbun Vont: (narration) I’m gittin too old fur dis fodder….

Orbit of Iskalon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Millennium Falcon is chased into the upper atmosphere of Iskalon by the massive form of a dilapidated Star Destroyer. The Ravager XIII spurts a barrage of laser fire across the Falcon’s erratic trajectory; all shots are ridiculously misplaced.

Cockpit of the Millennium Falcon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Han Solo: you’d think these gunners would be a little better than imps!

Chewbacca: (growls)

Bey: it’s a fairly common dragnet formation, they want us in atmosphere.

Han Solo: (screaming) get your karkin force loving keesters to the guns!

As the Jedi sprint towards the gunner stations, a stun pulse disables the falcon’s power. The vessel ‘s controlled decent gives way to a rapid plummet towards a violent storm ridden aquatic world.

The Ravager XIII halts its pursuit and deposit’s a swarm of speeders that speed after the disabled freighter. 

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha tows another Swoop bike alongside his own and leads the charge to the hull of the falcon.

As Dilbun sheds his space suit and free falls backwards onto the awaiting swoop bike, without a seconds hesitation Vont engages the muscle bike and pops a air wheelie while speeding to the vessel. The swoop swarm opens fire on the vessel at random.

Galley of the Millennium Falcon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Han,Bey and Chewie frantically tear into the mechanical alcove of the freighter while Luke leads his warriors to the airlock of the ship.

Bey: this was old school, a kriffin stun pulse!

Chewbacca: (violently bashes replacement parts into place)

Han Solo: cool it chewie! Gotta replace all the flux regulators in the right sequence!

Luke Skywalker: (rushing to the airlock) artoo assist them!

In a blur of motion the aged Astromech extends a multitude of arms and proceeds to replace all the remaining devices, freeing up the three sentient life forms.

Artoo-Deeto: (whistles and beeps)

Han Solo: (sprinting from the alcove) just earned your charge lil buddy!

Bey: yeah we might just crash now, instead of getting pancaked on the ocean floor.

Hull of the Millennium Falcon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

An veritable dance of chaos plays out around the spinning disabled freighter; Jedi spring into the air batting aside laser barrages as fired by the Swoop bike swarm. Personal battles are engaged at random, as the Force Sensitive’s launch themselves at the oncoming bikers and cleave off portions of the swoops while effortlessly returning to the hull of the falcon.

Rayf Ysanna: (deflecting laser bolts) direct it back at them ken!

Ken: (clumsily batting away bolts) I’m doing my best!

As the two young men engage in a mini haggle, a pack of swoops descend upon them and close in for the kill. Luke and Kam back flip towards the pack in tandem and crash the bikes together via the force, while landing next to the young men.

Luke Skywalker: we can kill in knowledge or defense! This is life or death ken! Use the force!

Ken: sure thing master!

Kam Solusar: (back flipping towards an oncoming speeder) just let the force guide you!

The Falcon continues to barrel roll amidst the chaotic battle, Dilbun Vont flies dangerously close to the ship while firing off both his swoops canon and his own blaster rifle. The bolts startle the small gathering of Jedi atop the hull, he is denied a certain kill by the self-propelled cybernetic Ganathan king whom physically bashes Vont across the chest hurling him from the bike. The lunatic grabs a hold of Brand.

Empatajayos Brand: unhand me you scurvy thug!

Dilbun Vont: (struggling to keep attached to the bulky form) hows the stomach feelin there ya old blowhard!

At the sudden recognition, Brand thrashes Vont about as if juggling the man about him and catching him in his cybernetic and force assisted telekinetic hold. Vont is pinned by the throat to the hull of the Falcon by Brand’s metallic claws.

Empatajayos Brand: you, your..him!

Dilbun Vont: (experiencing the violent inertia) ain’t I more proper dare? Mista jeedai investgata!

Empatajayos Brand: eighteen sets of head tails! Eighteen shattered lives! What was the point of it!

Dilbun Vont: you’re half man, and you still be cryin ova kriffin twi’lek strums? Dose wenches where nuthin buty play dings, sumtimes the play ends in a gurgling mess of…

Empatajayos Brand: (tightening his grip) justice will be done upon you! By the force it will.

While the mighty vessel veers out of control and side swipes a portion of the air speeder gang, Luke engages several swoops telekinetically directing his light saber via the force.

Vont’s swoop gang flees just as the ship comes within range of the raging waters and a small band of mount riding warriors emerge from the sea pulling an bubble of oxygen around the falcon and pull it down into the depths.

Desolation Alley-Oovo IV-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

A study stream of guards are hacked, slashed and blasted at point blank range by the marauding Defilers as the Dark Acolyte T’iaz and the Stormtrooper Archetype Hayt march to the cell of their Quarry. Within the cell Tyber Zann stands with his back to the door holding a chopped blaster at the base of a man’s skull.

T’iaz: (igniting lightsaber) put that crude weapon away and rejoin your fleet!

Tyber Zann: (turning round)  just checking his eyesight.

As Zann retreats from the cell, an single tear drop from the eye on the back of the occupants head drips down his neck.

Hayt: (producing hologram projector) under normal circumstances, one would be required to turn round to interact with a hologram…

Triclops: (with back turned) perhaps you‘d care to sample my other abnormality…

A life sized hologram of the Clone Emperor flares to life, and paces around the occupant, instantly causing a physical display of fear.

Clone Emperor: (via hologram)…still so weak…still so ill-formed..

Triclops: (turning to stare at the hologram) here I was under the impression those where just familial qualities.

T’iaz: (raising saber) you will not!….

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) quit your speaking Acolyte! and you mutant; dare not consider yourself my true progeny! Your nothing but a failed experiment….

Triclops: (spitting mad)….why bother me!

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) like all things in this realm, you have your purpose….oh yes, you have an inkling of what I speak do you not my unfortunate remnant?

Triclops: (rapid eye movement) such degeneration of tissue cannot be stemmed with Midi-Chlorian infusions….

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) sadly a parasitic organism this clone body has been stricken of and you lack altogether even after having been conceived via there usage; akin to my wise master Plagueuis’s prize broodmare Shmi Skywalker…

Triclops: (rapid eye movement) you intend to put me out to stud!? Like some prize Nerf?

Clone Emperor: (via hologram) what more could a simpering nutcase muto ask for?! Desires don’t come into this!

The hologram flares out of existence as T’iaz lifts the mutant in the air via the force and levitates him out the cell.

Hayt: (marching down the hall) you were saying something about your..other abnormality?

Depths of Iskalon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The ship is pulled towards a massive shelled fortress overlooking the sea floor.

The mounted riders drag the Bubble encased Falcon along vacant swim ways and barnacle covered structures, the bubble is set down upon a landing berth. Within the oxygen bubble a small battalion of Nejema warriors haul Luke’s new Jedi Order and Han’s small band into another oxygen bubble, Several warriors tug the bubble out of the falcon’s and into the shelled castle.

Han Solo: atleast were not gonna get soggy.

Dilbun Vont: fraid of gittin wet? Ya karkin spice smuggler!

Chewbacca: (rages and moves towards vont)

Nejema Warrior: (slapping trident towards chewie)

The Jedi ignite their Sabers at the sight of the electrified tridents pointed at their wookiee friend. The bubble arrives at the throne of the Chuhyvi regent; Kiro. Who quickly swims towards the bubble.

Luke Skywalker: yes, my friend. Please explain our being here…

Kiro: by what right do you risk my kingdom!

The entire group is taken aback by the sudden outburst.

Ken: hey there mister let’s not have any…

Nejema Warrior: (in Iskalonian) silence!

Kiro: one would assume you of all people; would foresee the consequences of your actions! Half my subjects have reacted out of fear, and in a mass ceremony taken their lives.

Luke Skywalker: but…why!

Kiro: My life would also be forfeit, In fear of imperial slavery if I myself lacked the courage that stands here denying the Jedi order! 

Luke Skywalker: kiro…I need you, the order needs you! With you at my side we can defeat the emperor..forever.

Kiro: from where I stand your order appears to be swelling with willing recruits; whom all lack the same foresight as you when attempting to fulfill the will of the force. Did it not occur to anyone of you that if I desired to serve your new Jedi order that I’d already be at your side! I have no interest beyond this world.

Luke Skywalker: very well, may the…

Kiro: not so fast; in an effort to retain neutrality I decree the release of your captive.

Empatajayos Brand: whatever wickedness vont does from here on in will be upon your head, kiro!

Kiro: may I remind you of the lives you Jedi now carry upon your heads for merely seeking me out? Therefore this captives release will restore the balance!

Frustrated by the neutral act, Han fires off a stun beam on Vont. As the elderly man begins to slip out of the bubble, he is caught by the mighty Chewbacca whom cradles the man.

Kiro: may you quit inferring your own desires unto the galaxy, via the force.

The Nejema warriors drag the bubble containing our heroes back to the Falcon. Chewbacca drags the still unconscious Vont up the ramp as Luke and his followers look back at the shelled fortress.

Bey: (going up the ramp) I’ll call in an Assault Frigate, we can atleast protect Iskalon from space.

Ken: maybe King Kiro’ll join us once he sees how much the Republic will protect him.

Han Solo: (stopping at the base of the ramp) don’t count on it kid, were lucky if we get off this sponge unskinned.

Rayf Ysanna: (running up ramp) I’ll secure the prisoner!

Solusar follows the younger Recruits up the ramp, leaving Brand and Skywalker behind still regarding the massive shelled fortress.

Empatajayos Brand: this is precisely why the old order only accepted infantile candidates. If only we were strong enough to leave an watchmen behind for this sector, your friend could turn to the dark side and…

Luke Skywalker: and what then em I supposed to do strike him down like a womp rat! He saved me from Lumiya! He’d never turn to the..

Empatajayos Brand: your friend he may be, but once one has tasted fruit from the tree of evil, forever will it dominate their destiny!

Luke Skywalker: (violently turning to confront brand) then why do you entrust me with the new Jedi order! The only reason my father was able to bring balance to the force was because I subdued him while giving into the dark side!

Empatajayos Brand: (floating up the ramp) I place my trust in you, because the force bids me to do so master Skywalker. Regardless of your past flirtations with the dark side; you are the one who will return righteousness to the galaxy..I have foreseen it.

Skywalker follows the cybernetic master aboard the falcon, immediately after the vessel blasts its way free of the bubble. The falcon escapes the water world unscathed, and docks with a newly arrived New Republic assault craft.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) nuthin worse dan a stanky wookiee…

Assault Frigate Mark I-Cabot‘s Folly-orbit of Iskalon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Millennium Falcon lands within the crafts large docking bay which is devoid of its Starfighter wing. The Crew is greeted by Holographic representatives of New Republic leaders: Mon Mothma of Chandrila, Borsk Fey‘lya of Kothlis, Ackbar of Dac and Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia.

Borsk Fey’lya: (via hologram) intelligence service agent Bey tells us, your mission to secure Kiro’s assistance has met utter failure? If this is indeed true than why are we risking this communication and the valuable assets of this craft to your…

Empatajayos Brand: oh do I enjoy the pointlessness of Bothan Politics! The iskalonian schools require at least the semblance of a protective garrison. I do believe Palpatine’s Dark Empire is weaker than at first thought, the mere prescience of a lone New Republic craft would arouse fear of a larger garrison on the surface.

Ackbar: (via hologram) a cunning diversionary tactic indeed.

Han Solo: more like a trap.

Garm Bel Iblis: (via hologram) spoken like a true prodigy, but don’t get too cocky. Cabot’s folly is little more than the shell of a frigate disguising a holo-net buoy, it goes offline a fighter wing appears and saves the day.

Mon Mothma: (via hologram) regardless of the ploy, master skywalker we need you and your Jedi recruits back at base.

Luke Skywalker: we will return with all speed, only when were confident of having lost our trackers.

Bey: as I mentioned in my slip stream communiqué; we have taken an imperial sympathizer captive.

At that moment New Republic soldiers escort Dilbun Vont down the ramp of the Falcon, as followed by another captive.

Borsk Fey’lya: (via hologram) I thought you said you only had one captive?

The assembled heroes all turn in shock at the appearance of a tall gangril creature attired in simplistic rags.

Chewbacca: (growls)

Ken: gee golly, maybe he’s a friendly stowaway from the depths of Iskalon…

Borsk Fey’lya: (via hologram) contain yourself boy, we’ll interrogate him all the same, aside from new republic soldiers. The folly is blessed by the prescience of a small bothan unit…

Garm Bel Iblis: (via hologram) if memory serves, Jedi are immune to pandering.

Empatajayos Brand: well spotted senator.

Luke Skywalker: may the force be with you.

The holograms crackle out of existence, as bothan soldiers assume a line around the captives.

Dilbun Vont: woulda thought you stanky bastages coulda caught wind of yur arses by now!

Bothan Soldier: (punching vont in the face) bite your tongue!

Dilbun Vont: (narration) oh the familiar sights and sounds…

Medical Suite-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

An clunky 2-1B droid inspects both Vont and the lanky shriveled gangril creature.

2-1B: interesting…the human subject’s brain functions are ill regular…perhaps a synaptic anomaly and or disease that affects synapses function thus resulting in unstable psychosis.

Han Solo: not so loud there rust head, don’t need this old codger claiming insanity and getting on galactic aid like every other bum…

Vont attempts to lunge at Solo, but is caught by the mighty Chewbacca whom takes the elderly man in a choke hold while attempting to pull his arm from its socket. The Bothan soldiers aim their blasters at the wookiee, while the new republic soldiers fix their aim on Vont.

Bey: to whom are the Bothans aligned? The new republic or Fringe scum.

Dilbun Vont: (grunting) wookiees an bothans both dink dar fodda don’t stank! Dhink you’d have cross bread by now!

Bothan Solider: (pressing blaster) blasphemer!

Chewbacca: (rages)

Luke’s new Jedi order enters the medical suite and levitates the arguing parties around Vont.

Luke Skywalker: just because we cannot breach your diseased mental mind; does not mean we cannot perceive deliberate hate mongering.

Bothan Solider: stop this devilry!

Kam Solusar: perhaps a single rotation around your puppeteer would cement this lesson in your minds.

Han Solo: (floating) unless you want a complete and total barf-a-rama in here, put me down!

Dilbun Vont: so much fur negiotationz…

2-1B: furthermore; the other subject is not of the Iskalonian schools. He is in fact a member of the Gungan race native to the swamp lands of Naboo.

Dilbun Vont: dat artsy farsy kriff hole.

Ken: could you mind your language sir?

Dilbun Vont: (breaking out in laughter) dis karkin bastages kiddin rite? Woulda neva thunk da heir at da empire’d be a Jedai cream puff..

Ken: (gasps) but that’s supposed to be super-secret!

Empatajayos Brand: (hovering towards Vont) his deviousness knows no bounds.

Luke Skywalker: I’ll interrogate him..alone.

The bothan soldiers haul an unruly Vont down a corridor. As the group turns their attention towards the crusty gungan.

Jar Jar Binks: (coughing and wheezing) messa jar jar binks; wasssa reprezentesa ov da senatea longo timeo ago. Also big ol’ pallo of da jeedai kinghtsa.

Kam Solusar: sadly he appears to believe his own story.

Luke Skywalker: perhaps we can move his façade aside…

Empatajayos Brand: I’m sorry to contradict you master, but neither his intellect nor conciseness are strong enough to endure such a mind probe. Regardless I don’t recall their being a gungan in the old senate.

Han Solo: (exiting room) never was a big fan of politicians, so don’t ask me.

Bey: (closely looking at binks) wouldn’t senators’ mothma and bel iblis have recognized him? You guys go on with the scumbag; I’ll check him for spy class injection punctures.

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps laughter)

Cargo Hold-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Vont sits on a crate with his back to the door, Skywalker jaunts into the chamber. The motion causes his dark attire to catch the air, vont chuckles.

Luke Skywalker: Jedi interrogation methods might be funny to an imperial sleemo; but I assure you they can be more than affective.

Dilbun Vont: (barely containing laughter) spare me da kriffin act ya lil runt! Yer threads gots me cracklin; wut are you supposed to be mini vader?

Luke Skywalker: sometimes the sight of a dark clad figure with a light saber is enough to quell an uprising…sadly not often.

Dilbun Vont: (recovering from hilarity) otay, as long as you believe dat.

Luke Skywalker: nevertheless; I’d be eternally grateful if you’d care to share the source of your intel…

Dilbun Vont: (pounding a beat on his knee) oh..such purty words from a moisture farmer; I’m eternally delighted. First ovv; information brokers like all tend to let slip a great many dhings when presented with dare own I em sure you’ll one day come ta understand…sure helped yur paps outta amany binds.

Luke Skywalker: this has nothing to do with… I’m to believe you’ve had dealings with Talon Karrde within the last year or so?

Dilbun Vont: (begins tapping foot in tune) thrawn’s delta source wasa known by amany whom had at time or another taken upa roots in da imperial palace…ha, you dhink I’d pay Karrde for crud I can git for free?

Luke Skywalker:  assuming what limited intelligence we’ve pieced together regarding the emperor’s inner circle is correct. You were placed firmly outside of it; The terrestrial moon of Gall; an important post. Yes; but not at all a trusted one. But then again why would an coward like Palpatine want an psychopath at his back; one whom if he’d had the brains or ambition to rise above his petty stature could have spared the galaxy the Madness of the…

Dilbun Vont: (slapping fingers against bumping knee intone) so how’s the fam? extra crispy.

Lars Homestead-Great Chott Salt Flat, Tatooine-0 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Vont stands in front of two writhing human forms raining flame down upon them, his eyes are stung with the sweat caused by the power of duel suns and the human bonfire he continues to tend even after the last bits of humanity are shed from the bodies.

Darth Vader: (via hologram) well done Vont.

Dilbun Vont: naw, deez dweebz are gonna be blackened!

Vont continues to pour flame upon the smoking bodies as a crimson glass forms beneath them, the putrid smoke bellows into the sun drenched worlds sky.

Cargo Hold-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Luke brandishes his light saber hilt and telekinetically presses it against vont’s throat while also lifting him into the air. His comrades attempt to enter the chamber; but luke barricades it via the force.

Dilbun Vont: (levitating with saber hilt pressed at his throat) the sands of Tatooine praduz a purty glass when exposed taa flame thrower longa enuff….best part hada though bein dhem squellin yur name…

Luke Skywalker: (under his breath) uncle…owen…aunt beru…..

Dilbun Vont: (levitating with saber hilt pressed at his throat) Dat wuz dare names..oh yea? Dhing I neva understood wuz; wut the krif doez a nineteen year old need with a toy sky hopper? When he’s gots a real one!

At that moment two light saber blades begin cutting a hole in the door, luke uses the force to short out their blades while standing below the wiggling form of Vont.

Dilbun Vont: (levitating with saber hilt pressed at his throat)  atleast yur pa had the minerals to heft my arse without the kriffin force! Ya moisture farmin runt!

at the mention of Vader, skywalker releases his hold over the situation and exit’s the chamber in disgrace.

Luke Skywalker: (hastily exiting) I no longer trust myself in the thrall of the force. It truly desires as you and I might.

Brand hovers after him, as a group of Bothan agents enter the chamber. The chamber closes.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) chairin farmers iz da only dhing dat eva called me away from Bantha huntin…

Corridors-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Skywalker speeds through the corridors of the vessel while in despair; the cybernetic form of Brand keeps up with him nonetheless.

Empatajayos Brand: this order cannot survive your continued self-doubt, solusar already suspected your fragility. Now all of them except ken see it. The order must rise again luke…and you must be the one to lead it through these times.

Luke Skywalker: I ‘am no longer certain there should even be a new order! Let alone my place at its center, if only ben…

Empatajayos Brand: the dead cannot feel you through every debacle; dwelling upon their guidance will only lead us to death…is that what you seek?

Luke Skywalker: (turning to face brand) all I’ve seen in the force is turmoil…death upon death, the future promises nothing but agony and darkness.

Empatajayos Brand: as it always has; but what stands between all that you’ve seen?

Luke Skywalker: the light…..

Empatajayos Brand: without our sacrifices here and now; there won’t be anyone to wield it…look beyond yourself luke, the force encompasses all.

Cargo Hold-Cabot’s Folly-orbit of Iskalon -10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Bothan soldiers salute Vont then hand him his Gungan Vibro-Axe.

Bothan Soldier: (placing axe in Vont’s hand) funds were received.

Dilbun Vont: here I wuz dhinkin ya furbags where gonna do dis for ol’ times sake.

In unison they proceed to slit their own throats in a non-lethal way. Vont soaks his vibro-axe in a puddle of Bothan blood and proceeds to wander out of his cell.

He sneaks into the medical suite where Binks is being examined by New Republic intelligence agent Bey. Before the agent turns round to notice Vont; a dart is clinging to his thigh.

Bey: (passing out) bundar root, you sleazy underhande….ed…sleee.

The large man hit’s the deck with an ominous thud; Binks slowly scales his eyes from the floor to the slowly advancing Vont.

Jar Jar Binks: (wheezing)  yousssa believes mesa…right? Pallo?

Dilbun Vont: (kicking bey in the gut) ya always where Augie’z greatest pawn in the old senate!

Jar Jar Binks: (stammering) yosa gonna tellsa dhem?

Dilbun Vont: oh no, yur gonna show em all jus how trusa worthesa yousa aresa!

Vont whispers a phrase into the elderly buffoon’s ear while placing the vibro-axe in his grip. Locked in a mental death command, Binks sets off in search of his victims.

Dilbun Vont: (speaking into com-link embedded in his arm) git redda to bring da pain Zann!

Observation Room-Emperor‘s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The mutant and the clone emperor converse with one another within a deserted medical chamber, tended by a severe-looking Med-Droid which savagely examines Triclops.

Clone Emperor: since your reluctant to aid me in the pleasurable fashion,  were left no choice but to extract materials the clinical way my boy…

Triclops: (prodded by needle-fingered droid) don’t call me your boy!

Clone Emperor:  (producing holocron) how sentimental….but alas you assume much. There was a time when perhaps my spirit also made such mistakes as evidenced by my long vanquished master Plagueis’s finicky holocron.

The pyramidal holocron displays an recording of a young Palpatine being electrocuted by his master on a continual loop.

Triclops: (probed by needle-fingered droid)…you just bring out the best in all people now don’t you!?

Clone Emperor:  (sneering) on Naboo….seventy years ago I was a prince. Revered for my outward advances towards artistic political expressionism, but secretly I was….his.  I only share this insecurity with you because; your life is at an end boy. And perhaps with your death I will have purged my spirit of all that he hated about me…perhaps you’re the last remnant.

Triclops: (probed by needle-fingered droid)…what a fantasy.

Amidst the most critical stages an stun pulse disables all the mechanical devices within the chamber. Instantly a series of ventilation ducts pop open releasing a full Noghri hit squad, the sith lord ignites and tosses his light saber at the noghri descending upon him from the observational windows. Paying no attention to the ground based squad forming a circle as they charge towards the mutant and the disabled droid.

At the last moment Sidious takes notice of the Detnite canisters fastened to their bodies. The squad commits self-sacrifice in a ball of flame a mere four paces surrounding the clone emperor whom released a wave of telekinetic energy around himself as the canisters erupt.

The clone is not without mishap upon setting foot upon the scorched floor again, the powers expelled to protect himself caused his body to visibly degenerate further.

Amidst the rubble of the medical chamber, the mutant triclops lays aflame and pierced with shrapnel from the med droid.

The clone lets out an unholy howl of anger upon the sight of his lost cause.

Docking Bay-Cabot‘s Folly-orbit of Iskalon-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Luke Skywalker rapidly speeds towards the ramp of the Falcon; where his youngest Jedi recruits huddle around Artoo-Deeto..

Rayf Ysanna: so you just need an upgrade to be able to fly again?

Artoo-Deeto: (whistles and Beeps)

Ken: astral!

Luke Skywalker: lets curtail our glee, ken. I’d like to…

A Klaxon screams a proximity alert; the assault cruiser takes an direct impact. The Jedi ignite their light sabers in unison as Han and Chewie race down the Falcon’s ramp.

Han Solo: (loading blaster rifle) our com-signal was just blanketed! grab a blaster kids! Better to bury bolts than deflect em!

Chewbacca: (growls)

The group runs towards the direction of the klaxon, the scene they run into is one of utter chaos. The New Republic troops barely hold a line spraying bolts into an oncoming army of energy shielded droideka Mark II’s, and Defilers.

Han Solo and Chewbacca each fall to their knees and begin firing off rounds at the oncoming biological troops.

Luke,Kam and Brand dive headfirst into the onslaught whirling their sabers. The young recruits are slow to respond to the scene unfolding before them.  Luke and Brand fight their way to the front of the line in an effort to save the troops from the shielded droids.

Empatajayos Brand: (batting away bolts) fall back men! You need not be spent in this slaughter!

While Brand and Kam cover him, Luke uses the force to disrupt the Droidekas shields and hurls them back into their own ship.

The ensuing blast distracts all present, before the smoke can settle; an swarm of speeder bikes rocket down all four walls of the hallway, the Jedi are forced to flee.

As Solo turns to aim his blaster at another Defiler troop; his Blaster rifle is snatched from his grip and smashed in an Metallic hand.

Before the smuggler can draw his pistol; he receives a kick to the face that launches him across the hallway, the mighty Chewbacca rages towards his friends attacker only to receive an similar bashing from the combined duo of Arden Lyn and Hoar.

Arden Lyn: (punching) you are a pitiful fighter!

Hoar: (raining blows down upon chewie with Gaderffii stick)

The duo quickly brings the Wookiee down but do not slow the pace of their brutal attack in the least, as the mighty Chewbacca begins to pass out the Gammorean Thok lumbers towards the scene twirling his Great Vibro-Axe in anticipation of the kill.

Thok: (raising axe and snorting)

Arden Lyn: cleave his head intween!

The Mighty Chewbacca levels a kick towards Hoar launching him back into the Zann craft as Thok brings his hefty axe down upon his head; only for the wookiee to violently grab hold of the unwieldy weapon and bash it against its users face. Thok staggers about choking up his own teeth; While Chewie fetches Solo from the ground and flees back down the corridor.

Arden Lyn: (sprinting after the Wookiee) imbeciles!

As the Teräs Käsi warrior runs to catch Chewie, An ship-wide klaxon erupts; at its sounding the attackers break off their advance retreating back aboard their craft.

The Folly blasts into light speed; Vont is yet again left for dead by his comrades as they escape within their own vessel. Brand and Skywalker find the bridge crew murdered and a sobbing binks.

Jar Jar Binks: (crying) mesa…mesa…didn’t.

Empatajayos Brand: sadly, you did.

Luke Skywalker: (studying blood soaked navi-computer) where are we bound?

      Jar Jar Binks: (crying) mesa, mesa…mesa..only remembers mechna doc…

Empatajayos Brand: he’s been programmed; Palpatine’s played this one beautifully.

The young recruits sprint is halted as they nearly enter the blood soaked bridge; Ken erupts in tears and cradles his eyes on Rayf’s shoulder. The Ossus Native shrugs him off and strides into the scene.

Rayf Ysanna: the last of the brigands have been slain master, Solo’s wookiee has him aboard the falcon, and we just secured Agent Bey there as well.

Luke Skywalker: what happened to bey?

A string of blaster bolts rain from the doorway as a winded Vont bursts into the chamber.

Frustrated Skywalker catches the bolts in his hand and proceeds to pull Vont’s feet out from under him. Causing him to fall face first at Ken’s feet. The tear soaked boy draws his lightsaber.

Dilbun Vont: (coughing) git yur arses on that rusted out freighter! This tubs gonna crash!

Ken: (crying) you bad man!

Empatajayos Brand: (floating) calm yourself boy! And were to assume this is your doing?

Dilbun Vont: not my style brand, kriffin Gungan went nuts. Barely got outta dare before Zann’s freak show busted in here!

      Rayf Ysanna: (pointing saber) you’re just mister nice guy right?

Dilbun Vont: betcher arse; dis sorta stuff bein just gittin heft at me from all directions all da time.

Empatajayos Brand: (floating) ok, what happened to the urgency to get us off this ship?

Luke hauls vont and binks from the bridge on their way to the docking bay; they are joined by Artoo-Deeto.

Dilbun Vont: (running) unless you kriffers wanna be stardust, best webe haulin it!

The prisoners are stowed away aboard the falcon, as Skywalker jumps into the pilot’s seat with Artoo assisting him as co-pilot.

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

     Luke Skywalker: what if were programmed to smash into something while still in                         
     hyperspace artoo?

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

Luke Skywalker: that’s assuming the folly has a mass shadow recognizer that works!

Deep Core-Tython System-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Folly speeds towards the star as the falcon escapes the vessel impacting with the star. The falcon having blasted its way out of a vessel at light speed is not without its own complication.

All aboard brace for impact as the falcon speeds towards the closest planet in the system.

Dilbun Vont will Return

Next Episode: “Defenders of the Dark Empire”

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Depressis's customs and weapons
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Urai Fen to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 11: "Orchestra of Pain"

 Audra Thranez to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season2 episodes 9 thru 11

and with another season; there will of course be new versions of Dilbun:

more to come....

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Depressis's customs and weapons
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custom WIP's :

Silri to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 11: "Orchestra of Pain"

Hya M'oth to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 11: "Orchestra of Pain"

Dilbun Vont to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 12: "The Galactic Guillotine"

Mother Superior Szekeleska to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 12: "The Galactic Guillotine"

from left to right: Cas-Lo Vont,Dilbun Vont,Black Sunshine,Mother Superior Szekeleska.

more to come...

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Depressis's customs and weapons
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Big Galgu as seen in Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 6: "Sinister Agents of the Empire"

Cittro as seen in Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 6: "Sinister Agents of the Empire"

Hayt to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episodes 8 & 10: "Madness of the Clone Emperor" & "Defenders of the Dark Empire"

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episodes 8,9,10: "Madness of the Clone Emperor", "The Reluctant Factor","Defenders of the Dark Empire"

reference's can be seen in the above link, recipe can be provided upon inquiry.

Tyber Zann to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episodes 8,9,10: "Madness of the Clone Emperor", "The Reluctant Factor","Defenders of the Dark Empire"

for reference:
physically inspired by Iggy Pop:

T'iaz to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episodes 8,10: "Madness of the Clone Emperor" & "Defenders of the Dark Empire"

for reference:
there are better images within the Graphic Novel:
Empire's End.

Rayf Ysanna to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episodes 8,9,10: "Madness of the Clone Emperor", "The Reluctant Factor","Defenders of the Dark Empire"

for reference:
there are better images within the Graphic Novels:
Dark Empire II & Empire's End.

Thok to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episodes 8,10: "Madness of the Clone Emperor" & "Defenders of the Dark Empire"

for reference:
there are better images within the video game:
Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi.

Triclops to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 9: "The Reluctant Factor"

for reference:

making of images:
the head did not originally have ears nor hair, and ofcourse no bushy brows...this
rendition was modeled after Brad Dourif in David Lynch's Dune.

more to come...

Hayt to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 9: "The Reluctant Factor"

"inspired by courtney cruz's burlesque Stormtrooper"

Hayt to be used within Memoirs of a War Profiteer season1 episode 10: "Defenders of the Dark Empire"

"inspired by Adrianne Curry's imperial trooper"

Photonovels and Movies / MOAWP S1/E8: "Madness of the Clone Emperor"
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Mt. Corvast-Sarapin-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) there ain’t no coming back, atleast not without loosing a whole lotta ur self in whatever underhanded effort it tags to bring your keester back from death.

Three speeder bikes pursue another across a soot drenched landscape as a massive lava mine erupts causing a down pour of ash. The sudden distraction blinds the swoop rider, in a mere second he wrecks and is surrounded by a motley crew of burnt out spacers and pirates turned bounty hunters. Without pause the prize captive jumps to his feet and attempts to flee, only to be pistol whipped by an obese man.

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: get your bloomin act togetha ya lepi!, dis em a karkin run down. Plain an’ simple.

Jaxxon: least amaiza cut and run like I’d hoped she would, none of you be gitten within an inch of her while I still….

The lepi’s boastful claims are silenced by a savage thrashing by way of an blaster rifles butt to the face.

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: save it, da captain’s got plenty of questions for you to answer!

The emerald lepi is drug within the confines of a rusted landing craft before it lifts into the atmosphere of the volcanic energy planet.

The vessel speeds to an equally battered Victory II class Star Destroyer and docks.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Sarapin-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Barely after settling upon its creaky landing gear, the swoop gang speeds from the craft and out into the confines of the nasty vessel. 

The speeders burst through rubbish filled hall ways, their vibrations causing great avalanches of trash heaps and the collapse of a many make shift camps set within technical alcoves. Dangling by a chain through the mad dash is the captive mercenary Jaxxon whom endures another thrashing along the way to the bridge.

The speeders maintain their break-neck velocity upon  entering the bridge. The two lesser swoop riders peel off into the technician bunkers and park as their chieftain continues towards the viewport, where stands a portly nerf hide bound middle-aged human looking down at the decomposing corpse of the vessels former captain, slain six years earlier above the moon of Gall.

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: here’s the bastage cap’in. that secure my boyz and I’s case of reserve?

Dilbun Vont: sure id doz! Go have a ride wit da theelin strum nests in the lower decks as well. Dis here lil lepi iz worth a lot.

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: oh thanks boss!

The obese pirate quickly remounts and speeds from the bridge, his cohorts follow. Without pause Vont kicks Jaxxon in the jaw while assuming a squat over his captive.

Jaxxon: wut the kriff is yur interest in me again already? Yur boys ran me down just three weeks ago!

Dilbun Vont: first ovv, I’m gonna deprive yous of the remainder of those creds you made hijackin ships with Niles Ferrier.

As a show of respect for the recently deceased ship thief, Dilbun pours some reserve on the deck.

Jaxxon: we earned every cred Thrawn paid, dats my whole retirement fund!

Dilbun Vont: fur seconds, I’m gonna need you to turn me in….

Star’s End-Mytus VII-Corporate Sector-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Jaxxon leads a shackled Dilbun Vont down a row of energy shielded cells, within the cells reside the dregs of the galaxy. The two are greeted by a corporate sector authority representative.  Before the prisoner can be processed an member of the bounty funds allocation agency must inspect the person in question.

Jaxxon: ok, transfer my funds. I want outta here before a price tag pops up on my head.

CSA Rep: all appears to be in order, splendid. But what funds where you expecting for a prisoner exchange?

Dilbun Vont: he ain’t talkin to you!

Without a seconds notice the shackles drop from vont’s arms and he’s driving a shive into the inspectors throat. Vont grabs Tyber Zann by the shoulder and hauls past Jaxxon whom scurries after the two.

Tyber Zann: wish you’d left me in the cling vont, only one reason you’d risk the csa’s wrath and I want no part in it!

CSA soldiers swarm after the three as they run up the ramp of a landing craft.

It lifts off while taking several bolts. As the vessel reaches space, it automatically blasts into light speed. Aboard Zann turns to Vont raising up his shackled hands. Vont sneers.

Dilbun Vont: partners we may be, but yous bein summoned by the emperor.

Tyber Zann: that’s a death march and you know it, I thought we where pals?

Dilbun Vont: trus me, there’s an angle here.

Jaxxon: I think you two need some kriffin privacy for this heart-wrenchin deal, so can I be’s on my way?

Dilbun Vont: almost forgot you were here, guess you’ll be wantin yur nest egg back.

Jaxxon: don’t be so sore Zann, kriffer held my life savings as chattel to get me in on this lil spring job.

In a blur of motion vont shoves the lepi in an escape pod and jettisons it.

Dilbun Vont: silly lepi, creds are fur me.

Tyber Zann: that’s pretty cruel Vont, even for the likes of Jabba. Escape pod adrift in a hyperspace tunnel? Odds are that kriffer will drift for the rest of his life!

Dilbun Vont: otay, the lepi’s nest egg- double or nutin he comes afta me wit the best bounty hunters creds can buy?

Tyber Zann: yur on bastage.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Orbit of Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

A small gathering of bandits stand at the viewport of the dilapidated Star Destroyer glimpsing the sheer scope of the Emperor’s Dark Empire-hidden at the very heart of the galaxy.

Gaff: hell the navigational charts to this place are worth more than even one of us are to be getting outta this!

Suddenly Dilbun draws a blaster rifle and aims it at the viewport.

Dilbun Vont: I recall a time when everyone in this group could git away wit murda! Krif knows I should talk knows. Wut I’m sayin is diz: this is the last chance the empire has, eder id rize again now or its be fadin into the dust. Us along wid id! By rebels turned politicians or by rivals. Dis is our last chance to stand tall.

Gaff: and we non-humanoids get to go back to bein looked down upon?

Tyber Zann: takin the good with the bad, like we used to sounds a hellva lot better than runnin from the rebels!

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: da bosses are right! Lifes easier for us under the emperor.

Vont lowers his blaster, as a hologram flares to life beside him.

T’iaz: welcome back lekku loper, have you assembled the needed party?

Tyber Zann: were here.

T’iaz: very well, his eminence will receive you at the citadel. Landing instructions transmitting. 

Emperor’s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont,Tyber Zann,Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha, Gaff approach the heavily guarded throne of the Clone Emperor.

T’iaz: may I present his eminence; the true ruler of the galaxy; empero…

Dilbun Vont: cut the malarky, here to offa my services to ya Augie, bein lost without ya, really.

Clone Emperor: do not impose familiarity with my person! A servant does not share common concern with its master.

A bolt of force lightening connects with Dilbun’s chest, hurling him to the ground. The clone sneers out at the remaining attendees.

Clone Emperor: secure our guests, do not deny them the slightest inspections. Traitors are everywhere.

Imperial sentinels seize the remaining bandits and hall them away. Dilbun attempts to regain his footing, only to be once again caught in the grasp of the clone emperor’s powers.

Dilbun Vont: wuts this more of the rewardz for service to yur arse!

Clone Emperor: oh, the ever faithful servant returns to my side. Oh! With what grace do you impose yourself into my cabal. Your identification checks out with my feeble network, but I know nothing of you nor do I intend to reevaluate myself!

Without hesitation the clone engages his light saber and takes a lethal swipe at Dilbun’s torso; the blade collides with the rare gungan cortosis craft vibro-axe gifted to Dilbun by Senator Palpatine eons earlier. At the sight of his disabled light saber, the clone stands in awe.

Dilbun Vont: dats rite augie, I saved you wit dis as my kriffin reward!

Clone Emperor: the naboo swamps, young Maul had failed me…and you could not be sensed in the force. Yes augie was my name!

Dilbun Vont: exactly, yur lil Zabrak couldn’t protect ya and I did!

Clone Emperor: the man; Palpatine died at Endor. The Sith Lord; Darth Sidious survived.

Dilbun Vont: so ya git my bein here now Augie?

Via the force, the clone emperor snatches the gungan vibro-axe from Vont’s grasp. The clone absorbs the events partaken with it via force enhanced Psychometry.

Clone Emperor: where is your son!

Vont is yet again thrust into the air via the clones control over the force.

Dilbun Vont: left that lil prisy bastage wit hiz gimped out motha of da surface of Gall six years ago and vaped the joint from orbit!

Clone Emperor: you knew I required your progeny!  Why then did you consign the child to certain death?

Dilbun Vont: yer kriffin arse wasa ded, wut good wuz tha whelp to ya as you wur blown to star dust?

The clone drops vont to the floor and despairs.

Clone Emperor: your return to my side, maybe short-lived vont, my essence cannot be endured for great lengths of time within a non-force sensitive body.

Dilbun Vont: you where gonna take over my son’s body?

Clone Emperor: yes, yes Dilbun. Your  sons body was to be my vessel. I myself do not have the knowledge of how to manipulate midi-chlorians…

Dilbun Vont: fazanatein, so where’s a dark sider willin to take you in?

Clone Emperor: you presume my adapts are of great strength, they merely serve my needs while in the thrall of the dark side.

Dilbun Vont: huh, huh. So kriffin jeti purge affects yur arse! Kinda funny. Huh, huh.

Clone Emperor: I have no need for an jester vont! You’ve sealed my permanent doom, without that child I cannot endure!

Dilbun Vont: wud bout yur karkin spawn! Eh? Can’t spill yur own blood?

The clone is physically taken aback at the mention of his own forgotten progeny.

Clone Emperor: do not jest Dilbun, do I have a child?

Dilbun Vont: well you sure don’t remember yer karkin past life do you?

Coruscant-19 years before the Battle of Yavin IV

Darth Sidious stands with his hand crackling dark force lightening above the stomach of a restrained woman.

Niobi: you will not have my heart! What you do is against nature! Ahhh!

Darth Sidious: silence!

Suddenly a ball of dark force energy is hurled into the woman. Upon it’s introduction upon her body she is visibly pregnant. However the experiment is a failure as the young woman vomits up the forced impregnation. An mutant infant gurgles in its own fluids as it is telekinetically lifted into the air for the sith lords inspection.

Darth Sidious: alas, my masters secret midi-chlorian skill eludes me. A weakling mutant! Not even powerful in the force!

Niobi: see yourself in your child!

The restrained woman springs from the bolted table and leaps out the window at force propelled speeds. The sith lord cradles the mutant infant in lieu of slaying the unwilling mother. Sidious summons holographic forms of his aides; Sly Moore and Mas Amedda.

Mas Amedda: my lord, an heir!

Darth Sidious: nothing but an inferior mutant! Cast it from my sight…like the others! Summon vont. It is his duty.

Emperor’s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Clone Emperor: so you didn’t kill him, why?

Dilbun Vont: bacuz, waste iz a thief.

Meditation Chamber-The Jedi Explorer-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Luke Skywalker restlessly attempts to center himself before entering into his force guided meditation. His effort is pointless, he is still tainted by the dark side, his common sense of justification lost while bowing before the clone emperor. The floating cybernetic ganathan king Empatajayos Brand bursts into his chamber, uninvited.

Empatajayos Brand: master skywalker, your unease is deafening in the force. You must suppress it or  the others will grow tired of your endured distraction.

Luke Skywalker: distraction? The Jedi knights cannot defeat the emperor with so few!

Empatajayos Brand: we fell as many before, and yet it took only one to defeat vader and his emperor. We are already legion by my count.

Luke Skywalker: Anakin Skywalker saved the galaxy…and his son. I was merely his cause to act. I cannot  defeat the emperor alone, we must expand.

Empatajayos Brand: the Jedi will rise again, but not without our stand against the sith. This is our test luke, with you in the lead. Not a shattered man, you are the leader of this era. You must stand firm, without you we are cast back into the dust, the light will be stomped out forever if you do not accept your…

Luke Skywalker: enough! I’ve already fulfilled my destiny. Ben and Yoda have turned away from me, my fall to the dark side was my undoing. I cannot lead us to victory. I cannot even focus on meditation.

Empatajayos Brand: most unfortunate, but not unheard of, are you vain enough to assume you’re the only Jedi to give into the dark side. I can assure you the road back is treacherous, but it exists for only those hardy enough to traverse it.

Luke Skywalker: then perhaps the holocron can be of assistance in this matter.

Empatajayos Brand: the true tedryn holocron it may be, and even if it is the sith may have tainted it. I do not want you to activate it while we search for your recruits.

Luke Skywalker: whose to say I’m not tainted as well!

Empatajayos Brand: the force!

The young tribesman of Ossus bursts into the chamber.

Rayf Ysanna: were approaching the system luke.

Luke Skywalker: thanks rayf…by the way would you care for a lesson from the holocron. Master brand is going to authenticate it for future use.

Empatajayos Brand: as underhanded as a high council member, and you doubt yourself. Very well, if this is what it takes.

Rayf Ysanna:  I’m lost..whats this all about.

Luke Skywalker: pay it no mind.

Vodo-Sia-Baas: I’ am the gatekeeper of the Tedryn, what knowledge do you seek?

Empatajayos Brand: by the force, I challenge your authenticity, and wish to expose the truth via an lore contest.

Vodo-Sias-Baas: such insolence; you carry much self importance master Brand. Far more since your trails under Yaddle to be certain, let us regale the students.

Empatajayos Brand: of what species was my master Yaddle?

Vodo-Sias-Baas: she was of an unknown tridactyl race, most commonly thought to be of relative to the Whills; the shamans whom are thought to reside on Tython; the Jedi planet of origin.

Empatajayos Brand: your cross-branching logic is in place, this must be the doing of Sidious!

Luke Skywalker: do you believe palpatine would have sought out the Whill shaman?

Empatajayos Brand: worse.

Vodo-Sias-Baas: little good they’d have been, much like the Rakata or the Celestials they’ve passed…

Luke Skywalker: is it trustworthy?

Empatajayos Brand: too fourth coming it is. We’ll come back to this after we’ve secured your recruit.

Emperor’s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont,Gaff, Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha and Tyber Zann kneel before the Clone Emperor.

Clone Emperor: and that is how it will be!

Tyber Zann: the guy that took down the first Death Star and three other Jedi! that’s asking way too…

Clone Emperor: don’t worry your cowardly Hyde zann, your task plays to your skill set. If your survival is possible you may go about your corrupt profession.

Dilbun Vont: well idz da be a walk in da park fur mesa huh? Augie.

Clone Emperor: in order to assure your success , I’ll be supplying some special..comrades.

Three warriors approach the dais, a heavily armored Gamorrean, a muscle bound Tusken Raider and a woman with the arm of a Juggernaut war droid. The trio are escorted by a group of Dark Troopers.

T’iaz: may I present the Masters of Teräs Käsi.

Dilbun Vont: gotta be ovv yur kriffin roqqa augie! These bastages be total savages!

Clone Emperor: augie is dead, Darth Sidious is all that remains, we’ve been through this already.

Hoar: (Tusken battle cry)

T’iaz: (igniting light saber) restrain yourselves in the prescience of his galactic eminence.

Tyber Zann: if its muscle we need, why not get a hold of my crew? Utai Fenn and Silri are the best back up in the galaxy!

Clone Emperor: I will not entrust this mission to an barely sentient thug or a treacherous Dathomirian Witch!

Gaff: barely sentient?

Clone Emperor: all non-humanoids lucky enough to be in my service will remember their place! I will not tolerate the guttural sounds that pass for language leveled at me from a non-existent elevation!

Dilbun Vont: give the kriffa a break their augie, we’res to be puttin our karkin arses on the line to…

Clone Emperor: silence Vont! Your protectors do not require the facts!

Arden Lyn: aw, does the mighty reborn emperor have a soft spot? Do I detect a weakness to exploit.

Clone Emperor: all is never what it appears to be, my dear. Never assume yourself to be a threat to my person, you breath simply because I do not trust their martial abilities when stacked against these odds.

Arden Lyn: my place in this scheme is purely personal, all assumptions aside.

Clone Emperor: very well. This mission will be lead by T’iaz and the archetype of my new storm trooper class. May I present…Hayt.

A scantly clad female in sparse plastoid armor approaches the throne, Dilbun steps closer to her upon her entrance.

Dilbun Vont: (attempting a spank) well I’ll be suga…

The barely attired trooper disables vont in three movements, leaving the elder man on the floor.

Clone Emperor: as you understand Dilbun, almost every species in the galaxy is easily intoxicated, distracted and best of all subdued by the mere sight of an human female. 

Hayt:  subjugation can be pleasurable, do you not agree commander Vont?

Dilbun Vont: tage an army of strums over dweebie stormies anytime.

Clone Emperor: an entire garrison of women will be both welcomed and underestimated, at any cost we will have peace.

The entire group is lead from the throne room by Hayt as the Sith Lord sinks further into his throne.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) wut a peaceful galaxy we’d huff bein stuck with!

The Jedi Explorer- approaching Dagobah-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Kam Solusar: what a glorious magnet of the living force, no wonder your master hid here so easily.

Luke Skywalker: yes, but don’t let the currents of life dull your senses. The marsh planet is a perfect example of all aspects of the living force.

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

Luke Skywalker: and watch your step.

The interior flares an proximity warning, as the mammoth form of the Millennium Falcon soars above the simple Jedi Explorer, all aboard are rattled from the effectiveness of Solo’s surprise arrival.

Han Solo: (via intercom) thought you Jedi had sight beyond sight? Huh

Chewbacca: (in Shyriiwook) told you they’d be caught unawares, pay up ya scoundral!

Luke Skywalker: thanks han, we need the humility.

Rayf Ysaana: yes, master.

Han Solo: (via intercom) don’t go turnin into a zealot there kid!

Empatajayos Brand: captain solo is right, young Ysanna. Respect for your elder is one thing, blind allegiance is folly indeed.

Kam Solusar: now you’re certain you weren’t followed here?

Chewbacca: (via intercom) (wookiee growls and whines)

Han Solo: (via intercom) take it easy, there ain’t no kriffin homing beacon on this baby! Chill your followers out luke. Last thing we need is Jedi that are nervous in the service!

Luke Skywalker: we’re fine han, now that we’re here prepare for com-silence.

Han Solo: (via intercom) whatever.

The ships descend into the atmospehere of Dagobah, as the falcon goes through the re-entry phase of the decsent, a space suited form affixed to the hull can be seen.

Entrance to the Dark Cave-Dagobah-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Jedi Explorer lands adjacent to the cave and the already landed Falcon. Han,Chewie and Bey stand on the ramp with blasters drawn.

Han Solo: so hows everything shaping up their intel wise?

Bey: all our so called allies have either lied down their arms, joined the Dark Empire or worst of all gone silent.

Chewbacca: (in wookiee) the wookiees will fight for the republic, once the council convenes!

Han Solo: ya, haven’t they been trying to descide if their gonna give aid to us since before Thrawn’s surge? Good thing were not holdin our breath!

Bey: the greater concern is the sudden influx of Bothan units into our command structure, Fey’las eying the big job, no doubt bout it.

Han Solo: that guy’s slime, lucky us Mon Mothma welcomed Garm Bel Iblis back into the fold.

Bey: Iblis won’t take a seat long enough to sell an agenda, he’s no politican.

Empatajayos Brand: than perhaps bothan backstabbing will rule the aftermath of this diaster.

Luke Skywalker: I’m fairly certain Leia will be the barrier of Mothma’s torch han, leaving Jacen and Jaina in the tutledge of their uncle.

Han Solo: back off kid! My twins ain’t messin with all this force stuff till they can atleast fly an airspeeder!

Empatajayos Brand: but Jedi of the old republic where…

Han Solo: snacthed from their parents while infants! Not my kids luke!

Luke Skywalker: fine, now will you all wait here.

Rayf Ysanna: are you sure master? I could be of..

Kam Solusar: ease off kid, he needs to be the one to rally this one.

Luke desends into the dark cave while Artoo quivers an audible pang of fear. Upon luke’s decent he is greeted by a thick glowing vapor, a gust of frigidness engulfs him. Luke casts out a vaneer of force energy, shielding him from the passive illusions of the cave, but not from the all encompassing dark presence.

Luke engages his light saber as the vapor looses its luminosity. A twisted cackle sounds from the pervasive shadows and settles into a featureless set of flaming eyes and a gaping maw of broken teeth.

Darth Sidious: mine!

The ghostly vision dissipates as luke continues his journey to the bottom. From all around luke crackles dark side lightening, the miashma of dark power evaporates as he passes it.

Upon entering the final passage, luke is bombarded by an apparitional force vision; a tall black haired pony tailed figure burns in a dark spectral form over his unconscious body as a young man turns away from luke’s body and boards a gleaming cylindrical vessel. It lifts off into the skies of the fourth moon of Yavin Four.

The dire situation is washed away by the blinding radiance of several thousand lightsabers, the entire spectrum collides in a solid white that collapses upon a brown haired teenage human boy meditating while doing an handstand in the very center of the stalgatite ridden cave.

Ken: gee goly, master skywalker! Boy am I glad to see you.

Luke Skywalker: young ken, you’ve grown quite a bit, since our last meeting. Have you come to understand my meaning for insisting you study within this cave?

Ken: (standing) of course, but it only troubles me further master! This dark cave reflects nothing of myself. I’ve been here as you suggested for five years, and have found no trace of my grand fathers dark nature within myself.

Luke Skywalker: breath boy, I wish I shared your certain fate, but I understand your troubled conclusion, and regrettably must ask too much of you.

The boy in white stands stoically before his black clad master in prepartion for a mission.

Luke Skywalker: your wretched grand father has returned from the nether realm of the force and cast a terrible darkness upon the galaxy, and regrettably I fell to his side in an failed attempt to vanquish him.

Ken: (engaging lightsaber)  I will not serve him!

The reckless boy force hurls Skywalker through the cave wall, luke is sent flying towards a dammed swamp ledge. Upon regaining his footing, the dam ruptures and a wave of putrid mud water gushes down the hillside.

The young Jedi initiate lands atop an falling tree that plummets towards Skywalker whom settles the tree at the edge of the swamp fall.

Luke Skywalker: stretch out with your feelings ken, I mean to vanquish the emperor not serve him!

Ken: than why do you reek of the dark side!

The young boy takes a swipe at Skywalker with his light saber; whom engages his own blade as the boys connects with it. They stand facing one another with locked blades, as the tree begins to crack against the mighty currents.

Luke Skywalker: this darkness will pass, but only if the Jedi rise to quell its ascension! And only united will we succed!

Ken: I was taught every detail of our history in the lost city of the Jedi, we will fail. Palpatine was able to topple the guardians of peace and justice in a single rotation, it will be just the same for us!

Luke Skywalker: my sister and I have already defeated one of his clone bodies. With you at my side, we the decendents of darkness will triumph.

Ken: perhaps, we can.

Luke Skywalker: no, we will.

The two Jedi disengage their weapons and spring from the log, they quickly reappear above the dark cave.

Han Solo: well I’ll be..

Chewbacca: (quickly grabs and huggs the boy)

Ken: nice seein you again chewie.

Luke Skywalker: may I present our comrades; Rayf Ysanna of Ossus, Kam Solusar of Nespis VIII and Empatajayos Brand, King of Ganath as well as an Jedi of the Old Republic.

Ken: Astral!

Han Solo: oh yea, thrilling stuff. How bout we ditch that lil tike Jedi craft here and everybody pile aboard the falcon for the rest of this party?

Kam Solusar: I don’t know han…

Ken: sure thing captain solo, come on gang!

The young boy bolts up the ramp of the falcon as followed by the mighty Chewbacca,Artoo-Detoo leaving the elder men in their wake.

Han Solo: (walking after him) see the kid knows best.

Bey: (following) falcon’s anti-tracking package is even better than most New Republic espionage craft, take him up on his offer before he charges you for the lift.

The falcon blasts off into the atmosphere of the Swamp world shortly after the Jedi are aboard, as the vessel reaches space the space suit clad figure affixed to the hull sqiurms about attempting a slip stream com-burst.

Dilbun Vont: (within space suit) merchaindize iz aboard, navicomputer jump iz included with dis burst, be ready ta pounce on dis bastage upon reversion from hyperspace. Loper out.


Imperial Enclave-Gall-4 years after the battle of Yavin IV

A young child carefully enters a darkened room to find a solitary figure slumped over the edge of a bunk bed regarding a unique vibro-axe of gungan design. The older man takes notice of the child.

Dilbun Vont: why ain’t you sleepin runt.

Cas-Lo Vont: I was…going to play with my…

Dilbun Vont: wit ur kriffin dollies huh? Shouldn’t you be messin wit lil strums yet?

Cas-Lo Vont: father, I’m only nine.

Dilbun Vont: (standing up from the bunk with the axe) nuthin but excuses outta you ain’t dare?

Dilbun abruptly exit’s the room in a hurry almost knocking his nine year old son to the floor with his motion.

The child regards the back of his father with glassed over eyes. The elder Vont exit’s the abode without even looking back. The young child settles on a divan and activates the holofeed.

Pundit: in a shocking turn of events there is wide spread revolt on Imperial Center following the morbid events over the Sanctuary moon of Endor. Word has it that Grand Vizor Sate Pestage promises the citizens of the Empire that he will not rest until the Rebel Alliance is utterly crushed for the heinous acts of this past night. 

Suddenly the holofeed is interrupted and the entire abode is rattled to its foundation as blasts strike the enclave. Explosions rock the entire country side as blaster fire is rained down from orbit.

The entire enclave is blasted to rubble. Within the Vont Apartment, young Cas-Lo rushes to the aid of his mother. He finds the turncoat padawan Cittro buried under a support beam.  Amidst the flaming wreckage young Vont attempts to physically lift the bulk head to no avail.

Cittro: (under rubble) those blasted rebel scum!

Cas-Lo Vont: mother, there was no air raid signal, it cannot be the rebels…

Cittro: (under rubble) who told you the procedures?…then it could only be…where’s your father!

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Gall-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

The insectoid Gaff storms onto the bridge of the star destroyer to find Commander Vont standing at the main observation area with a smoking blaster in his left hand.

Gaff slows his heightened pace at the sight of the captains dead body at vont’s feet.

Gaff: so the captain started the bombardment before they could be evacuated?

Dilbun Vont: naw, you gots it all backwards gaff, that kriff head wasn’t gonna start it till all those parasites had gotten aboard the ships. Don’t need anymore mouths to feed in this fleet.

Gaff: but she’s down there too…so’s lil cas-lo…

Dilbun Vont: with ol’ augie blasted to stardust I don’t need em, either of em. Bein slowin me down far too long already as it is. Get the fleet to hyperspace, the kriffin rebels might be coming this way after they get done moppin up at endor.

Gaff: yes, commander.

The entire Gall defensive fleet of Six Star destroyers blasts into hyperspace.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) oh, so much fur da loving family crap….

Imperial Enclave-Gall-4 years after the battle of Yavin IV

The rubble ridden room begins to cave in on the surviving inhabitants, as the ceiling comes crashing down Cittro grits her teeth and accepts the unpleasant death.

Young Cas-Lo instinctively raises his arms in defiance of the death his father called down upon him. Via the power of the force the wall is not only stopped from crushing the two, it is sent collapsing in the other direction. With sudden glee the child turns round to regard his mother.

Cittro: (coughing blood) who you..think you’re saving you little bastage!

Cas-Lo Vont: I used it to save you. What can be so wrong about using it for that?

Cittro: (dying) just tryin to get me to keep playin mother….

The turncoat padawan succumbs to her wounds, leaving the nine year old to fend for himself amidst a bombed out untamed world. The child sets out into the wilderness with only the force as his ally.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Hyperspace-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

Gaff strides into the late captains lounge to find Dilbun studying a holographic star chart amidst a gathering of smashed valuables and broken furniture.

Dilbun Vont: not a kriffin drip of reserve on dis tub.

Gaff: I have some membrosia in my cabin if that’d be of any help?

Dilbun Vont: neva touched the stuff.

Gaff: so what is our heading, mission, scheme?

Dilbun Vont: if ya hadn’t noticed there Gaff, I’m whut you’d call something of a softie when it came to ol’ augie. He wuz the only person I neva double crossed, truth.

Gaff: but hive mates and hatchlings are of no concern to you?

Dilbun Vont: (slamming vibro-axe on the desk) stay on subject! Although the rebels carried out the deed that done in ol augie I personally hold the bothan spies accountable for his bein dead.

Gaff: Koth Melan was slain by a Barabel hit squad a month ago Dilbun. Who you gonna kill now?

Dilbun Vont: yea, yea. I know dat. He wasn’t the only bothan wit hiz fur in that mess. Bein scanning the imperial network, those kriffers neva stopped working the original slice trail where the plans where obtained.

Gaff: I follow so far.

Dilbun Vont: good, the bothan spynet tried to bribe a highly placed imperial officer into placing a slicer droid into the coruscant computer network, dat failed but they obtained the plans anyway.

Gaff: so we’re going to imperial center?

Dilbun Vont: oh no, we go there this whole fleet gets absconded and redistributed into the war effort. Dis is my kriffin fleet gaff. They ain’t gittin it back.

Gaff: so were still goin after bothan spies?

Dilbun Vont: you betcher arse we are, gonna toast those furbags myself!

Rooftop-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

A platoon of imperial storm troopers march down a overly crowded street carrying the solitary banner of the Empire. On the rooftop of a building overlooking the scene a pair of Bothan spies sympathetic to the rebel cause keep a proton canon locked on a central power line right above the intended direction of the imperial demonstration.

Tani Ab’yla: you sure we should still be carrying out this strike?

Utric Sandov: last time I checked, no imps aren’t throwing down their blasters  in the name of peace. This neat little civil war just turned into a sectarian mess tani. Be lucky if the new republic or alliance of free planets or whatever catchy little tagline they settle on; is set up within a thousand years.

Tani Ab’yla: so were gonna murder that whole street of people down there for a cause that by your account is just hopeless, correct me if I’m wrong.

Utric Sandov: we take out that batch of non-humanoid hating imperial zealots and we may not hafta..

Tani Ab’yla: face it, you cannot condone this. it’s a act of murder plain and simple! Nor is a cry of ar’krai being let out towards all imperials is there?

Utric Sandov: we both know if endor had been a defeat neither of us would be up here with doubts it’d be pop goes the imp.

Tani Ab’yla: see you have doubts too!

Utric Sandov: (disengaging canon) no, you just drive a hard bargain. I’m sold. So now where are we letting off this payload? Got any legit, morally acceptable targets for me?

Tani Ab’yla: (slicing computer socket) ok legit targets; storm trooper barracks, morally acceptable; negative they let families bunk together on this Podunk rock.

Utric Sandov: (compressing rocket launcher) what about that karkin airfield?

Tani Ab’yla: watch your language!  We’d cut off their supplies. But not all the livestock in these waters are inedible to humans. We could also sever their link with the rest of the imperial network.

Utric Sandov: fine, but what are we gonna do about this kriffin..excuse me lovely proton missile of my mine and don’t say just fire into the sea.

Tani Ab’yla: there’s a comm-tower in the northern hemisphere, we blow it and they can’t build another without supplies they can’t call out for since were cutting them off for the duration of hostilities.

Utric Sandov: fine. Troops learn to fish, and rough it out for the next twenty years.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Hyperspace-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

an insectoid rushes down a corridor to a storm trooper guarded door which hisses open upon his approach, Commander Vont exit’s the room with a blood-soaked gungan vibro-axe. Gaff follows the commander down the corridor he just came down.

Gaff: what happened to the fleet captains dinner?

Dilbun Vont: lets just say; dare won’t be any contention for the title of fleet commander, now will dare?

Gaff: but what of mutiny? The sub-commanders will drop out of light speed and defect from your command.

Dilbun Vont: kriffin fleet is slave rigged to da ravager, so wuts our status…what title you want gaff?

Gaff: I work best from the sidelines, commander. Were en route to the Aquilae system, but there appears to be a planet wide infection warning faintly broadcasting.

Dilbun Vont: that sounds like a slicer fur sure. Get some bright guy on a formation or what have yea, and keep our shields up. And keep our tractor beams at the ready. These furbags are bout to bounce.

The two briskly march onto the bridge of the vessel, only to be greeted by a chorus of status updates.

Imperial Technician: before the quarantine went up; warrants and bounty hunter assistance summons where issued for Jaxxon and Amaiza Foxtrain. There was even mention of an unauthorized landing of one YT-2400 and a WUD-500 class vessel in the northern hemisphere.

Dilbun Vont: could be the kriffin outrider, and perhaps even the rabbit’s foot.

Gaff: I highly doubt your bothan spies could afford transport from the likes of either of those parties.

Dilbun Vont: yea and nobody took solo but nuthin for a kriffin nerf herdin smuggla now did they? Get up a couple wings of ties. 

Gaff: perhaps the launch order should be rescinded until we come out of light speed?

Dilbun Vont: (preparing backhand) I’m in charge of dis…yeah but git your arses ready! All ships git your ties ready to dismount when we reach Aquilae. it’s a kriffin order!

Vont quickly leaves the bridge in a hurry, Gaff looks back at the commander while retracting his deadly stinger.

Communications Tower-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

A pair of vessels make their landings atop a large landing pad in the midst of a vast ocean teaming with large predator creatures clashing with one another. The shielded structure Is continually challenged by a group of such titans. The crew of The Outider consisting of bothan spies and their pilot Dash Rendar frantically rush to greet their temporary allies; the crew of Rabbit’s Foot .

Jaxxon: we should really just scratch dis karkin plan and dust dis soggy hell hole!

Dash Rendar: please tell me you didn’t get fingered for anything you shouldn’t have been doin on this trip?

Amaiza Foxtrain: I didn’t get the death mark on six systems for jaywalking there flyboy.

Tani Ab’yla: this was an Alliance funded mission outlaw! There was to be no unwarranted theft of property!

Rianna Sarin: unless of course the proceeds where donated to the rebel alliance?

Jaxxon: better check the reception on that lekku there yum yum, ain’t gonna happen. Our loot will make up for the peanuts you rebels pay to ride the rabbit’s foot.

Rianna Sarin: and how much does Zeeo get for all the repair work he’s bein doin to keep your tub in the sky?

Utric Sandov: ok stow it all! Where you being chased over here or not I smell burnt hull?

Amaiza Foxtrain: knew we couldn’t fool a bothan spy, might have been a few ticked off imps gunnin for us down in the south isles.

Jaxxon: oh and that bookie we cleaned out in the eastern block..shoulda bein there it was priceless.

Dash Rendar: I’m sure it was, well I’m leaving in as long as it takes to get the outrider primed. Anybody goin with her had better be aboard by then.

Tani Ab’yla: we’ll be there, come on Sarin.

Rianna Sarin: here we go zeeo.

The hovering droid accompanies its master gleefully as Rendar goes back up his ramp.

Utric Sandov: alright you two tossers,  fork over the creds.

Amaiza Foxtrain: you think were actually donating our haul!

Jaxxon: you chubba rebels just offed the emperor, what the kriff you need with outlaws plunder anyhow?
Ain’t it all ticker tape parades for solo and the other guerilla heroes.

Utric Sandov: that holovid of the uprising on imperial center is real heart warming ain’t it?  So’s a kriffin blaster bolt in your gut. The imps ain’t licked yet, so if you please the alliance would greatly appreciate the funds to make the empire truly; history.

Amaiza Foxtrain: (tossing coins to the ground) whose to say your little alliance can even manage this galaxy? Think its gonna be a lot harder than blastin a bolt through a two meter gap. Huh?

Utric Sandov: (collecting coins) with minds such as these to save, why do we continue?

Amaiza Foxtrain: oh and with such brigands to serve.

Jaxxon: look there sugar; yesterdays freedom fightin Insurgent, tomorrows money grubbin Bureaucrat. Ain’t it a sight!

The outlaws walk back towards their vessel as the bothan continues to collect their imperial currency from the floor of the platform.

 Meanwhile Tani Ab’yla, Rianna Sarin and Zeeo make their way into the depths of the ocean world via a force field shielded lift with a panoramic via of the life rich sea.

Rianna Sarin: just to think one hiccup in the power relay and we get crushed to death by the depth before the predators can even make a snack outta us.

Z-58-0: in that case why didn’t you just send me in your places? I can survive the depths of space.

Tani Ab’yla: a sentient slicer has something you just can’t program. No offense Zeeo.

Rianna Sarin: you’d be amazed at the amount he can achieve with that processor.

Z-58-0: whats that supposed to mean?

Tani Ab’yla: oh its just that arakyd industries isn’t known for producing…

Rianna Sarin: don’t mind the bothan, zeeo. She’ll learn.

The lift comes to a stop and opens onto a deserted observation deck, the droid flies to its task as tani and rianna set about their own duties. Topside; Dash Rendar rapidly exit’s the ramp of his craft.

Dash Rendar: we got six victory II class star destroyers entering orbit!

Utric Sandov: (passing coins) how much for you to delay taking off just a bit longer?

Dash Rendar: (accessing the loot) umm, what domination are they? Thousands huh? a handful for ten more minutes.

Jaxxon: (sticking blaster in sandov’s back) I’ll have whatever he leaves behind for added fire power, show me six imperial classes and I’ll start carbon flushin myself.

Utric Sandov: go ahead ya kriffin varmint. Take it all, only feed a spy net for three weeks in the bush.

Amaiza Foxtrain: (pocketing loot in a boot) not like it takes any skill to stare at a target for that long eh?

Utric Sandov: we let two smugglers into the rebellion and now all the dregs mean to bled our funds.

Jaxxon: cry me a river.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

From the viewing port of the Ravager, Commander Vont watches an entire bombing run of Tie Fighters speed to the surface of the ocean world. 

Gaff: all wings are away, is all as you wish it to be..fleet commander?

Dilbun Vont: betta be.

Suddenly a storm trooper charges toward the viewing station firing at vont; whom effortlessly draws his own blaster pistol and lets off a string of bolts at the ensuing mutineers.

Without hesitation the insectoid Gaff draws his own blaster and enters the fray on vont’s behalf. The fire fight is short but not without consequences.

Dilbun Vont: tell me we gots nuff shock collars aboard this tub to rig us a new bridge crew!

Gaff: I always travel with  at least a platoons worth in my shuttle.

Dilbun Vont: have em brought up with another crew and a case of detonite. Dis happens again heads are poppin.

Gaff: agreed.

Communications Tower-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

The floating platform is attacked from above by a swarm of tie fighters, the vicious sea life plucks unlucky pilots from the skies at random as blaster fire reigns down.

Dash Rendar: (hiding under vessel) ain’t getting paid enough for this!

Utric Sandov: (firing blasters) can’t hit a target rendar?

Jaxxon: (firing blasters) c’mon killing imps is fun!

Utric Sandov: (firing blasters) just gotta hit that cockpit and…

A well aimed shot ends in a fighter careening out of control and crashing into the platform nearly sinking it. As within the returning lift, vibrations from above are felt. The view is that of complete and total havoc in the sea.

Tani Ab’yla: can’t be good.

Rianna Sarin: here’s hoping the power holds.

Z-58-0:  we are well above the decompression limit of sentient beings.

Tani Ab’yla: yeah well not above the food chain wire brain.

Without warning the entire lift looses power and is flooded by the oceans around it, rianna latches onto zeeo and motions for Tani to do the same.

Upon making her connection the droid races to the surface and avoids the jaws of every predator on the way.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

A platoon of stormtroopers attach detonite rigged shock collars around the necks of all the replacement bridge technicians.

Dilbun Vont: aight kriff heads, anybody try and pull another mutiny on me is gonna end up a job for the cleanin droids get it?

The entire technician staff agrees in unison.

Dilbun Vont: guud, now it would appear our tie wing is provin a bit useless down there wouldn’t you say gaff?

Gaff: probably too much biscuit baron.

Dilbun Vont: agreed, tractor beam control! I want that entire comm-station brought up into our docking bay!

Imperial Technician: but sir, we cannot divert that much power to..

The technicians head is exploded by a trigger in vonts hand.

Dilbun Vont: another opinion, can id be done!

The remaining technician staff agrees in unison.

Communications Tower-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

The tie fighter swarm begins to loose numerical superiority and give way to the raging sea monstrosities as the energy field protecting the landing pad shimmers out of existence. Causing the lesser sea monsters to slither on deck towards the outnumbered band of freedom fighters.

Jaxxon: (firing blasters) outta power packs!

Dash Rendar: (pulling blaster) good thing I didn’t waste mine.

With one shot the smuggler braggart fells an advancing sea beast as it falls dead Zeeo emerges from the depths with Rianna and Tani still attached.

The droid settles near the two vessels and deposit’s the sentient beings on the deck.

Before the gathered party can check the status of their comrades a great silhouette is cast upon the platform, both Rianna and Tani regain normal breathing habits at the sight of a Victory II Class Star Destroyer descending upon the ocean planet belly first.

Two mixed parties of three members each split up and run up the ships ramps. As the vessels begin to fire their repulsor engines, the entire comm-tower is caught in the pull of a tractor beam; immediately the bulky station is brought into the skies shedding mammoth predators as it makes its ascent.

The beam also catches a mighty submerged beast of the abyss.

Cockpit-Outrider-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Tani Ab’yla: whats the problem get us outta here!

Dash Rendar: let me know when I start givin you tips on  how to slice. Jaxx ol buddy you ready when I am?

Rianna Sarin: get this bucket moving flyboy.

Cockpit-Rabbit’s Foot-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Amaiza Foxtrain: everything’s almost primed!

Jaxxon: (punching accelerator) don’t listen to the broad, follow me!

Both vessels blast off of the platform and fire their canons at the underside of the star destroyer as it continues diverting all of its power to the tractor beam. Massive explosions rock the destroyer as it pulls an entire comm-tower into itself; the tower explodes upon impact.

Both vessels escape into the upper atmosphere as the tractor beam pulls a mighty sea beast onto its hull, all flaming portions of the vessel are extinguished by the accompanying wave of fluids.  The mighty beast wraps its many tentacles around the entire hull of the star destroyer as it lifts into the air. The remainder of the tie fighter swarm comes to the mother ships defense, but is of no use.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The bridge of the Ravager is in complete panic as the mighty sea creature attempts to grapple its foe to shreds, technicians are burnt by exploding consoles and overloaded circuitry smokes.

Dilbun Vont: kill the kriffin tractor beam! Git us back into orbit! Goto hyper speed if we got it…

Gaff: no it’ll survive the jump, we need to burn it off with the atmosphere!

Imperial Technician: we have a plethora of hull breaches, we run the risk of burning up and total decompression even if we reach space!

Dilbun Vont: (holding remote) power rerouted? Punch it!

The star destroyer rockets towards space at full repulsor speed as the beast continues to cling tightly to the hull. Klaxons scream themselves out of function as the vessel reaches space with a mighty flaming carcass still attached to the hull.

The fire dies as the vessel leaves the upper atmosphere of Aquilae, and the mammoth carcass crystallizes.

Dilbun Vont: somebody tell me one of the five otha ships in this kriffin fleet got those two!

Imperial communications officer: sir, it would appear the other portions of our fleet where all attempting to flee the system. But ran into the fact of there being slave rigged to our command console.

Gaff: we might need a whole silo of shock collars.

Dilbun Vont: we got any kriffin trackin sigs on the ships where after?

Imperial Technician: half of the ship is without power, venting oxygen or aflame! We where lucky to make it up the gravity well in one piece let alon…

Vont shots the tech in the face with his blaster.

Dilbun Vont: keep in mind, shock collars just became a commodity aboard this fleet and I’m not at risk of running outta spare bolts. Now track the kriffin ships!

Cockpit-Rabbit’s Foot-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Utric Sandov: why aren’t we in hyperspace!

Amaiza Foxtrain: because the professors managed to fry both of their hyper drives by gunnin it outta that tractor beam on full repulsors.

Jaxxon: hey atleast we aren’t down on that sponge of a planet no more.

Utric Sandov: if only we had atleast one slicer with us.

Jaxxon: you missin your slicer for five minutes and you wanna cry?

Amazia Foxtrain: one of em, could hook us up on a secure channel to da other ship. Heck even listen in on the imp…

The console of the rabbit’s foot flares to life with the voice of Dash Rendar.

Amaiza Foxtrain:  like that.

Dash Rendar: (via comlink) this is rendar on a secure channel, come in rabbits foot.

Jaxxon: burned out hyper drive too?

Dash Rendar: (via comlink) you bet.

Jaxxon: great, you stowed on one of the destroyers also?

Cockpit-Outrider-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dash Rendar: ya the one on the left. Comm-chatter suggests all six are slaved to the one that tried to capture the whole ocean floor down there.

Jaxxon: (via comlink) so that’s how we got in unnoticed.

Tani Ab’yla: a little holovid scrubbing and they’ll never know that we where here.

Utric Sandov: (via comlink) great work tani, how bout the imperial network any mentions of..

Dash Rendar:  oh yeah they got our ships tagged, and are specifically after you bothans.

Jaxxon: (via comlink) ok. get the kriff outta my ship!

Rianna Sarin: the dear old commander has us all lumped together after that little exercise in what not to do with a tractor beam.

Amaiza Foxtrain: (via comlink) whole kriffin galaxies against us.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Aquilae-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV 

Within the late captains lounge, Commander Vont throws a veritable tantrum and smashes a chair against the desk. The insectoid Gaff stands at attention awaiting an end to the chaos. Suddenly a hologram flares to life within the lounge. Vont is caught off guard and fires off a round at it.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) of course the absence of a fleet guarding what was once the gall conclave is your fault vont.

Dilbun Vont: dats commander vont yea seat warmer.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) nevertheless, if you intend to keep that fleet you’ve absconded from more capable hands then I believe you are more than fit to carry out a task for the empire. Are you not?

Dilbun Vont: I’m listenin.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) as the former commander of the garrison on Gall; all material passed through said port was under your express jurisdiction? Yes.

Dilbun Vont: (smashing rubble) reading manifests can git real dull.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) then you are well aware that the computer core of the recently demolished death star battle station went through gall a little over three standard rotations ago.  During said layover a certain droid downloaded itself into the computer core. Before the rebels managed to ignite the stations main reactor, this droid consciousness was on the brink of seizing complete control of the death star.

Gaff: very elaborate grand vizor,  smacks of Isard’s intervention in the wording. Maybe even the set up.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) I can assure you that a droid called IG-88A managed to carry out this act and is currently reaching consciousness once more within a similar computer core.

Dilbun Vont: another death star? What a two fur the price ovv one deal?

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) in a matter of speaking yes. Now the empire needs you to make contact with a past relation of yours in what will hopefully be the successful destruction of said battle station.

Dilbun Vont: droid revolution might be just what ol kligson always wanted Sate, might be best to just send your kriffin fleet after dis ding.

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) the station is located on the outskirts of the Annaj system in the Moddell sector. We believe the imperial network is greatly compromised at this time vont, a redeployment of that size could alert the rebels; Destroy the station and perhaps your rag tag fleet will be of no concern to the war effort. Do we have an accord?

Dilbun Vont: sure, just no more favors afta dis otay?

Sate Pestage: (via hologram) good luck. 

The already temperamental commander blasts the holoreceiving pad on the late captains desk to pieces. And begins a brisk jaunt from the lounge.

Gaff: (rushing to keep up) may I assume you wish all holo-receivers aboard the fleet dismantled and locked down?

Dilbun Vont: you bet, we don’t need anybody leakin our location. We gotsa to get a lead on the current location of kligson’s moon or karkin droid world whateva he’s callin his rusted out platform deeze daze.

Gaff: what about your bothan spies, are we to just give up on them?

Dilbun Vont: once we gots that kriffin station, I’m gonna toast the whole fur bag system. Not concerned bout those two anymore.

Gaff: you believe Kligson can rid the station of the Ig’s prescience?

Dilbun Vont: he’s the maestro of slicing computers there gaff, were bout to be become galactic warlords. You feel it.

Gaff: I have a bad feeling bout this.

Cockpit-Outrider-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Tani Ab’yla: everybody on the foot copy that?

Jaxxon: (via comlink) yea, thinking this should cost the alliance a pretty penny if we can limp our way to them in time to use it.

Dash Rendar: we ain’t sellin this out there lepi! We six have gotta deal with this one. skywalker would expect that or his kriffin force would make him think that.

Amaiza Foxtrain: (via comlink) this isn’t our fight rendar, neither is it yours. Were already being under paid for the poodoo we’ve bein through as it is.

Rianna Saren: you think a nutcase like vont should have his hands on a death star battle station! This ones for the good of all living beings you fluzie. No price tag on that.

Cockpit-Rabbit’s Foot-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Amaiza Foxtrain: hope you enjoy what time you have left saren.

Utric Sandov: enough bickering, I’m the closest thing to a senior officer we got here, and I’m committing this entire six man..person unit to whatever subterfuge that leads to the destruction of that station. Now radio silence, while we affect repairs to these vessels. Slicers keep your ears stuck to the comm-stations. We need to know everything.

Jaxxon: better be a karkin planet in it for us after this sandov.

Rianna Saren: (via comlink) sure thing Sandov. I got zeeo on it.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Droid World-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Six victory II class star destroyers encircle the mammoth station. All six are caught in droid worlds tractor beams. Aboard the Ravager XIII; Commander Vont stands with Gaff awaiting an answer to his request to interact with Kligson.

Dilbun Vont: c’mon yea kriffin tin lovin bastage, just answer your summons.

Gaff: perhaps he despises being called upon when only needed to perform a task.

Dilbun Vont: jus the nature of things there gaff.

Without warning a holographic representation of a fully cybernetic Kligson appears on the bridge of the Ravager XIII.

Kligson: (via hologram) turn back, intruder, or I’ll blast you out of space! This is kligson. And I don’t want any dealings with you human life forms. I’m a cyborg-half machine, half man. I surround myself with nothing but robots.

Gaff: (turning to vont) I’m insulted.

Dilbun Vont: calm down, pretty sure even ur stinger couldn’t penetrate that chrome dome. Its vont, never hit coco town did we? After that whole mt. tantiss affair eh? Accept this file transfer and speak of only actions, git me?

Kligson: (via hologram) what is it you ask of me, old friend.

Dilbun Vont: thee elimination of said parasitic.. programming. Can id be done?

Kligson: (via hologram) you are very well aware of how morally disgusting I find your request. But you assume my human half might see that conciseness’s future actions as a hindrance to my own endeavors.

Dilbun Vont: such purty words, so will you snuff him out fuur your old buddy or not?

Kligson: (via hologram) what you ask is purely a moral quandary; do I  destroy an artificial maniac only for a biological one to seize power in its place. Do you see my problem.

Dilbun Vont: dis maniac won’t make ur kriffin droids into his grunts, plus last time I checked you don’t care bout us biologicals. So what I do with said prize is meaningless to you eh?

Kligson: (via hologram) I cannot journey from the confines of droid world and I will not permit biological beings aboard. Therefore my holographic form will accompany you as my proxy.

Dilbun Vont: I can’t afford to have your hologram being traced, dare no way you can haul this tub wit us?

Kligson: (via hologram) I assure you, this isn’t a hologram along the lines of your limited technology, it’s a pure electronic entity sprung from my own being imbued with all my expertise in slicing. You may now depart my space.

Dilbun Vont: well nice to have you wit me, in whateva form.

The electronic entity marches down the bridge with Gaff and Commander Vont as the six destroyers blast into hyperspace.

Cockpit-Rabbit’s Foot-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Utric Sandov: (speaking into comlink) alright, tani all clear on deck?

Tani Ab’yla: (via comlink) Rodger.

Utric Sandov: don’t go turning into a clanker on me, have you made contact with red squadron?

Tani Ab’yla: (via comlink) there standing by and detached from command structure as per your orders.

Utric Sandov: (speaking into comlink) great; credit the outlaws accounts before Rianna sets them about their next task.
Star Speeder 3000-Endor Express-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

RX-24: Welcome aboard! This is Captain Rex from the cockpit. I know this is probably your first flight, and it's...mine, too. (chuckles) Well, it looks like we're going to have a smooth flight to the Moddell Sector, so I'll go ahead and open the cockpit shield.

As the droid turns round it finds a total of four blaster pistols pointed at it and an empty cabin.

Jaxxon: (pointing blasters) there’s to be a change in our flight path here today.

RX-24: what happened to the passengers, you filthy rebels didn’t shoot them out the air lock did you!

Dash Rendar: too bad those kriffin bothans where so morally against involving the innocent passengers in this suicide run.

RX-24: do whatever you rapscallions want to the ship, but leave me out of it. 

Amaiza Foxtrain: (pointing blaster) sorry, need you to confuse a fellow droid for awhile, Saren get your droid over here.

Rianna Saren: zeeo, enlighten your comrade as to the plain.

 Z-58-0: (extending slicer tool into Rex’s mainframe) this is so wrong.

Dash Rendar: what hijacking a common vacation linear or programming a fellow droid for this kinda mission.

Z-58-0: (extending slicer tool into Rex’s mainframe) all of the above.

Rianna Saren: guess its back to the fringes for you three then?

Amaiza Foxtrain: (lowering blaster) there, easiest credits ever earned in the employ of the Rebel Alliance.

Jaxxon: (lowering blasters) you said it, love to say its been a good time workin with the lot of you. But I ain’t no kriffin phony.

Dash Rendar: my favorite part has to be them holding our ships as chattel while we carry off this part of the plan. Take it easy.

The three leave the reprogrammed star liner pilot and exit the craft via the airlock as the bothan spies enter.

Rianna Saren: here we go again, zeeo.

Death Star III-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The star speeder 3000 reverts from hyperspace and finds a clash of imperial forces above the battle station, right on cue the fighters of red squadron also revert from the infinite tunnel of hyperspace.

Yap-En Soear: this is red leader, whats with this? Comm chatters is static and my instruments are abuzz? Care to confirm any new intel bothans.

Star Speeder 3000-Endor Express-Death Star III-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Utric Sandov: I’m sorry your eminence, but this is all new to us as well. But I believe we can use this to our advantage, I’ve plotted a hyper jump around this little imperial slap fight.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) too bad this is all confidential, would love to see the look on those rogues faces when we tell them we hyper jumped into a death star trench.

Rianna Saren: gonna be alotta scared people if we do that captain. But I feel yea on that front.

Tani Ab’aya: alright course locked, here we go.

The entire fighter wing as led by the vacation linear blasts into a short hyper jump and reverts from hyperspace within the trench along the surface of the enormous battle station. The small force speeds towards the oddly placed exhaust port.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) alright keep us blank on that sensor screen or this whole parties kriffed.

Tani Ab’aya:  were three slicers strong over here, your eminence. This things never gonna know what hit it.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) gonna be easier than skinning Ibma Cratis on Lorrbeqi.

The small armada rockets past non-responsive turbo laser turrets on their unchallenged run towards the unprotected exhaust port.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Death Star III-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Gall fleet takes heavy firepower and looses entire tie fighter wings in the blink of an eye. Commander Vont stands alongside the insectoid Gaff and the electronic representation of the cyborg Kligson.

Gaff: we cannot survive this battle, one imperial class star destroyer is more than a match for this fleet.

Dilbun Vont: didn’t come dis far to get blasted outta the kriffin stars, why the kriff ain’t you telling the infected computer cores over dare to destroy those other ships!

Kligson: processing. Connection trace unsuccessful; the intruder is no longer separate from the core. They are one and the intruder lacks the programming to operate said hardware.

Dilbun Vont: break id down to basic for us aight!

Kligson: the station is without an operational system for its main functions. Without said programming it’s a useless lump of hardware. This ig-88a conciseness requires a great deal of time to adjust to the tasks of functioning within these confines.  Put simply an assassin droids programming cannot stand up to the riggers of operating an entire battle station. 

Dilbun Vont: so why the kriff don’t you override that things control and implant urself! You could run that thing.

Kligson: I will make an attempt. There appears to be a crude array of sliced protocols in place, I will suspend them.

Death Star III-Trench-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Without warning the turbo laser cannons open fire on the advancing armada, several X-wing fighters erupt into massive fire balls. The rear wing breaks off and attacks the turbo laser cannons while the front wing continues down the trench following the now battered star linear.

Yap-En Soear: all wings break off and regroup for another jump at the port.  Spies get your zero gee gear on and prepare to eject, my boys will get you.

Star Speeder 3000-Endor Express-Death Star III-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

RX-24: I’m sorry to inform you; that due to our excellent flight record. We only carry one zero-gee suit aboard. Standard procedure.

Rianna Saren: great we gonna draw circuits?

Utric Sandov: no the suit is yours, you and Zeeo can skim the surface and get out of the line of fire faster than any of us could in an escape pod.

RX-24: Star Speeder 3000’s do not contain escape pods either. Standard procedure.

Utric Sandov: be sure to inform the outlaws of how badly their assitance was needed.

Rianna Saren: (attaching breath mask) I’ll give them an apprioate response, good luck.

The Twi’lek and the droid launch out of an emergency hatch and veer off into space. The two are picked up by an observant X-wing. The fighter flees the scene once the two are aboard.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) I’ll guide you in as best I can, perhaps, I can still fire off a shot at the port and deny you two martydom.

Utric Sandov: thanks for the thought, but you’re shields aren’t gonna make it three more klicks. Might as well save your power sir.

Tani Ab’yla: keep your silence in our memory, your emience.

Yap-En Soear: (via comlink) very well.

The Lorrbeqian king veers off and blasts into light speed as the star linear continues its suicide run towards the exhaust port while getting battered by turbo laser fire.

Utric Sandov: so is this the morally acceptable solution tani?

Tani Ab’yla: what’s two more bothan spies beneath the foundations of galactic peace.

RX-24: thank you for flying star tours.

The star speeder 3000 smashes into the exhaust port at full speed igniting the pipeline to the main reactor, the ensuing chain reaction complety destroys the galactic albatross.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Moddell sector-4 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Kligson: (transmission blurring) a pair of bothan slicers piloted a star linear into the exhaust port, the ig had its turrets attempting to destroy it. Unsuccessfully I’d might add.

Gaff: you don’t think it was…

Dilbun Vont: oh yea it wuz them, I’m as good as off da hook with them vapped.

Gaff: you’re the one they bribed!

Dilbun Vont: not my fault they aactually got the actual plans from that attempt! Ol augie’d neva shoulda been on that kriffin thing anyways! Not my fault.

Gaff: (releasing stinger) you pathetic excuse for a being!

Kligson: (transmission bluring) the death star plans where actually absconded by rebels aboard a fertlizer freighter. Whose location was personally leaked by the emperor himself via his then proxy the late head of Black Sun; Prince Xizor. Your vendetta against the bothan spies and your self hatrid over the emperor’s death are both unfounded vont.

Dilbun Vont: thanks, think you could slice us outta this battle?

The electronic entity dissipates. The insectoid marches from the tactical salon in a hurried pace, vont turns his attention to the advancing Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

Dilbun Vont: all craft of dis fleet, were chargin that destroyer! Fire the main thrusters and stand by for light speed!

The six Victory II class Star Destroyers ram there way free of the lone surviving warlords also battered Destroyer; taking heavy damage in the process Vont’s lead destroyer manages to obliterate the opposing warlords vessel and clears a way for his remaining fleet detachment to escape into lightspeed.


Drive-In Holoplex-Gall-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

A holodrama projected against a Cliffside comes to a glorious end; as the credits begin to roll the gathered land speeders veer off in separate directions.

A rusty speeder does a barrel roll against the holodrama itself and makes for the imperial enclave.

Dilbun Vont: wut we gonna eat?

Cittro: not really into that fodder we got in the freezer either?

Dilbun Vont: I wuz till I found out those kriffin cliff wampas where engineered.

Cittro: considering how late it is; were gonna hafta be another one of the billions served by ol’ “Biscuit Baron“.

Dilbun Vont: hopefully dat borkin manager gots some sliders on the grill.

Biscuit Baron Speed-Thru-Gall-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) they call em sliders cause’a how fast they work their magic on your digestive tract.

The once garish land speeder sits in a crowded three Decker speed-thru line wrapped around the grease pit. Cittro attempts to sit closer to Vont, but the older man edges the younger woman away.

Dilbun Vont: told ya it ain’t happenin partna.

Cittro: then why em I still with you? We act like were together, and you never let me get close….

Dilbun Vont: kid, you could find yourself a kriffin moff or some other high muckety muck imperial and have a little marriage.

Cittro: ain’t bein a kid for sometime now vont! And why can’t we have that?

Dilbun Vont: I know dis’ll only end in….

The speed-thru line is broken up by the sudden arrival of a Tie Berserker which catches Vont’s speeder in a tractor beam. And speeds towards the enclave with it in toe. 

Upon landing the Tie Berserker disperses a squad of storm troopers whom pull vont from the speeder violently.

He is thrashed to the ground as the troopers assume a position around him.  Armand Isard, Sate Pestage and Zsinj stride towards the encircled vont.

Stormtrooper: this the scum?

Armand Isard: well done sergeant. Stand him up, he has a bit of explaining to do before we proceed.

Dilbun Vont: betta be a kriffin world exploding izard, this ain’t gonna be your…

Armand Isard: silent! The charges are severe to say the least.

Dilbun Vont: augie’s gonna have your kriffin heads….

Sate Pestage:  seditiousness only arouses our emperors wrath!

Armand Isard: now where is that turncoat padawan you’ve sheltered for these past seven years? I hear she is intended for death.

Stormtrooper: sir! She’s gone.

Armand Isard: pay it no mind; a mere girl is of no concern to us. Bring him.

Vont is herded into the Tie Berserker, Cittro watches from a ridge as the vessel reaches orbit.

Landing Field-Niollipa-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

An imperial landing craft sets down across from a small gathering of enforcers of the Neimoidian gangster Big Galgu; whom is surrounded by a motley crew of beetle droid mounted repurposed battle droids. Commander Zsinj leads a platoon of stormtroopers whom kick the captive Dilbun Vont down the ramp into the mud.

Zsinj: thanks to your continued assistance our emperor has agreed to your compensation.

Big Galgu: well thanks to the emperor following my advice we caught ol kriff hed here with his hand in the imperial cookie jar.

Dilbun Vont: dats what this is about! Trust me, I ain’t the only imp on the take or takin a bigger slice for demselves.

Zsinj: you’ve offended the emperor for the last time vont! Count yourself fortunate enough that galgu included your personal demise as a condition in their dealings.

Big Galgu: I believe your stay in my system is over commander zsinj?

Zsinj: my how the recently elevated love to throw their weight around. Troops, remount.

Big Galgu: and don’t let me catch any picket ships tooling round the sector or the deal is off get me?

Dilbun Vont: whut bout the kid, zsinj?

Zsinj: don’t worry yourself Vont, way I hear it not even the real Jedi are much opposition these days. I’d be more concerned with the slavers getting a hold of her.

The craft lifts off temporally causing an updraft, the light around vont is obscured by the form of Big Galgu whom picks the human man up by the neck.

Big Galgu: I always expected this moment would include a pile of fodder plummeting towards my boots, guess you grew a pair after all these years eh?

Dilbun Vont: so guess the fromm gangs problems stem from you as well?

Big Galgu: I’m flattered, naw lil tig carbon flushed their holdings and jabba ain’t a kriffin credit union. End o’ story.

Dilbun Vont: so why ain’t I gargling my own teeth galgu! Wut you playin at here?

The massive Neimoidian breaks vonts neck and drops him to the ground.  Within a second his neck heals.

Big Galgu: something on this rock causes humans to regenerate.

Dilbun Vont: wuts the drawback aside from the pain!

Big Galgu: its gonna collide with its star after a couple rotations. No regeneration from dat. Oh and the imperials ain’t got a clue as to why I arranged for them to drop you here, my sector and all you know.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) still no fodder on his boots.

Regional Naval Supply Area-Gall-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

A string of blaster bolts fly at random past the turncoat padawan Cittro as she makes her way towards the flight deck of what was once Vont’s Imperial Garrison.

Stormtrooper sergeant: (firing blaster) thought this was supposed to be a Jedi!

Stormtrooper private: (firing blaster) maybe its another drill. Huuh

The agile young woman ignites her ashen bladed light saber and slashes the brace to a wall of crates loaded with highly explosive Baradium canisters.

Having cleared the blast doors cittro leaps from the two story platform paying little attention to the massive explosion. 

She lands across from the prototype of Cygnus Spaceworks: Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing. Long rumored to be the first in a line of hyper drive equipped fighters.

The fighter lifts into the skies of Gall and blasts towards space as fast as it can. As the vessel reaches space, a cloven yellow hand grips Cittros shoulder lightly.

The turncoat padawan lets out a bloodcurdling scream as the fighter blasts into light speed.

Thorn Forest-Niollipa-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

Big Galgu stands at the edge of a skiff watching as Dilbun is chased by a overgrown Snare Beast through a densely packed forest of sentient thorn trees.

Vont is continually stung by the snare beast and slashed at by the thorn trees. Only to regenerate for the wounds to happen again.

Dilbun Vont: I’m gunna run outta blood galgu!

Big Galgu: better run faster then vont, never seen anybody actually regrow whole limbs on this rock, kriffin snare beasts gittin hungry.

Vont is chased to the edge of a cliff overlooking a series of bioluminescent waterfalls. The snare beast closes in for the kill only to be impaled by a thorn tree, which proceeds to devour the creature.

Big Galgu: never a creature more wild than you vont. Get up here, gotta feed your keester, otherwise there be no more fun eh?

The bulky Neimoidian hefts Vont up onto the skiff with one pull, he lands adjacent to Galgu whom glowers down at his captive. He launches a vat of chum at Vont.

Big Galgu: dats the trouble with being held captive by a fellow ex-con, I’s know whut we got fed on desolation alley as well. And that there ain’t even as good as what they feed the scum in isolation.

Dilbun Vont: sure its betta then wut they heap into a communal hive, ya kriffin grub.

Big Galgu: (punching vont in the face) neva seen a spineless purse worlder do dat eh?

Dilbun Vont: you tell me, I neva had to guard those treasure nests with my life.

Big Galgu: well afta naboo we both had a few profitless years now didn’t we?

Dilbun Vont: oh old times, last I herd ol’ augies still trying to recover all the missin loot from the purse worlds…..

Big Galgu: that kriffin bastage ain’t ever gonna get ahold of dose creds believe me. And he’ll neva get his stormies all the way inta the corporate sector either.

Dilbun Vont: historically speakin sith never touch it, its da the underworlds that I hear bein dryin up a bit lately. Can’t even siphon imperial credits without ending up like dis.

Big Galgu: dis ain’t bout no kriffin credits Vont, you’re here because of a deal I made with the emperor. Best part is, I didn’t even give him a head start to whose behind that fiasco seven years ago.

Dilbun Vont: (choking down intestines) oh the hush hush hit attempt on triple zero or the hush hush planetary bombardment? Or the fall of the republic proper? Lotsa poodoo hit the fan seven years ago pal.

Big Galgu: oh yeah, been great out on the outer rim. Profits are abound to anyone able to churn the urns right if ya get me.

Dilbun Vont: bein kinda stuck in a kriffin post with my…with a kriffin turncoat padawan learner. Most ill gotten gains I’ve been able to sniff out where what got me sittin across from your kriffin arse.

Big Galgu: oh it was bout something very hush hush.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) nevea pay a grub what he asks, let him lower his price after you threaten to buy elsewhere, dhey always want repeat business to pay for that first deal.  Or so augie once said.

Hyperspace route connecting the Zhar system to the Mid Rim-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

The turncoat padawan awakes in the cargo hold of the prototype vessel and finds herself within the salivating thrall of the insectoid Kobok: Gaff.

Cittro: what is the meaning of this!

Gaff: oh my lovely awakes, I must excuse the spines on my arms. they pack quite a punch for your types.

Cittro: lovely yourself pal! Where em we bound!

Gaff: I seek your hive mate; Vont.

Cittro: were not…like that.

Gaff: good, good. So does it trouble you to know he may not make it outta this predicament. Or can we point our ship towards the unknown regions and form a human/kobok hybrid colony?

Cittro: (igniting light saber) not even if that genetic combination where possible, buddy. Now get your lust toad kester back into the cockpit!

Gaff: ok, so we are intended for vont then? Quite the age difference between you?

Cittro: remember yourself in my prescience. Where is the ship headed?

Gaff: so you don’t even want to know who I em? Most are at least peeved at the sight of an unrecognizable insectoid.

Cittro: most aren’t me, did my formative years with the kriffin Jedi. where are we bound!

Gaff: we seek those whom detained vont, since they know where he would be held.  My status as an imperial agent requires a bit of time in processing. Time enough for you to gather the data. No matter how well your objectives are achieved, I still retain my status.

Cittro: how exactly does a non-humanoid hold any status in the galactic empire these days?

Gaff: one would also venture a query regarding the shelf life of a turncoat padawan as well?

Docking Bay-Victory I-class Star Destroyer: Iron Fist-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

The insectoid marches down the ramp of the Star Wing and is met by a platoon of storm troopers accompanied by Zsinj.

Stormtrooper private: (leveling blaster) hold it right there bug!

Zsinj: at attention troops! This is no mere non-humanoid. What brings an affiliate of Admiral Screed to my vessel?

Gaff: nothing out of the ordinary I can assure you. I was in pursuit of an enemy of the empire departing the Zhar System, namely the moon of Gall. And was hoping to gather support from you in this matter.

Zsinj: Gall, you say? Then might I ask why you couldn’t obtain support from Commander Vont’s garrison?

Gaff: it would appear from the comm-static that vont was either unavailable or deliberately avoiding the imperial channels.

Zsinj: well I can tell you on good authority that Gall is off limits to most imperial traffic these days. Its all classified. As for assistance I have none to offer, my tasks are of the highest importance.

Gaff: then hopefully I will regain her trail.

Zsinj: happy hunting.

The insectoid scuttles back up the ramp of the star wing. The troops march back down the docking bay following Zsinj.

Bridge-Victory I-class Star Destroyer: Iron Fist-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

Commander Zsinj strides down the walkway of the bridge towards the windows, the crew immediately begins to shuffle about their tasks in a more efficient manner. The commander stops atop the post of a swarthy imperial comm-officer.

Zsinj: is that my code cylinder there? Milton.

Before the flop sweat ridden officer can begin a series of half witted rebuttals; a light saber pierces the window and causes it to give way to the recesses of Space.

The bridge is instantly caught in a decompression updraft as the crew is sucked out into the void. The turncoat padawan storms into the scene with magnetized boots and makes for the computer console while brandishing a slicer tool.

The commander grips a bulk head tightly as Cittro fetches his code cylinders from his breast pocket. With the intel gathered she releases  the magnetrons and drifts into space before the window is replaced by a transparisteel panel.

As gravity is restored, zsinj plummets to the deck of his bridge and immediately shoots upwards barking orders only to find his entire bridge crew was lost to space. In the distance cittro can be seen boarding the star wing before it blasts into light speed.

Zsinj: Gaff!

Landing Field-Niollipa-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

The hulking Neimoidian drags vont by a chain towards his craft.

Big Galgu: so wutcha know bout some “grand equalizer” that ol’augies building? And don’t play dumb, I gots word from the top brass bout the imperial fund allocation bureau being slapped down bout it being over extended lately. So any peep?

Dilbun Vont: for ffibs sake…go kriff yourself!

Big Galgu: (dropping chain) kriff me?

Galgu lumbers towards Vont with murderous intent, as he comes within six paces of the human. Dilbun snaps the chain upwards and around Galgus neck with one motion pulling him face first into a knee. Bones crack as the impact is made, but Neimoidians don’t regenerate on the penal moon. With another motion vont shatters Galgu’s hand and cracks a rib with a well placed kick. The Neimoidian takes the beating without a single noise. Before he can right himself vont jumps atop his back and tightens the chain round the Neimoidians neck.

Dilbun Vont: you’ve had your six, now its my turn. Whose laughing now!

Big Galgu: how long have you bein puttin this together ya kriffin sleemo?

Dilbun Vont: jus had to waste the beetle droids and here we are.  First ovv; whose the leak in the imperial court!

Big Galgu: wuz dis whole thing set by ol’ augie!

Dilbun Vont: duh. Lil tig fromm managed to brag to the wrong people bout his dads dealings with you and that whole trigon mess. Augie never believed jabba would snuff out Sise Fromm over insults nor kriffin credits, so that leaves you the smallest pup on the list of Mafioso’s.

Big Galgu: so giving you up to me was just to get you close to me and try gittin me to spill my guts? Dats the plan!

Without warning the hulking Neimoidian breaks the chain with his teeth and wraps his legs round vont and tosses him backwards.

Big Galgu: before I smash yur head with a rock, it was Mas Amedda. Kriffer got edged outta the inner circle not even a day into the new order, nuthin worse then guys like izard,pestazz, dwebiana and you taking a seat at the table in place of him.

Vont lunges towards Galgu at full speed. In a blur of motion he runs up the Neimoidians brutish form and performs a spinning round house kick to galgu’s face mid air. Only to land on his ribs as he falls to the ground after the facial abuse.

Without pause vont attempts to stomp Galgu’s rib cage, but is suddenly stopped by the crushing power of the Neimoidians hand around his foot.  Vont looses balance due to the severity of the pain and falls as the wound is rapidly healed by the moons regenerative properties. The heavily wounded Neimoidian staggers as he attempts to regain his footing, vont also languishes in the dirt.

Big Galgu: so wuts the big plan if I just kill your keester here vont! Huh whats the emperor gonna do without the intelligence he sent you in after? that’s the problem with this empire. Full of nuthin but slime balls looking to keep ol’ augie content in his palace. Funny thing is all us gangsters cannot be erased vont, dis empire would find itself a thousand of upstarts carvin out territories for themselves.

Dilbun Vont: dats why it was you he targeted galgu, you ain’t got no future. For all your boasting and showboating, you have no holdings nor any rackets going. Just a thug that thinks he’s his own boss. Pathetic really.

Big Galgu: (thrashing vont with his boots) I command whoevers I pay! I got three sectors worth of profit! And unlike the other gangsters I ain’t lame enough to have a soft spot palace to get hit in! dats why they sent you!

Dilbun Vont: (catching and twisting foot) don’t make me laugh! Three sectors full of non-sentients laboring under the worship of you. A kriffin false idol. We did our homework on you pal. Oh an the lost purse world funds where actually left there as a means to fund your little organization.

Big Galgu: (catching vont in a upper cut while standing) spare me war profiteer!

As vont uncermonelisly lands a few paces away from Galgu an concussion missle makes its mark between the two. From out of the dust lands a Star Wing prototype vessel.

Its ramp extends upon landing, the turncoat padawan sprints down onto the scene. She settles near vont, and ignites her light saber as galgu regains his stance across from them. Cittro attempts a non-force assisted a saber throw, but a lone blaster bolt catches her saber hilt wielding hand causing her to drop the weapon.

The insectoid Gaff enters the fray with a smoking blaster leaveled at the two humans. Cittro springs towards Gaff whom lets off a string of blaster shots at the girl, the bolts are dodged gracefully.

Only for the girl to be caught on the Kobok’s sleep serum filled elbow spine. Cittro falls to the ground.

Gaff:  gee if only Longo Two-Guns could be in attendance we’d have ourselves a full reunion eh?

Big Galgu: oh and lil miss Mahwi Lihnn, can’t forget bout her gaff.

Dilbun Vont: that little minx sure loved playin us ovv one another, probably a good thing ol augies pet zabrak took her out.

Big Galgu: she wuz my dame vont, wutca you talkin bout her playin us all? You wuz just a young pup back then.

Gaff: oh havn’t gotten any brighter with age have we?

Dilbun Vont:  so whuts your angle gaff….

The insectoid tosses a blaster each to Vont and Galgu. Both assume gun fighter stances. The three start pacing in a counter clock wise circle.

The wind picks up some dust as the sunlight begins to fade. Without a seconds notice, Gaff opens fire on Big Galgu whom attempts to unload his chargless pistol on vont whom sprints up to the Neimoidian and fires off a bolt between the eyes. Galgu falls to the ground.

Gaff: so trusting, always was his weakness.

Dilbun Vont: wuz Mahwi really cavorting with Galgu?

Gaff: real hive like being was she. Galaxy be better without her. So whose the next target?

Dilbun Vont: Amedda apparently. Thinkin augie can sort it out on his time though. After this nightmare, I’m thinking bout Letting cit have her way and settling into a quieter life back on gall.

Gaff: there room for another imperial agent over there?

Dilbun Vont: of course, as long as the kid here doesn’t kill you for shootin her in the kriffin hand. I know just the way to cool her jets.

Crimson Casino-The Wheel-Besh Gorgon System-13 years before the battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) always wanted a Gammorean binding ceremony, but hell a kriffin night on the wheel is just wut a nerf herder like me needs after gittin the snot beat outta him by galgu.

Cittro and Dilbun stand face to face while a Ffib Priest places both his hands on their shoulders while uttering an binding incantation.

Ransel Sac: without compromise do you Cittro accept Dilbun as your partner till you may both enter the nether realm?

Cittro: of course.

Ransel Sac: and do you Dilbun, without hesitation accept..

Dilbun Vont: sure ding….

Dilbun Vont: (narration) priest neva said anything bout a kriffin kid.

The Ffib Priest is taken aback by the sheer rudness of vonts acceptance of Cittro and walks away shaking his head in disgust. The newly bound couple share a bottle of Whyren’s Reserve as Gaff looks on.

Photonovels and Movies / MOAWP S1/E5: "The Mandalorian Connection"
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Skylane over Legislative Borough-Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

A shiny airspeeder recklessly speeds through the air traffic, the vehicle is piloted by a drunken Dilbun Vont as accompanied by his new partner in crime the Turncoat padawan; Cittro.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) tha pad was very interested in anything contrary to the jedi code in those days. and i myself was not used to dames that had an interest in my ol' bits and pieces. personally always hadda taste for the exotic strums of my choosin, plus i ain't kriffed in da hed enough to mess with kids, we used to tear scum like that to pieces in desolation alley....

Cittro: (excited) why don't we mow down some pedestrians?

Dilbun Vont: jus got dis speeder kid!, you picked the damn thing out why you want me to smash it up already?

Cittro: don't you have free reign now that your friends seized power?

Dilbun Vont: you make a guud point kid, but i don't think ol' augie'd be happy bout me celebrating dat way...don't know how he's gonna take you and me teaming up.

Cittro: how could a politician like palpatine know i was a jedi?

Dilbun Vont: (taking a swig) ol' augie's a bit more complicated dan that sweat just wait and see.

The speeder violently comes to a halt beside the busted out window of the once Chancellors Office. Disturbed the Emperor turns round and glares at the speeder parked outside his office window. Vont and Cittro enter the office.

Emperor Palpatine: (angered) have we already forgotten our place Dilbun?

Dilbun Vont: (belching) not at all Yur majesty. just wanted to sneak in an, congratulate ya. temple raid was beautiful, those kriff heads didn't see it coming...

Emperor Palpatine: i'm glad you made it out of the temple unharmed. as i hear it you've met my new apprentice...Darth Vader.

The ominous suited form of Darth Vader walks awkwardly, his breathing echoes down the hallway as he enters the room. Cittro backs behind Dilbun at his entrance.

Darth Vader: there is a jedi in your presence my lord! why is that child not dead Vont!

Dilbun Vont: the hero wit no fear?

Darth Vader: (holding vont in a choke hold) that name no longer holds any meaning to me!

Emperor Palpatine: Vont is beyond your reach my apprentice. put him down or you  will face my wrath!

Darth Vader: (releasing vont) what of the Padawan!

Emperor Palpatine: yes, what of the Padawan. care to explain Dilbun?

Dilbun Vont: first ovv, kriff you Vader!. secondly the kid ain't a jedi no longer she's my partna. gonna train her up to be like me.

Emperor Palpatine: come to me child, is this the truth of the matter? personally i would never suspect Dilbun of pursuing another line of depravity, but i do not know the lengths at which jedi interrogation goes.

Cittro: (brandishing the gungan vibro-axe) i personally slaughtered my fellow padawans with this! i renounce the ways of the jedi and will never use the force again so long as i live!

Emperor Palpatine: (admiring the axe) so the jedi found it? I believe we have reached a turning point in our relationship Dilbun. sadly i no longer require a berserker in the shadows, as you can see Lord Vader is my public servant in the matters that once concerned you.

Dilbun Vont: yur tellin me all the stuff i handled is now gonna be public knowledge?  what bout reprises! all the tricks we set...

Emperor Palpatine: (returning the axe to Cittro) keep this weapon child, consider it your form of...identification. so long as you remain with Vont you are protected from the likes of Vader and Order 66. Now that your free of the dogmatic jedi would you like to embrace the true power of the force?

Cittro: i hate the force and i refuse to use it! ever again.

Emperor Palpatine: interesting, a self hating Force Sensitive. well its a pity you refuse to embrace your powers, but perhaps its for the best.

Darth Vader: yes, the failures of Bandomeer are already enough to maintain my lord.

Dilbun Vont: so where the kriff do i fit in yur new empire?

Emperor Palpatine: commanding officer of the black ops will remain your duty for the time being. a garrison on Gall is currently under construction, upon completion you will be installed as it's Commander.

Dilbun Vont: so dis really is da ol heave hoe?

Emperor Palpatine: i'm afraid so my friend. although you've been of use against jedi in the past, the continued extermination of that order is well under control. the details of your new post will be revealed to you in good time, until then. train your pupil and await my orders.

Vont and Cittro quickly exit the office the same way they entered, the air speeder does a barrel roll and speeds off into the distance. Vader turns his attention to a blissful emperor.

Emperor Palpatine: as you see my young apprentice, your place in my pack has been filled by many before; you have a lot to live up to.

Darth Vader: why do you place one such as this Vont out of my reach! And why do you allow him companionship when you could not foresee Padme’s demise!  Why is he allowed a partner when I’m not even given the freedom of my human form within this living tomb!

Emperor Palpatine: you could never have achieved your full potential in the guise of the emotional hero with no fear whom the jedi order somehow tolerated!  Oh yes I do hope that Dilbun and that young harlot spawn a whole gaggle of potential replacements.

Darth Vader:  you sabotage me!

The sith lord sits up from his desk and confronts his newly minted apprentice.

Emperor Palpatine: since my disfigurement and the events of our take over my patience is at an end. The Breaking of a kath hound usually demands a short period of kind treatment  which adds a layer of assumption on the hound. Thus making the period of  said severe adjustment; all the more traumatizing. 

Darth Vader: I’m no kath hound, my powers even in this technological terror are no match for you!

The sith lord releases his hold over the remains of Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader: ahhh!

Emperor Palpatine: your body armor has many devices within it lord Vader, aside from sustaining your life, which I’ll remind you only once here and now is mine. It contains a series of sith venom dispensers within it; You are the first sith lord whom is fully controlled by his master, your the most pathetic visage of power this galaxy as ever seen. All will fear you my apprentice, but you will know that they fear a shattered puppet.

Darth Vader: I will destroy the dispensers! I am not without my skills! Ahh!…

Emperor Palpatine: have you not been listening? You are now mine! Yes the chosen one of fabled jedi prophesy is once again a slave to a master!

Darth Vader: what is thy bidding my master?

Emperor Palpatine: good. In three days time you will lead an mission of annihilation on the planet of Caamas. A Jedi led revolution is set to stem from that planet, I have foreseen it. Tarkin will lead the planetary bombardment, you will command the black opps and the bothan spies in sabotaging the shield generator.  A Jedi of past relation to Skywalker will be amongst the revolutionaries. I expect your feelings on the matter to be of no question Lord Vader. 

Darth Vader: yes my master.

Dilbun: (narration) oh yes, dat stinkin Vader goon was a constant punchin bag for ol’ Augie when it all got started.  But it was dis in da open poodoo that ol’ augie pulled that really got the ball rollin…

Unknown Location-Outer Rim Territorries-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

A gathering of Gangsters, Mafioso’s and pure scum stand within a room without windows bickering,
The gathering is hosted by Mas Amedda & Lama Su but attended by Jabba The Hutt, Bib Fortuna, Prince Xizor, Sise Fromm, Big Galgu, and guarded by Rokur Gepta whom silently stands at the center of the meeting.

Sise Fromm: why is Jabba allowed to have his majordomo present? While my dear Tiggy has to wait outside with Vlix?

Bib Fortuna: Die Wanna Wanga, as the 'High Beeser of….

Big Galgu: I’ve heard enough bickering, may we come to the purpose of this gathering Repub..excuse my mistake; Imperial Tergiversators!

Mas Amedda: (clearly outraged)  first of all I’d like to thank all of you for attending this gathering on such short notice. And I’d like to yet again stress the point that we are completely safe to plan anything we see fit to remedy the impending situation I’m about to reveal; with our Friend & Allie Rokur Gepta’s assistance we are free of all force-sensitive intervention within this room.

The Tund Sorcerer continues to stand silently at the center of the room. Attention is returned to Amedda.

Prince Xizor:  unlike yourself. many of us have financial matters to keep in check across the stars, so could you cast off your bureaucratic pompousness for once in your life?

Jabba the Hutt: Keepuna!

Mas Amedda: very well; some hours ago my spy droids in the Emperors old senate office caught wind of a
xenocentric plot to eradicate all life on the planet Caamas. Just because our Sith Lord emperor foresaw a possible Jedi Revolution springing from that system. Now I know at first glance my words are meaningless to all of you? Yes. But take into account the fact that all your past relations with our emperor are in fact meaningless to him as well. We slaved to install him at the top. And now we find out he’s a Xenophobe?

Big Galgu: so you’re saying that Palpatine won’t stop at Caamas, that all non human species face discrimination and worse yet extinction? 

Lama Su: the COMPNOR institution is all one needs look at to see the tides Palpatines Empire will ride.

Sise Fromm: ok I see the point were all not human, they are. The empire’s gonna be human centric, great. We can triple our profits in protection in the mid rim alone.

Prince Xizor: how can you protect others when you  find yourself out in the void? With this Empire running the way it does Palpatine will not require our secretive  and expensive partnership.

Bib Fortuna: so all we may need do is make ourselves a bit more useful to the Emperor, there are plenty of ways to curry favor in the outer rim. For instance if we where to cut back our influence on the core and concentrate on the fringes. We could afford this empire a false sense of security.

Big Galgu: interesting idea, make em think their troopers got a handle on the galaxy, when in fact were just biding our time in the fringes.

Mas Amedda: I am proud of the way you can all find comfort in a parasitic lifestyle my comrades; but we still have the issue at hand. Unless we deal with this emperor now inside of twenty years maybe less, the galaxy won’t be safe enough to carry on the way we have. I have heard rumblings of a grand equalizer on the books, of what form it will take I cannot say. But we must make our move now.

Sise Fromm: ok, so you got all the details on this Caamasi hit right?

Lama Su: troop deployments from Kamino suggest a planetary bombardment from orbit. 

Mas Amedda: Before I admit the next pieces of this coup into the room sadly I must say we cannot forestall the doom of Caamas, that is not our aim. We can however work around this event.

Rokur Gepta: Enter.

A young Mandalorian Warrior enters the room revealing it to be an artificial mist as accompanied by a Clawdite Changeling.

Big Galgu: the plot thickens.

Jabba the Hutt: Bo Shuda, fett my Bukee.

Sise Fromm: I’m not paying this kids fees, no way.

Mas Amedda: The boys fees are waved for this one time.

Lama Su: isn’t that right Boba? I believe you have a personal reason to delay the Bombardment?

Boba Fett: yes and lets leave it at that.

Prince Xizor: capital; now tell us what of the changelings involvement?

Mas Amedda: all in good time.

Gnarlytown-Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

The glaring light of life on the upscale shines across a sparse underpass wherein sits a vagrant Besalisk attempting to pass out.  His slumber is denied as four silhouettes march towards him. Before the vagrant can attempt to defend himself; a young girl violently begins raining blows down upon him. The three others slowly approach the troubled youth.

Gauer: never seen such vigor for this in a recruit before?

Dilbun Vont: (holding Gungan Vibro-axe) yur telling me; she really needs to get her beating skills down. Way too eager to kill.

J’mee Fett: why don’t you just flash train her commander? It would really be more..

Gauer:  they don’t make a flash training program on how to be a mercenary aight? Takes a certain balance to maintain it. Not so much murderer, and not so much butcher. it’s a fine line we walk clone.

J’mee Fett: there are benefits of flash training at which she will never receive in this manner Commander. ARC training includes the specific bio-signature of all beings at five minutes till certain death. If ms. Cittro is selected for such extreme interrogation; she will not garner evidence but instead a body count.

Dilbun Vont: point taken Clone. Cit! enough on the stomach he’s gonna rupture, ya gotta be random or day might  get used to the pain and attack.

Cittro: (blinded by rage) awww!

As the scene becomes that of a murder, Vont finds himself rushing to save the indigents life rather than running to join in the fray. Vont takes hold of Cittro by the shoulders and pulls her kicking and screaming form away from none other than Dexter Jettster.

Dexter Jettster: (coughing) oh Dilbun…its you. Thought you might’ve perished like everyone else in this upside down galaxy….

Cittro: (attempting to get free) he’s a jedi sympathizer!

Dilbun Vont: Dex…..

Gauer: what’s the holdup vont let her ice this deadbeat.

J’mee Fett: statistically speaking commander, a dead body can’t serve as a witness.

Experiencing a sudden urge of friendship towards Dex, Vont finds himself unable to deal with the current situation.

Dilbun Vont: (pulling cittro back down the underpass) Black Opps move out. He lives that’s final.

Skylane -Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) it wouldn’t become clear to me til years later that those kriffin Lekku Loper investigators had been workin their calming techniques on me to some degree of success.

Cittro: (smashing her fists on the dashboard) I coulda killed him!

Gauer:  I’m not getting this either Vont.

Dilbun Vont: (driving) who paid us to snuff out that old tramp? Nobody. She wuz just wasting her rage on a ol’ cloud of gas that’ll scumb to his death outta ol age before anybody ever gets there change together to have somebody kill him. There was no profit in that scene back there.

Cittro: all these rules!

Gauer: good point. Were mercs kid, not random vandals or hooligans.

Cittro: so how in the five fire rings of Fornax em I supposed to ever equal the likes of you guys?

Dilbun Vont: (turning to stare; while driving) git a job….

Dilbun Vont: (narration) The ensuing glee in which cittro carried out five hit jobs on that night, drove home the fact that I myself had lost some of my edge in that Jedi cling, or maybe slaughtering eighteen twi’leks just takes something outta ya.

Jedi Conclave-Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

A serpentine Jedi holds a discussion with the Holograms of Ranik Solusar, Merr-Que Diuan, Ashoka Tano &Voolvif Monn.

Ranik Solusar: (via hologram) Master Del Gormo you must convince the residents of the conclave to either abandon that planet or prepare for the coming struggle all Jedi face. 

N’Kata Del Gormo: I can see my former pupils aggressiveness still plaques the order, the residents of this conclave as well as myself abstained from the Clone Wars as we will avoid the bloodshed of a rampage against this Sith Empire.

Ashoka Tano: (via hologram) but master the galaxy will be….

N’Kata Del Gormo: will go as it has for the past eons young one, believe me the light and the dark are but just passing eddies amongst the stars.  The sith no matter how strong they’ve become would never risk a galactic revolt against themselves once in power.  You remaining Jedi must cast off your negative energies and take solace in the light of the force; once within it you will find serenity. 

Ranik Solusar: (via hologram) I had assumed you the legendary Master Gormo, would take the place of
His pupil Master Yoda no questions asked. The order needs a new council, will you at least admit that much?

N’Kata Del Gormo: you know very little of my true nature nor do you understand my thoughts regarding the status of the Recent Jedi Order. Therefore I invite all four of you to my conclave, perhaps once within its walls I can explain the way of things best to the lot of you.

Imperial Star Destroyer Armada-en route to Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont and the black opps attempt to enter the bridge of Wilhuff Tarkin’s Star Destroyer as a group but are stopped by Clone Troopers.

Trooper: only commander vont is allowed on the bridge.

Dilbun Vont: keep an Eye on da kid Gauer. Too many trigger happy clones on this tub.

Cittro: I can handle clones!

Gauer: not at point blank range, trust me.

Vont approaches a group of Imperials being issued orders by the hologram of Emperor Palpatine; the hologram is surrounded by Sate Pestage and Armand Isard. 

Emperor Palpatine: in order to keep the holonet feeds from triple zero clear in this affair; my orders will be issued by my proxies: Sate Pestage and Armand Isard. That will be all.

The hologram vanishes. Without pause the holograms of the three other fleet commanders come to life on the bridge beside the Emperor’s proxies.

Armand Isard: Commanders Grammel, Zsinj, Harkov, are ordered to command their destroyers to begin the bombardment at the location of the Planetary shield generator. The installation must be razed before the full attack can begin.

Zsinj: and what of the generator? Who is being trusted with its destruction.

Armand Isard: Lord Vader has been given the honor of personally depositing the Black Opps at the location of the generator. Once there the team will be assisted by our Bothan allies.

Dilbun Vont: nobody sed a ding bout any kriffin bothans!

Tarkin: may I introduce Dilbun Vont; commander of the recently declassified Black Opps.

Zsinj: introductions aside, I share Commander Vont’s misgivings over this Bothan contingent. This mission is in of itself nothing but a grand testament to the ideals of the New Order. Therefore any alien assistance must be a trap…

Tractha: Commander Zsinj; the bothans are not on any mercy mission. This entire covert action was in fact designed by our Emperor and the Bothan heads of state.

Grammel: so we trust them enough to assist us in spear heading a covert operation; but not enough to attend this strategy meeting? let alone set foot aboard our vessels.

Sate Pestage: I assure you, I can speak for our Emperor. The bothans assistance in this case is substantial enough that we need not expect any bothan reprisal. In other words they stand to loose as many political allies as we should this mission  become public knowledge.

Dilbun Vont:  so in otha words da fur bags are the fall guyz should this mess ever hit the holonet.

Armand Isard: not exactly what I’d call a good description. But yes; I’ve prepared a document of damning proportions in regards to the bothan’s complicity in this operation. Should any of our hands be exposed in this, it might just surface.

Tarkin: well commanders I believe you know how to use your code cylinders, the rest is your hands. Cease transmission till the planetary bombardment is complete.

Harkov: Yes, Sir.

The holographic representations of the three imperial officers disappear. Tarkin,Pestage and Isard turn their attention towards Vont.

Armand Isard: not exactly one of Carida’s finest are we vont? Fact: the new order is skirted by xenophobic beliefs. Fact: the emperor aims through COMPNOR to make all none humans the minority of the galaxy.
Despite these goals; we still have to work alongside non-human vermin until we reach the majority. You will not pass a single word of ill will towards our Bothan comrades, is that understood?

Dilbun Vont: when the hell did I git diplomat status! 

Tarkin: We will not argue any of this Vont, this mission is already underway. Prepare your landing party we leave hyperspace within the hour.

Dilbun Vont: I can’t even get ahold of the kriffin emperor regardin dis?

Sate Pestage: your position is tenuous Vont; I wouldn’t press my luck any further than you already have.  The emperor has had many pawns such as yourself, you I’m afraid are the last of a dying. Excuse me:
 extinct breed.  The new order does not require brutes….

Suddenly the door to the bridge opens to reveal the dead bodies of the clone trooper guards whom Darth Vader steps over as followed by the black opps.

Darth Vader: spare us your prattle!

Dilbun Vont: saved by the sith…..

Jedi Conclave-Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Voolvif Monn: I personally speak for a great sum of Knights at this meeting; we have the power of the force with us Master Gormo, the Sith are but two. We many. They cannot survive the type of mission my fellow knights have outlined.

N’Kata Del Gormo: more violence, is that all you young Jedi can think of? The lot of you would send younglings against this raging storm upon the galaxy. The path of the Jedi is clear to a centered mind.

Ashoka Tano: if my master where here he’d…

A blast rocks the conclave and is shortly followed by a deafening klaxon scream. The young Jedi assembled ignite their light sabers and make for the balcony.  The anti- air craft  turret farm surrounding the conclave begins to take heavy damage as a series of fast moving seismic anomalies approach.

Ranik Solusar: well I’ll be; anybody see what I see?

Merr-Que Diuan: some sort of interference, other than that I don’t follow master solusar.

Ashoka Tano: I follow.

Voolvif Monn: those savages! Their barely even….

N’Kata Del Gormo:  I’ll not have bloodshed on these grounds, nor will the caamasi  allow any conflict.

Merr-Que Diuan: to sit idly by and allow your own demise is insanity master, we fight in knowledge or defense. Perhaps your own ideals regarding our order have eroded its actual purpose.

The four young Jedi depart the temple walls and hit the ground running towards the mysterious seismic activities. Tano and Monn charge blindly towards the rampaging impact craters as several more of the turrets are exploded. 

Ranik propels the debris towards the oncoming seismic abstraction; to reveal a feline like metallic walker bounding towards the conclave. The lurmen master springs into the air and latches onto the rampaging mech. Once atop the vehicle Merr-Que uses the force to lock the front legs in place thus causing it to flip over on the next movement as the Jedi is launched.

The mech explodes, as six more continue their cloaked rampage towards the conclave.   Solusar and Tano attempt to charge one of the oncoming cloaked mechs but are caught in a sudden cross fire, barely catching a round of blaster fire the Jedi deflect the bolts at random. The two quickly take notice of a platoon of cloaking shield equipped troops making their way towards them.

Ranik Solusar: Bothan cowards!

The Jedi use the force to short out the bothan saboteurs cloaking shields reveling their number. Several bothans are caught off guard and catch their own blaster bolts to the face.   The bothans close a circle around the four Jedi as a lone vessel attracts the attention of the remains of the anti-aircraft turret farm.

A craft resembling the sith infiltrator takes several hits and crash lands into the turret farm battle. From out
Of the dust storms a squad of clone troopers whom immediately open fire on the Jedi.

behind the clone contingent runs Darth Vader and the Black Opps; sensing the overbearing strength of the Sith Lord the Jedi knights begin a hastened retreat back to the conclave.

As they come within range of a force assisted leap; Lord Vader suddenly hurls himself saber first towards them. A fierce light saber battle ensues.

Darth Vader: (engaging four Jedi)  the Jedi are mine! The rest of you know your missions!

Merr-Que Diuan: You will not defile this paradise!

The lurmen master attempts to engage the dark lord in a acrobatic display of Ataru only to find himself impaled on the crimson blade. The black opps make their way into the conclave as followed by the bothan saboteurs. While the cloaked walkers continue to pick off the anti-aircraft turrets.

Imperial Palace-Coruscant-19 years before the battle of Yavin IV

The overly confident sith lord strides through his newly constructed palace halls as followed by his ominous red cloaked guards. Upon entering the throne room; both doors close locking the emperor in with his guards. Without a seconds delay the guards close in on their charge with stun pikes set at maximum lethality they make their attempt. Darth Sidious is faced with Clawdite changelings posing as his red guards.

The strikes are too close for comfort, at nearly every attempt to slaughter the clawdite assassins The Sith Lord is thwarted. At unnatural speeds for a non-force sensitive the assassins escape certain light saber impalement.  Sensing the advantage; the sith lord exerts his own force powered will over the entire building.

 Palpatine calls into action his recently acquired death commandos. without the aid of their secret force enhanced escort, the clawdites are quickly subdued by the agile Noghri assassins.

Jedi Conclave-Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont,Cittro,Gauer and J’mee Fett race up a stairway as followed by clone troopers and Bothan Saboteurs on their way to the massive planetary shield generator atop the conclave.

Dilbun Vont: havin trouble keeping up fur balls?

Bothan Saboteur:  we’d be to the top already if you didn’t keep your vat grown canon fodder between us!

Dilbun Vont: rather have yur stench downwind ovv me….

Before the bothan can retort a concussion missile rocks the stairwell, sending the clone platoon screaming to their death. The bothan squad activates their cloaking shields and riffle past the black ops.

Gauer: oh in the name of ffib! If your gonna march over us could you fur balls cloak the stench too?

Cittro: seriously.

Dilbun Vont: black opps, all in fit form? Fett? Sound ovv!

Dilbun slowly realizes J’mee’s flash training mask was lost in the blast, without a seconds notice the clone abomination reveals her true nature.

J’mee Fett: aww! I’ll kill you all!

Dilbun Vont: (taking fist to the head) fett its vont rememba! Commander ! somebody find da kriffin mask before I blast this wench!

Cittro: its gone vont!

Gauer: (leveling blaster)  tarkin’s gonna be pissed.

Before the master marksman can fire off a stun pulse at the deranged clone, he is a ensnared by a thin fibercord whip. Which causes him to loose balance and fall down the stairs.

Cittro goes to catch Gauer as she notices the appearance a rocket pack equipped mandalorian descending upon the blasted out stairwell from a hovering attack ship. Without a seconds hesitation the turncoat padawan draws and ignites her light saber. 

the two quickly discard their blasters and The mando engages cittro with arm mounted energy shields while still using bursts of his rocket pack to match the acrobatic skills of the turncoat padawan.

Boba Fett: (kickboxing)  this can end in tears of joy or tears of pain chica.

Cittro: (wildly smashing saber against energy shielded forearm)  that an invitation bucket head!

Boba Fett: (knockout move) sure thing if you got a face after this!

Fett smashes his helmet into cittro’s face knocking her out cold and kicks her in the stomach as he turns round while firing off a burst of his rocket pack to pounce on the brawling pair up the stairs.

Dilbun Vont: (sudden rage) wud’d you do to the kid!

Boba Fett: (flying headfirst into the brawl) nothing that she’ll remember.

The mandalorian separates the brawling pair quickly and then proceeds to set flame to the prototype of the long ago botched clone queen program to which disgusts young boba enough to accept a mission free of charge.

Vont is caught in a moment of terror seeing his comrade engulfed in flame and out of her mind; vont sets about finding a fire retardant in his belt when the mandalorian fires off his wrist rocket exploding the clone abomination. 

Fett goes to left off towards Slave 1; but is pummeled by a berserker rage filled Dilbun Vont.

Dilbun Vont: (raining blows down upon boba) you kriffin filthily animal! She was unarmed!

Boba Fett: (exchanging blows) that wench was a insult to my fathers legacy!

Dilbun Vont: (kicking fett in the jaw and knocking his helmet off) a kriffin clone!

Boba strikes Vont across his plastoid armored chest with a beskad while charging the older man. The bothan strike force succeeds in bringing down the shields as Vont is forced into battle with Boba Fett.

However trained the teenaged mando maybe, he is locked in a brutal fist to cuffs fight amidst the planetary bombardment.

Cittro is left with no choice but to use the force to pull Vont within the conclave.

Dilbun Vont: hey guud ding dat kriffin force was…

Cittro: shut up, we gotta get outta here!

As the shield generator begins to collapses around them, Fett rockets away to slave 1 and blasts into hyperspace.

Imperial Palace-Coruscant-19 years before the battle of Yavin IV

As the last changeling body hits the palace floor, Darth Sidious summons his would be murderer.

Emperor Palpatine: Reveal yourself!

Without a moments hesitation a thick vapor obscures the space between Sidious and the Death commandos, the vapor clears to reveal Rokur Gepta; the last known Sorcerer of Tund. Sidious stands with his hands crackling dark force lightening as Gepta assumes a battle stance aided by flaming fists. 

Rokur Gepta: neither of us will survive this battle sith lord….

Emperor Palpatine: a tund sorcerer, you’d be a valuable asset.

Rokur Gepta: you mistake my statement; there will be no survivor between us.  We are equally matched, a truce is required.

Emperor Palpatine: what do you want sorcerer?

Rokur Gepta: control over the Centrality. Yourself?

Emperor Palpatine: very petty of you;  I ask only for knowledge of the Tund practices…

Rokur Gepta: very well.

Emperor Palpatine: now who arranged this blitzkrieg?

Rokur Gepta: I believe you stated that you required only a brief understanding of Tund Practices. Unless I can assume you are reneging on our pact?

Emperor Palpatine: well played sorcerer.

The men agree with a force energy charged handshake as the Noghri Death Commandos look on.

Jedi Conclave-Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Turbo laser fire thunders down from orbit and strikes the lush landscape with impunity; massive clouds of destruction erupt all across the planet. Massive ground quakes shift the once lush topography into a barren waste land; the caamasi race is driven extinct by the suffocating cloud.  Amidst the firebombing Darth Vader and the former padawan of Anakin Skywalker; Ashoka Tano grapple as the bombardment sets off a violent planetary shift. As the situation draws to a close, tano attempts to draw out her former master.

Voolvif Monn: (choking to death) there is no deat….

Ashoka Tano: (deflecting saber strikes) master I can still feel you within that shell…let go of the hatred!

Darth Vader: (recklessly pounding his blade against the Jedi) your master is dead.

Ranik Solusar: (hammering vader with his blade) kill him tano!

Ashoka Tano: (trading blows) I can feel the good in him, he’s still skygu…

The young Jedi’s attempt is fruitless and attracts only the rage of a Lava hardened Sith Lord. Vader uses the force to rupture every organ in tanos body and force hurls her into a wall. At the site of the slaughter Master Gormo enters the fray.

Ranik Solusar: she was your padawan!

Darth Vader: her master is dead and now so is she!

Ranik Solusar: master! Together we can defeat the sith, draw your sword.

N’Kata Del Gormo: light sabers are of no use here Solusar, how little Yoda has taught you knights…

Vader arrogantly engages the unarmed Sage Master unknowing the awesome the skills of the mighty Jedi. with ease Gormo utilizes all aspects of energy based force combat against the sith lord; Vader is quickly reduced to a bloody cybernetic pulp. The master engulfs Vader in a cloud of the toxic vapor swelling the once breathable atmosphere, as he siphons air to a bubble around himself.

N’Kata Del Gormo: as you can see young one; a true Jedi does not require crude weapons to hack and slash away the venom of a sith lord.

Ranik Solusar: kill him now! What are you waiting for?

Suddenly the sage master begins to choke, Solusar notices that Vader has regained his composure.

N’Kata Del Gormo: (gasping) at least he understood my point…..

Ranik Solusar: no how!

Darth Vader: the living force Solusar, that’s what he’s getting at! True death is the absence of the force.

Ranik Solusar: (attempting to force push) how!

Darth Vader: you’ll never master it Solusar! Especially without Midi-chlorians!

Solusar and Gormo notice a cloud of smoke emanating from their bodies as vader approaches them, solusar flees in an effort to retain some of his force-sensitivity.

N’Kata Del Gormo: cowards! That one flees and you deprive an combatant equal footing.

The heavily wounded cybernetic bloody pulp of Darth Vader limps its way towards a LAAT as the planetary bombardment destroys the planet Caamas. Master Gormo suffocates without the aid of the force to rely upon. The serpentine master falls down dead as the LAAT lifts off into the atmosphere.

Imperial Star Destroyer Armada-Bombarding Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Tarkin, Tractha, Sate Pestage and Armand Isard confer with the holograms of Commanders Grammel, Zsinj, Harkov.

Harkov: I have four bogeys lacing their ways through the bombardment.

Sate Pestage: its safe to assume two of them are ours. Any id frequencies?

Harkov: I have a black opps call sign on one, the other three just jumped to hyperspace? Pursuit orders?

Tarkin: none. Continue as planned.

EmPal SuRecon Center-Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Darth Vader awaits reconstruction on a slab as he is tormented further by the hologram of his dark master.

Emperor Palpatine: you’ve done well lord Vader; skywalker’s pupil vanquished and the legendary master Gormo bested.

Darth Vader: thank you my master.

Emperor Palpatine: oh don’t thank me; thank the black opps they got you off that planet.

Darth Vader: I’ll be sure to send my thoughts to vont as soon as this procedure is completed.

Emperor Palpatine: before lord vader. I insist.

A hologram of Dilbun Vont and the remnants of the black opps flares to life beside vader.

Dilbun Vont: coulda used you on the stairwell vader. Thanks a load.

Emperor Palpatine: I believe lord vader has something to say to the three of you.

Darth Vader: I bid you welcome for the ease of my escape from the surface of Caamas.

Gauer: I’d like to think you’d do the same for any of us.

Emperor Palpatine: that will be all. commence augmentation.

Sentinel-class landing craft en route to Gall-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont and Cittro sit across from one another in the troop deployment portion of the vessel.

Cittro: so what’s there to do out on this rock?

Dilbun Vont: well personally speakin I’m planning on gittin all my creds together and hittin the strum…umm I don’t know itsa common enclave from what I heard.

Cittro: strums..oh yeah I’m just a kid. Ok. There anything I can practice shooting at?

Dilbun Vont: theres some kinda cliff wampa in the smugglers canyon, that might be of some help fur target practice.  But I wuz thinking we’d take in a holovid or something?

Cittro: sure. Whats on?

Dilbun Vont: umm…how bout Varn, World of Water?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Depressis's customs and weapons
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Hal Horn/Emerald Emancipator for use in Justice Avengers Intergalactica

more to always....

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Depressis's customs and weapons
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Dilbun Vont -aged 67- for use in Memoirs of a War Profiteer Season 1/Episode 8: Madness of the Clone Emperor

-a preview of kit-bashed digital models set to appear within the episode-
original credit to their original craftsmen on

Cerberus Walker

Rusted Ties

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