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My ROTS choices:

1. SA Magna Guard (w/slight color variants & soft-goods cape)
2. SA General Grievous (proper height, soft-goods wired cape with lightsaber collection)
3. V-Wing pilot
4. Utai 2-pack
5. SA Darth Sidious/the Emperor (black robes/Senate duel...could double as OT Emperor)
6. Cin Drallig
7. Padme w/buns-hairdo
8. Padme in aqua nightgown
9. Chancellor Palpatine (duel w/Windu, reasonable articulation instead of the one-foot deal like we've already gotten, interchangeable "before/after" heads/hands)
10. SA Cody w/normal sized head

Revenge of the Sith / Re: I did a good deed today
« on: June 4, 2005, 01:19 PM »
I applaud a collector who's willing to know 'when not to be a collector'.

Just in the past few months I've been going through all my POTF, POTJ, SAGA, EP1, EP2 and OTC figures and have been picking out the dupes for Toys for Tots. I now have a very impressive large box of SW figures I can drop off this Holiday season, and although it's hard to part with a couple of the ones I know are still considered desirable or rare, I think they'll be better appreciated by some fan who otherwise wouldn't have them.

Just about the time of EP3's theatrical release I tried to help a lady track down a #11 Vader for her son, because I just get a thrill out of seeing shorties enjoying the stuff like I did when I was their age (who am I kidding, I still enjoy it as much as I ever did). However, these 2 greasy geeks (who also work for the local comic/hobby store) had walked in and picked up all the Vader and Clone related stuff and literally were giggling all the way out, probably to stock them at twice face value or to start their eBay Empire so the little kid who simply wanted one Vader figure walked out empty-handed. I recently found over a dozen new SA clones at a local Wal Mart, but turned off my army-builder desires for the group of kids who were all ecstatic to get their hands on them. Instead I picked one on a really good card, admired the younglings' adoration for SW and walked away. And I get appalled when I see shameless scalpers (including a family of whom I ran into repeatedly on 4/2 during my voyage) who will literally race you to the toy aisle and make every effort to guard their little area til they've pillaged it clean of high-profit items.  I still recall back when the McQuarrie Stormtroopers hit the shelves, my TRU got in so much product there were literally about 10 of them on the display, and this one ******bag walks up with his price-guide (I'm not making this up) and pen, and grabs all of them at once and shoots for the register. Luckily I was able to obtain one elsewhere, and I know most children aren't going to be enthralled with the concept figures that never appeared in the films, but I have a death wish for scalpers because they ruin it for the HONEST collectors as well. And it sucks because although I don't have children of my own just yet, I do have a 5 year old nephew who's addiction to SW I am feeding, and it makes me livid that I have to go through hurdles or resort to eBay scalpers to even get him the figures he wants for his collection (to PLAY with...gasp!).  So I admire anyone who knows when to be a collector, and when to keep the fire alive for the young-uns.  I believe those acts are rewarded, in many ways.


The Prequel Trilogy / Re: to the point
« on: May 20, 2005, 11:14 AM »
There will always be people who over-scrutinize the Prequel Trilogy and will moan and groan about the movies not living up to 'their' expectations. We have to remember this is Lucas' vision, not ours, so we take the Jar Jar's and the occasional off-dialog with the epic battles and moral lessons. I won't go into detail about all the things I liked about this movie, but instead will summarize the experience as a true longtime hardcore fan, not a movie critic...

Having been only about 2 years old when I saw the original "STAR WARS" (and yet still remembering begging my dad and subsequently getting to go even at that young age), the STAR WARS saga has been an integral part of my life, and "Revenge of the Sith" brought joy and tears simultaneously to this fanboy.
Some loathesome critics have always dogged Mr. Lucas for his art, but I always remind myself that those critics are often pompous, biased and hey, they DON'T BUY TICKETS. We, the diehard fans DO, and I think we've shown Sir George that we love his work. So much in fact that we are disciples who bring his magic and genius to all we can. I had the pleasure of taking my soon-to-be 5 year old nephew to see this, his only chance to ever see a new STAR WARS movie on the big screen. He was as drop-jawed as I was, because his uncle has taught him well in the ways of the Force and he's a hardcore fan already of all 5 other films (I won't even start about our collective STAR WARS toy collections). To enthrall a 5 year old AND a 28 year old (and several other older adults many years my senior as well) is something very few directors/writers can do.
What is most touching about this movie is its ability to literally take us old-schoolers back in time and bring us to our roots. And for the newbie fan, it opens up the main characters in a way that you lose yourself in the struggle they are all caught up in. I found myself almost in tears at Anakin's descent into the Dark Side, and as the movie's final scene closed, I was bawling. It's really over. But it is everlasting in the hearts of the fans. And "STAR WARS EpIII: Revenge of the Sith" in general has left many a jaded critic even patting Mr. Lucas on the back, as this is quite possibly the movie which could be considered the epitome of what makes STAR WARS so great: its universality (no pun). It was an experience for us kids at-heart, and a delight to share with true younglings. I applaud Mr. Lucas, and hope he's proud of the completion of his saga. Cinema is often measured by STAR WARS comparison, and after seeing this last installment, the bar is officially raised.

Picking 10 out of all those is tough, especially when we want to include some resculpts that are needed desperately, so I'm not going to count in any resculpts and Imp. Officers with the faith that Hasbro already has some of them on the drawing board by popular demand (i.e. Veers, Tarkin, Tagge, R5-D4, Bib Fortuna, etc)...

1) Torryn Farr
2) Cz-3
3) Tonnika Sisters Two Pack
4) Major Bren Derlin
5) Sergeant Doallyn
6) Luke Skywalker (Endor) *note: MUST have removable helmet & poncho gear!
7) Bom Vimdin (Advose)
8) Hem Dazon (Arcona
9) Chief Chirpa/Lumat
10) Ice Cream Maker Guy

Now, I wonder when Hasbro will answer our call....


1. Major Bren Derlin
2. Dlx. Han w/ Torture Device
3. Black Bespin Wing Guard (hello, too easy, just a new 'head', Hasbro)
4. Toryn Farr
5. E-3PO
6. Troop builder Snowspeeder/X-Wing pilots (updated body a la Gold Leader-like detail, with Hobbie, Zev, Janson, Luke or Wedge heads and removable matching helmets)
7. ANY Echobase astromech
8. Wilrow Hood, the Ice Cream Maker Guy
9. General Veers (uniform w/attachable helmet & armor)
10. Capt. Needa

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Defender Wish Lists 2004: A New Hope
« on: September 29, 2004, 09:37 PM »
NOTE: Due to the cool GI-JOE value-pack type 2-packs wherein they pack army builders and what have you, I think SW could benefit from similar marketing, but also with 'known' characters as well...

Anyhoo, my top 10 are:

1. Tonnika sisters 2-pack
2. 2-pack of Luke and Leia from the original theater poster (also on the top post, with the revealing Leia and the bare-chested Luke with the raised lightsaber), on a scene base
3. Echo Base 3-pack with Torynn Farr, Major Bren Derlin and Wes Janson (or ANY pilot for that matter)
4. Bespin/Endor Han Solo Deluxe (like a mix between POTJ Bespin Capture & the AWESOME VOTC ANH Han, but with interchangeable 'jacketed' and 'sleeved' arms and vest/jacket outer pieces so you can have ESB or ROTJ version--maybe kill all birds at once and throw on a removable holster so you can make a Han-cicle?); articulated well like the Cantina/Bespin Cap/VOTC Hans, of course  ;D
5. TIE: Neutral pose/articulated Death Star Trooper or Corrected Imperial Officer (neutral arm pose & head from POTJ/Saga version, body and tunic overhang from Admiral Ozzel mold)
6. ANY new Cantina alien(s) as previously mentioned by other members above  ;D
7. ANY Jabba's court denizens, but faves are General Doallyn (all black version, like when Chewie makes his rude entrance into Jabba's place) or Yoxgit
8. lesser-known droid 3-pack from Sandcrawler scenes (treadwell, 'daddy-longlegs', etc...)
9. corrected R5-D4
10. Last but not least, the Bespin Ice Cream Maker Guy...ok, I can forgive them if they instead gave us some army builder like a Rebel Tech or Ceremony guard (or maybe a "deluxe" Tech with the Ceremony helmet and staff--ifI recall the uniforms were the same, or just about anyways).

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