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Somebody told me about this question Kenneth!

Thus better late than never.....

.....I've NEVER seen a NO COO 'Tri' DSD. Though the later HK examples (with the flat chest button etc) are the examples usually found on Palitoy 45C and Tri-logo cards!

A NO COO Tri Power Droid does exist BUT is incredibly hard to find; as so few Palitoy 45C cards existed of the figure and there was NO Tri-logo example released.

It can however sometimes be found in German Parker issue baggies (about 1 in 3)!

These are the ONLY examples of the Power Droid figure to be found in Kenner logo bags (rather than the regular black HK text baggies). It's darn tricky to find though.

Bill  :)

Please Note: All my prices are in GB Pounds, so please go to for a currency conversion. I'm also open to a certain amount of negotiation.

Please email me at with any questions/trade offers.

RARE UK Woolworth's 8-Packs (stickered "Special Buy 8 STAR WARS FIGURES for 99p") distributed via the Palitoy factory in 1985.

These packs from Woolworth's were the only store specific multi-packs available in Europe. They usually contained a mixture of bagged and loose figures. It is hard to find a pack with all eight figures sealed in baggies. It's purely coincidental that these two examples could be presented as a RotJ and ESB themed selections.

I consider the 8-Packs to be worth the current market value of their contents (I think it's a fair way of pricing them). Thus I worked out their value as such. =

RotJ 8-Pack = £199.99

Euro HK  Lando Skiff  = £25
Euro HK  Weequay  = £25
Euro Taiwan  General Madine  = £25
Euro HK  Gamorrean Guard  = £60 (RARE)
Kenner Taiwan  Leia Boushh  = £25
Kenner Taiwan  Biker Scout  = £15
Kenner Taiwan  AT-ST Driver  = £15
Kenner China  B-Wing Pilot  = £10

ESB 8-Pack = £299.99

Euro HK (Tri Variant)  Imperial Commander  = £50 (very hard to find)
Euro HK (Tri Variant)  Ugnaught  = £60 (RARE)
Euro HK (Pal Variant)  Han Bespin  = £40 (hard to find)
Euro HK (Pal Variant)  Leia Bespin  = £40 (hard to find)
Euro HK  'Snowtrooper'  = £25
China  Rebel Soldier  = £40 (hard to find)
China  Luke X-Wing  = £40 (hard to find)
Kenner HK  rem' limbs C-3PO  = £5

I'm offering these as original sealed 8-Packs though I *might* even sell baggies individually to those interested in only certain specimens.:

I'd obviously rather keep them intact as original 8-Packs. Thus to save them from being split up I'd even accept offers in the region of £450 for BOTH packs. Which I personally think is a really good deal, considering just how truly elusive they actually are.

All elements of these 8-Packs are virtually MINT! They're amongst the finest examples that I know to have survived. I also have one last Palitoy/ Woolworth's 8-Pack possibly for sale which includes an incredibly rare Euro PBP/Tri-logo Boba Fett baggie. Just email me IF interested!   :D

I spotted a few RS members bidding on David Oliver's 4-Packs. Thus I thought I'd offer you all the opportunity to own this unique example. =

Tri-logo 4-Pack production test sample manufactured by Palitoy in 1985.

This particular 4-Pack was given to me in early '86 by an ex Palitoy employee called Douglas Anderson. He worked for the Bradgate games division for over thirty years.

Doug 'saved' it (along with a few UNused backing cards and Palitoy boxflats) when he left the company in '85. It's simply a production test sample made from regular MOCs of the era. Containing Tri Gamorrean Guard, Tri Klaatu, Tri Bib Fortuna and a Kenner (PBP/Tri Variant) Greedo (visible Kenner card image too). I was originally told that the pack had to be altered as the Gamorrean Guard was too bulky and they couldn't fit enough of them in the packing boxes together.
Doug kept it for his own kids to possibly play with BUT they were older than myself and they didn't want the toys at all. Therefore I was luckily later presented the pack via my Dad, (who collects toy soldiers and vintage die cast toys like Doug did).
I was also kindly given a now rare Palitoy Zorro, two whole sets of Palitoy Parker Bradgate Space 1999 figures and a Palitoy Talking Batmobile by him. Which was great!
I've owned the 4-Pack for nearly 20 years and have never seen another like it. I'm now open to offers for it, where I simply want to purchase yet another display piece for my collection next week.
I'm certainly not looking for a fortune for it at all, as I obviously have no written proof to it's actual origins. Though it will be pictured and described in detail in my forthcoming book.

I'm looking for offers in the region of £399.99 or possible trades for Palitoy items.

White Chief Chirpa baggie Palitoy competition prize from early '83.

These are incredibly hard to find, I've only ever seen four or five examples! Every single one was acquired as an 'exclusive figure' prize in the UK. I'm looking for a fair £79.99 for this fun piece of Palitoy history.

Euro HK (Pal Variant) Princess Leia Organa baggie manufactured by Palitoy.

One of only three remaining that I can confirm exist in the UK. (I've been searching for more examples for a long time too!) Just like a lot of Pal baggies it has NO weapon and is also the hard to find NO COO Pal Variant that appeared in Europe from 1982. To my mind it's well worth the £49.99 asking price.

Loose Tri Variant Figures ALL in excellent condition! =

PBP/Tri (white mouth, NO markings)  Walrus Man  = £15
PBP/Tri (NO COO)  Hammerhead  = £15
PBP/Tri (NO COO, pale face)  AT-AT Commander  = £15
PBP/Tri (NO COO, dark armour, pale face)  Dengar  = £15
Tri (NO COO, dark boots)  Rebel Commander  = £15
Tri (NO COO, squat head)  Imperial Commander  = £25
Tri (NO COO)  FX-7  = £25
Tri (NO COO)  Luke Hoth  = £30
Tri (NO COO, squat head)  Leia Hoth  = £30
PBP/Tri (NO COO, standard boots)  Luke Bespin  = £35
PBP/Tri (NO COO, dark boots)  Luke Bespin  = £40
PBP/Tri (NO COO, round holed cape)  'YPS Snowtrooper'  = £45
hard to find = PBP/Tri (NO COO, pale face)  Han Hoth  = £50
hard to find = Tri (NO COO, silver)  IG-88  = £50
RARE = Tri (NO COO, squat head)  Cloud Car Pilot  = £75

RARE = Tri (NO COO)  Death Squad Commander  = £75
VERY, VERY RARE = PBP/Tri (NO COO, pale face)  Luke X-Wing  = no insignia but otherwise C9+ (original PBP weapon) with Tri miscard (Clipper offer) backing card* neatly cut off bubble = £175
*= I'm looking for a similar MOC, know of any for sale?  ???
Plus I have a RARE Meccano Macao Biker Scout variant for £75. US red haired Leia Hoth for £30, US black haired Leia Hoth for £30, Palitoy orange haired Luke Bespin for £30 and loads of other variants for sale/trade.

I can provide pictures and detailed descriptions of each figure for those interested. I prefer to accept cheques & postal orders within the UK and PayPal payments & IMOs from everyone else.

I'm currently looking for ANY Palitoy Parker Bradgate baggies and a loose NO COO General Madine figure (imported by Meccano).

Bill  :)

Vintage Kenner / Re: Got all 8 Glasslite figures
« on: April 26, 2005, 07:47 AM »
I sold a MINT loose set about three years ago (as I started my "Euro Variants Quest") for $1,000 US Dollars.

Thus I actually think they were quite a good buy Henrik!  ;)


Vintage Kenner / Re: vintage variation list
« on: December 28, 2004, 03:08 PM »

I'll post some updates (just for the first 21 for now) on RS, so you can add them to the list.  ;)


Vintage Kenner / Re: Trilogo Boba fett
« on: December 26, 2004, 03:10 PM »
Most Palitoy RotJ 45C cards contain the light blue Tri Variant.

A C9.5 Pal 45C example is 'worth' about £200 - £300 GB Pounds (they're often in 'case fresh' condition).

A 'C8.5-9' Tri-logo carded example is 'worth' between £750 - £1000 GBP (dependent on the bubble/grading).

You can find them selling for less on eBay at times though!  ;)


I had written you a long reponse to your questions on RS... only to lose the reply when Explorer crashed on my PC at work!!!  >:(

I've been interested in variants and their specific origins for quite some time.

Through a long process of research (figure - card comparison) I've been able to identify certain variations located on specific cardbacks. My working methodology (over a considerable period of time) has been pretty stringent too... allowing me to clearly identify Palitoy, Tri-logo, Macau and PBP variants found in Europe.

I've also a good grasp of which Taiwan, Lili Ledy and Hong Kong variants were usually only found in N.America! (There are a few too!)

ALL willl eventually be explained in detail when my website finally gets up & running!  ::)


I've just read your PM! I'll 'explain all' later!  ;)

Vintage Kenner / Re: Complete Loose Figure Collection?
« on: August 11, 2004, 06:21 AM »
I have a sealed Sears Cantina playset (I daren't open) and a Blue Snaggletooth in a baggie... BUT what I'm really after is a loose/MINT example of the figure, with the 'smooth toe', rather than the one with the tiny 'indent'.

I guess I might have to resort to opening a baggie to find a truly MINT example though?  ???

A loose/MINT 'Macao' Biker Scout from France would complete my collection of all the known European variant figures too!  ::)


Vintage Kenner / Re: Wow
« on: July 31, 2004, 05:55 AM »
Im sooooooo pleased I've focused on European variations when I see auctions like those.  ;D

I've sold off all of my Glasslite, Lili Ledy and Top Toys items... I'd have honestly gone nuts and used the CC to BIN a few of those only 18 months ago!!!  ::)

The loose R2 'variation' (with the blue eye) and the poster/calender proof sheet are interesting.  8)


Vintage Kenner / Re: If You could choose one more.....
« on: July 28, 2004, 02:01 PM »
I always wanted a 'Rebel Fleet Trooper' as a kid! So I painted two DSCs to look like them in '85!  ;)

+ I also made myself a Han in Stormtrooper disguise, using an original 'pin head' Han, to go with the vintage Luke.

Gargan would have been cool too!  ;D


Vintage Kenner / Re: Wow
« on: July 19, 2004, 06:08 AM »
8) This figure IS RARE... but I know there are more than four remaining examples left!  ::)


Vintage Kenner / Re: Imperial Commander variation???
« on: July 19, 2004, 06:01 AM »
Hi Henrik!

The Tri Imperial Commander only seems to have been 'common' on the European mainland! The only carded example I have is in a Tri 4-Pack!  8)

Bill  :)

Vintage Kenner / Re: Madine: Taiwan vs Hong Kong
« on: July 13, 2004, 02:19 PM »
I proudly display four loose variations of General Madine =

HK Painted Face*
HK Moulded Face
Twn Grey Hair
Twn Green Hair

*= there are two subtle variations too! =

The 'green haired' variation was exported to Europe.

The Tri-logo card was mainly available in France from late '85. Meccano

It had a similar limited release to the Tri Jawa, Tri Luke Hoth and Tri ERG and they are all tricky to find. Madine is certainly the hardest to locate too!  ::)


Vintage Kenner / Re: vintage palitoy figures
« on: June 14, 2004, 06:59 PM »
Palitoy figures are often higher in value than the equivalent Kenner cards!

A 'light blue' (Tri) Boba Fett on a Pal 65D sells for between £175 - £250 GB Pounds on average in the UK*. The 'standard blue' (HK) Fett on a Pal 65D is around £150 - £200 GBP.

*= They are often found in C9+ 'case fresh' condition too!  8)


Vintage Kenner / Re: FOTW #2 - Luke Skywalker
« on: May 4, 2004, 02:13 PM »
Here is a pic of four of my loose Luke figures. =

Two Palitoy HK baggies. =

This is a closer pic of the Pal Variant. =

I finally purchased a Taiwan variant too! =

I sold off my loose Glasslite example! + I'm still searching for a MINT 'red haired' Luke and the PBP 'Luke Caminacielos'!  ::)


That Biker Scout was a bargain!  :D

Maybe you could start with the 'alternative picture' cards?

Though the Jawa is pretty expensive too!  ::)


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